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An Introduction into GPS Devices and Phones

Photo by: Johnathon Hudgins.

Now more than ever, there is a myriad of options when it comes to choosing the best GPS and GPS enabled devices. There are GPS devices for driving, hiking, tracking, hunting and fishing, among other things. For this guide I will focus on GPS devices and GPS enabled phones, specifically those that are best for geocaching.

By: Johnathon Hudgins

Mark Green with iPhone by: Johnathon Hudgins.

When most people think of smart phones, the first one that normally comes to mind is the iPhone. The iPhone now features what alomost seems to be an endless number of applications. Among those apps are GPS apps. You can look for and try different apps, but you want to look for an app that is hiking or geocaching related, as there are other types of GPS apps.

By: Johnatho

While different GPS apps are available f phones, I would reccomend using geoc

Their app is specifically for geocaching website and your account. Although thi other apps that should work fairly well,

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for both the iPhone and other smart’s geocaching app.

and is made to work with their is app makes things easier, there are , as pictured above.

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As mentioned before, the iPhone remains the most well known smart phone, but since its release many other phone manufacturers have been producing and improving their own smart phones. Some of these phones have arguably become better phones than the iPhone and its many incarnations. Like the iPhone, these phones have several options when it comes to GPS apps, including the geocaching. com app. John Hudgins and Samsung by: Johnathon Hudgins.

With all the phone options that are now available, some are left asking, “why should I get a stand alone GPS unit?” For the novice or passive geocacher, a smartphone should do just fine, but for longer cache hunts or for hunts in wooded and isolated areas a standalone GPS device may be better. Although phones work fairly well, they may not be very accurate in areas that are “off the beaten path.” Another issue with smartphones is that their battery life tends to be bad when using a GPS app.

By: Johnathon Hudgins.

For long and rural hunts a GPS unit may be the best choice.

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