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Jordan Holoboski Biography

10/20/09 ACE8-9

On a cold March day, only a week or so after the Blizzard of 1993, Jordan Holoboski was born in a small hospital in Troy, New York. Son of Kathy and Michael Holoboski, Jordan was born on March 26th, 1993, and lived in Schenectady, New York. With only one brother, Eric, who was seven years older, Jordan was born to a small family. His grandfather on his mother’s side died before he was born, and Jordan had no first cousins. However, his grandparents from his father’s side lived close by, in Troy, and his grandmother from his mother’s side lived near Syracuse. The rest of his relatives were scattered throughout the United States. Though with such a small family, Jordan enjoyed many of his earlier years. All of his relatives, even those who lived far away, would still come up to visit Jordan on his birthdays and other family occasions. This changed however, only when Jordan was about seven or eight years old. His aunts and uncles could only occasionally find time from their work to come up to see him for significant events, and his grandparents couldn’t travel as much. His brother was always a faithful companion, who would show Jordan many of life’s treasures. Lastly, his parents were always generous and wanted the best life for their son; they would help him with anything he needed. In September of 1996, Jordan’s first major life event took place. He started nursery school, followed by his graduation from nursery school in May 1998. While this school did teach Jordan some of the simpler aspects of life, his real educational part of life started when he began Kindergarten in September, 1999. With an interest in outer space, Jordan soon became intrigued in what school had to offer him in order to pursue a career as an astronomer. He was also on his way to becoming a devout Catholic, as both of his parents were Catholic. He had his first holy communion in May, 2001, and that had set the religious course for Jordan for the rest of his life. However, by the time he entered his adolescent years, religion started to become less significant to Jordan. After his Confirmation on November 23, 2009, his active participation in his church, Our Lady of Assumption, would begin to dwindle.

While education and religion were important to Jordan during his childhood, what he did in his spare time was also important. Back when he was only three or four years old, Jordan’s brother had introduced him into the world of video games. Of course, he was interested and soon became addicted to playing video games. At five years of age, Jordan was also shown by his brother a very gory video game, which of course was not suitable for him at such a young age. This game was able to make Jordan develop an interest in computers, and even made him consider the career of a video game designer for quite some time, along with his dream of being an astronomer. While it did scare him back when he was young, today it is one of his favorite video games. In fact, when he was 14 he learned how to actually modify the game itself to have a variety of purposes other than pure enjoyment. For example, he was able to modify the game into a display project for one of his classes in high school, getting him quite a good grade. While he did pursue this career choice somewhat with his current modifications, he considered it merely a hobby that could benefit him in multiple ways. As the years went by, Jordan became more interested and devoted to his schoolwork. His teachers took notice of that, and in 3rd grade Jordan was accepted into the higher classes of the elementary school. The work, at first, was difficult to him, and he started to doubt if he was capable of participating in the advanced classes. However, Jordan strived on, and eventually was advancing beyond the elementary level, despite his young age. When he started middle school at Draper in September, 2004, Jordan was learning more than ever. He became more and more interested in what he could be taught, and of course, put everything into his schoolwork. This was especially true when he started the class of earth science, which taught Jordan many interesting facts about our universe. This only solidified his future career choice of an astronomer. However, this all changed in 8th grade. Halfway through the school year, Jordan’s best friend’s little brother had developed a rare type of brain cancer known as Medulloblastoma. This left Jordan in shock, and it inspired Jordan to change his career choice. He would say to himself that while astronomy is amazing and intriguing, it doesn’t help individual people in a significant way. Because of this, Jordan

now devoted his life to becoming a neurologist. Interesting enough, Jordan was actually learning the basics of neurological concepts in the class of Living Environment at this time in middle school. After being inducted into the Junior Honor Society in June, 2006, and receiving the Presidential Award the next year, Jordan graduated middle school in June of 2007. With the start of high school being the September of that year, Jordan knew he’d face more challenges in his learning. His freshmen and sophomore years were tough; Jordan didn’t expect there to be such a change in the workload. However, this did not affect Jordan too much. In fact, he had a 98-100 overall grade point average every single time a report card was handed out. To him, being perfect in his work was a necessity. Nothing would be able to stand in his way; he could not accept getting a poor grade. Of course, his perception of a poor grade was anything less than a 90, which was not typical for most people. However, he believed that with hard work and dedication, anything is achievable. In May of 2009, Jordan was inducted into the Spanish and Science Honor Societies. These two events were the latest major events in Jordan’s life, with the addition of Jordan taking and passing the AP World History exam at this time. Up to this point, education has been the largest and most significant aspect of his life. This will continue to be true for many years to come, since he planned to go to medical school to be able to achieve is dream career of a neurologist. The next year was not the best for Jordan. On February 23, 2010, Jordan’s best friend’s little brother’s life would be taken due to the metastasis of his Medullablastoma. This was a devastating blow to their family, of course, and to Jordan himself. He knew his friend’s little brother for quite some time, and in spite of his condition, it seemed to him that he could pull through this. Yet, this was not the case. This event showed Jordan the true cruelties life had to offer. Sure, other things he learned and heard about were terrible, but he had never experienced such a heartbreaking occurrence in his life thus far. On the day of the wake, Jordan was hugged by the mother of the child. In tears, she said, “You’ll be the one to save the lives of the many others who have suffered.” This moment, coupled with the death itself, only inspired Jordan to persevere and word harder towards his ultimate goal.

With the end of this year came the end of 11th grade and the onset of 12th grade. Jordan spent a great deal of his time sending out college applications and applying for scholarships. He sent applications to Yale, John Hopkins, Colgate, Union, Amherst, and most importantly, Harvard University. After months of waiting for replies, Jordan was accepted into Yale, John Hopkins, Colgate, Union, and even Amherst. However, those colleges meant almost nothing to him compared to Harvard. He had received the letter sometime in April, 2011, and couldn’t bring himself to open it. He would stare at the sealed envelope, like it was mocking him. Jordan would be saying to himself “Open it. Come on, you know you got in… Just open it.” He began to slice along the top of the envelope, and stopped midway through. “I can’t, I can’t, what if I didn’t get in?” he would say to himself. It would take him little over a month to muster up the courage to open the envelope fully, and actually take a gander at its contents. And what did the letter hold? The answer to Jordan’s dreams, he had been accepted into Harvard University. The next four years for Jordan at Harvard University was a bit monotonous, but in the end fulfilling. Jordan faced an onslaught of difficult classes, like organic chemistry. However, he had to take these classes if ever wanted to get into a medical school. He majored in neurobiology, and at the end of these long years, he sent in only one medical school application letter. Where to? Harvard Medical School, of course. The next few months of waiting were similar to those as he was sending out application letters to colleges. When receiving his letter from Harvard Medical School, Jordan felt the exact same way when he was trying to open his acceptance letter to Harvard University. He faced the exact same emotions, a conflict between fear and confidence. However, this time it only took him a full day to open the letter. Jordan only read one line, and then promptly fainted on the soft floor of his college dorm. “Congratulations, you’ve been accepted into Harvard Medical School.” The next eight years in medical school would seem to fly by. During his 2 nd year, Jordan would meet the girl of his dreams. She was studying to become a pathologist. Oddly enough they hit it off, and after four years of dating they would finally become married, and would later have a baby boy. However, they had little to no time with each other. The demands of medical school cut down their free time

substantially and cut them off from having a honeymoon. Days would go by without any sign of communication, as the intense studying and preparation seemed to have made their marriage all for naught. Yet, in the end, it had all paid off, with both of them becoming certified in their desired fields of study. Wanting to escape the crumbling economy of the United States, Jordan and his wife both flew to England, where they both began working within the same medical institution. Jordan, at this time, began research on Medullablastoma, in order to find an immediate cure. Many years passed, and Jordan was working diligently. However, he wasn’t seeing much success. It wasn’t until July 23, 2027, that Jordan began to see success with his research. He was able to concoct a solution that, when injected, would target malignant cells in the brain and destroy them. This was first tested in lab rats on January 23, 2027, and then was implemented in hospitals throughout the nation on February 23, 2027. With the great success, Jordan finally had achieved what he believed he was born to do, or in other words, he had finally shown the world and himself the reason for his own existence. The drug that Jordan had created was both efficient and cost effective, so that even poorer families with children with the disease could afford to save their children. At times, he himself would pay for the injections; the initial discovery led to him becoming so rich he didn’t have much else to do with the money. Not only that, this discovery, while it only affected those with Medullablastoma at first, led to the much more efficient treatment of cancer in other parts of the body. Just a year later, deriving from what he had made, other drugs spawned that could prevent cancer; the world was now forever changed. This could be clearly seen in the 30% drop in number of deaths in the world the very next year. As mentioned before, Jordan did receive a great deal of money with this discovery. He did fund the increased research of the idea and donated a lot of it to charities, but he did want to spend some of it on himself. Five years after his discovery, Jordan bought an estate in England with over 500 acres of land. He turned this land into an Airsoft field. Airsoft was a “sport” that he and his friends used to enjoy when they were young. Technically, it’s a pretend war with plastic BBs instead of real bullets. At this field, he bought hundreds of Airsoft guns. Note that these guns, in order to show that they weren’t real, all had an

orange tip at the end of the barrel. He had practically one of every type available. He bought multiple thermal scopes, night vision goggles, and billions of BBs. He invited all of his old friends up to the place, and they would have huge wars. It would be like being a kid all over again for Jordan. Nonetheless, he still did a great deal of research and became one of the most prominent scientists of the time. He did feel the need to enjoy himself with frivolous activities every now and then, though. Later, Jordan opened this field to the public. He would charge 20 GBP for each player, and if they needed to rent an Airsoft gun (he certainly had plenty to do so), it was an extra 15 GBP. Each and every day the field had over 160 players. The profits he received from the field he funneled towards his research and to other areas in the medical field that were in need of funds. During this time, Jordan’s wife tried to stay out of his success as much as possible. In a sense, she was jealous, but she had no complaints about the money it brought in. She liked the idea of him researching and the estate, but hated the Airsoft portion on it. She thought it was very immature on his behalf, but didn’t really mention much. A year after opening the field to the public she had tried to convince him to close it, quite blatantly stating that it was “stupid.” Nonetheless, Jordan did not listen. Perhaps Jordan should have taken his wife’s advice. On the night of March 23, 1930, the field had over 200 players. One man, with his own gun, enthusiastically persuaded Jordan to play a game of Airsoft that night. However, little did Jordan know that this would be his final night to live. Halfway through the game, the suspicious man that had persuaded Jordan to play initially had taken direct aim at Jordan. Most other players were aware of this, and noticed nothing suspicious about it, as they were just playing a game. Yet, when he fired, everyone knew immediately that the game had stopped. The man had brought a fully automatic military assault rifle onto the field, and just placed an orange tip over the front of the barrel. He shot Jordan right between the eyes, ending his life immediately. The assassin ran but was caught by the British police force only an hour after the murder. While the intentions of the man were unknown at the time, further research pointed out that he was also a prominent scientist as well, and was working on the same exact idea that Jordan was earlier in life, the cure for Medullablastoma. Jordan was light years ahead of him however, and beat him to it.

Investigations revealed that he had thought that Jordan “stole his fame and his fortune.” His anger at what should have been his success drove him to proceed with the murder, knowing full well that Jordan owned an Airsoft field. The assassin was sentenced to the electric chair, while Jordan’s family grieved. And that was Jordan’s story; an amazing neurologist who had found the immediate cure for Medullablastoma and led to the efficient treatment of other cancers. His research had saved the lives of many and he shall go down in history as one the most prominent scientists of the era. While he was bound to be much more successful, the world will never know due to his untimely and unfortunate death.

Notes: Writing the future part of this biography wasn’t that difficult; I have known what I wanted to do and accomplish for such a long time. Going to Harvard University has been a goal of mine since I was in 4th grade, while getting into Harvard Medical School became one of my goals by around 9 th grade. Since these were such huge goals of mine, these two schools were obviously where I saw myself going. Then, the whole dream of a neurologist and saving the world from Medullablastoma has been mine since my friend’s little brother was diagnosed with the terrible disease. As that disease was a form of cancer, I also made it so that other cancers were being cured because of my cure. This was because I want to truly change the world when I am older. Not for money or fame or anything, just to help people, which is why I also made the cure itself cheap and effective; so that anyone could have access to it. Moving to England has been a small idea of mine, which is why I had myself move there in the future. To be honest, I really dislike the United States of America. The country focuses a great deal of the country’s money on the military, rather than education or something actually important. True, I guess the military is important, but still, more money can be focused on other things. There are many other reasons why I dislike the country, but I don’t think it would be the best to describe them at this point. While I did have myself go to both Harvard University and Harvard Medical School, it’s always been a small dream of mine to go to the University of Oxford in England to study neurology. However, I never really did plan on it becoming a reality. Lastly, the whole Airsoft field was a fun little idea I came up with. I absolutely love playing Airsoft with my friends, so I figured I’d own some form of place to play Airsoft at in the future. Not only that, I planned to have an arsenal of Airsoft guns to go along with it, which attachments like thermal scopes, something I can’t afford at this point (they’re over $10,000!). However, my parents really do hate that I play with these guns, and they always tell me to be careful with them. My father would always warn me about every possible injury that could occur when playing with the guns; for example, “You’ll shoot your eye out!” Because of this, I figured Airsoft would have to play some role in my death one way or another.

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