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Visual arts has a very personal role in peoples lives yet it has become a marker of self-presentation and identification. It has become a gateway for making companies more approachable on a human scale, in a time where human resource (HR) and effectiveness plays a major role when competing on a global scale. The alienation and loneliness in certain work areas can be compromising the workflow in even the very best dynamic workspace atmospheres. Though people tent to say they don’t understand art, they are emotionally rebalanced when visiting artworks every day. Many feel the connectivity to a certain artwork and even greets it every morning when entering the office doors. My way to help companies, organizations or NGOs, are by providing them with my artistic expertise philosophically and aesthetically. With my academic background in communication, interactive digital media and designing various solutions and services, it has become a very important fact for me that the humans inside companies or organizations are being given the visuality of fine arts to feel a welcoming and humane approach, when meeting your daily expectations as a company. Also my background as a modern fine arts painter with a passionate interest in craftsmanship serves to give your company an optimistic and positive approach to streamline the employees workflow in a stressful, global and dynamic competitive world.

Sincerely Yours Johannes Holt-Iversen


When deciding to have your company decorated, you will have the ability to choose among various series of my paintings aiming towards your specific needs and visual values within your company. The use of materials and specific frames of the paintings are possible to alternate so it fits with your company needs. A complete wall decoration can be possible as well, though that sort of decoration are categorized as commissioned work. See the section about what to be aware of when applying for commissioned work below.


Congratulations! Building up the visual office identity for your company is not just one of the minor issues. Where many businesses and organizations only aims towards poster reproductions of artworks rather than invest in originals, you will benefit of their lack of true genuine office identity. Furthermore in an ever-changing world, we are being bombarded with visual impressions and that is why you need authentic anchor points that are aiming towards focusing the energy rather than being distracting it due to silly poster slogans or aggressive typographies. The texture of an oil painting can make you wonder, the authenticity of being able to see every pencil stroke can inspire and sometimes give birth to new ideas and possible work areas. When applying for commissioned artworks, meaning artworks painted specifically for your company, the size and materials are important to mention. Oil paintings stretched on 100% cotton canvas in a wooden blindfolded frame are far more expensive to produce than setting up a certain wall-area for commissioned wallpainting, where the wall itself is the canvas. However there are benefits in both solutions and it is strongly recommended to discuss this beforehand, when applying for art commissioned decorations.


Buying art can be a quite valuable investment in terms of the aesthetically experience of your office. But if you due to various reasons do not feel that your company or organization are ready for such an investment. Then do not worry; lending original artworks can also be possible. For a small monthly fee it is possible to lend artworks for your office walls. By doing so it is possible to have beautiful artworks hanging without having to invest in a static setup of decorations. If you find it necessary you can always choose to change your current artworks on display, it can thereby easily be agreed to have a changeable scenario of your choice.


Buying artworks for your business can be a good way to invest and at the same time happen within an economic framework where you can make the investment happen inside your company. I always recommend consult with me well as consulting your company’s own accountant to make sure how you can benefit from buying art through your business as a part of your office decoration and thereby ultimately draw benefits from it. We will more than willingly help and assist you in choosing the specific artworks, but decisions according to bookkeeping, artwork buyings and consultancy regarding accounting in general, must be specified towards your own accountant or financial department.

CV Education 2015

Private Lectures & Mentorship MFA Painter & Sculpturist Erik Rytter

2009 - 2014

University of Aalborg Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Digital Media

Courses & Workshops 2015

Copenhagen Technical College Cabinetmaking, Woodwork and Design

2015 NEO-EXPO First meeting in the spirit of CoBrA since 1951 Residencies 2014 Klitgården Refugium Skagen, Denmark Latest Exhibitions 2015 CPH ART WORKS #2 Copenhagen, Denmark 2015 NEO-EXPO Leyduin Amsterdam, The Netherlands

© Photo by Louise Trandum 2013

Born: September 8th 1989 Phone: 0045 60 28 39 24 E-mail: johannes@holt-iversen.com Web: www.holt-iversen.com Social Media:

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The following section is a small collection of my works on paper as well as oil paintings. All paintings are made on 100% cotton canvas stretched on a blindfolded frame made of FSC certified pinewood.

Name: “Searching Srebrenica”

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Year: 2015

Name: “The Dream of Rodby”

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Year: 2015

Commissioned Work: Privately Owned

Name: “Utøya”

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Year: 2015

Name: “Ink Study #3”

Medium: Indian Ink on 180 g/m2 paper

Year: 2014

Name: “Japanese Study”

Medium: Indian Ink, Guache & Aquarelle on 300 g/m2 paper

Year: 2015


You are always welcome to contact me and hear more about how we can collaborate upon your specific decorative needs. Furthermore I am always interested to hear what your ideas are and how I can help bring my artistic approach into your business perspective.

CONTACT INFORMATION Phone: 0045 60 28 39 24 E-mail: johannes@holt-iversen.com Web: www.holt-iversen.com Social Media: facebook.com/j.holt.iversen instagram.com/jholtiversen linkedin.com/in/johannesholtiversen


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Profile for Johannes Holt-Iversen


Johannes Holt Iversen (b. 1989) is a passionate young painter recently relocated to Copenhagen. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Dig...


Johannes Holt Iversen (b. 1989) is a passionate young painter recently relocated to Copenhagen. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Dig...