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Jake always brightened up studio, especially late nights preparing for a final. I vividly remember a game we played in Rahmani’s 2nd year studio in fall of 2006 that involved throwing exacto blades to stick into a pin up wall – think ninja stars but with a stick attached. If he wasn’t the one who invented it, he was definitely the one who got everyone else involved. During our time at WSU Jake introduced me to a ton of awesome music, some really cool films, and the idea that “you can definitely build anything” as evidenced by the rock wall in his room at Lambda Chi. I will always look back to the nights where he tried to teach me how to climb on that thing as some of the most fun memories I have from WSU. - Amy Perenchio

Oh Jake, I would have never imagined that when I left Pullman in 2008 that I would find you - in neon flannel and dress shoes - working in SEA four years later. I’m so thankful I did. All the laughs and stories we’ve shared from college and the past year and half at GGLO are unforgettable. A few of my personal favorites, hitting on me after a lengthy discussion over superior performance gear - patagucci or prana. ...eating Pete Schat’s concept model in studio because he built it out of starbursts. ...your epic throat clear/hum. Trademark. ...rewatching Miley’s twerking video at the company Mariner game. With a Principal or two. ...stealing the crit cheesy poofs before crit starts. ...the morning we were both on deadline and you managed to blow up the coffee pot and launch wet grounds six feet in all directions. The more we cleaned the worse it got. We must have billed PTM. The wild west on Level A will never be the same. Miss you forever. I’ll see you when I see you. - Cassie Alexander

Jake, I will never forget the individual you were. Always full of energy, and some how always managed to have a positive outlook, no matter what. I have many amazing memories with you buddy! I won’t ever forget how much trouble we caused our professors, in our architecture classes early on. We would sit together on purpose in each class that required you to talk and state your name. You would always go first stating your name “Jake Derry” and I would follow next with “Derry Betts,” man did it confuse the hell out of them, but we always got a good laugh from it. You certainly always were the life of the party, and I know all of us loved that about you. I can’t recall a time of my night ending short of some great stories and fun times if you were present. In all seriousness you will always be an inspiration to me. You lived life to the fullest, and held nothing back. Not many can say they walked the same path. I miss you a ton, and will never forget the impact you had on each and every one of us. RIP Jake. - Derry Betts

I will remember Jake for his stories. One night in studio (3rd year, I think) he came in extremely excited about some cows he had seen. He was absolutely convinced they were giant, and was trying to explain how huge they were to us skeptics in studio. He was pretty sure he could walk right under one without touching it. On asking some of my friends majoring in agriculture, I learned that he might have seen double-beef cows, which are (somewhat) larger than normal ones. They weren’t sure there were any such beasts on campus, but as I never went out to check for myself (the agriculture area isn’t convenient to get to from campus), we’ll never know. - Jake Gailey

When I think of Jake, I think energy. Crazy and infectious and larger than life energy. Jake and I didn’t know each other very well, but years of architecture and Carpenter and the very few bars Pullman has to offer had a way of bringing us all together. You couldn’t help but listen to a crazy adventure, let alone share in one (I’m thinking of one hazy night in LA, where even though I ducked out earlier than some I still have a lasting impression). I always admired his ability to live life and enjoy the outdoors, go big or go home… that contagious energy I hope to remember him by every time I hit the slopes or hop on my road bike. Even though I mostly watched from afar, Jake will be truly be missed!

- Samantha Wilkinson

Jake, You were the always the life of the party! I am honored to have been your design partner at WSU and I am sure WSU is equally as honored to have you as an alumni. You will be missed.. - Rachel Boler

In architecture studio Jake and I’s conversation consisted of one thing, Jackson. In the summer of 2009 I was completing my senior year of construction management, when a friendship began. Fall semester started and I had Structures III first thing in the morning on Mondays. All but one of my close friends had graduated earlier that spring. It was a surprise when Jake came in and sat down next to me. We both shared a laugh about being sleep deprived from being up all night celebrating our last first day of school. He asked for my number that day. The following semester we went to Taco Tuesday at the Zuu, headed up to Vahalla early on several Fridays for a pitcher before the crowds started, house get togethers, live music at the Coug, upstairs at Mike’s, ect. Jake always made me laugh. He would take a ordinary day and re-narrate with a hilarious twist. One time we danced in his living room to MGMT drinking red wine. He always had my best interest, he did for all his friends. On his and Brian’s graduation night in December 2009 we were closing out at Mike’s when I realized that someone had taken my coat. My keys were in that coat so I had no way of getting into my apartment. Jake, my friend Joel, and I ended up hanging out in Jake’s driveway till 4 am. The three of us laughed and listened to music. There was constant hooting, Pullman was covered with snow, the night sky was clear and we decided to look for the hooting owl. We never did find that owl. - Chauntelle De Blois

Every time you’d see Jake he’d have a smile on his face. During school and my two years in Seattle he always greeted me with a grin, a ‘how the hell ya doing?’ and offered to buy me a PBR. During school I ran into him at 2am on a Saturday morning during one of the low points of my life, I won’t go into detail but we were both in deep shit and he was able to laugh and crack jokes while I was falling apart. He put a smile on my face that night when I didn’t think it was possible. His attitude, energy and lust for life is rare and he will be missed both personally and professionally. RIP my friend. - Jerod Harwood

I’ve got three memories/stories that stick out. My first is one Mom’s Weekend. He was all nervous about his mom coming because she would be staying at his frat house and he kept checking his phone. Someone finally asked him why he was so anxious and he said because there was a javelin through the front door of the house and he needed to catch his mom’s text when she got into town so he could leave studio and beat her to the house so he could remove it before she got there. That made me smile because something that unusual somehow seemed like a perfectly normal occurrence in Jake’s life. My second is our study trip to LA. We were sitting on the grass outside the Gamble House supposed to be listening to one of our professors talking (I forget which one) when Jake and two other guys started tossing these little seed pods that were in the grass at each other. Jake lobbed a pod that missed its mark and hit me and soon I found myself roped into the little game and of course soon after we were “scolded” for not paying attention. My third is our study trip to New York. One afternoon during our down time Jake came up to a couple of us who were just sitting around all excited, saying he’d found the stairs in Central Park featured in Home Alone 2 so we headed to the park to see them. We’d walked for about half an hour with no stairs in sight when he happened upon a children’s play area with a lookout you could climb up so naturally we took a break to act like juveniles for a little while. When we left to keep searching for the stairs Jake just kept insisting he knew how to find his way back to them so we kept walking. And when we did end up at the stairs he simply smiled triumphantly. And that’s how I’ll always remember him: upbeat, carefree and with a zest for life that refused to let anyone or anything bring him down, at least for very long. - Jessica Brewer

I will always remember his energy and smile! - Katie Diedrich

Jake, you were many things to a whole heap of people, and I was one of those people lucky enough to have known you and be able to call you “friend.” Though I didn’t know you nearly as well as I wish now I had, I’m thankful for the times I did get to spend with you. From late nights in summer studio at Callison, to that infamous evening of debauchery and drawer-drumming in Vancouver B.C., to playing Mario Kart until the wee hours of the morning after posing for pictures in the beer igloo in your basement, it was always sure to be a memorable time hanging out with you. Your fun-loving, ever-positive attitude is an inspiration to live each day as if it were the last powder day of the season. We’ll all miss you buddy, but we’ll do our best to live it up like you did while we can. Love you man. - Cameron Johnson

Jake, I still remember the night we played beerpong at your place (you had a pretty cool place), the night that you complained about hand drafting and how you told me sketch up can be beautiful too. Missing you my friend.

- JK Choi

I will never forget the L.A. Study tour, besides the crazy this we all done, one has always been in my mind. when everyone was walking on Venice beach and me you and Dillon just decided we didn’t want to walk, and rented tricycles, and went on to do our own thing. haha The funniest part is that you talked me and dillon into the whole thing, and we just got our professor pissed off at us by not following their directions, Specially professor wyatt! he was really not happy with us. you are a free spirit, rebel at heart, one of the most creative and daring guys i have ever met. friends with everyone! you will forever be with us man! you changed a lot of people’s lives I am sure. You definitelly had an impact on mine! Miss you dude! - Fernando Camargo

Jake, I have been struggling for days to write this. Every time I do I start to break down and cry knowing that you are no longer with us. It is so hard to think of just one great memory with you because every minute spent with you was a memory I will never forget. From all the times at the dunes when Jackson and Blue would play together to all the mountain trips and every single moment in between. It was truly an honor to have you as a friend and I can never thank you enough for your amazing spirit. You could light up a room with your laughter, smile and energy and I will always miss that. I know we can all learn from your passion for life. I love you buddy, until we see each other. - Dillon Johnson

Jake lived life to the absolute fullest and words cannot begin to express how difficult it is to comprehend that I will never again be able to share his company. I am eternally grateful for the brother he was to me and the friendship that we developed. Jake introduced me to the lambda chi alpha fraternity where I joined an incredible brotherhood and made unforgettable memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. Jake, I wouldn’t be the man I am today if you hadn’t taken me under your wing. You were the big brother I never had, and you will always hold a special place in my heart. Your spirit will carry on through all those you have touched, and your smiling face will never be forgotten. - Jeff Wilcox

I found this photo of Jake and I together in studio and it brought back some great memories - last names of Derry and Deibler meant that I got to sit next to Jake the first year and a half of studio. He immediately decided my last name meant a nickname of ‘El Diablo’. His immediate friendliness and sense of humor helped open me up, the sheltered shy girl. This photo pretty much sums up my memories of Jake – him goofing off and me slightly shocked and highly amused. This particular late night in studio he discovered that he could ‘run’ in circles on the chair. He fell off soon after the photo and moved on to throwing exacto blades at the wall. Jake, you are missed and loved and will be well remembered for your infectious love of life.

- Lauren Kinker

My first vivid memory of Jake was early on in a design studio when we were putting together our presentation boards for a studio critique. The majority of us had pinned up hand sketches, and a few who had learned how to utilize the computer managed to print out a few stark white boards with some graphics. As you pan down the hallway, it was one white board after another with the exception of one, which was pure black with neon pink letters and every other bright color you could imagine. Of course it was Jake’s, and he was standing next to it with that unforgettable grin on his face. Our professors would scold him on how you couldn’t do that and he would always argue back his point but to no avail. Looking back, this attitude would be a reoccurring event in my relationship with Jake, and one that made him such a special and unique person. Study trips were always fun when Jake was involved; you could almost guarantee someone would be pushing him in a shopping cart in the hotel hallways, or he was renting a tricycle on Venice Beach so he didn’t have to walk like the rest of us. It was always a mystery what he was up to, but one thing was for sure, wherever Jake was so was the life of the party. The energetic, spontaneous and optimistic side of Jake is contagious and something that everyone will miss about him. However the other side of Jake is what I will miss the most. Jake was always looking out for his friends and was always there to talk to either on the phone or in person at 3:30 in the morning at his house (located conveniently between my apartment and the bars). If you had nothing to do, you could count on him to be up for anything. I can remember a date dash that Lambda Chi was having one night while I had to work late and Jake brought Jenn, but “just as a friend” as she will tell you. It was a little concerning to me at the time, but it was one of the first moments that I saw just how special their friendship really was.

I owe him for this. After college we all found jobs in Seattle and Jake and I conveniently worked a block from each other. I miss running into him on the Harbor Steps in the morning before work and talking about life, work, trivia on Wednesday and the plans for the weekend. They were brief moments but ones that meant a lot to me. Trivia was always a blast, and how could it not be with the team name “Wolf Pussy�? I remember hearing Jake tell me that name for the first time and I could not stop laughing all night. I was both amazed that someone could even think of something that clever and amazed at how much everyone in the bar loved it when it was announced over the microphone. I will never forget how enjoyable he made everything and how happy he made everyone he interacted with. If there is anything I want to say to Jake, it is thank you. Thank you for being such a great friend and someone we could all lean on, someone who was inspirational, bright and always a joy to be around. You will be missed dearly. Love you buddy! As I sit here finishing this up, I keep reminiscing about all of these stories containing Jake that make me smile. A lot of them are probably a little too inappropriate, but one was just too good to leave out. I remember when Jenn and I lived in Tacoma between undergrad and grad school. Cameron was having a wedding down near Battleground and so Jake ended up hitching a ride with us. Of course Jake had a flask with him and we attempted to have a great night, which we succeeded at. We continued drinking at the wedding until it got dark and things started winding down. Someone announced that the shuttles were all about to head back to the park and ride and immediately Jake and I turned to each other with wide eyes. We didn’t have to say anything, we both knew we needed to snag some more wine before heading out. Jake walked into a big tent in the corner and came out with three bottles of wine. I remember starting to laugh since I expected him to

grab one or maybe two. As we headed towards the shuttle Cameron’s mom stopped Jake and started yelling at him and calling him a thief. I started to panic a little and took a few steps back as she asked him his name and information. Jake responded with, “my name is Brian Hackworth” as he handed her the bottles of wine and started sprinting towards our ride. Jenn managed to stay sober that night and drove us two drunken kids home which I am sure she was super excited about. At one point Jake woke up out of a deep sleep and started shaking my seat violently yelling, “I have to pee! I have to pee!” and we had to make a mandatory pit stop. Somehow we made it back to our apartment complex and Jake apparently knew exactly which place was ours as he walked across the parking lot and climbed to the third floor of another unit. He started banging on their door and ringing their doorbell at who knows what time in the morning. At least he got the third floor part of it right as we had to tell him our place was not even close to where he was. We got Jake settled in (rather he got himself settled in) on our couch where he passed out for the night looking like some kind of contortionist. I was at my computer singing some Lil Wayne song, which I am still super embarrassed about, and then I began drawing inappropriate things on Jake’s cheek with a blue Sharpie until I passed out as well. Not knowing this that night, Jake had to work that next day. It also turns out Sharpie is very difficult to get off of your skin. He ended up making the trip back to Seattle and showing up to work like that. To this day I don’t know how people reacted but he made it very clear that I was going to pay for it. Sorry Jake, but I couldn’t let that story slide… You will be missed. Love you. - Josh LaFreniere

Jake was my best friend in the architecture program at WSU, and my graduation buddy who kept me awake during a particularly boring keynote speech. I met Jake our freshman year of college, when we spent lots of time partying at Lambda Chi. I have a fair few hazy memories over those four and a half years with Jake, often resulting in very late nights with our mutual friend, Busch Light. He was my architecture structures model building partner and someone to listen to my complaints about architecture professors with their demanding, social-life destroying deadlines. For us, architecture study tours were the perfect venue for an extended weekend full of late nights in a new city. I have some excellent memories in Santa Monica, waking up each morning to a full day of architecture tours after a mere two or three hours of sleep. Then starting the evening again with a round of Jack and Cokes. On our way up to Vancouver for another architecture trip, he suddenly realized that he wouldn’t be able to bring his weed across the border to Canada. So I pulled off an exit near Bellingham so that he could bury the goods under a tree, to be collected again on our drive back. We had to stop at the duty free shop to get a few liters if Crown Royale, which was the catalyst for one of my favorite memories with Jake. After most of our classmates had gone to sleep or passed out, we built an awesome fort out of all the dresser drawers and extra sheets in the room. We passed the whiskey as we drummed on the drawers and drank late into the morning.

There were also countless nights that we spent at his house in Pullman drinking Rainier beers in the backyard, listening to music, cooking food and talking about architecture, watching him wrestle with Jackson in the living room, and patiently waiting for him to take his sweet time getting ready to go out on a Friday night. I remember one particular Friday evening he came over to my house for a few rounds of beer pong, and we entertained ourselves by convincing as many people as we could at the party that Jackson was a wolf rescued from Alaska. I was very proud and envious after college because Jake had the motivation to publish an extensive portfolio in order to apply to dozens of firms in Seattle. Something that I did not have the courage to do myself. Every time I’d express interest in getting a job in the field, Jake would say something like, “I could probably get you a job at my firm, just put together a portfolio Hack, and I’ll get you an interview”. Whenever I would come visit Seattle we’d spend the first evening catching up at Linda’s with Jenn, Josh, Jared, and whoever else was around. And doing a fair amount of good natured bar hopping after that. I was always a big fan of Jake’s hospitality when I’d be visiting. He’d make me food, pay for cabs, make sure my bed was comfortable, and always tried to buy the next round. Three years ago, when he found out I’d been living in my tent in the woods, he just laughed and said, “Hack, no, you’re staying with me”. And so I crashed on his brother’s couch for a week.

One of the greatest comforts for me over these last few weeks is knowing that Jake will never be gone. And this is true in so many ways. Jake will be in my thoughts and memories forever, and in the memories of those who love him. His body will become the mountains and forests of the Pacific Northwest which we share a mutual love and respect for. And in the same way that Jake’s body has become something new and will be here forever, I’m comforted to know that the same is true about Jake himself. Because Jake is unconditional love to those close to him, raw enthusiasm about everything that excited him, a contagious excitability about being in the mountains, confidence to go out and do exactly what he wanted, and being wise and conscientious about preserving our environment and living more sustainably. These wonderful traits I have noticed myself embodying over the last few weeks as I think about my good friend. And this is how Jake will be with us forever. He’ll continue to change the world through us in the ways that he inspired and entertained us. One of the only guys that I could say “love you buddy” to, you’ll be with me forever man. And finally, a quote from Gogol Bordello that we once had an in-depth, slightly inebriated, philosophical discussion about: There were never any good old days, They are today, they are tomorrow, It’s a stupid thing we say, Cursing tomorrow in sorrow! -Brian Hackworth

Well shit, Jake. I can’t even get one sentence in without crying. I guess I will start with the most memorable thing about you. That smile, the smile that made me smile. You would press your lips against your teeth and little wrinkles would start on the sides just before a small laugh would slip out. Even when I was at a low, you were the person that could bring me right back up. Helped largely by your hugs, genuine makeyou-feel-loved hugs, where you would pick me up and let out a big sigh while saying “love you bud”, or “so good to see you”. There was something so natural about you, so genuine, passionate, and loving. You honestly felt like a brother to me. Your passing has been the hardest thing I have ever gone through, and hearing from Geoff Sunday morning triggered the biggest emotional reaction I have ever had. Driving back with Josh and Kevin from Pullman, I got out of the car and just laid on the side of the road in the gravel while Josh rubbed my back and I sobbed uncontrollably. I don’t think I said a word for hours and that seemed like the longest day of my life. The second hit came at 2am that Monday morning when Brian called me from Laos. It was so hard knowing I was going to cause someone the same pain I had been feeling all day. All we did was sit on the phone and listen to each other cry. The thing about it is, you being gone isn’t just tragic for your friends and family, but also for the architecture community and the City of Seattle. You had so many ambitions and dreams that I had no doubt you were going to fulfill.

I am going to miss the energy, the adventure, and the enthusiasm you would bring to every situation; so many memories that I hold so dear. Your thirst for life was infectious and I felt empowered being near you. As I posted on your Facebook wall, here are some of my favorite memories I share with you: By far one of my favorites was in studio late one night. We had a sheet of plywood, a skillsaw, and a bottle of wine, and we wanted shelves for our desks. The janitor walked in and saw us… me sitting on a table, on top of the ply, with a bottle of wine and you cutting the plywood, big goofy goggles on and lips and teeth stained purple. We were worried for weeks that we were going to get in trouble for it. The trip to LA. That was one of the best/craziest/most out of control trips ever and it was where we really bonded. Taking me out for my 21st and then picking me up off the dance floor and carrying me home. All the roughhousing we did in your Pullman House. I still have that scar on my hip. Your crazy stories to get out of studio. The sushi food-poisoning being my favorite. You busting through my parents fence and falling 6’ missing a 2’ vertical steel post by like 3”…

When you, Hack, Cameron, and I drove up to Vancouver from Pullman and got stopped at the border... “Drum circle” made from empty dresser drawers and sheets in the shape of a tepee. Those date dashes you would bring me on. It made me so happy to hear you still had the shirt from the highlighter party. Letting me name the dog I had just bought you at the Moscow animal shelter. I named him Chief, then a few days later you told me you wanted to change it to Jackson. All those times you talked about getting that mountain/sun/river tattoo, including when you drew it across my whole back in black sharpie. Inspiring me with some of your crazy but amazing dishes like bbq orange/avocado salmon. Getting calls at all hours to talk girl problems. Visiting you in the Colfax Jail. You said had an allergy attack but I kept teasing you saying it looked like you had been crying. Those times you said we had a place to stay meaning we were gonna be sleeping in the back of the explorer. All the “Kim Nights”. Sorry Kim, but those were some crazy nights I will never forget.

All those times it was just you Hack and I sitting around and chatting. You once referred to us as the Harry Potter gang and then debated with Hack about who would be Ron and who would be Harry. I was embarrassed and told both of you to never refer to us as that again. To follow up on Jake Gailey’s story. Yes, they were giant cows. Josh and my wedding. I am so happy you were there . We have video of you and Josh hugging, where you close your eyes tight because it is such a big hug. I have watched that over and over. This last memory it pretty morbid but I remember Professor Barnstone telling us about Tibetian funerals (for what reason, I have no idea), and how the bodies are disposed of. I remember you looking over to me while he was talking and giving me one of those wide-eyed Jake looks. We later discussed the topic deeply and were both oddly intrigued by it. While as weird as it sounds, I feel as if there is a similarity to the way you passed and those funerals. How their bodies are thought to become one with nature by being dispersed amongst the mountain tops. For me, I won’t be able to look up at the mountains and not think of you looking over us. You will be with me, forever and always. Love you bud. - Jenn Hohlbein Lafreniere

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