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August 2013

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Manager’s Message: What to Do in an Emergency Yard Appreciation - August 2103 Covenants & Compliance: Important Reminders Covenants & Compliance: Engage Your Community Committee Focus: The Voice of Estrella Residents August Meetings Extras: Annual Meeting; Trails Memorial Bench; New Resident Orientation Elections: Neighborhood Voting Member Update


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Developer’s Corner: Ballet Under the Stars Returns



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Estrella Foothills HS: A New School Year is Upon Us Adult Education: It’s Never Too Late to Go Back to School Back to School: Welcome Back to School Estrella Homeschool: Homeschool in Estrella To Homeschool or Not to Homeschool Elementary School: Public Elementary Schools in Estrella Kindergarten: Starting Kindergarten is a Huge Step Back to School Meals: Tortellini Soup for Dinner? Lunch Box Lunch for Kids City of Goodyear: Star Spangled 4th Celebration Police Beat: Volunteers in Police Services Needed

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Residents Club: Upcoming Events, August 2013 In the Gym: Going ‘Old School’ with Your Workout A Starpointe Star Retires

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includes: carpet Removal, Prep, labor & Materials

all the softness

now in you now in your carpet. all the softness you love,







Do You Know What to Do in an Emergency? By Lisa Lundskow, Community Manager


e are really excited to announce that Estrella has been selected to host the fall Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training class here at the Starpointe Residents Club. This is a FREE class offered to Goodyear residents. The sessions meet each Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6 to 9 PM beginning on September 10th (NO CLASS ON 9/24 DUE TO THE ANNUAL MEETING) and run through October 8th.

This is an excellent opportunity to learn what to do in case of an emergency and how you and your family should meet up if you were at different locations in the event of a disaster. It will teach you how to provide emergency first aid to an injured person, including stabilizing a broken limb. How to determine if someone is suffering from heat exhaustion and how to accurately use a fire extinguisher and put out a fire safely?

If this sounds interesting to you, then this will be an excellent opportunity to come out and learn from representatives of the Goodyear Fire Department’s Emergency Response Team. The session concludes with a mock exercise so you can put your new found skills to the test. Registration is limited to the first 20 residents that wish to attend. To register, simply provide your name, phone number and address to the CERT Coordinator (CERT@ or call 623.882.7111. Confirmation of your registration plus additional details will be provided shortly after registration. We look forward to your participation.

Yard Appreciation - August 2013

13299 S. 175th Ave.

17645 W. Golden Eye Ave.

10870 Turtle Dove Dr.

10985 Oakwood Dr.


>>> COVENANTS & Compliance

Important Reminders By Debbie Harper, Operations Manager Tree Trimming


t is 100 degrees outside and the trees are growing like crazy. It may seem like you just trimmed your tree, but it is very important to make sure trees are trimmed and not hanging over the sidewalk to allow pedestrians to use the sidewalk safely. Monsoon season is fast approaching so please be proactive and trim your trees.

Lisa Lundskow, CAAM, PCAM Community Manager

Dean Westover, MBA Starpointe Club Director

Debbie Harper, CMCA, CAAM Operations Manager

Trash & Recycle Containers Just a reminder! The Association has recently noticed more trash and recycle containers are being set out for pick up prior to the evening before collection day. Also trash and recycle containers are being left out in front of homes over the weekend. • Trash & recycle containers may not be stored in the front yard of any home and shall be removed from the trash pick-up area on the same day that trash pick-up service is provided. • Trash containers must be stored in the garage, or in rear yards or side yards behind the wall enclosing the side yard where they are screened from view from the street or adjacent properties. • If you are unable to put your trash can away on the evening of the pickup day, ask one of your friendly neighbors to help you out and put it away for you.

Bulk Trash Pickup Now that the City of Goodyear’s Bulk Trash pickup schedule has changed from twice a month to once a month, please be aware that tree trimmings and bulk items need to wait until the weekend prior to the pickup date to be set out on the curb. The scheduled pick up days are now the first Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of the month. Please check the City of Goodyear’s website for your scheduled pick up day. aspx?XML=sanitation.xml

Holly Aguilar Lifestyle Director

Todd Wuellner, MA, CPRP Facilities Director Jodi Matlock Design Review Coordinator/ Facilities Administrative Associate

Shirley Robertson Communications Coordinator

Tammy Campbell Recreation Coordinator

Amy Helms ECA & VCA Compliance Coordinator

Kevin Wells Maintenance Supervisor

Sharon Thunstedt Administrative Coordinator

Loryn Lanford Administrative Associate

Dan Castillo Starpointe Maintenance Coordinator

Jordan Ring Yacht Club Coordinator

Mary Ann Brungardt Starpointe Front Desk Lead

Phone: 623.386.1112 / Fax: 623.386.5788 Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm. Additional hours available by appointment.


Association >>> COVENANTS & Compliance

Engage by Attending Community Meetings By Debbie Harper, Operations Manager


ave you ever been unhappy with a decision that was

if things appear to be running smoothly we tend to leave things

made on your behalf? With the recent closing of the

to the experts. If something goes awry, we are all over it and

Arizona Legislative Session, new state laws will soon

then become engaged!

take effect. Decisions are made on a state and national level by

The Villages Community Association will be holding an elec-

elected representatives. We see it year after year in the State

tion this September to elect two resident Board Members. The

Legislature. The vocal minority seems to get heard because

majority of the parcels/subdivisions in the Villages have Voting

they are vocal and persistent. As a Goodyear resident, you also

Members who are elected to represent their respective mem-

have an opportunity to elect Town Council Members and even

bers. It is important that you have provided your Voting Mem-

more localized Resident Board of Directors for your respective

ber with your e-mail information. They should be contacting


you to get input on how you feel your vote should be cast. If

It is always amazing to me how few people participate in their own neighborhood governance. Month after month, the various boards of directors in this community see the same faces at the monthly board meetings. Having managed many communities, this experience is very similar throughout the Valley. As a matter of fact, I am totally guilty about not participating in the association I live in. My excuse is usually that I “do this for a living, so why would I want to attend any more night time meetings?” Shame on me; but as human nature would have it,

>>> COmmittee focus

The Voice of Estrella Residents By the Communications Committee


o you know of a person (child or adult) and/or organization that ‘Makes A Difference?’

you do not know who your Voting Member is, please call and we can put you in touch with the appropriate person. If there is not a Voting Member representing your subdivision, you are entitled to receive an individual ballot. People are busy; families are even busier! But, I would like to encourage owners to take a little time out of your schedule and attend your community meetings. The agendas are posted on the web site prior to the meeting. If there is a topic that peaks your interest, please attend. We hope to see you soon!

August Meetings Communications Committee Thursday, August 1, 2013, 5:00 pm Landscape Committee Tuesday, August 6, 2013, 10:00 am Budget / Finance Wednesday, August 7, 2013, 5:00 pm

• Are you an active, retired or non-active military person? • Do you (children and adults) participate in the Arts? • Do you have a letter you would like to submit to the editor? • Is your club or group doing something special in the near future? • What are Estrella youth doing to keep busy? • Is there something you would like to add to the events, classes and/or groups at Starpointe?

Voting Member Committee Wednesday, August 14, 2013, 6:30 pm

We want to hear from you on possibly featuring a story for an upcoming edition of ‘Life In Estrella Magazine’. You may contact The Communications Committee at communications@

Board of Directors Meeting Tuesday, August 27, 2013, 6:30 pm


Social Committee Monday, August 19, 2013, 5:00 pm Trails Committee Wednesday, August 28, 2013, 5:00 pm


Estrella’s Annual Meeting

By Amy Helms, ECA &


strella is invited to the Annual Meeting on Tuesday, September 24, 2013 at 6:30pm at The Estrella Foothills High School. Please submit your questions by visiting www.lifeinestrella. com. We hope to see you there!

Estrella Trails Memorial Bench Update

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Estrella Resident Since 2006 Full-Time Real Estate Professional Experienced, Educated and Dedicated Estrella Business Group Member

It all comes down to having the RIGHT REALTOR®! An unfortunate thing can happen if you choose the wrong agent in today’s market… Nothing! If you’re serious about buying or selling a home in Estrella, hire the Estrella Agent with a proven track record of success and a long list of satisfied customers! Call Camille today! You will be glad you did!

   

Estrella Estrella Resident Resident Since Since 2006 2006 Full-Time Full-Time Real Real Estate Estate Professional Professional Experienced, Educated Experienced, Educated and and Dedicated Dedicated Estrella Estrella Business Business Group Group Member Member

 

Schedule Your Free Consultation!


he process to install memorial benches on our stunning trails is underway. It is anticipated a total of twelve (12) benches will be installed throughout the trails. The size of the bench is 18” x 48”, which includes a plaque (6” x 4”) embedded into the bench with an option of artwork. The total cost is $400.00. To date, six (6) benches have been sold. If you are interested in purchasing a memorial bench, that will be a beautiful asset to our trails for generations, please contact Todd Wuellner at 623.386.1112 or twuellner@


New Resident Orientation August 13


ou are invited to attend Estrella’s New Resident Orientation on Tuesday, August 13, 2013 at 6pm at Starpointe. If you are new to Estrella, we welcome you to attend this most informative event. It is sure to enlighten you about your Estrella community. If you would like to attend, please RSVP to or call Shirley Robertson at 623.386.1112. Note: This event fills up fast.


Association >>>ELECTIONS

Neighborhood Voting Member Update By Sharon Thunstedt, Administrative Coordinator


hank you to the volunteers who are serving their neighborhood as the Voting Member/Alternate. This year Voting Members in The Villages at Estrella Mountain Ranch Community Association will vote in the election of two Resident Members to serve on the Board of Directors. Below are the neighborhoods unrepresented by a Voting Member:

The Villages at Estrella Mountain Ranch Community Association (VCA) Trailridge Sonoran Springs Avalon del Lago Saguaro Canyon Ridgeview Point La Entrada ArroyoVista/Ridgeview Point Eagle Ridge Privada I (lots 1-16, 29-36, 93-109, 115-151)

Estrella Community Association (ECA) The Trails Spanish Bay (lots 1-5, 13-114, 184-186) The Summit Parkside Copper Ridge I (lots 1-87) Legends I (lots 1-15, 120-219) Copper Ridge II (lots 88-171) Legends II (lots 16-119) Oasis (lots 6-12- 115-183, 187-223) If you are interested in representing your neighborhood, please submit your application to the Community Services Office. Applications are available in the Document Library on or at the Starpointe Residents Club and Community Services Office.



Is the Summer Almost Over? By Jim Potts, Horticulturist


his is the time of year we in the desert begin to ask; “how long till it cools off?”

The southern winds have brought in the moisture from south of the border and with some luck, some much needed rain. The biannual rain patterns we have in the deserts southwest are critical to the desert flora. With wide spreading, shallow root zones the native plants can take advantage of even the slightest rain shower. Natural drainage patterns promotes plant growth in low lying areas, Mesquite, Palo Verde and many desert plant varieties tend to thrive in these low areas. Keep these patterns in mind when you’re planning your outdoor space. The increased humidity also brings foliage growth. Many of the desert trees produce long, whip like branches to take advantage of the available moisture which helps build resources for the lean times. Keep the pruning to a minimum, only remove what’s required to keep the plant healthy and provide public safety.


Many desert shrubs are blooming such as Texas Rangers (Leucophyllum spp.) after rainstorms. AlsoTecoma spp., Guayacàn (Guaiacum coulteri), Desert-willow (Chilopsis linearis), Little-leaf Cordia (Cordia parvifolia), rain lilies (Zephyranthes spp.), Sacred Datura (Datura wrightii), and Baja Fairy Duster (Calliandra californica). The Desert Hackberry (Celtis pallida) will be full of fruit. Leave them for the birds and other wildlife. Turf grasses such as Bermuda are growing vigorously as well. Twice weekly mowing may be required to keep from burning the grass due to removing too much of the plant in one cutting. Managing supplemental water and using fertilizer sparingly will help keep the growth to a minimum. Remember that the rains bring Nitrogen for the plants, so supplementing is not as critical as during the drier months. June and July were the best months to apply a Premergent herbicide to help control weed growth, but August is not too late. Apply the product you choose according to the label, remember to water it in if rain is not in the forecast. Enjoy the cooling rains.


Not a Licensed Contractor



Ballet Under the Stars Returns to Estrella Submitted by Newland Communities


rts and culture are important to the fabric and character of the Estrella community, and the various arts programs and events offered throughout the year make it an exciting place to live. In addition to fantastic local art programs such as: the lakeside concert series and many visual, culinary and performing arts programs at the school and community level, Estrella annually plays host to the Phoenix Symphony and Ballet Arizona. This fall, Ballet Arizona will once again bring the magic of dance to Estrella as part of its 16th annual Ballet Under the Stars series. The ever popular performance series presents the art of ballet in a unique outdoor setting - complete with stage, lighting, costumes and beautiful Arizona weather. The Estrella performance will be held at the Lakeside Amphitheatre on Friday, September 20 starting at 7 p.m. Ballet Under the Stars allows Arizona communities to enjoy dance in a more approachable and family-friendly way as the event transports the ballet’s spectacular production of classical and contemporary dances to various outdoor locations. It’s a great way to introduce children, no matter what their age, to the art of music and dance, and the performances are provided free of charge. Residents are encouraged to pull-up a blanket or lawn chair and enjoy the special evening right in their own back yard.


Ballet Arizona ‘Ballet Under The Stars’ Friday, September 20, 2013, 7pm ‘Ballet Under The Stars’ is a free event that is generously supported by The City of Goodyear, Estrella by Newland Communities and other companies, organizations and cities from the Valley. For more information contact www.balletaz. org or 623.882.7525.

  

    

∗ ∗ ∗ ∗

   

      

• • • •

Community >>> CLUBS

Ride On Estrella Mountain Ranch By John Marsland, President, EMR Motorcycle Riding Group


ast November I realized a lifelong dream and became the proud owner of a 2008 Harley Davidson Electra Glide Classic. Noticing so many other motorcycle enthusiasts riding around in Estrella Mountain Ranch, I inquired as to where I could join a group here in our beautiful community. I just assumed there must be several, what with all the bikes I see on a daily basis. Well, it turned out everyone had the same response: we don’t know of one, so let’s start one! And so the EMR Motorcycle Group was formed in May of this year. The group decided from the beginning that all decisions of the group would be by majority vote. It was also decided that our group wants to be “inclusive” and not “exclusive”, meaning any and all motorcycle enthusiasts are welcome, regardless of what type of bike you ride or how much riding experience you have. It was also agreed upon that we would be a motorcycle ‘group’ and not a club. We do not wear any formal patches, colors, or ‘cuts’. Our group recognizes the sacrifices necessary to belong to such clubs and, while we deeply respect the commitment belonging to a club requires, ours was decided to be a much more informal group. Primarily, we just wanted a ‘place’ where motorcycle enthusiasts in our community to gather and go riding together. We have created a website forum specifically for our EMR Riding Group members where we can share information, ideas, and announcements for upcoming rides. In the short time we’ve been together our group has ridden to Cave Creek, Wickenburg, Globe, and Jerome. We also rode to Prescott to help honor the 19 fallen firefighters recently. Being our group is relatively new, we have so far limited our rides to “day trips”. We are planning an overnight trip in September, and are looking to start venturing out on longer trips.

thirty people, and it appears our group will only continue to grow and get larger. Again, all are welcome, and the only requirement to belong is sharing a love of the open road on two wheels. There is nowhere in the country where one can ride year round as one can here in the beautiful state of Arizona. We are planning rides to Pinetop, Showlow, Flagstaff, Tombstone, and many other places.

Our group meets once a month at the Starpointe Residents Club, usually the first or second Sunday of the month, at 11am. The meetings are a great way for us to meet one another and to get better acquainted outside of going on actual rides. Amongst our members is a motorcycle safety instructor who has put over 140,000 miles on his Honda Goldwing! Currently our membership stands at

If you love riding motorcycles as much as we do then consider joining our group. We look forward to making new friends and sharing the open road together.


John Marsland, President: (623) 606-0040 / Lacy Wetzel, Vice President: (480) 213-8181 /


Estrella Travel Club

Estrella Book Club

By Judy Gaede

By the Estrella Book Club



he Estrella Travel Club was founded by Carl Deierling and the first meeting was held on May 6, 2010.

Many members of the club have worked to bring about our trips and outings. As an example, Judy Northrop has worked with Across Arizona Tours. We have gone with them twice: once traveling to the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, spending two nights in Kayenta; and just a few weeks ago we toured Canyon de Chelly on a two-day trip. Diana Hershberger has worked each fall to get us some great seats at the Arizona Dinner Theatre in Peoria. D.D. and Karen Stolp did a great job in arranging a road trip to Jerome and we rode on the Verde Canyon Train for lunch. We then went to the Blazin’ M Ranch for an all you can eat barbecue dinner and enjoyed a lively dinner show. We have car pooled to the Organ Stop Pizza House, then went on to the Phoenix Zoo and walked about enjoying the Christmas lights. Many of us enjoyed a Phoenix area Pub Crawl in a rented van which included a designated driver. The club is looking forward to possible future tours like the Dolly Steamboat lunch tour, Arizona Food Tours, Bisbee, UA Biosphere and a hot air balloon festival. We are also tossing around the idea of a possible trip to New York or Washington D.C. East Coast, anyone?

hat are you reading? Come with us this month as we take a turn. We are headed down the lane of mystery, suspense, and a real psychological thriller! Combine a perfect marriage that turns sour. Plus one Gone Girl! “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn is our August book selection. It is sure to be an intriguing summer read. Tuck your book in your suitcase as you head out for summer vacation. Pool side is always nice! Gone Girl has been described as fast-paced, devilishly dark and an ingeniously plotted thriller. Gillian Flynn is a New York Times best seller and a Weekend Today Top Summer Read. She has received many, many awards for her writing. Why not read this book and join us in August? The Estrella Book Club meets at the Starpointe Residents Club the second Wednesday of the month at 10 a.m. We will meet August 14, 2013. Do you open a book with anticipation? Will this book capture you from the beginning? Is this that one book that you can’t put down? Will this book have a positive ending, an ambiguous ending, or a negative ending? Join our discussion and share what you think! More questions? Contact Veda Elbe at or Nina Adair at Sign up at or just come to book club and see what we are all about!


Community >>> ESTRELLA’S SCRAPBOOK sponsored by

Send Us Your Photos! If you have photos* of you and your family enjoying Estrella and all it has to offer and you’d like to see them in your official community magazine, send them via email to: Be sure to include full names and what it is that you’re doing in the picture. *Photos must have a resolution of at least 300 dots per inch (dpi) to be considered for print.


Summer Days in Estrella Opposite Page: The 4th of July Breakfast in Estrella was a red, white and blue success! (Photos by T Marie Fotography / 623.277.9382). This page, clockwise from immediate left: Kids at Estrella Mountain Preschool pose with their instructor. The Estrella Mountain Ranch Homeschool Group. Three Estrella girls enjoy July Story Time. Crowds gather for the ribbon cutting at the recent grand opening of Banner Health Center in Estrella. Community Manager Lisa Lundskow looks on as Goodyear Mayor Georgia Lord addresses the Banner grand opening attendees. Ken and Denise Sowers are ready to ride. Mom and daughter are all smiles at July Story Time.


School Bell


A New School Year is Upon Us By Dr. Leslie Standerfer, Principal


am proud of the accolades that the students and staff of Estrella Foothills High School have received over the last decade or so. Estrella Foothills High School has received the A+ School of Excellence Award from the Arizona Educational Foundation (AEF), an A+ Exemplary Program Award for the College & Career Prep program from AEF, the Don F. Stone Overall Excellence Award from the Arizona Interscholastic Association (AIA), the Tony Komadina Award for an outstanding girls’ athletic program from AIA, and other awards for individual programs. Our Career & Technical Education students qualify for and compete in state and national competitions each year. Our athletic trophy case in the gymnasium lobby proudly displays the winnings of multiple teams and individuals. Our Fine and Performing Arts programs also proudly display Excellent and Superior ratings from state competitions. These accolades are a testament to the hard work of our students, the dedication of our staff, and the importance of support from parents and the community as a whole. As a new academic year begins, my hope is that all the students who enter EFHS this year will to continue the tradition of excellence that those before them have set. I hope that they put the time needed in to reach academic success so that when they graduate from EFHS, they have countless opportunities waiting for them to pursue college and career endeavors. I hope that they put forth the energy to join clubs, student organizations, performance troupes, and athletic teams so that they develop friendships with peers and learn how to collaborate with others in pursuit of a common goal. I hope that they attend school events to have fun and enjoy the high school experience. Most of all, I hope that they develop or refine the characteristics of our Wolf

Pack Pride program (trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship) so that they can be productive, happy citizens throughout their lives. And, as a community, I invite you to attend our athletic events, performances, and other events to show your support for our Estrella Foothills Wolves.

EFHS Principal Dr. Leslie Standerfer with Student Body President for the 2013-2104 school year Bliss Hickman.


It’s Never Too Late to Go Back to School By Julie Rewerts


work with teen’s every day and felt I could benefit with more training and education. So I decided to go back to school and registered for a class at Glendale Community College. It’s been about 29 years since I’ve gone to school! I have only one class, Violence and Abuse Matters, which is a very heavy subject. I wasn’t sure what it would be like going back to


school at my age, but I find there is a healthy mix of all kinds of people—young, old, male, female—from all walks of life. I am finding that while it has been very difficult, it has also been very rewarding. I could not have done it without a very supportive group of family and friends to encourage me.




Captured! Photography ~ ~ Barb Spitzock

From left: Lisa Tucker, Director, Estrella Mountain Preschool; Dave Bogart, Principal, Westar Elementary; and Sharon Marine, Principal, Estrella Mountain Elementary.

School Bell >>>homeschool

Homeschool in Estrella By Pam Schaeffer and her children


happened to be in a Barnes and Noble 15 years ago, before I had any children. I heard an announcement overhead, that an author was doing a book signing. Her name was Susanne Bain. She wrote a book about homeschooling and gave a talk about her experience. I sat in the back to listen and purchased her book. With her calendar of speaking engagements in hand, I followed her around to absorb all that she had to say. In addition, I started attending annual Homeschool Conventions. I did not have any children at the time, but was convicted that this was how I wanted to educate my children. For several years I would attend the Homeschool Conventions, held the second week in June, listening to speakers and perusing curriculum, preparing for the day when I would have a child old enough to homeschool. Today, I have 3 children: Alex, who is 12, and twins Grace and Connor, who are 10. Our day starts at 7:00am with kids doing their independent work such as studying spelling/ vocabulary, memory work, composition, practicing piano and guitar, while I shower and fix breakfast. We spend a lot of time around the breakfast table, discussing whatever is on their

a monthly Literature Club where we read and discuss the classics. The Arizona Science Center offers numerous dissecting classes for homeschoolers. So far we have dissected a rattlesnake, cow eyeball, squid, frog, octopus and starfish. I feel very blessed that I get to spend every day with my children. When asked what they thought were the pros and cons of homeschooling, their responses were, “I get to stay in my PJ’s if I want,” “It is fun to be with you, Mom,” and “We get to work one on one.” I asked, what about the cons? To that, their responses were “None!” Pam Schaeffer and her children: Alex, 12, and twins Grace and Connor, 10, disect a rattle snake at the Arizona Science Center.

Some very interesting questions that have come up are… “What makes the sky blue?”

mind. This is my favorite part of the day! Then on to math, grammar, dictation, Latin and a break for lunch. As I clean up for lunch, they work on typing and math drills on the computer. We then move on to science, history and reading. Extracurricular activities include annual triathlons, Goodyear Sharks swim team, Estrella Youth Sports, AWANA at Estrella Mountain Church, piano and guitar lessons. We also host

“Can you ride a space shuttle to heaven? “When you go to sleep at night, is it like your body is charging up like a cell phone?” “If I eat all the salt in this salt shaker, what will it do to my body?” Needless to say, we get to talk about these random topics and it is quite fun!

To Homeschool or Not to Homeschool By Kirstin Conlon, Estrella Resident & Homeschool Mom


his was the question we were confronted with three years ago as our daughter, Quinn, reached kindergarten age. Many families choose to homeschool for various reasons including; increased student/teacher ratios, religious beliefs, conflicting schedules and a plethora of other reasons. Why did we choose to homeschool? Prior to being parents, we came across some interesting information. It turns out that children are like little sponges, soaking up every bit of information poured into them. Armed with this knowledge we began a journey of testing this theory by providing fun learning experiences from infancy. To our surprise, it was true! Simply taping numbers, letters, and even words to the wall and referencing them as we passed by tapped into our daughter’s huge appetite for learning. In addition to learning all her letters, shapes, colors, and numbers, come kindergarten age she was reading at a second-grade level and cursive writing! Who knew? As we approached public school enrollment, we began to question what the purpose of kindergarten would be. We didn’t want her (Continued on next page)



Public Elementary Schools in Estrella By Jennifer Barber


he Estrella community has two outstanding public elementary schools. Estrella Mountain and Westar Elementary Schools fall within the Liberty Elementary School District.

My husband and I choose to send our daughter to Estrella Mountain Elementary because of the exceptional staff, education, and opportunities provided at the school. Here are a few quick facts about Estrella Mountain Elementary: • Estrella will undergo the International Baccalaureate, or “IB”, authorization process this school year. This involves an IB authorization team visiting the school for a couple of days. The applications for both Primary Years, (PYP), and for Middle Years, (MYP), will be submitted by October 2013. • This school offers Spanish instruction. Kindergarteners will have Spanish once a week, 1st-5th graders will learn the language twice a week, and 6-8th graders attend Spanish class every day. • Physical Education is offered every other day to all students. • All classrooms will use inquiry instruction adding more rigor, engagement, and excitement for learning. • The computer lab was equipped over the summer with new computers. I personally believe that as a parent, it’s my duty to be involved in my daughter’s education and growth. The school welcomes parents to be involved by volunteering in the classroom when appropriate and joining the Parent Teacher Organization, or PTO. Both schools have wonderfully active PTOs. Estrella Mountain Elementary’s PTO is designed to build a stronger school community and promote effective communication among parents and staff. Volunteers can choose from a variety of committees including the Halloween Dance, a fun Valentine’s Day fundraiser, the Move-aThon, and the Straight A’s celebratory breakfasts. Parents and teachers working together really CAN make a positive difference.

To learn more, please visit This link will also guide you to the District’s and both schools’ websites. Finally, we know a healthy community provides for healthy students. Sports and physical activity opportunities are offered at both schools. Most of the more competitive sports are geared toward the older children. The great thing about Estrella is that the younger children can participate in sports through Estrella Youth Sports and the City of Goodyear’s Department of Parks and Recreation. Basketball, soccer, volleyball, softball, swimming, you name it... Estrella’s kids have lots of choices! Westar and Estrella Mountain Elementary Schools get back in session bright and early August 6th. If you have any questions, please contact the Liberty School District office at (623) 474-6600.

To Homeschool or Not to Homeschool (Continued from page 20) skipping grades. We wanted her to remain with peers her own age, yet, still be challenged. It was somewhat of a dilemma, as we had never intended on homeschooling because of the misconception that homeschooled children lack socialization opportunities. As it turned out, Estrella had an established homeschool group, Estrella Mountain Homeschoolers, specifically for social opportunities and support! Problem solved right? Nope, not so much. Now came the decision of choosing what curriculum to use (out of hundreds of options), not to mention the overwhelming burden of knowing that our child’s education was solely in our hands. But with the support of veteran homeschoolers and just knowing the positive impact of simple one-on-one interaction with our child, how could we go wrong? Reflecting on the lack of socialization notion is

comical now. The irony… socialization isn’t the issue; it’s trying to find time to fit school in amongst all the social, educational opportunities that is the problem. With Estrella Mountain Homeschoolers’ activities including; talent/ art shows, family campouts, Junior Olympics, Spelling Bees, holiday shows and parties, field trips, community service projects and yearbooks, we lack for nothing! We’re just a group of families coming together to build awesome friendships and great memories for our children. For more information, please visit: EstrellaMtnHomeschoolers/



Starting Kindergarten: A Huge Step for Everyone By Lisa Tucker, Director, Estrella Mountain Preschool


t’s interesting how much anxiety you get at the thought of your child starting kindergarten. The thought of them not knowing what to do, you not being there to catch them when they fall, the list goes on and on. I think the greatest fear is that your little protégé is officially no longer a baby, no longer a toddler but a kindergartner; a child on his or her own road to independence. Now that’s scary!

Q: What do you think your mommy and daddy will do the whole day while you’re at school? A: Momma will be waiting at home all day until I get out of school. Q: What school are you going to go to? A: Kayla’s school.

But I wonder what the kindergartner is feeling, as I’m sure the thoughts are quite different. On that note, I interviewed two Estrella children who will be starting kindergarten this year. Their thoughts and ideas of their upcoming “big day” are below.

Sophia Q: What are you excited to learn about in kindergarten? A: Making new friends.


Q: What do you want to be when you get older?

Q: What school are you going to go to?

A: An artist or the kind of doctor that works with animals, that way I can help puppies.

A: The kindergarten one. Q: What are you excited to learn about in kindergarten?

Q: What will you miss about summer?

A: How to drive a car.

A: Home.

Q: What do you want to be when you get older? A: A fireman or a teacher. Q: What will you about summer?


A: Being with my Momma Q: Do you have any friends who will be going to your school?

Q: Do you have any friends who will be going to your school? A: My sister Kayla and Alexa. Q: Are you excited to meet new friends? A: Yes, I think I’m going to say “hi, what’s your name?” and then they will say their name and I will say “my name is Sophia.” Q: What do you think it will be like? A: My sister said it will probably be boring but you get to play on swings.

A: Ya, Devin! Q: Are you excited to meet new friends? A: Ya, they will like to be my friend.

Q: Is there anything you got for kindergarten that you can’t wait to show your new friends?

Q: What do you think it will be like?

A: I want to get a water or sunflower backpack.

A: It will be like having fun but not at the big kid playground– I can only play on the kindergarten playground.

Q: What do you think your mommy and daddy will do the whole day while you’re at school?

Q: Is there anything you got for kindergarten that you can’t wait to show your new friends?

A: My mommy will go to work. It will be weird to have no phone to call my parents.

A: My new Mario Kart backpack

New Days/Hours at Estrella Mountain Preschool


strella Mountain Preschool is excited to announce that it will be extending its times and dates to meet the growing needs of the community. The preschool will be open starting in August from 7:00 am until 3:00 pm, Monday to Friday. Additionally it is adding a new five-day class! Over the past year, Estrella Mountain Preschool has seen a request from the community for a Christian–based, fulltime preschool program and will now be able to provide this option. For further information on the various programs and classes available, please contact Lisa Tucker at (623) 476-5578 or visit the school’s website at Spaces are limited.


>>> back to school meals

Tortellini Soup for Dinner? Why Not? By Chef DeCota, Estrella Foothills High School

Ingredients for Mini Meatballs:


• 1 egg, beaten • ¾ cup grated parmesan cheese

Ingredients for the Broth: • 2 quarts of chicken broth (I prefer the carton over the can.) • 1 teaspoon of onion powder • 1 teaspoon garlic powder

• ½ cup seasoned breadcrumbs or panko

• 2 teaspoons of dried parsley

• 1 cup chopped Vidalia onion

• 2 cups cheese tortellini (fresh or dry)

• 1 cup shredded carrots (optional)

• ¼ teaspoon salt • ¼ teaspoon pepper


• ¼ teaspoon garlic powder or 3 teaspoons chopped fresh garlic

In a Dutch oven or stock pot, bring the broth to a boil and simmer for 5 minutes. Add tortellini and simmer for an additional 3-6 minutes. Fresh tortellini cooks quickly.

• 1 pound ground beef


strella Foothills High School Chef DeCota’s Tortellini Soup is a great meal, and not just for lunches. Try it for dinner, too! (Yield: 10-12 servings)

• 1 pound ground pork Directions: In a large bowl combine all ingredients and form 1 inch mini meatballs. In a Dutch oven or stock pot, brown the meatballs in small batches. Set aside and drain liquid to start the broth.

Serve: Line each soup bowl with 6 fresh spinach leaves. Pour soup over the spinach and garnish with fresh cracked pepper. Don’t forget a crusty baguette to serve with dinner. Enjoy!

Lunch Box Lunch for Kids By an Estrella Resident

Peanut Butter & Jelly Sushi Rolls Ingredients: • Favorite Peanut Butter • Favorite Jam or Jelly • Favorite Sandwich Bread Directions: Remove the crust of bread. Roll one slice of bread at a time with a rolling pin until the bread is flat. Take one slice of flat bread an d spread the peanut butter followed by the jam or jelly. Roll the prepared bread to a log. Cut the log to make 3 or 4 even pin wheels.

Grape Pops Ingredients: • Seedless Grapes Directions: Take a hand full of seedless grapes and put in a small zip lock bag, then place in the freezer the night before school. Day of school put the frozen bag of grapes in lunch box. By the time lunch comes the grapes will be nice and cold and fun to pop in the mouth!



>>>City of goodyear

8th Annual Star Spangled 4th Celebration was One for the Record Books By Mayor Georgia Lord, City of Goodyear


he 8th Annual Star Spangled 4th celebration in the City of Goodyear will go down in history as one for the books. The Guinness Book of World Records, that is. I would like to take the time to thank all those who attended the city’s 4th of July celebration at Goodyear Ballpark and 1,957 participated in what soon very likely will officially be the world’s record for the largest group wearing false moustaches. It was an event featuring all ages coming together from our community donning a “false” moustache made of black synthetic hair. This year, the event was attended by more than 15,414 people – an attendance record that keeps climbing each year, but that wasn’t the only record we were expecting to achieve. When Goodyear Ballpark officials agreed on the idea to attempt the “moustache” record, we set a goal to double the current one of people wearing false moustaches that stood at 1,532 and had been set at Gilda’s Laughfest in Grand Rapids, Michigan in March. And although we didn’t quite reach the 3,000 we had hoped for, it was apparent that everyone in the crowd had a great time of camaraderie as they filed into the “Moustache Zone,” areas of the bleachers behind home plate. It was in the Moustache Zone where ballpark volunteers passed out small envelopes containing

a moustache to individuals to wear for five minutes as required by Guinness World Records. My husband Ron and I, members of City Council and other city officials sat on the top row of the Moustache Zone, all sporting moustaches, knowing the record was in sight. Our own Taneka Smith, the Business Development Coordinator for Goodyear Ballpark, who was emceeing the event, was the last one to don a moustache before the countdown began. People could be seen on the large video screen on the scoreboard waving and sporting their moustache. Many members of our community sat for five minutes and created an electric atmosphere that I had not seen in quite some time. They waited with the anticipation of beginning a ride on a roller coaster, they stood up and did “the wave” and applauded when the countdown started. Like many of the moustaches themselves, the people wearing them were different, individuals standing out like the City of Goodyear itself in its attempt to set a record. When Mark Kimball, Operations Coordinator for Goodyear Ballpark came up with the idea for the record, he said he wanted to do something that provided the opportunity for a lot of people to participate. Mission accomplished, City of Goodyear! It was a job well done and one for the record books.

>>>police beat

Volunteers in Police Services Needed By Lisa Kutis, PIO, Goodyear Police Department


t’s that time of year again, when parents are shopping for

Tips for Students If walking to school, stay with a group If riding

school supplies, kids are ready to see friends again, and most

a bike, always wear your helmet and watch for cars Never get in

importantly, it is time to review some important back to school

the car with a stranger offering a ride or talk to any stranger- tell a

safety tips. The Goodyear Police Department is sending out this reminder so that our children are protected as they head back to school. Tips for Motorists Slow down in school zones Know the law for sharing the road with school buses Do not block crosswalks Watch for pedestrians, children are especially unpredictable Watch for

teacher For more information on back to school safety visit: Back%20to%20School/Back%20to%20School%20Safety%20 Tips%20for%20Motorists.pdf


Tips for Parents Teach kids to look left, right and left again before

crossing the street Teach kids to always use the crosswalk when crossing the street Teach kids to make eye contact with drivers when crossing the street Teach kids to walk on the sidewalk Consider organizing a “walking school bus” for students in your neighborhood. A group of kids walk to school together with an adult supervising.



STARPOINTE >>> residents CLUB

Upcoming Events - Aug. 2013

Starpointe is on Facebook. Like us to become eligible for prizes and stay connected to what is happening at Starpointe.

By Mary Ann Brungardt, Starpointe Front Desk Lead

Dive In Movie Night “OZ the Great and Powerful” PG Friday, August 2nd, Gates open at 7:15pm StarSplash WaterPark We let the community vote and OZ the Great and Powerful was chosen as our August Dive in Movie. When Oscar Diggs (James Franco), a small-time circus magician with dubious ethics, is hurled away from dusty Kansas to the vibrant Land of Oz, he thinks he’s hit the jackpot--fame and fortune are his for the taking--that is until he meets three witches, Theodora (Mila Kunis), Evanora (Rachel Weisz) and Glinda (Michelle Williams), who are not convinced he is the great wizard everyone’s been expecting. Reluctantly drawn into the epic problems facing the Land of Oz and its inhabitants, Oscar must find out who is good and who is evil before it is too late.

Trivia Night Monday, August 12th, 6:30pm Starpointe Residents Club $5 in Advance Trivia Night is expanding! We have all the gallery rooms available for the August Trivia Night so if you have missed out in the past few months because it has been sold out now is your chance. Get your 4-person team together and get ready to show off your knowledge at this month’s Live Trivia Night. Do you have what it takes to beat the July’s champions, “Wicked Good?” Come out and challenge your neighbor with three rounds that include general knowledge, history & geography, and entertainment. The cost is $5 per person if you register in advance, or $8 the day of the event. Papa John’s pizza, water, and soda will be provided. Due to space we are limited to 24 teams.

Cocktails & Karaoke Saturday, August 17th, 7:30pm to 9:30pm Starpointe Residents Club

Purchase your wristbands for $2 in advance or $5 the day of the event. Hot Dogs Galore will be on site selling their fabulous steamed hot dogs, and drinks and snacks will be available for purchase. Pool noodles are allowed and normal pool rules apply. Children 13 or younger must be accompanied by an adult. This film is rated PG. Minimum 100 to hold the event, maximum 500 tickets.

This month we are shaking up our usual Cocktails & Conversations event and bringing in the Karaoke machine for a wild night of Cocktails & Karaoke! This was one of my personal favorite events last year. I was amazed at the talent we have here in Estrella and had a blast dancing and singing along to classic hits. Taste of Italy will be providing Pizza and Salads and we will also have a variety of bar snacks available to munch on. Our signature drinks for the evening will be Gin & Ginger Ale and Vodka Tonics. This event sells out fast so purchase your tickets at Starpointe today. You must be 21 years of age or over to attend. Deadline to purchase tickets is August 13th for $15 per resident. Minimum 75…Maximum 150.

Estrella Family Breakfast


Every Friday, 8:30am to 10:00am Starpointe Residents Club $2 per Adult & $1 for Children

Thursday, August 15th, 6:00pm Starpointe Residents Club

Enjoy coffee, and a continental breakfast while getting to know your neighbors at the weekly Estrella Family Breakfast. The cost for this event is $2 per person for adults and $1 for children. On Friday, August 2nd we will feature an art display by the Estrella Photo Group. We are always looking for volunteers to help with breakfast. If you are interested in volunteering, please sign up at or contact Monica at


Looking for a fun evening with fellow residents, potluck dinner, and a chance to win big bucks? B.I.N.G.O!! Starpointe will be hosting monthly Bingo Night “potluck” style. Bring your favorite dish to share and water, soda, and coffee will be provided. Potluck begins at 6:00 pm and Bingo Games will start promptly at 6:30 pm. The cost is $5 a card for 10 rounds (additional cards are $5). You must be 21 to play and win. The Pre-Schooners Club will be open for your children to enjoy during the games. See you there!

Summer Send Off Saturday, August 24th, 11am StarSplash WaterPark School is starting this month but the StarSplash WaterPark is still open! Meet your new classmates down at the pool and join us as we send summer off with a splash. We will be making a splash by playing games, giving out prizes and dancing to music at the pool. Plan to participate in one of our many games and races including Freeze Dance, Limbo, Sponge Tossing, and Hot Potato.


In Gratitude to Our Dear Friend Vicki Armstrong By Mary Ann Brundardt, Starpointe Front Desk Lead

Community Travel Packages

The Starpointe Residents Club invites you to travel with your friends and neighbors. You could enjoy Paris in the spring time with our community travel packages now available!

London & Paris Experience two of the world’s most popular cities on one fabulous tour. Enjoy unpacking just once in each city for a relaxing journey as you discover the beauty and allure of both London and Paris. Begin your vacation with an overnight flight to London, a sophisticated metropolis featuring style, culture and history. Its bustling city streets are filled with colorful history, regal pageantry, beautiful gardens, fascinating museums, celebrated monuments and grand theatres. Then travel on the innovative Eurostar High Speed Train to France. Arrive in the “City of Lights,” Paris to sample delicious French cuisine and breathtaking views including a dinner at the Eiffel Tower. Contact Holly Aguilar at or 623-3861949 to sign up for these travel opportunities.


ith the recent passing of Vicki Armstrong, long time staff member of Starpointe Pre-Schooner Club, the “Ladies of the Lake” have donated a

beautiful child themed clock to the Pre-Schooner club in her memory. The “Ladies of the Lake” are an informal group that evolved from the “Red Hatters” into one dedicated to enjoying time together, celebrating their birthdays and the beauty of the Estrella Community. Ladies of the Lake meet the first Wednesday of each month at Starpointe Residents Club. While there are several Estrella residents participating in the Ladies of the Lake, new members are always welcome!

Pictured with the newly donated clock are a couple of CCMC staff and “Ladies of the Lake” members (left to right) Lisa Lundskow, Gail Ellis, Mary Ann Brungardt, Ann Billieu, Betty Asato, Barb Thomas, Valerie Laine and Theresa Valadez.

What’s Up With Wednesdays

Every Wednesday afternoon at 3:00pm the Youth club will be running activities geared to get your teens and tween out to the Youth Club to have some fun! In July we offered a variety of fun activities including an Art Competition. Check the website for the winners of that contest. In August we are continuing the fun but we need your help! We need Estrella’s teens and tweens to attend the Estrella Teen Club meeting on August 7th to help plan the activities for the fall. Mark your calendars for these fun free Wednesday activities at the Youth Club. 08/07/13 Estrella Teen Club Meeting 08/14/13 Wet Ball 08/21/13 Sponge Wars 08/28/13 Minute to Win it



Going ‘Old School’ with Your Workout By Bob Jankowski, NASM Certified Personal Trainer


ugust means back to school for the kids. For the sake of

technique and also a new routine to follow. I said, “Jack, it’s time for

variety in your exercise routine how about going back to

you to go back to Old School.” He replied, “Let’s do it!”

“Old School” with your exercises? In thinking about this

We started by going over his use of the various machines, making

month’s theme, I thought of an experience that I had with one of my

sure adjustments were correct for him with a few tips on technique,

clients recently and thought it would fit the bill.

breathing and concentration. One thing I quickly learned was that

Jack is a regular at the Starpointe fitness center in the mid afternoon.

Jack was blessed with some natural strength enhanced with his

He is a tall, mature, white haired, distinguished looking southern

regularity in working out over time. In designing his workout I worked

gentleman who works out diligently using the exercise machines.

off this fact by keeping one of the machine exercises for each

One day Jack came up to me and in my first discussion with him

muscle group in conventional sets and then adding in old school

he asked if I was ever in the NFL. With that compliment I liked this

exercises in superset fashion. I use the term superset, not in regards

guy right from the beginning. No, I was never in the NFL but I am a

to the “Man of Steel” but in superimposing one set of an exercise

grandfather of seven. And though I’ve never been on a professional

for a body part upon another without any rest in between. I also

football field, I have made and served lunch to four kids under

incorporated the principle of pre exhaustion within the superset so

seven years old including two three year olds while their moms and

as not to chance any injury while performing these new movements.

grandma went out for some well-deserved pampering.

This was

Though Jack is as strong as a bull, he found these new movements

a Herculean effort for someone who is not a mom. Let’s see Eli or

with lighter weights rather challenging because now he, not the

Payton Manning do that!

machine, had to support and balance the weight throughout the

Jack said that he had tried out with the New Orleans Saints in his

movement. At the end of the workout he felt that he had done

younger days. He had been exercising using the machines for

something different to challenge his muscles in a new way. If you

quite some time and wanted to add some variety to his routine.

would like to learn more about this ‘Old School’ routine, contact

He wanted to incorporate some of the dumbbells and free weights

Bob at

into his workout and wanted some instruction in the proper form,

A Starpointe Star Retires By Kim Larsen


f you’ve spent any time at Starpointe, chances are you’ve

Bonnie was born in New York and spent

had an opportunity to see Bonnie Jansson in action. For the

most of her early years living on the east

past 14 years, Bonnie has been providing exercise leadership

coast before moving to Arizona 24 years

and inspiration to residents and guests of Estrella and Starpointe.

ago. In addition to her work as a fitness

Whether working one on one as a fitness trainer, leading the

trainer, Bonnie’s career has included

Maximum Muscle class, or training newbies and teens proper

working for a health and beauty aids

workout and gym equipment techniques, Bonnie has been an

distributor, as an area manager for Target

invaluable contributor to the community. Bonnie’s knowledge,

and she was even a UPS driver for 11

constant smile and willingness to help will be greatly missed now


that she has retired.

Bonnie’s plans for retirement are of

An exercise instructor since 1994, Bonnie began instructing here in Estrella even before Starpointe was completed, teaching in the

Bonnie Jansson

course keep on working-out, maybe take some road trips, work on her photo and

Pavillion and the then brand new Estrella Foothills High School. “I

art projects, and become more active in politics.

have enjoyed trying to help people get stronger and healthier, by

When asked about Bonnie’s contribution, Starpointe Recreation

guiding them with fitness routines as well as keeping them up to

Coordinator Tammy Campbell shared “Throughout the years,

date on current nutrition and exercise information. It’s very gratifying

Bonnie has not only built a large client base, but also fostered many

to receive thank-you notes that indicate how much better the sender

lasting friendships. Bonnie has a heart of gold, and has always gone

feels and looks, not to mention, the number of clients that have

out of her way to contribute to the community in any way possible.

become really good friends!”

Her daily presence here at Starpointe will be missed.”


Captured! Photography ~ ~ Barb Spitzock











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Book Club Nina Adair / 623-810-3494 Bridge Carl Deierling / 623.237.3312 Bunco Betty Guenther / 623.242.7877 Car Club Rick Kitchens / 623-932-1246 Crafts & Stuff Nancy Kramer / 623.393.9255 Estrella Business Group Debbie Hudson / 623.225.9560 Estrella Conservative Republican Club Dick Newcomer/ Estrella Economy and Investment Group Kevin Jordan / 602-909-5247 Estrella Motorcycle Riding Group John Marsland / 623-606-0030 Ladies of the Lake Ann Billieu 623.386.4754 Photo Club Alice Slack / 623.327.0240 Pickleball Ron Wilks / 623.266.9858

Play Group Ages 0-preschool. Bring toys to share with the group. Jen Schmus / 614.915.6168 Poker Al Wolfson / 602.206.8580 Quiddler Sonya Steiner / 623.363.5498 or Travel Club Judy Gaede / 623.327.9730

INSTRUCTORS/ PERSONAL TRAINERS Linda Jojola Yoga/Step and Pump 623.386.0270

Kim Hopkins Cardio Splash/Power Ball 623.386.5031


*Dawn Terry Core Galore (ends May 21) Total Body Conditioning (ends May 23) 623.853.5357 *Bob Jankowski Abs & Back 623.236.9584 / 860.302.4337 Susan Miller Zumba/Drums Alive 623.561.5309 *Shawn Forzetting 805.704.0153 Rick Harris Kickboxing 623.398.7161

Michal Kempton Pilates 602.460.8283 Linda Purdy Ballet I/II/Pointe 623.386.7303/602.421.7183 Michael Jorgensen Jazzercise 201.320.3646 *Connie Jo Thomason Personal Trainer 623.386.1087 Jenette Bennett Crossfit Trainer 602.633.5704 jenettebennett@ *Also a Personal Trainer

Estrella Mountain Church Sunday Services: 9a & 10:45a Student Ministries meeting Sundays

Jr. High: 5-7p Sr. High:5:45p-8:15p

Awana: On Summer Break (begins Sept. 10)

Life Equipped Adult Bible Study & Prayer Wednesday, 6:30p in Rm. 203

Loving God. Loving Others. Making Disciples

Estrella Mountain Preschool begins August 13! New preschool hours: 7a-3p Monday-Friday options available.

Estrella Mountain Preschool


10485 S. Estrella Parkway, Goodyear, AZ 85338 623.386.0300 :: ::


Life In Estrella - August 2013  

Life in Estrella is the official community magazine of Estrella in beautiful Goodyear, Arizona.

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