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THE LGB GROUP (1995 – 2012) At The Armory Show March 8 – 11 2012 Press Catalogue ISBN: 978-3-943196-08-5

In An Ideal World, in An Ideal Week: LGB èEurope è New York Eine LGB Barbarendurchbruch Altes Finanzamt Schönstedtstraße 7, Neukölln (Ground floor) February 28, 19 – 22h

To mark the attendance of The LGB Group in this year’s Armory Show, Broken Dimanche Press are pleased to present a press preview and conference in Berlin of the work of Djordje Bojic before it is shipped to the island that is NYC, executed by Darko Dragicevic, and a lecture performance by John Holten, editor of Bojic’s seminal memoire To Warmann (The ‘Introduction’ of which is included in the anthology Mountainislandglacier). The LGB Group were directly influenced by the Dadaist Ljubomir Micic and his Zenitism movement from the 1920s – and a key part of Micic’s work were his ‘Barbarian Raids’ (Barbarendurchbruch) on western Europe by the eastern fringes: a cultural revitalisation through the energy and potential of the Balkans. Having successfully raided central European capital cities in 2011 – including Oslo, Berlin and Brussels – The LGB Group are now focused on New York City, where they will be presenting work at The Armory Show at the invitation of Gallery D.O.R. Two works by Djordje Bojic will be exhibited, one of which being ‘contracted’ by D.O.R. as part of their unique neo-relational experiment for The Armory Show. John Holten will then give a brief overview of Bojic and the legacy of his LGB movement, before a press conference will take place, moderated by Eirik Sördal who himself, by way of Iceland, connected east and west and set the process going of an LGB reunion in 2009. A discussion between friends, a declaration of incursion, the publication of a new book. An evening of bridges.

|The LGB  Group  at  The  Armory  Show  2012  |

The LGB Group at The Armory Show 2012 New York City 8-11 March 2012 BDP and Galerie Gojkovic are proud to announce The LGB Group’s attendance at The Armory Show in New York. In collaboration with Gallery D.O.R., Brussels/Oslo, the first and last LGB invasion of North America will be staged on the twelfth anniversary of the Group’s formation in Belgrade. |ПИЧКА ТИ ЛЕПА МАТЕРИНА!|

Continuing on from the international success of their tri-partite show in Gallery D.O.R. in November 2011, The LGB Group will partake in the neo-relational experiment D.O.R. has devised especially for the Armory Show, where they will present ‘contracts that hold the exclusive rights to produce a work made from descriptions outlined by the artists’. The trustees of The LGB Group (Darko Dragičević, John Holten and Miloš Lubarda) will fill out the contract in order to offer one last celebration of the group before officially disbanding it. This will take the form of a new work, created especially for the Armory, that is at once monumental and elegiac. |ЈЕБО ТИ ПАС МАТЕР!|

As Bojić’s memoir ‘To Warmann’ outlines, The LGB Group was always a travelling assortment of some of the brightest stars in Eastern and Central European art of the 1990s, continually transposing themselves from one capital city to another, bringing their art inspired by the nexus of the everyday and the subjective potentials therein onto the stage of the globalized contemporary artworld. Taking inspiration from Ljubomir Micić and his key idea of "barbarogenius", the new Modern man of the Balkans benefiting from the fictions formed when East encountered West, a last, quotidian spectacle will be held in North America of this faded European constellation, one of the perennial vanguards in the internationalisation of culture of which Dada, Zenitism as well as The LGB Group are all on-going paradigms, dreams that can’t be shaken off in the light of day, lives lived but which must ultimately come to an end. |ЦРКО ДАБОГДА!|

|The LGB  Group  at  The  Armory  Show  2012  |

A selection of LGB art Projektraim Altes Finanzamt:

1 Djordje Bojić “Ideal Week I, II, III, IV“, 2009, pencil, egg tempera and ink on paper, 28x35,5 cm 2 Ivan Veselin, Belgrade (1995-1999) 3 Djordje Bojić “Zukunft II“, 2008, oil & varnish on canvas, 3x1,5 m

To coincide with the press conference in Neukoelln’s old Financial Authority Bureau, three works have been curated for the projetkraum space, a rare collection of these works collected across two different continents and seldom seen show together. They are prime examples of LGB art, using both text and paint, they extend traditional media into the realm of the personal, allowing for a shared, collective sense of time and space.

|The LGB  Group  at  The  Armory  Show  2012  |

Above: LGB documentation attributed to Imre Warmann, circa 1999

|The LGB  Group  at  The  Armory  Show  2012  |

Gallery D.O.R. and The LGB Group Gallery D.O.R. is the brainchild of the Norwegian artist group D.O.R. – Sverre Gullesen, Steinar Haga Kristensen & Kristian Ø. Dahl. In 2006 the artist group D.O.R. coined the term Neo-Relational to define the work of the group. The relationships between author / agent and conductor / recipient offers various insights and perspectives on cultural practice, language, politics, labour and individual explorations of questions surrounding identity. Here artistic works will necessarily yield an inherent fragmentation, demonstrating a keen awareness that is typical of "the postindustrial" age in which we are increasingly distanced from the production of the goods we consume. The artworks on show will include a variety of techniques and forms of expression: from pure form to pure performance, all forged by the intentions of the artists. "Neo-relational is summing up the spirit of this practice – it means being in favour of the defeat of the logo-centrism that is prevalent in culture and which seeks a pragmatism regarding the restoration of the importance of instinct in the work of art". Gallery D.O.R.´s presentation catches up on the potentially trivial and known in the rendering of our iconographic culture, where the favored idea of a specific context seams to have occupied the "communicating place" in both image and action. An understanding of this situation leads us to refocus on the individuality and specificity of the exhibit. The object becomes a being, its “hollowness” hiding an inscrutable inner life initiating a debate around the reversal of power relations. Maintaining this idea forms the field that shows a wide range of possible responses to a set of artistic dilemmas and takes the subject of artistic temperament and history beyond the general pragmatism of today. D.O.R. will present contracts that hold the exclusive rights to produce a work made from descriptions outlined by the artists. There will be an optional “D.O.R. model” based on their understanding of the intentions described by the artists. The artist

|The LGB  Group  at  The  Armory  Show  2012  |

have had the liberty to moderate any part of the contract. All exhibited works are being presented to the public for the first time.

Artists: Michel Auder Liv Bugge Lars Brekke Eva Drangsholt Matias Faldbakken FOS Jos de Gruyter / Harald Thys The LGB Group Henrik Plenge Jacobsen Marte Johnslien Anders Dahl Monsen Mercedes Muhleisen Stein Rønning Sigmund Skard Pernille Kapper Williams

LGB, 11.11 – 02.12.2011, Gallery D.O.R. Brussels Djordje Bojić, Zukunft I, 2007, oil & varnish on canvas, 3x1,5 m

|The LGB  Group  at  The  Armory  Show  2012  |

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The LGB Group at The Armory Show

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