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PowerRanch RanchCommunity CommunityAssociation AssociationOffices Officesare arelocated locatedatat Power The The Ranch Ranch House House Clubhouse. Clubhouse.Hours: Hours:Monday-Friday Monday-Friday8am-5pm. 8am-5pm. 480.988.0960 || 480-988-0960 FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: FAN US ON FACEBOOK: FAN US ON FACEBOOK: PowerRanchCommunityAssociation PowerRanchCommunityAssociation VISIT OUR SMALL BUSINESS NETWORK: VISIT OUR SMALL BUSINESS NETWORK: After hours, please contact Property Patrol at 480.216.9141 or 480.229.4051. If youcontact see vandalism suspicious activity, please After hours, please PropertyorPatrol at 480-216-9141 or contact the Gilbert Police Department at 480.503.6500. 480.229.4051. If you see vandalism or suspicious activity, please contact the Gilbert Police Department at 480-503-6500. PLEASE NOTE: ONLY CASH OR CHECKS ARE ACCEPTED AS PAYMENT AT THE ASSOCIATION OFFICES. WE PLEASE NOTE: ONLY CASH OR CHECKS ARE ACCEPTED CREDIT CARDS ATOFFICES. THIS TIME. ASCANNOT PAYMENTTAKE AT THE ASSOCIATION WE



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11 07 Offering Moms

Fourth Quarter Lifestyle Corner Board Briefs Community ASSOCIATION NEWS On the the Cover: Cover: On The Power Solar Ramadas Ranch coming to Community Power Ranch. Association Design by: held itstoAnnual Desert Mountain Meeting on Architecture February 25th Renderings by: where a new Lone Wolf Drafting and Board was Design elected.


ASSOCIATION STAFF Stephanie Fee, Community Manager | Shannon Ellerbusch, Asst. Comm. Mgr. | Dana Blass, Communications Coordinator | Stephanie Zeitler, Covenants Coordinator | Karen Partridge, Admin. Coordinator | Lisa Capriotti, Lifestyle Director | Board of Directors | Power Ranch Living Magazine is the official community magazine of Power Ranch, brought to you by the Power Ranch Community Association. It is designed to keep you informed about what’s happening in your community, from special events, clubs and classes to school information, dining and entertainment and more. Power Ranch Living is published by: Lion Tree Communications, PMB 292, 14700 N. Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd., #157, Scottsdale, AZ 85260. Reproduction in whole or in part of any text, photographs or illustrations without written permission from the publisher is prohibited by law. Trademarks, logos and content provided by advertisers, sponsors and partners are owned by their respective companies and all rights are reserved by them. The views, statements, and claims of advertisers or other PRL contributors do not necessarily represent those of the publisher, Power Ranch Community Association, Capital Consultants Management Corporation or their employees. Printed in the USA. ©2013, Power Ranch Living Magazine. All rights reserved. Please recycle.

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Moms Support Business Network = Community Special Events Partnerships COMMUNITY


Resource Numbers ASSOCIATION Power Ranch Community Association 480.988.0960 Property Patrol 480.216.9141 CCMC 8360 E. Via De Ventura Blvd Bldg L Ste. 100 Scottsdale, AZ 85258 480.921.7500 EMERGENCY - DIAL 911 CHW Urgent Care 480.728.6000 Gilbert Police Department 480.503.6500 Fire Department 480.503.6350 Maricopa Animal Control 602.506.7387 PUBLIC SERVICES Water, Sewer & Refuse 480.503.6800 Recycling/Trash Services 480.503.6400 Gas: Southwest Gas

602.861.1999 Electric: Salt River Project 602.236.8888 GOVERNMENT Motor Vehicle Department 602.255.0072 Post Office 800.275.8777 Town of Gilbert 480.503.6098 SCHOOLS Higley Unified School District 480.279.7000 Power Ranch Elementary 480.279.7600 Centennial Elementary 480.279.8200 Higley High School 480.279.7300 Williams Field High School 480.279.8000 Imagine Schools West Gilbert Elementary 480.855.2700

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Power Ranch Association Staff


Manager’s Corner: Has Spring Finally Sprung? By Stephanie J. Fee Power Ranch Community Manager Do you think that Spring is finally here or will we

Stephanie Fee, Community Manager

go directly into Summer this year? We Zonies have certainly seen unusual weather patterns lately! Snow in February, Hail in March – let’s hope that our blistering summer does not arrive in April. The Ash trees are budding and Four Peaks has begun cutting back the frost damaged plant material

Shannon Ellerbusch, Assistant Community Manager

throughout the community. They will begin pruning trees at the end of this month in hopes that the many Sissoo trees make a full recovery from the wicked winter freeze. At Power Ranch we are looking forward to a number of new items on the horizon. You just

Dana Blass Communications Coordinator

elected new Board members at the Annual Meeting held on February 25, 2013. Matt Dominy, Courtland Lee, and Judy Mitchell have all joined the Board of Directors for three year terms. Check out the Meeting Highlights in this magazine. The construction of the Ranch House Solar Ramadas

Stephanie Zeitler, Covenants Coordinator

are near completion. Special thanks to former board members Alan Ruffalo and Greg LeCheminant for lending their expertise on this project. Lisa has been preparing for a great Spring Spectacular to celebrate

will be a great addition to the area and provide another Power Ranch option for shaded outdoor space. The Association has finally opened escrow on the YMCA Building which means it’s time to engage the Building Use Committee to review the building, gather feedback from neighbors and assist in determining the best use for all of the Power Ranch amenity buildings. (continued on page 8)

the completion on March 29, 2013. The ramadas

Karen Partridge, Administrative Coordinator

Lisa Capriotti, Lifestyle Director

To Park or Not to Park.

As stated in your CC&Rs there is no overnight

at any time, day or night. Moving forward, if there

street parking anywhere within Power Ranch.

is an unoccupied vehicle found in any of the alleys,

Residents must park their vehicles in their garage

we will be placing annoying orange warning stickers

and in their driveways. APS has been contracted by

on the window. This will be your only warning. If

Power Ranch to patrol the neighborhoods five days

your vehicle is found parked in the alleyway again,

per week. Please note that they don’t always make it

it will be towed. This parking rule is enforced for

to every neighborhood, every night.

your safety so that emergency vehicles can get down

The Knolls neighborhood and The Villages are

the street and other owners can easily access their

uniquely different. We have worked closely with the Town of Gilbert engineers and the Fire Department Dom Mansueto Maintenance Supervisor


to fully understand the expectations. The Knolls and The Villages located in The Willows have alleys which are fire lanes. There is no parking in these alleys


garage. There is overflow guest parking within the Knolls neighborhood which is not assigned to any particular block of homes. (continued on page 8)



Power Ranch Association Board of Directors

Plant Rejuvenation and Selective Pruning Plant management is one of the most important

This helps to promote flowering since most

concepts to maintaining your landscape. A natural

flowering shrubs will bloom either on 1-year

pruning technique promotes the natural beauty of

old growth or on new growth.

the shrubs and ground covers in the landscape. We have created this information sheet to hopefully help our clients better understand the Plant Rejuvenation and Selective Pruning management techniques that we will be using on your property. Jeff Gundlach, President

Plant Rejuvenation is in essence a severe pruning of the plant that is typically performed through the late winter and spring months.

Back ? The first step is cutting back the plant material to an appropriate height. This will also remove any frost damage from the plants that may have occurred during the winter. Typically within the first 30 days you will see new growth appear. As we start into summer you will begin to see more and more flowers

Why perform a Spring Cut Back ?

on several of the different shrubs and ground covers.


Summer is the growing season for a majority of the

To revitalize a sheared shrub. When shrubs are continually sheared the plant becomes very

Matt Dominy, Vice President 2.

the growth through the use of Selective Pruning .

continually being removed.

Selective Pruning is a method of only pruning the

Keep the plants contained within their intended

unwanted growth from the plant. This would

them. Replacing plants in this situation with


plants, so this is the time that we want to help control

woody and bare looking. Also, flowers are

space without having to continually shear

Courtland Lee, Secretary

What can you expect to see from the Spring Cut

include awkward growth, crossing branches and deadwood. The goal is to keep the natural look of

plants that will fit the intended space is another

the shrub and help promote flowering.


Please remember that Pruning is an invigorating

Rejuvenating old shrubs by removing older

process and one of the most important parts of

wood and leaving younger healthier wood.

managing your landscape.

Fishing Should Not Be Dangerous Did you know that Power Ranch has two lakes for your fishing enjoyment? These lakes are catch Chirag Shukla, Treasurer

and release only. If you have not received your fishing license, stop by the office to obtain one. The Association wants to ensure only residents fish in the lakes, so please carry your license with you. The amount of hooks and fishing line being left behind is posing a real danger to the wildlife

Judy Mitchell, Director

visiting our lakes. When the lines are left entangled around the lake and in the trees, it’s easy for the birds and ducks to become injured. Not only that, hooks left in the grass are a threat to the children running barefoot in the area.

So the next time you visit the lakes please return home with everything you brought. It will make for a more enjoyable and safe environment for all. Your attention to this matter is appreciated.





Annual Meeting Celebration The Power Ranch Annual Meeting began at 6:30 p.m. on Febraury 25, 2013 with Stephanie Fee welcoming residents to the Annual Meeting and Chinese New Year celebrating the year of the Snake. She noted that the year of the snake began on February 10th shortly after the new moon in Aquarius and that the 2013 year of Snake is meant for steady progress and attention to detail. Focus and discipline will be necessary for to achieve what you set out to create. She explained that this is especially important to Power Ranch as we embark on planning for the purchase of the YMCA Building and determining the use of all amenity buildings. She said that the Snake is the 6th sign of the Chinese Zodiac - it is the most enigmatic intuitive introspective, refined and collected of all the animal signs. Ancient Chinese wisdom says a Snake in the house is a good omen because it means your family will not starve.

Michael Crusa, Ronald Dalton, Matt Dominy, Courtland Lee, Sergio Marasciulo, Judy Mitchell, Alan Ruffalo, Bob Steiger and Art Wagner. There were no nominations from the floor so the ballots were collected for tallying.

Dragon Awards were distributed (2012 was the Year of the Dragon). Committee recognitions included the following people: Budget Finance – Alan Ruffalo, Chirag Shukla, Edmondo Rocco, Marion Knapp, Robert Johnston, Teresa Davis, Judy Mitchell, and Glen Smith. Landscape – Alan Ruffalo, Greg LeCheminant, Dave Dansevicus, Bob Steiger, and Glen Smith.

Stephanie introduced the Board of Directors Jeff Gundlach, Greg LeCheminant, Chirag Shukla, Courtland Lee and Alan Ruffalo. Site Staff was introduced including maintenance and patrol, as well as CCMC Corporate staff in attendance. A quorum of the meeting was established with a total of 533 absentee ballots being cast. Minutes from the 2012 Annual Meeting were approved. The Board Candidates were introduced:



DRC – Matt Dominy, Derek Smith, Rick Greer, Pam Campbell, Jeff Gundlach, and Chirag Shukla. NAC – Jeff Gundlach, Alan Ruffalo, Teresa Davis, Ed Rocco, Marion Knapp, Judy Mitchell, Jaime Aguila, Robert Johnston, William Wayne, Carlos Alvarez, Dave Dansevicus, Derek Miller, Rick Mason, and Debbie Gundlach. Famous Dave’s donated $15 gift cards to all committee volunteers. For those of you that didn’t attend the meeting, please stop by the office and pick up your treat!



Annual Meeting continued Community Reports – Jeff Gundlach, Board President reviewed the Board’s Mission Statement and recognized the Board Members for their assistance in executing the decisions and plans for 2012. 2012 Community projects such as HUSD soccer held maintenance and water agreements, negotiations for the YMCA building purchase, Apex discussions, Communication Policy, and the Solar Ramada project which is underway with a target completion time of end of March. Other accomplishments noted 17 reserve projects were completed in 2012 that ranged from pool deck repairs, painting and sealing, new park furniture in the Vineyards, painting letters on monument signs, mailboxes, HVAC replacement in the Ranch House and also included maintenance and disinfecting of Well 7 in the Fall of 2012.

Financial Report – Chirag Shukla, Board Treasurer reported that there was a significant reduction in accounts receivables and bad debt allowance. The operating savings balance as of the end of December was $851,268, allowing for the association to build the solar ramadas and purchase the building. The 2011 Reserve Study update indicated that the Association was at 65% funded, the goal is to be at least 70% funded which will be determined with the update scheduled in 2013. Three year pricing models have been locked in with the vendors so that we can better plan future budgets, to include a management contract completed in 2012 and Landscape in 2013.

Lifestyle Report – Lisa Capriotti discussed Lifestyle Philosophy, partnerships with HUSD and Gilbert Farmers Market, and a comparison 2011’s calendar to 2012 with an increase of 87%. Additional items mentioned were upcoming events for 2013, Web platform changes and community involvement through volunteerism and offering suggestions.

Dragon Awards (Community Excellence) - Lisa Capriotti presented appreciation awards to •

Dan and Jessa Knoppenhoffer for the partnership with Gilbert Farmers Market each Wednesday at the Barn. Lisa also acknowledged Helaman Madrigal and Todd Thompson for their work in getting ASPiRE off the ground.

Jeff Gundlach announced the election Results for the Board of Directors: Judy Mitchell, Courtland Lee and Matt Dominy all for a 3 year term.

Special thanks were provided to all sponsors that provided raffle prizes. There were no questions from the audience and the meeting was adjourned at 8:13 p.m.

New Power Ranch Board of Directors Seated.. From left to right: Courtland Lee, Chirag Shukla, Jeff Gundlach, Judy Mitchell, Matt Dominy. Spring 2013 POWER RANCH LIVING MAGAZINE





(continued from page 4)

Block Party

We understand that parking is at a premium in both of these

On Sundance Court in the Vineyards we like to party! It all started

neighborhoods. But, you must utilize both of your garage spaces before

11 years ago with our first Halloween Block Party, which was

seeking an alternative parking solution through our offices. Please

actually a gathering in a neighbors driveway, where they offered

utilize all overflow parking spaces before you request a temporary

free hot dogs to all who came. It has since evolved into a full blown

street parking permit.

Block Party in the cul de sac, complete with a carved pumpkin

If you are having overnight guests that can not fit in your garage or

display, homemade root beer, potluck desserts and of

driveway please contact our office. If it is just an overnight stay, a quick call to our office is all that is required. If your company is staying a week or two, a temporary parking pass maybe obtained at our office. If you have five cars and only four spaces, a Parking Pass Request Form may be submitted to our office for long term parking pass consideration. Forms may be found on our website at or available at our office. All supporting documentation must be submitted with the form. Please know that we are working with the Town of Gilbert Police, Fire and Town of Gilbert planning department to enforce these parking rules and make changes where necessary.

dogs! We all post signs on our doors alerting trick or treaters that the candy is in the cul de sac! Everyone pitches in with whatever they have, tables, chairs, fire pits and so on. In the recent years we have added an Easter Egg Hunt, and a Fourth of July Bike Parade! Often times someone will be in their driveway with their fire pit going and that alone can quickly turn into a “Block Party”. When the weather is nice, you can always find us in the cul de sac riding bikes, and chatting. Through these get togethers we have been able to get to become more than just neighbors, we have all become friends. We look out for each other. We help each other, and lend a hand when there is a need. We have become our own little close knit community here on Sundance.

We are committed to enforcing the CC&R’s and keeping you safe from a potential hazard. Thank you for your cooperation.

Manager’s Corner (continued from page 4)

The Association is completing oversight of several projects this month including mailbox replacements in The Groves, Oaks and one box in the Arbors, painting of the block walls in The Groves, Oaks, Vineyards and Orchard, and painting pool fences in The Knolls. In April, the Association will partner with Sunland Sports to resurface several of the sport courts throughout the community including the



Tennis Courts in the Arbors, Basketball Courts in The Knolls, Oaks, Willows, The Grange and Ranch House. Watch our weekly email blasts for closing information! Lastly, Dana Blass has been busily working on building information on the new PRCA web site. Active Net (our new provider) is working on the final component for facility rentals which will interface with the site. The goal is to go LIVE on June 1. We’ll keep you posted with the progress!

ASU Preparatory Academy ASU’s K-11 innovative, tuition-free charter school

Now enrolling for Fall 2013

Call today for a tour! Join us! High School Information Session

ASU Preparatory Academy Polytechnic High School 7350 E. Innovation Way South Mesa, AZ 85212

6 - 7 p.m. Thursday, April 11






Lifestyle Corner By Lisa Capriotti, Lifestyle Director Lately, I’ve been rather reflective about my role in your community.

Tracy McFarland has facilitated partnerships between the community

When I started last March, the Board was specific about their

and the Girl Scouts as well as ASU Prep. The NJHS students volunteer

expectations of the Lifestyle Director. They wanted me to enhance

at several events. Dan and Jessa Koppenhofer bring us the Gilbert

the signature events and create newer programs/events that meet a

Farmers Market every Wednesday. The Women’s club brings in guest

broader demographic. This suited my skills and personality perfectly.

speakers and coordinates a variety of “field trips”. The Hayes family

The one component I wanted to incorporate was to make sure the

continues to coordinate neighborhood block parties. The list goes on

newer events would help foster relationships. It was clear to me I

and on. The point I’m trying to make, is that it’s YOU all that make

would have a learning curve, as well as the community members, but

the Lifestyle program successful. Each day I look forward to meeting

I was extremely excited about the challenge. The bottom line is that

new residents, developing friendships, and implementing events that

I recognized the programs couldn’t be successful without input and

YOU want. Call and/or visit me so we can brainstorm ways to provide

assistance from the residents I was to be serving.

the community programs and events that will bring us closer together.

There have been several people that have stepped up to create a

So as I start my second year with CCMC and this great Power Ranch

“family” feel to the current events and programs. The Brown and

Community, I want it to be better than the last. I’m incredibly

Ricardo families assisted with the Holiday Hullabaloo. A group of

humbled by those of you that give of your time to invest in your

8-10 8th graders planned and helped implement two successful dances.

community. Let me take this opportunity to say YOU MAKE THE

Todd Thompson and Helaman Madrigal stepped up to create ASPiRE.






Moms Offering Moms Support Our realtor showed us Power Ranch in March

my kids off to a good start in their new

of 2007. We were moving across the country

schools. I had four kids, including a 9 month

with my family for a new job opportunity

old baby, so I was busy, along with being a

for my husband. Our realtor brought us out

little lonely. A couple of months later, the

to Power Ranch, and even though it was a

weather was beautiful and everyone was

long commute for my husband, we loved

moving outside again, so things were looking

the playgrounds, pools, and lakes. Everyone

better. I took my two youngest kids over to

was outside, enjoying the beautiful weather

the playground by the club house and as I

and wonderful amenities that Power Ranch

was walking by I noticed a flyer about a club

offered. We concentrated our house hunt

for stay at home moms. I was unfamiliar

on Power Ranch. When we moved here in

with MOMS Club but I really wanted to

July of the same year, however, it was a bit

meet some people so I decided to give it a try.

different. The temperatures hovered around

I’m very glad I went to that first meeting.

at the hospital. The support was incredible.

110 degrees. No one was outside. I definitely

Almost six years later, many of the ladies

They truly lived up to the acronym Moms

questioned the wisdom of moving across

that I met there have become my closest

Offering Moms Support. We’ve been here

the country to this lonely desert spot. How

friends. When I had to be hospitalized during

almost 6 years now and Arizona and Power

would I ever meet anyone to replace all of

my 5th pregnancy, the ladies in MOMS

Ranch have become home. We love our

the friends and family I had left behind? Still,

Club helped my husband and I with my

community, still love the amenities, and are

I was busy moving into the house and getting

other kids, brought us food, and visited me

still very much involved in MOMS Club. elementary age and younger. Date & Time: April 19th 10-11am Location: The Ranch House Lake Cost: FREE


FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT Save the date for this family friendly event! Come early with your blanket, coolers, and favorite ball to enjoy the fresh air and outdoors before the start of the film. WreckIt-Ralph will be shown in high definition on a 50 foot screen. Fresh popped kettle corn on site for your snacking pleasure. This event proudly sponsored by Power Ranch resident Cholewka Law. Visit them at www. Dates & Time: April 19 at sundown Cost: FREE Location: Ranch House Soccer Field

FAN US ON FACEBOOK: PowerRanchCommunityAssociation VISIT OUR COMMUNITY WEBSITE: VISIT OUR SMALL BUSINESS NETWORK: www. NEW RESIDENT PICNIC If you have moved into the Power Ranch Community within the last three months, or have yet to attend one of these events, please join us for this information filled evening. You will learn some interesting facts and hear about the perks of living in this great community. Family friendly evening with dinner sponsored by ASPiRE. Date & Time: April 9 6:30-7:30pm Location: The Ranch House Solour Ramada Cost: FREE RSVP to

LADY BUG RELEASE Join Lily the Ladybug to celebrate Earth Day while we protect Power Ranch from the evil aphids. Ladybugs can eat up to 1,000 aphids a day along with other pest insects, making them a great form of pest control. Lily will share an interesting story and facts about lady bugs and the students will have the chance to release them onto the variety of foliage near the Ranch House Lake. Bring a sack lunch to enjoy with your friends. Open to all children

COMMUNITY GARAGE SALE One person’s trash is another man’s treasure! Capitalize on mass marketing for this community wide sale and earn a few bucks for your summer vacation or those necessary home repairs. You must register your home by April 12th to be placed on the map. Dates & Time: April 20 8am-noon Cost: $2.50 Location: Community Wide




TEXAS HOLD ‘EM POKER TOURNAMENTS This event has been going on for 8 months now and is quickly becoming a favorite among many residents. $40 entry fee with entire prize pool awarded to top 4-5 players. Dates & Time: April 21 @ 1pm Cost: $40 Location: Barn Registration/Questions: Contact Bryan Curtis 480.677.1497 ASPiRE (Association of Power Ranch Entrepreneurs) This exclusive small business network meets bi-monthly to share new ideas, problem solve and help one another promote their business. It is also open to homeowners who are interested in learning about service/ product providers within Power Ranch. We are building a very comprehensive list of businesses, so come on out and see how we can all work together. Dates & Time: 2nd Wednesdays and 4th Tuesdays of the month 7-8pm Location: The Ranch House Cost: First meeting free Registration: Annual membership required. ‘TURNING CHAOS INTO CALM’Seminar Even with the help of handheld devices and tablets, life can feel chaotic. Whether you manage a business or a home, being organized is essential for success. Brought to you by ASPiRE, Andrea Brundage of Simple Organized Solutions (S.O.S.) offers personalized hands-on organizational solutions to help small-to-medium sized business owners and homeowners function in

Cupid Caught Ya This was the successful follow up dance to the Black and White Ball held in October. Over 100 7th and 8th graders attended this Valentine Dance at the Barn, coordinated by resident middle school students. They could come alone or as a couple. They were able to purchase flowers for that special someone and give them a “shout out” during the dance. Special thanks to Georgy Cakes who donated 100 “LOVE” cakes for the occasion and to our local Albertsons for their contributions. efficient and organized environments. This is an event NOT to be missed. Register early to secure your space. Date & Time: April 23 from 6:30-8:15pm Location: Barn Cost: $15 in advance includes light refreshments $20 at the door. Registration: visit THRIVE HEALTH FAIR ALL AGES EVENT! Join the FUN at the Fair! You’ll enjoy a wide range of activities and exhibitors fit for you and the whole family. *10k Run *10k TAG Team Relay! (5-person Team) *Family Fun-Run with Mascots *Outdoor Fitness Activities *SiMPLE Health Exhibits *Free Health Screenings *Healthy Food Vendors *Local Farmer’s Market. Date & Time: April 27 6am-2:30pm Location: Barn Cost: Entry is free. Race registration varies. Register at agenda/

Dominick Mansueto Dominick Mansueto celebrated his 5 year Anniversary with CCMC as the Power Ranch Maintenance Supervisor. To celebrate, the ladies in the office rallied together to prepare his favorite Italian foods. Dominick has worked diligently for the community and has seen many changes and improvements during his tenure. He played a key role in the reduction of electrical and water usage as well as the implementation of a more efficient maintenance program and data reporting system for the wells. Dominick serves the community with an open mind and positive attitude. His dedication and commitment to the residents of the Power Ranch community is greatly appreciated.




MOTHER’S DAY CRAFT NIGHT Dads, here is your chance to make Mother’s Day memorable and create a lasting memory with your child(ren). Assist them in making a special gift for their wonderful mother. You will undoubtedly earn the title of “Father of the Year”. A small way to give back to the woman that works so hard. Date & Time: May 9 from 6:30-8pm Location: Ranch House Clubhouse Cost: $6 per child TEEN DIVE IN MOVIESchool’s almost out! Dive into the summer! We are bringing Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 to the big screen at the pool for 8th10th graders. Permission slip required. See invitation for details. Date & Time: May 17 from 7-10pm Location: Ranch House Pool Cost: $5 in advance $7 at the door.

Mark your calendar…

June 14th- Family Bingo Night June 22- Adult Sip and Dip

COMMUNITY CLASSES This list of classes and instructors is intended for informational purposes only. The Association does not endorse any instructor or class listed here and is not responsible for the services provided by any instructor or the operation of their business. Any classes enrolled in or business conducted with an instructor shall be the sole responsibility of the resident. AZ BLIND DRAGON MARTIAL ARTS Enter the House of Dragon. Sifu Tom Hicks, Captain, US Army (Retired), Third Degree Black Belt & Resident Instructor,



along with his experienced Certified Black Belt instructor team teaches a unique Bushido version of traditional Hawaii Kenpo Karate in a safe, structured, fun and family oriented environment located at the Barn. With a humble heart, discipline, integrity, commitment, dedication and a lot of motivation YOU can earn your Black Belt! Or you can just have a blast getting in shape! All skill levels & fitness levels welcomed. Students range in age from 4 to 55+, family discount rates below. The Martial Arts experience can positively change your life transforming one’s mind, body and soul. 2500 years ago Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said “The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.” Begin your journey today! Date & Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:30 to 7:45pm Location: The Barn Cost: $35 per participant monthly; $90 for 3 family members and $15 for each additional. Registration/Questions: Contact Sifu Tom Hicks at 480-202-0282 or thomaslhicks@ or Simo Louwani Hicks at 480-2020620. (under construction)

KINDERMUSIK Kindermusik at The Musik Box is now offering classes at Power Ranch taught by certified instructor Stefanie Jamison. Parents attend with their children to enjoy the singing, playing, music and dancing in a stimulating and fun environment. Prices include the cost of an at-home kit with the 1 month class session. Classes are available for children of all ages on Thursdays at The Barn. “Our Time” for ages 18 months to 3 years, $50, Thursdays at 9:15am; “Village” for babies up to 18 months, $45, Thursdays at 10:15; “Family Time” for kids of all ages, $45 for one kid or $65 for two, Thursdays at 11:30am. Dates & Times: Thursdays – 9:15am “Our Time” for ages 18 months to 3 years • 10:15am “Village” for babies up to 18 months • 11:30am “Family Time” for kids of all ages • Class sessions: April 5–26, May 3-31 Location: The Barn Cost: Our Time $50, Village $45, Family Time $45 for one kid or $65 for two. Questions: Contact Stephanie Jamison at or 480-792-6793

TOTS IN MOTION Tots in Motion is back for another season! Led by dance instructor of 12 years and Power Ranch resident, Lindsay Albers, classes focus on ballet, jazz, hip hop and tumbling and provide a chance for the students to increase their coordination, physical fitness and self esteem in a fun, encouraging environment! A new jazz/hip hop class has been added in the evenings for boys and girls ages 6 to 8 years old. Come dance with us! Date & Time: Tuesdays 11:30am to 12:15pm for ages 2 ½ to 5; Location: The Barn Cost: $40 per month Registration/Questions; Contact Lindsay at 480-250-3834 or

CGCC’s second comprehensive campus is in your backyard Chandler-Gilbert Community College at the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport Aviation and Aeronautics • Nursing • Law Enforcement • EMT/Fire Science Electric Utility Technology • University Transfer • Degree programs • Dual Enrollment

YOGA FOR ALL LEVELS – Enjoy an active yoga class complemented by graceful and deep stretching to promote flexibility in areas often perceived as nonmalleable, especially the hips, pelvis and lower back. The class is taught by Power Ranch resident Daniela Yuenyongsgool, who is a certified yoga instructor and enjoys teaching yoga at several locations in the East Valley. Daniela is registered with Yoga Alliance. Log on to www.yogaforbalancedlife. com for more information. Date & Time: Tuesdays 7:00 to 8:00pm Location: The Barn Cost: $8 per individual drop in class or $35 for a package of 5 classes. First class is FREE. Registration/Questions: Contact Daniela Yuenyongsgool at 480-775-0675 or

Registration opens March 18

EVERY STUDENT SUCCEEDS Williams Campus Power Road & 202 l 480.988.8000 • Pecos Campus Pecos & Gilbert Roads | 480.732.7000 An EEO/AA Institution




CLUBS POWER PLAYERS GAME GROUP Afternoon and Evening Groups! Interested in meeting new friends and playing a variety of games? We will meet at the Ranch House one morning and one evening a month for snacks, card games and fun! Bring cards if you have them, snacks to share and your own drinks if you would like. No charge to attend. Date & Time: First Tuesday of each month 1pm-3:30pm– Evening dates 3th Thursday of the month from 6:30-10pm Location: Ranch House Cost: FREE POWER RANCH WOMEN’S CLUB 1st Wednesday of each month!! Come and join women of all ages for a fun new social club in Power Ranch! Meetings will be held on the first Wednesday of each month with activities throughout the month. We will get together to plan field trips, potlucks, events and more! Leave the men and kids at home and come out for a fun evening and make some new friends right in your neighborhood! Date & Time: 2/6 and 3/6 @ 6:30pm Location: Ranch House Ages: All women ages 18 and over invited! RSVP/Questions: Contact club coordinator Sandy Ruffalo at


CARPOOLS NOW FORMING IN POWER RANCH Are you interested in carpooling with other Power Ranch residents to work? Send your information to Amber at amberlee543@ to be matched up with others who work in the same area. Your contact information should include your name and email address, your neighborhood within Power Ranch and what area of the valley you commute to. Please note that your contact information will not be shared with other residents without your permission. MOMS CLUB MOMS Club (tm) is a non-profit organization with over 21,000 members in 1,100 chapters in the United States, plus more internationally. Our purpose is to provide support and friendship for mothers who are home during the day. We do this through playgroups, moms’ activities, children’s activities, special events, Moms’ Night Out, park days, interest clubs and more. Please contact for more information on the Gilbert - Power Ranch chapter of MOMS Club (tm). POWER MOMS Support group for moms of children with disabilities who can share a bond of special circumstances. This group will be a haven to bring us respite and retreat from our everyday lives, a means for giving and receiving comfort and/or assistance and a forum for open communication. We will have a monthly dinner for moms only and a quarterly get together for the dads! Contact Amber at to join or with any questions.

INTEREST SURVEY / INFORMATION ADULT SOCCER CLUB Men and Women are welcome for some fun and recreational soccer for Power Ranch residents and their guests. Date & Time: Sunday mornings 8:45am Location: The Ranch House Park Soccer Fields RSVP/Questions: Contact Brent Knoll at or on Facebook at php#!/groups/169693683086840.

HARKINS MOVIE TICKETS Discount tickets to Harkins Movie Theatres are available for purchase at the Ranch House during business hours for $6.50 per ticket. Tickets are not valid for Special Engagement (new release) movies after 6:00pm or for 3D movies any time. For more information, contact the Association at 480-988-0960. Cash or check is the only payment method accepted at the Association Office LOOKING FOR A FEW GOOD PEOPLE The Community Association is in search of volunteers to assist in setting up and



taking down the American Flags on seven different days of remembrance throughout the year. The flags would be placed around the two lakes and at the major entrances to the community in the early morning of the days and would be removed before sunset on the same day. Dates to remember: Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, September 11, Veterans Day. Please consider becoming a part of this new volunteer group and show your patriotism and community support. Contact Karen Partridge at the Association Office, 480-988-0960 or MEMORIAL FLAGS FOR SALE - 2013 Get your flag for next year and be one of the first in Power Ranch to sponsor a Memorial Flag for a loved one! Flags are displayed around both lakes during holidays. Your sponsorship includes a ribbon that can be filled out “In Memory Of” or “In Honor Of” with the name of your choice and will be hung at the top of the flag. Flag sponsorships are on a yearly basis from January to December. Purchase your flag now for display throughout 2013 for only $10.00 for the full year! POWER RANCH MEMORABILIA We are getting ready to order brand new items so we need to clear some space on our shelves! Show your Power Ranch spirit with hats, visors, polo shirts, water bottles and more at a discount price! Get your Power Ranch Memorabilia during office hours at the Ranch House! We have something for everyone – prices range from only $1.00 to $15.00 for these great limited-edition items! POWER RANCH RESIDENT LIBRARY Power Ranch has a variety of books that any resident can borrow at any time. Just come down to the Ranch House during business hours and grab a book. When you are finished with it just return it or donate another one. If you’ve got several books that are taking up space, bring them down to the Association Office as well! VOLUNTEERS NEEDED Be involved in your community and make a difference by volunteering! Volunteers of all ages are needed to help make Power Ranch events successful. You can help with event setup, cleanup or running booths or games at the event! Send your contact information to Lisa Capriotti, Lifestyle Director, at to be added to our Volunteer List.



Eat for Equity Dinner What’s happening in your backyard... In 2012, Power Ranch residents Tonya Branaghan and Jody Hanson were chosen to start a local branch of a non-profit organization called Eat for Equity (www. It’s model is simple – rotating hosts and volunteers make a homemade themed meal, raise money for a charitable organization and have a good time doing it. They invite friends over and ask them to chip in a few bucks for their dinners. Eat for Equity-Phoenix’s kick-off dinner raised $400, for the Escalante Community Garden in Tempe, which helped them purchase tools and supplies. Their second dinner raised $500 for an ASU-Poly student-led project of starting a Campus Food Pantry. Last month, they hosted their 3rd dinner at the Power Ranch Clubhouse. Friends and neighbors gathered for an evening of homemade, authentic Indian dishes, fun conversation and a chance to meet new neighbors. They had a great turnout and the $400 they raised in donations went to FRANK Water, a non-profit organization that provides sustainable clean water stations in rural India. This simple idea of connecting people through good food has blossomed into a successful fundraising tool, a vibrant community, and a dynamic movement. They invite you to join them for the next dinner on May 4th, 6pm at the Ranch House. If you are interested in

volunteering, hosting, sharing your talent (they are always looking for local musicians!) or if you just want to attend their community dinners, they invite you to like them on Facebook (www.facebook. com/eatforequityphoenix) so you will see all their updates! Or contact them by email at

Getting Organized: Turning Chaos Into Calm

By: Andrea Brundage, Owner, Simple Organized Solutions (S.O.S.) April 23rd 6:30-8:15pm at the Barn SPONSORED BY ASPiRE If you were given extra hours in the day, would you take them? If you could turn your disorganized home into a place a calm, would you like living there? Would you love to have your “TO DO” list turned into your “TA DA!” list? If you answered YES to these questions, then do not miss our program on April 23rd at The Barn. Andrea Brundage, professional organizer and owner of Simple Organized Solutions (S.O.S.), will share her trade secrets on how to GET ORGANIZED and TURN CHAOS INTO CALM. You will receive: •

An interactive workshop with a professional organizer

Easy-to-implement ideas for getting organized that you can apply to your own home or business

Effective time management techniques

You will also learn how about: •

Motivators and De-Motivators

The S.O.S. approach to goal setting

Pitfalls of having too much stuff

Visit for more information and how to register. Spring 2013 POWER RANCH LIVING MAGAZINE


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