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Breast Reconstruction Guide For Every Patient - Prothèse Mammaire Pri ___________________________________________________________________________________ By Kaamil Kasou -

Breast reconstruction surgery is done by using breast prosthesis and aims at restoring a natural looking breast shape and volume, particularly after a mastectomy operation. This kind of surgery can have a high load for a psycho-emotional woman who has lost one of the breasts after ablation. Breast reconstruction (breast prosthesis) is aimed at improving the self image and increases self-confidence and quality of life for every person.. Click Here

During consultation, there are several aspects that should be discussed with the plastic surgeon. First of all, the true expectations and desires of the patient are the most important step. Moreover, the health state can also be influential, particularly if the patient is allergic to certain kinds of medication. Finally, smokers are exposed to a longer healing process, so this aspect should also be discussed in detail.As for the preoperative indications, breast reconstruction requires you as a patient to stop eating or drinking anything starting from the night before having surgery.

Moreover, the use of aspirin is not permitted for at least 2 weeks before the medical intervention, since it can impact blood clotting. In addition to this, birth control pills should be discontinued 1 month before for the same reason. In terms of the expectations, there are several things that you should be aware of before deciding to undergo the breast reconstruction plastic surgery intervention. First of all, reconstructed breasts will never have the same sensitivity as the natural ones. Moreover, some scars will remain visible for the entire duration of the patient's life. Finally, symmetry is quite hard to achieve with a single session and you must prepare to have more interventions performed on your body.

The decision of undergoing this medical intervention is very personal. You will be the only person to decide if the benefits of the intervention are worthwhile and will correspond to your desires and expectations, as well as whether the possible risks and complications are acceptable. These are different in each patient and include, but are not limited to, infections and a healing process that could take longer than initially expected.

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