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Pesticide-free Program

Natural Biological Crop Enhancement Plant Health Care specialises in the manufacture of proven, patented technologies aimed at solving the common and difficult problems that conventional and pesticide-free growers encounter. Traditional crop protection technology is evolving to address new plant health components such as yield enhancement, stress tolerance and plant performance. Focusing on crop enhancement and proactive disease management, the PHC combined program supplies protected crops with the pre-cursors to natural defence chemicals and responses. It simultaneously stimulates the crop to work more efficiently and optimise grower inputs. PHC use a combined approach to yield and quality enhancement. The first is healthy and efficient roots. PHC Compete Plus is the foundation to this, where selected bacteria, fungi and actinomycetes are seeded into the substrate at regular intervals to help increase nutrient uptake and give the plant a better buffered, more soil-like environment. This step helps maintain root health.

The second product, introduces the Harpin protein (PreTect or ProAct) to stimulate the crop. This elicits growth while increasing natural metabolic processes and increases calcium mobilisation. The Harpin technology triggers many natural biological responses resulting in increased nutrient uptake, stress tolerance and reproductive growth. This process further enhances a well grown crop and improves returns. The Harpin Protein is a unique, patented technology that can revolutionise the way we naturally grow modern crops. Sentry R utilises natural defence mechanisms by supplying precursors to defence compounds which are quickly metabolised by the plant into specialised defence responses. These naturally derived compounds are key to the elevation of natural resistance in the cells to help alleviate disease pressure from the likes of mildews, rusts, botrytis, cankers and blights. The PHC program can add up to a return on investment of as much as 10:1. Naturally, all of PHC’s technologies are residue-free and require no harvest interval.

Plant Performance Crop Enhancement promoting plant health throughout crop cycle taking marketable yield to new level

Crop Care protects yield potential

Defensive reduce loss

Plant Health Care (UK) Limited 30 Chess Park, Moor Road, Chesham, Buckinghamshire. HP5 1SD. Telephone: +44(0)1494 775111 Fax: +44(0)1494 775999

Pesticide-free Program Compete Plus A bio-drench of rhizosphere inoculants

A blend of naturally occuring beneficial bacteria, antagonistic fungi and streptomycetes, Compete Plus will safely invigorate your substrate with high concentrations of these soil-dwelling micro-organisms. Routinely applied, via the drip irrigation, to both organic and conventional glasshouse crops resulting in: nutrient cycling and uptake; improved yields; disease management; and enhanced growing media structure. Proven in hydroponic and organic crops to reduce crop stress, improve disease management and increase yield.

Rate: 1-2 Kg/Ha every 2-4 weeks applied through irrigation system

Sentry R

Triggering the plant’s immune system

PHC Sentry R uses the plant’s own disease prevention system to help reduce disease prevalence. We have harnessed this natural defence response and formulated a unique plant extract that contains super-high levels of the intermediates that are one step away from the naturally produced defence response chemicals. Sentry R’s plant extracts are converted by your plant’s own enzyme pathways in to natural defence response chemicals such as phytoalexins (Emodin and Physicon), resveratrol, stilbene, catechin, and anthraquinones. These are key to natural resistance of diseases such as Powdery Mildew, Rust, Botrytis, Bacterial Cankers and Blights. Due to Sentry R being a natural plant extract, there are no residue issues or harvest interval.

Rate: 0.5 - 1% spray volume every 7-10 days to increase natural defences to disease

Harpin – PreTect & ProAct

Crop health, crop quality, crop yield Harpin is being used extensively throughout the world and can be used at different stages of crop production for the following benefits: • Increases photosynthesis and nutrient uptake. • Activates growth mechanisms that result in improved plant vigour, increased plant stamina and an improved stress-defence response. • Actively promotes flower initiation, fruit set and size. • Increases storage time/shelf-life and post-storage quality. • Applied during season through to harvest it has the ability to raise Brix levels, increase shelf-life and increase fruit firmness. • Reduces splitting by increasing calcium movement and availability within the plant. The two Harpin formulations: ProAct – Harpin PreTect – Harpin plus natural blend of slow release micronutrients

Rate: PreTect 2.0 kg/Ha or ProAct 200 g/Ha every two weeks applied as a foliar application




Application Timing

Nutrient Uptake/Root Disease Management 1.0 - 2.0 Kg/Ha

Compete Plus

Water Soluble Powder Irrigation / Drench

Apply by drench routinely throughout the growing season

Crop Enhancement/Fruit Quality 1.5 - 2.0 Kg / Ha


Water Soluble Powder Foliar Spray

Apply every two weeks

Disease Management 0.75 - 1% Solution

Sentry R

Liquid Suspension

Apply every 7-10 days prior to and during high intensity disease periods

Foliar Spray

Plant Health Care (UK) Limited 30 Chess Park, Moor Road, Chesham, Buckinghamshire. HP5 1SD. Telephone: +44(0)1494 775111 Fax: +44(0)1494 775999

PHC Glasshouse Program  

PHC Glasshouse Program

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