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A magazine from QuindĂ­o to english speaking friends. Write to us [and find us in Facebook]:

First edition/ October 2012/ Magazine for free Print: Publicaciones Universidad del QuindĂ­o

SECTIONS COVER. We’re pleased to present to you The Hall Effect

INTRODUCTION LETTER Dear Members of The English Café Club, It gives us great pleasure to write to you in the first edition of our magazine, or as we should say, YOUR magazine! This first month has been incredible in the club at Maria Cano and, considering we had no publicity for the first three weeks, the number of people visiting us is beyond our wildest dreams. We have had so much success with every new thing we introduced into the menu; food from India and Morocco for instance has been very well received by everyone who has tried it. Indian?, Moroccan? Why have we got these weird foods in the café? Well, that’s the British culture for you!! The most popular food eaten in restaurants in Britain is Indian, so why shouldn’t you try it too? The drama club has started and we have written a play which will be presented in the Euclides Jaramillo Auditorium on November 2nd. It will be a trilogy of spooky plays, with some comedy and music thrown in for good luck… so make sure you keep your diary free that afternoon!

CLUB LETTER + SECTIONS + CARTOON. P2 Letter from the founders of The English Café Club UQ ZONE P3 DON’T YOU JUST LOVE THAT NEW CAR SMELL? So we are back from the holidays, huh? After a long drawn-out strike in protest of something that almost managed to snatch away our right to receive (relatively) public education…what next? FROM ENGLAND TO YOU. P4 A letter from an English lady to you. An insight into life on the River Thames in England and a peculiar tradition called “SWAN UPPING”. CULTURE SCHEDULE. P5 A cultural explosion is coming and its detonator is the anniversary of the city of Armenia. Read more! PASSTIMES. P6 Cool crossword, quiz and game page CHARACTER OF THE MONTH P7 Angelica meets the amazing group The Hall Effect as they pass through Armenia after their European Tour. BACK COVER: Photos of the month

Most of our regular visitors keep up with our events and stay informed via Facebook, so if you still haven’t found us, you need to go to Teccho Ong and invite us to be your friend. Then you need to join the group “THE ENGLISH CAFÉ CLUB AT UNIQUINDIO” So now, read on, have fun and tell us what you think of Edition ONE at or, even better, come and tell us in person! We look forward to seeing you soon. Ian and Felipe P.S.: Do you want to contribute to this magazine? Send your articles to us for consideration. Contact to us:

DON’T YOU JUST LOVE THAT NEW CAR SMELL? So we are back from the holidays, huh? After a long drawn-out strike during the holidays, we´re back on track. You know the routine: dragging yourself up early in the morning- well, for the most unfortunate amongst you, other people study in the afternoon or in the evening- grabbing the bus, and then sitting down to get some learnin’ going.

course, England being the guest country, the English Café Club will be stepping its game up to the occasion. Last but not least is the very thing you are reading, of course! This is the English Café Club official magazine’s first edition. Watch this space for articles and reviews about lots of things at Uniquindio, social and cultural events in Armenia, poetry and/or literary articles, opinion columns, and lots, lots more!

We at the English Café Club have not been strangers to this semester’s new car smell. But we have come a long way since our days above Café On-Line, from the 10clients-a-day times, as many can remember… After having to (forcefully) close shop the club went into a sort of coma for the remainder of 2011 and, having no place of our own, we had no choice but to go exclusively online for a while. Then, after some time, Laura Sánchez, a friend of Felipe and Ian’s (and to whom we all at the café will always be infinitely grateful) spoke to with Jairo Díaz from the C.R.A.I.Libray to discuss the possibility of opening inside the University of Quindío. And after almost one full month of ploughing forward rather doggedly, we were set. Little did we know what this meant for the Café Club Family… Since we opened our doors in our Uniquindio guise, it’s been crazy surprise after crazy surprise. We have appeared in and even written shows for the Radio Languages program on countless times, even having been given some airtime on Fridays for the English Café Club radio show. We have also appeared on two local TV interview shows, as well as having had Ian and Felipe’s story featured on the Social Communication major’s very own TV show La Caja de Pandora. But that’s not all: The director of ORI (Oficina de Relaciones Internacionales), Andrea Rojas, has chosen England as their special guest for their cultural, social and gastronomical event Jornada País Invitado., And, of

So, my dear readers, here’s to new beginnings and new surprises. There is no telling what the future holds for the English Café Club and its new home inside the University of Quindio. One thing is for sure, though: We sure are loving this new car smell! Cheers, and speak English! Felipe Jaramillo/

FROM ENGLAND TO YOU I: SWAN UPPING Where I live in Shepperton, South England, the River Thames is approximately 40 metres wide. It is the home of many species of fish, ducks, birds and other wildlife and there are also many leisure boats and rowers. Because we are alongside the water, our home is built on stilts 1 metre high. I have lived here for 28 years and we have had a couple of narrow escapes from flood water. The worse time was about 8 years ago when the river water rose very quickly and came to within 25cms of coming inside the house—really scary! Actually Ian Bond lost his house to a very bad flood in 1990 when he lived by the river. The Thames itself is a total of 346 kilometres long and it flows through some beautiful countryside, through London and finally out of the Thames Estuary and into the North Sea. My husband is called Terry and we have a boat called “L’Amourette” on which we spend holidays cruising up and down the Thames. We have often spent 2 or 3 days moored in Windsor and Windsor Castle, the Queen’s favourite residence, is a very prominent and awesome building, rising up impressively on the skyline, which we can see clearly from our mooring spot. Another feature of the Thames at Windsor are the mute swans; that benefit from the visiting families and tourists who are delighted to feed them, mainly bread. They are a majestic and elegant sight on the water, gliding along. It’s almost impossible to see any

movement in their bodies which would give a clue to the work their legs are doing under the water In England, swans are protected birds and, since the fifteenth century, they are owned either by the Monarch (the Queen) or the Company of Licensed Vintners and Dyers. Every year in July we have a ceremony called “Swan Upping”, where the swans are caught, checked for disease and problems, such as fishing line caught in their mouths and the new young swans, called cygnets, are marked by putting a ring on their legs for future identification. The tradition of swan upping is full of pageantry and ceremony—the swan uppers use rowing skiffs and wear scarlet uniforms. They set out from Sunbury on Thames lock (which is only about kilometres from where I live) and make their way over 5 days up to the town of Abingdon in Oxfordshire. For the most part they row up the Thames, catching the birds and young swans as they see them but occasionally they are towed behind some of the motorised boats that accompany them. This accompanying flotilla is made up of motor boats, cruisers and old, traditional wooden boats all with flags and pennants flying and when they pass Windsor Castle the swan upper rowers stand to attention in their skiffs, raise their oars and salute “Her Majesty, The Queen”. The entire ceremony of Swan Upping is very colourful and memorable and hundreds of people gather to watch and cheer as the procession goes past. Jenny Carthew

ARMENIA’S HOLYDAYS: A CULTURAL BOMB A cultural explosion is coming and its detonator is the anniversary of the city of Armenia. Arts’ groups, universities and schools have their own programs on the same dates to coincide with the city’s fiestas. The result will be cultural displays all through the week to entertain locals and visitors. Here are just three of the events: DUET COMPETITION LOS HERMANOS MONCADA Guitar, tiples, voices will be heard playing music from classical pieces, to waltzes and bambucos that show off Colombia and its traditions. The integration and pulling together of different regions using their music and traditions is paramount to the week’s celebrations. It was created in 1979 and It was called the National Duet Competition, “Los Hermanos Moncada” in honor of a family of prestigious Quindiano composers whose art in the region made a significant contribution to the national sound. Date: October 4th 5th and 6th Place: Cruz Roja’s auditorium CHAPOLERA PAGEANT A “chapolera” is a Colombian peasant woman specific to the Coffee growing industry in the region. The pageant is a spectacle of Armenia’s cultural heritage, beauty and traditions. Civic leaders are organizing communal neighborhood beauty pageants to choose twenty representatives to go forward to a final competition to choose the Chapolera Queen of 2012. The Chapolera Queen will become the representative of Armenia in the coffee department competition.

Cultural point: A year ago UNESCO declared the Coffee Cultural Landscape of Colombia as a World Heritage site. Armenia is part of this now. It is defined as the influence which causes the lifestyle of the Coffee-Growers and the physical environment and customs of these people. THE YIPAO

The Jeeps arrived in Colombia for military purposes. Soon they became very popular among Colombian coffee farmers who saw in this vehicle the qualities needed for the difficult roads in the mountainous region for the transportation of agricultural products. The event is a parade with several categories, sorted by products carried in the vehicles: agricultural products, coffee, people and, most famously, their personal effects and furniture, called “corotos”. Date: October 13 Let impact you to enjoy and take beautiful memories. If you want, stay here. There are a lot for fall in love. That’s like Armenia feels. By shingtso /






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QUIZ 1) How many are in a baker’s dozen? 2) How many miles are there in 160 kilometers? 3) Where will the 2016 Olympics be held? 4) In what year did Michael Jackson die? 5) Who is the faster 100m runner alive today? 6) What is the chemical symbol for ice? 7) in how many months of the year can your birthday be on the 30th? 8) Where is The Sea of Tranquility? 9) Approximately how many million penguins live withinin the Arctic circle? 10) How many of The Beatles are still alive?


Answers MUST read from left to right or from top to bottom

Clues across 1. Early meal . 7. English traditional drink 9. To turn around 10.To live 11. A sporting group 12. Dust and grime 13. Lady’s bag . 15. To expire . 17. Applauding . 18. To confront . 19. Football target. 21. Calling 22.Ready for business 23. Bounced sound 26. Pretty and sweet 28. Task or job 29. Particular purpose 30. Adjective Clues Down 1. Nothing interesting to do. 2. Outside 3. Flying toy 4. To drive a boat 5. U.S.State 6. A fight or struggle 8. Focused 11. Long hole for cars and trains 14. Eating utensil 16. It rose 17. It connects 18. Unwanted rise in water level 19. To hand over 20. Old 24. Cell 25. Male subject 27. Foot digit 29. To exist




MADE IN COLOMBIA Many people think that musicians are proper rock stars who live constantly under the old motto: “sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll” … far away from the real vision and perception of music and life. How did they get such a false status? Well actually it takes a lot of thought, feeling, knowledge, effort, reality and one of the most important things of all, TALENT! This exact feeling is the one I got after I interviewed a Rock band, which passed through our city, that creates European Rock music that has been listened to mostly by British and French people, a band that through a real passion for what they do, have achieved recognition abroad, having been the opening act for recognizable international artists such as: Franz Ferdinand, Gwen Stefani, Muse, Wolf mother among others plus they were the opening act for Fiction Plane’s European tour, a band whose bass guitarist is Joe Sumner (son of The Police front man Sting). Then If I ask you, where do you think they come from? your answer would be: -“United States? England? Canada?”—You couldn’t be more wrong. They would say: -“WE’ARE FROM BOGOTÁ, COLOMBIASOUTH AMERICA. SINCE 2006 WE’VE BEEN TOGETHER, WE SING IN ENGLISH AND WE DO ROCK IN ENGLISH FROM SOUTH AMERICA WITH LOVE”The Hall Effect has become one of those bands that have turned people’s heads, especially musicians that like them started just with the dream of sharing what they love to do the most with people who were willing to listen to them. Oscar (Vocalist), Andrés (Drummer), Douglas (Bass Guitar) and Charry (Guitarist) have pursued their goal to be at the eye of music scene storm.

Their newest album was produced by Phil Manzanera after their manager Julio Correal met him while he was producing Aterciopelados’ album “La Pipa De La Paz” They wrote to him and he just said: “I got your demo guys so, “I wanna Produce your album” So they went to London and recorded the album in Gallery Studios and Faraway sound studios London, England.

They recently released their second album in Paris where people recognized them and were keen buy their album an album that comes from the heart and soul. So, in the future, don’t be surprised to overhear on earphones songs like: Get on it, Spin, or King, the name of their first single. For sure we’ll hear more from this Amazing Colombian band around the world. The last thing I would have thought was that such an amazing band like them could be so nice and give me so much of their valuable time. To see them playing in an exclusive one-off gig (performance) in a small bar in Armenia, just for the fun of it, from the front row, was an unbelievable and unforgettable experience! What nice guys!!! By Angélica Santos M. If you want more details, listen to my interview on Radio Languages:

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