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Round 6: Melbourne Royals vs. Western Crusaders The wet weather continued in Melbourne as the Royals hosted the division one Western Crusaders at home in Royal Park. All grounds had suffered due to the wet weather, and Royal Park was no different with a mud pit near one end zone to rival Ranger Field. It was the first of the Royals’ cross-divisional games, and a repeat of their preseason friendly scrimmage. The Royals were keen to come out and be competitive with a quality division one outfit, and even to be the first division two team to take home a win against one. The season had taken its toll, and the Royals were starting to suffer injuries like most teams in the competition. With running backs Victor Nguyen and Robbie Hanrahan out indefinitely, wide receiver Bill Chislett as well as left and right guard, Larny Pasene and Bryce Cilia respectively hurt for a game, the Royals offence needed to make some adjustments to continue its success on the field. Running back Frank Matue was called on to handle a heavy rushing load, as well as defensive end Donal Stott and defensive tackle Jeremy Edwards to step into the offensive line for the day. Defensively, massive nose tackle Filipo Muliaga was called on to step up in a new defensive formation, with linebackers Donnie Lussier and Josh Vakapuna injured. The Royals defence was able to make a big three and out stop against the Crusaders offence in their first series, handing the ball to the offence. The offence was able to move the ball but not with the same success of previous weeks. The Crusaders regained the ball and their quarterback was able to send a 22-yard pass into the end zone, followed by a successful PAT to take the lead 0-7 over the Royals. The Royals were unable to score in the first quarter, but got going in the second, with quarterback Blair Black hitting wide receiver Chris Tuohy on fourth down for a 10-yard passing touchdown. The kick was no good, the Crusaders retaining the lead 6-7. Despite some solid swats from cornerbacks Lionel Ong and Max Smith, the Crusaders offence continued to move down the field, slamming the ball in the end zone off a two-yard run, the kick was no good, keeping the Crusaders up 6-13 over the Royals. The Crusaders would score again in the second quarter, despite some good plays by the Royals defence, this time the Crusaders QB hitting a receiver again, for a 15-yard passing touchdown. The PAT was no good, and the Royals went into the change rooms at half time down 6-19.

Some adjustments made at half time had the Royals coming out stronger in the second half, hoping still to be able to topple the division one side. Running back Frank Matue moved the ball down the field consistently, trucking defenders for extra yards. Quarterback Blair Black finally deciding to keep the ball in the red zone, running the ball in from eight yards away. The Royals missed the extra point and remained trailing 12-19. With the ground conditions keeping both sides struggling to move the ball in the wet weather, the ball was punted away often. The Royals offence continued to rely on running back Frank Matue to grind out the extra yards, keeping them moving down the field. Wide receiver Chris Tuohy then in usual fashion used his speed to break away, as QB Blair Black slung a deep ball resulting in a 45-yard passing touchdown, followed by a missed two-point attempt. The Royals were back in striking distance of the lead, trailing 18-19. The Crusaders struck back next, making sure the Royals would not be able to take the lead at this point of the game, working down the field before rushing the ball into the end zone from three yards away. The Royals behind 18-27. The Royals continued to battle in the mud, with some big defensive hits from free safety Ben Ly stopping the run. However, it was defensive tackle Aaron Mapstone that caused and recovered a fumble in the fourth quarter, allowing the Royals offense to get back on the field and attempt a comeback. Running back Frank Matue continued to be effective on the ground with some assistance from Justin Matic and an offensive line that was providing room for the tail back to make plays. The Royals managed to put the ball in the end zone again, this time hitting receiver Adam Watson on a quick 4-yard pass for a remarkable catch in the end zone, holding the ball despite taking a big hit whilst in the air. The touchdown was followed by a successful two-point score hitting slot receiver Darcy Muller, as QB Blair Black continued to share the ball around the field. The Royals were in range of taking the lead once again, trailing only by one point 26-27. The Crusaders returned to the field, but were able to get their running back loose, as he broke for a big 35-yard run on the side of the field for a touchdown. After missing the point after, the Royals were down by one touchdown in the fourth quarter. The Royals slugged it out in the mud, running back Frank Matue pushing the ball downfield, and getting lucky on a fumbled ball that bounced out of bounds. The Royals made their way to the red zone, and were faced with a fourth and one situation on the goal line. A strong offensive line effort was not enough to stop the Crusaders defence, managing to stuff the run and thus the Royals last chance to get a touchdown and either draw the game or go for the win. The Crusaders celebrated the stop and managed to retain possession of the ball as the clock ran out and the Royals felt their first loss of the season. The Royals retain the top position on the division two ladder, still ahead by two wins. Their record now 4-1, they go into next week looking to get their winning streak back on against the Croydon Stars. Get down to Sydney Pargeter Reserve, Power Road, Endeavour Hills this Sunday 17th June 10.30 to see the Royals. The afternoon game seeing the Berwick Miners host the Croydon Rangers for a division one clash.

Interview with Club Founder: Ahmed Arayne. How did the idea of starting the club come about? The idea came up after Victor(#27) and I were considering playing gridiron after looking online for more information we found out the costs to play was over $400, and given that teams already had full squads we didn’t find the idea of paying that much to sit on the bench. So I sent an email to GV and it took off from there. Why the Royals? Picking the name took a while, we had a list of over a thousand high school and college team names, but in the end training at Princes Park, on Royal Parade across from Royal Park just had everything pointing to the Melbourne Royals. How did you go about recruiting players initially? First step was to setup a facebook page and website, after a week we saw that news about the Royals was spreading, and just getting friends down. It just started growing from there, started off with 3-4 guys and topped about 40 towards end of pre-season. What were the biggest challenges in the start up of the club? Club finances, not having initial funds to setup the club was tough, thankfully the initial committee agreed to invest in the club, to purchase gear, hire grounds for training, training equipment, all the little things to get the club off the ground and ready to participate in the 2011 season. Were you ever worried the club would fail? We knew what we had to do to get onto the field, it was just a matter completing all the tasks. What’s the future of the Royals in your mind? Being here from day 1, knowing where the club started at and where its at right now, it has come a long way, and It just keeps growing. With a junior team to come in the next year or two, I can see the club only getting bigger and bigger each season.

Around the league Gridiron Victoria’s sixth week kicked off on Saturday with an inaugural match to be known as ‘The Skull Bowl’ between the Bay City Buccaneers and the Northern Raiders. The annual Skull Bowl winner to be awarded The Bronze Marauder. The Raiders defence held strong against an experienced division one offence in the first half, the score only 6-0 to the Buccaneers. However, turnovers in the second half and a switched on Buccaneers offence changed the game as the Buccaneers took control of the game, winning the Skull Bowl 33-0. Down in Morwell, the division one Berwick Miners travelled to take on the Gippsland Gladiators. A tough match between both teams, in which the Gladiators made it down to their red zone a couple of times, however unable to score ended with the Miners winning 13-0, with two rushing touchdowns, both before the end of each half. Sunday at Ranger Field saw a double header, in which the Croydon Stars hosted the division one Monash Warriors. The experienced and top of the ladder Warriors went into half time winning 30-0, and continued to go into cruise control for the second half, the score remaining the same. The afternoon game, saw the division one Croydon Rangers host the Monash Barbarians, and in a slug fest in the mud came home with the victory with relative ease, winning 52-0.

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Heard about royals after a year at the warriors, heard there was a melbourne uni team trying to get off the ground, so came over to lend a hand and havent looked back loved it

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Royals Newsletter Edition 6  
Royals Newsletter Edition 6  

Edition 6 of the Royals Newsletter. Includes match report of Royals vs Crusaders, interview with club founder Ahmed Arayne and league review...