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Harley Davidson What crosses your mind when hear you this name? I think that Harley Davidson has been the best motorcycle company of the history, on 1903 in Milwaukee-Wisconsin two friends chose star a mark of motorcycles

This motorcycle has represented to United State around of the world, so late; Harley Davidson will follow making the best bikes and showing the American engineering. Actually, the company makes chopper bikes and shows many of this in his stores.

William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson were working in the Davison family´s backyard, on 1907 the production improves and they had 150 units the progress followed until reach the production of 16.284 motorcycles on 1914.

Harley Davidson bikes aren´t the speediest, but these have the best style and competes with Yamaha in appearance.

After long the motor cycles was using in the overland army on the World War 1

You will never find a bike as the Harley Davidson´s bikes, definitely the Motorcycle on the world. And in the World War 2 too

Harley Davidson  
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