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Viticulture Program

‘Control’ –verb to exercise restraint or direction over; dominate; command. Above all things, a grower needs to be able to control the what, when and how of plants. To be able to do this using natural solutions is an added bonus. Plant Health Care utilises natural chemistry to help control your plants’ biology. Whether it is the splitting of fruit, colouration and ripening, beneficial soil biology or brix and calcium levels, PHC has a tool you can use on your crops. Plant Health Care has several unique patented technologies that work on the biological processes that naturally occur in your vines. We have harnessed these technologies into Timing/Rate

Achieve an optimum start to the season with PHC Myconate and FrosTect. Myconate promotes your vines to initiate the essential mycorrhizal associations leading to earlier and more efficient nutrient uptake in the spring. FrosTect helps to provide valuable protection in reducing the crop’s susceptibility to frost. Sentry R and PreTect help you bring this crop home, maximising profit and minimising waste.



Application Timing


Water Soluble Powder Root Drench

Apply by drench/drip-irrigation to vine roots

Frost Protection 150g / Ha


Water Soluble Powder Foliar Spray

Apply 1-3 days before expected frost

Disease Management 0.75 - 1% Solution

Sentry R

Liquid Suspension Foliar Spray

Apply every 7-10 days during high intensity disease periods

Harvest Benefits 2kg / Ha


Water Soluble Powder Foliar Spray

Apply 7-21 days pre-harvest

Drench at Root-Flush 120g/Ha

commercial products that you can use from start to finish, complementing or substituting the range of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers that are commonly used in the production of grapes.

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Viticulture Program FrosTect

Naturally Reducing Frost Susceptibility

A concentrated form of Harpin protein for application to help increase frost protection of fragile blossom and new tissues. The timing of this application of Harpin triggers specific stress-defence responses. These biochemical pathways lead to increased concentration levels of nutrients within cells, thus reducing ice crystal formation and improving frost tolerance. The timing of application is critical and must be applied 1-3 days before frost is expected.

Rate: 150g/Ha 1 to 3 days prior to frost.


Unique Mycorrhizal Fungal Stimulant

Why stimulate mycorrhizal fungi in your soil?. Over winter, plants will shed these biologically important symbiotic relationships as the roots are lignified and white feeder roots are no longer present. The plants slow down the flow of sugars from the canopy as leaves fall. It is these sugars that feed the mycorrhizal fungi. In spring, as new feeder roots form the plant must re-establish these mycorrhizal associations. The sooner the better, as the mycorrhizae are responsible for most of the plants’ nutrient uptake, especially phosphorous. Myconate is applied to the soil stimulating the native mycorrhizae and increasing the speed and amount of roots that are colonized. The plants benefit from increased nutrient absorption, water uptake, reduced stress and faster growth.

Rate: apply at 120g/Ha through drip irrigation or ground spray


Increases Sugar, Colour and Storage Capacity

PreTect is a natural blend of slow release micronutrients with the unique Harpin protein. Applied during fruit filling through to harvest it has the ability to raise Brix and calcium levels, reduce splitting and increase fruit firmness and increase antioxidant levels. The natural biochemical pathways that the Harpin protein triggers can also lead to increases of colour if applied at the correct times prior to harvest

Rate: Up to 2.0 kg/Ha a minimum of 7 days prior to harvest, or at weekly intervals.

Sentry R

A new approach to disease management.

PHC Sentry R uses the plants’ own disease prevention system to help reduce disease prevalence. We have harnessed this natural defence response and formulated a unique plant extract that contains super-high levels of the intermediates that are one step away from the naturally produced defence response chemicals. Sentry R’s plant extracts are converted by your plants own enzyme pathways in to natural defence response chemicals such as phytoalexins (Emodin and Physicon), resveratrol, stilbene, catechin, and anthraquinones. These are key to natural resistance of diseases such as Powdery Mildew, Downy Mildew, Rust, Botrytis, Bacterial Cankers and Blights. Due to Sentry R being a natural plant extract, there are no residue issues or harvest interval.

Rate: Use at 0.75 to 1% solution to increase natural defences to diseases

Plant Health Care (UK) Limited 30 Chess Park, Moor Road, Chesham, Buckinghamshire. HP5 1SD. Telephone: +44(0)1494 775111 Fax: +44(0)1494 775999

PHC Viticulture Program  

Viticulture Program

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