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ENG 302 Week 3 Individual Assignment Poetry vs. Fiction Paper (UOP) To Purchase This Material Click below Link FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT

Individual Assignment: Poetry vs. Fiction Paper Write a 1,050- to How do poetry and¡1,400-word paper answering the following question: fiction written in the decades between World War I and World War II relate? As you work on this primary question, you may find it useful to consider the following related questions: o Did poetry and fiction address the same concerns in the decades between the wars? o Do they reflect the same issues? o Are they influenced by the same trends and outside forces? o Does environment influence one set of writers more than another? o Is poetry more heavily influenced by other art forms, such as jazz? What is your evidence? o Is fiction more heavily influenced by other forms of prose, like the essay? What is your evidence? Support your claims with evidence from the works assigned. No sources beyond the textbook are required, but you may use such sources if you choose. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Eng 302 week 3 individual assignment poetry vs  
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