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MAY & JUNE | 2012

The Gladden Farms Community Association Office is located at 12375 N. Heritage Park Drive.


Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. 520.682.1357 | If you see vandalism or suspicious activity, please contact the Marana Police Department at 520.382.2000. PLEASE NOTE: ONLY CHECKS ARE ACCEPTED AS PAYMENT AT THE ASSOCIATION OFFICES. WE CANNOT TAKE CREDIT CARDS AT THIS TIME.



ASSOCIATION STAFF Community Manager David Gauvin | Assistant Community Manager Cindy Nickles |


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On the Cover: The Carbonneau family. From left: Travis, Chris, Nathan, Kati, baby Emali, Brelee and Wesley. Photo by:



MAY & JUNE | 2012


>>> Manager’s Message

Springtime... A Renewal By David Gauvin Gladden Farms Community Manager

Landscape Update DLC Resources is the landscape maintenance contractor for the Association and have been onboard since 2010. DLC interfaces daily with the on-site management staff to transfer information and updates, provide written recaps of their activities, and discuss present and future scheduling of activities and projects. This timely interface ensures that we are all on the same page and assists us to answer Homeowner inquiries. Gladden Farms includes a vast and varied landscape and all the challenges that come with it. Key areas of focus include trimming and removal of overgrowth, weed remediation and control, troubleshooting, repair and adjustment of the irrigation system, and reviving the turf from dormancy. Steady improvement and progress is the goal and expectation. The Gladden Farms landscape represents a big challenge that DLC has enthusiastically accepted!

In addition to routine maintenance, DLC over the past month has removed all of the tree stumps along the Moore Road right of way. The stumps were the remnants of numerous trees lost to storms. DLC will provide recommendations and costs to replace many of those trees and the Board of Directors will consider the recommendations. There are numerous other stumps around the property and those are being considered for similar remediation work.

you are aware of Torrent's presence on the property. You can learn more about Torrent Resources and drywells by visiting their website at

Covenants and Compliance I relocated to Arizona from Massachusetts back in April of 2000. My previous 45 years were spent in the small towns of Massachusetts.

You can learn more about DLC by vis- Condominium Associations in the iting their website at www.dlcre- northeast are numerous, but there are very few HOAs. Like many in the Tucson-metro, I live in a planned comTorrent Resources around this time munity. Rancho Vistoso in Oro Valley each year inspects the numerous dry- has been my home since arriving back wells strategically located within the in 2000 and it is my first experience property. The drywells serve to collect with Association living. and dissipate storm water runoff. This inspection results in a comprehensive Working in the Association managereport on the condition of all drywells ment field since 1985, I am familiar and recommendations for remedial with the processes and procedures work that is needed. Just a mention so that go with it. Things like modifications approval and covenants compliance are just part of the program that I voluntarily bought into and agreed to live by when I purchased my home in the Rancho Vistoso Association. A letter from the Association soon arrived. "Dear Mr. Gauvin, The tree at the front of your home is encroaching on the sidewalk making it difficult for pedestrians to wander about. Trim the tree! Or Else!" Of course, the letter didn't actually read that way, but it sure felt like it did. After calming down from boil to simmer, I went outside to take an objective look at the subject tree. I walked beneath the branches extending majestically over the sidewalk. I muttered "What are they talking about? I



ASSOCIATION NEWS can walk under these branches with at least 5-6 inches to spare! Why does the Association have an issue with this tree? With me?"

believe the message and request for action sincere and reasonable. Should you receive a letter from us please walk outside and take that "objective look."

The reality is that I am 5' 7" and I felt the branches ruffle my thinning hair as I walked beneath them. The branches did need trimming. I set about the chore and 30 minutes later I was finished.

This has been a very bad season for weeds and the landscaper tells us it has just begun and is far from over. Thank you for taking the necessary corrective actions!

Gladden Farms‌ We need your help!

And to those Lots that are weed-free, the Association, and your neighbors, thank you!

Over the past two years we have been conducting mandatory covenants inspections. These are requirements of the governing documents of Gladden Farms. The inspections have revealed a considerable problem with weeds on Homeowner and Builder properties. We're talking here about hundreds of properties with excessive weeds. Other types of violations also exist, but pale in comparison to the weed issue. There has been a huge investment of time, effort, and thousands of dollars in assessment money to gain the attention of the owners to request their assistance and to point out the requirement to eradicate the weeds and restore and maintain a well kept appearance to the Lots. Our correspondence is not meant to disrespect anyone and we apologize if it's perceived that way, but we truly

Pet Care As the seasons change and the weather warms up, more residents are taking advantage of the spring breeze and opening their windows. Please monitor your pets when they are in backyard areas to minimize their impact on neighbors. Prolonged barking can be a disturbance to others. Animal waste should be cleaned up promptly to prevent unpleasant odors. Town Codes specify that animal waste must be picked up every 72 hours. Maintain close supervision of your pet dogs while on public streets and on common property within Gladden Farms. As a courtesy and for the safety of others using the park areas, please use leashes. Dog waste stations are stationed in a number of locations throughout the community. We greatly appreciate all owners who are picking up after their pets.

Parents in the Park Often we will see parents riding bikes with their children or playing on the tot lots with them. Occasionally we see unsupervised children and as we enter the summer months we strongly encourage all parents to have a serious conversation with your children about avoiding hazardous activities, such as climbing onto the ramada and shade sails over play equipment, and the costs of neighborhood vandalism. The safety issues speak for themselves and repair of damage is time consuming, costly and completely avoidable with parental oversight and education. Our community parks are beautiful places where families come together and enjoy the outdoors. The Association takes seriously acts of vandalism and hazardous activity and we brief the police department regularly. If you witness similar activity please contact the police immediately. We have a beautiful community and great open spaces for outdoor activities. We appreciate your efforts to maintain that standard of living and thank you for your efforts to help the community! GLADDEN FARMS LIVING MAGAZINE



MAY & JUNE | 2012

>>> In Committee

Neighborhood Advisory Committee By Mitch Wright, NAC Chairman

First allow me to give a brief description of the Neighborhood Advisory Committee. We are a group of YOUR NEIGHBORS who serve voluntarily to do what we believe is a very important job. Our main function is to do exactly as the name implies; serve as advisers to the Board of Directors. We also attempt to educate ourselves about the functioning of a Homeowners Association. Obviously there is much more we do but the main thing is we are a group who are concerned about our community.

ment and others to learn more about the non-potable water irrigation system. We realize that there are some in the community that have the nonpotable water irrigation on their Lots and others that do not. The NAC, the Board of Directors, and the Marana water department realize that there are some perceived inequities in the system as it currently exists and we are doing all we can to identify and understand the issues.

tinually seeking other Gladden Farms Homeowners who will be willing to work along side us as we continue to seek the best for our community. If you would like to serve on our committee, or any of the other committees which serve to make Gladden Farms the best neighborhood in Arizona, PLEASE contact the association office. The management staff in the association office will be more than glad to help you help us. Remember Gladden Farms will only be as good as This leads me to a request which I WE make it. hope you will seriously consider. The In the last few months we have been NAC now has about six active memworking with the Marana water depart- bers on the committee. We are con-

On Your Behalf: The Covenants Review Committee By Brandon Ingram, CRC Member

Gladden Farms is a planned community that has attracted many families and individuals both young and old. Some of us have been here since its inception and others are brand new. All of us, however, have one thing in common‌ This is OUR community. As homeowners and renters we should all take pride in what has been created out of the fields of Marana. But the community was established with certain guidelines to help maintain safe, friendly, and beautiful neighborhoods as well as protect home values as much as possible. We should all be happy to maintain the good neighborhood atmosphere and keep our community as great as we can. This is the whole reason that the Covenants Review Committee (CRC) exists.


I had lived in neighborhoods with HOAs before and had always heard some good and some bad things about them. But I bought in Gladden Farms knowing about the HOA and I saw it as a good thing -- I mean, one of my old neighbors had a teal green house and bright purple trim and there was nothing I could do about it, even though they painted it that way after I moved in. I like that there are only a few acceptable color choices here. The CRC is staffed by homeowners that just want to make things better for all of Gladden Farms, including ourselves. I live in Summer Field and joined the CRC because I wanted to know what was going on the in HOA. I know that no one likes to get letters about their trash can or weeds and I don't either, that's what brought me to the CRC. I kept hearing about people getting letters and then I got one and


was confused that the community was aware of where I stored my trash can. Then, when the opportunity arose I joined the CRC so I could see why these letters were sent and make sure that only ones with a good reason to be sent were sent. What I found was great. Homeowners helping other homeowners and the community working to better itself. What we do on the CRC is listen to other homeowners and try to help them, we are not here to recommend fines and make life hard for people. In fact it is very common that fines are waived when possible as soon as people comply with the rules of the HOA. When people have issues or don't understand the letters they are getting I encourage them to come to our meetings, talk to us and we will help you. Get involved, join a committee and help us make changes that we all want to see to have a better community and more homeowners involved in what happens. Thank you for your time and attention to these issues that affect us all.


COMMITTEE CANDIDATE APPLICATION Interested in applying for the Gladden Farms Covenants Review Committee or Neighborhood Advisory Committee? Please answer each section as concisely as possible. Name _________________________________________

Date _________________

Neighborhood and Lot # ________________________________________________ Mailing Address _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ Phone # ____________________FAX____________________ 1)

Have you read the governing documents?



Length of Residence_________ N

2) What experience do you have that would qualify you to be a committee member? _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ 3) What is your vision for the Community? _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ 4) What do you hope to achieve as a Neighborhood Advisory Committee or Covenants Review Committee Member? (State top priorities) _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ Please submit this completed form along with a summary of previous committee experience and a brief summary as to why you are interested in serving on the either Committee to Assistant Community Manager Cindy Nickles at the Association Office. 12375 Heritage Park Drive. Phone: 520-682-1357 Fax: 520-682-1361 Email: GLADDEN FARMS LIVING MAGAZINE


MAY & JUNE | 2012


>>> Memos

Updated Parking Regulations On November 9, 2010 the Gladden Farms Board of Directors conducted an open Board meeting where they reviewed and approved revisions in the enforcement of the existing parking regulations. The intent of the changes are to reasonably enforce on-street parking regulations while providing some flexibility for short-term parking issues such as visiting guests and RV trip preparations.

periodic neighborhood visits. Notices may be issued for vehicles (automobiles, trucks, boats, trailers, motorcycles, campers, vans, and recreational vehicles) found parked on the street during routine neighborhood visits.

b. Non-anonymous formal complaints The revised parking regulations are as may also be the basis for generating a follows: violation notice if information is provided that properly identifies a violation, 1. Continue with the two-step notifica- such as make, color, and license of the tion process for on-street parking vehicle, exact location, date of the incirestrictions. A first notice of violation will dent, and time of occurrence. Digital be sent on a first occurrence, and photos with date and time may also be requesting remedy upon receipt of the provided. letter. Further violations within one year of each other would be deemed an 2. In order to clarify parking excepImmediate Violation, subject to a penal- tions for loading and unloading, and to ty of $25.00 per occurrence, per day. provide some flexibility for out of town guests, the Gladden staff may issue Note: The two-step notification process parking waivers for short-term parking does not apply to unauthorized parking issues such as the following: of mobile homes, campers, trailers, or boats. Those are considered an a. Two (2) Day Parking Waiver for Immediate Violation and subject to RVs (campers, trailers, motor homes, fines on the first offense. boats on trailers, etc.) Waivers may be granted for a period of two (2) cona. Parking Policies shall be enforced secutive days, one (1) overnight, out 24-hours per day, seven (7) days per by 5:00PM on second day: week, and 365 days per year during Trip departure/preparation: cleaning, loading and preparation prior to trip. Light maintenance: may be viewed as unreasonable to prohibit a Property Owner or resident from bringing personal property to the Lot for light maintenance work and cleaning. Trip return / cleanup: cleaning,



unloading, preparation prior to returning the RV to storage. b. Parking Waiver for Authorized Vehicles (waiver for a maximum total of thirty (30) days in a twelve (12) month period; no more than three (3) consecutive nights) such as passenger cars and trucks of residents or visiting guests. c. Construction Waivers for Authorized Vehicles such as passenger cars and trucks of residents while approved work is underway that prevents resident access to their garage or driveway. d. Dawn to Dusk Waiver for unauthorized vehicles to access onto the Lot's yard area related to approved work in progress. An owner may obtain a waiver by contacting the HOA office at any time, or complete a parking waiver request form on the Gladden Farms website: If that contact is outside of normal business hours the home owner may leave a message including the make, model and license plate of the vehicle, the location it is parked and the duration of the waiver needed. The terms of the waiver would be recorded and a parking waiver form would be generated. One copy would be printed for the owner and a copy for Covenants so staff is aware of the waiver while performing neighborhood visits. Approved waivers will prohibit parking along street frontage at access points for sidewalks, pathways, and Common Areas.


Developer Update Hello! It's time for an update from your community developer. There has been progress at Gladden Farms as Pulte, Lennar, and Richmond American continue to build and sell new homes. About 35 new homes were added during 2011, and there was a lot of activity with the resale of existing homes as well. Your Association is well-managed by CCMC, and we frequently receive very positive comments about the appearance of the community. We all wish that the new home sales pace would pick up and generate more activity, and hopefully the remainder of 2012 will show more improvement. In addition, we would welcome something new to announce regarding the planned Fry's store or Walgreen's, but we understand that their schedule is still dependent on increased population and activity within the region. We're closer, but we're not there yet. The parent company of your community developer is Forest City Enterprises, Inc., a national real estate company. Forest City recently announced our intention to strategically divest ourselves of the majority of our national land development business. This would likely include the sale of the remaining vacant portions of the Gladden Farms community to another developer. No timetable or anticipated schedule for this has been announced, and at this time there is no sale agreement of any kind in place for the remaining portions of Gladden Farms. The master plan for Gladden Farms and the land uses allowed within the area are governed by the Town of Marana, and would not be revised simply because a new company became owners of the remaining development areas. In the meantime, Forest City's management of the Gladden Farms development has not changed, and all operations

continue without interruption. As mentioned earlier, the administration of the Homeowner's Association has not changed, and the Association's ongoing duties and maintenance of the community have not been affected. Forest City's announcement is not specific to Gladden Farms, since our goal is to divest ourselves of over 30 developments across the country. The company made the announcement in order to focus more on our core cities such as New York, Washington, D.C., Boston, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Denver, and on our major development business, which has always been the development, ownership, and management of shopping centers, office buildings, and apartments. We initially started development of Gladden Farms in late 2002, and as we near the 10-year anniversary of this event, we know that the Town of Marana's vision for this entire region has been advanced in a significant way, and that great progress will continue to occur within and around Gladden Farms. We're very proud of this master-planned community, and we hope you are too.

Backflow Testing In the last issue of our newsletter, information was provide about the backflow prevention valves and the required annual testing of those valves. In your second quarter statements you received a notification letter informing homeowners that the 2012 annual testing would be performed between June and November of 2012 and at a low rate of $12. You will see this charge appear as a "Benefited Assessment" on your 3rd quarter statement scheduled to be mailed in June.

that you will be handling the testing arrangements. You will also be responsible for the cost of the testing, plus the reporting of the results to the Town of Marana Water Department.

In addition, any home that has an outstanding balance or had not paid the benefitted assessment for any previous test will be automatically excluded from the 2012 scheduled testing. You will then be responsible for finding a qualified and licensed backflow inspector, scheduling the Should you choose to opt out of the Association's sched- inspection, submittal of the results to the Town of Marana, uled test, you must notify the Association office in writing by and any costs associate with that testing. May 1, 2012 to be excluded from our testing. This does not mean that you do not have to get your valve tested, only GLADDEN FARMS LIVING MAGAZINE



MAY & JUNE | 2012

>>> Special Events

2012 Spring CelebrEGGtion Recap More than 400 families and friends welcomed spring on Saturday, March 31st by attending Gladden Farms' 8th Annual Spring CelebrEGGtion in Compass Park. Delighted children hunted for a special golden egg among the 2,000 eggs scattered in the large grassy area. Families won many prizes and were entertained with games, activities , crafts and a special visit from the Easter Bunny. A special thank you goes to our many business

Upcoming Events LITE N UP Saturdays, 7:30-8:30am If you are not becoming to you, then you should be coming to us. We are a free weight loss support club that meets in the Gladden Farms neighborhood every Saturday from 7:30am - 8:30 am. Call Debra for more information at 5791710. Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live! *This program is not sponsored by the Gladden Farms Community Association.

partners who attended and helped along with large stuffed bunnies from Continental Ranch Self Storage. make this event a success. Everyone enjoyed the free hot dogs grilled up by DLC Resources Landscaping Company and the fresh popcorn from Vintage Church. Families were excited to win numerous donated gifts such as: Visa gift cards from Northwest Landscaping, a Wal-Mart gift card from Vintage Church, free pizza cards and coupons for Papa Murphy's and Easter baskets

The special feature of Spring CelebrEGGtion was having Southern Arizona Balloon Excursion display a hot air balloon, baskets and giant balloon characters--a Silver Kangaroo and a Saguaro Cactus. They donated a free hot air balloon ride and the Ivan Ashcraft family is the lucky winner of the jelly bean counting contest for the grand prize! >>>Continued Next Page

have large or unique items, feel free to contact the Association office, as they may be used in those advertisements. The Cotton Blossom Thrift store will be available at the Heritage House parking lot (12375 N. Heritage Park Drive) from 11am–2pm to take any donated items that homeowners cannot sell. Please call Cotton Blossom directly at 520-6821094 for large items to be picked up.

provided for those who do not have one) and come enjoy a day at the lake with your family. There will be Raffle and Door prizes, and DLC Landscaping will be providing a FREE hot dog lunch. (Note: we are in need of experienced volunteers to help with fishing tackle, untangling fishing lines and repairs during the event. Contact the Association office to see how you can volunteer). Silverbell Lake is located in Christopher Columbus Park, east of Silverbell Road (between Camino del Cerro and Grant Roads). For more information, please visit

Community Wide Yard Sale Saturday, May 5, 7am - 1pm It is that time of year again - time to clean out your garage and closets! Our community yard sale is quickly approaching! The semi-annual Community Wide Yard Sale is scheduled for Saturday, May 5th. There is no participation fee for the yard sale. Everyone is invited to take part in the sale between the hours of 7 a.m. and 1 p.m. The sale will be advertised online and in select local print media. If you


Family Fishing Day Saturday, June 16, 7am - Noon Please join Gladden Farms Association and the Arizona Department of Fish and Game for our annual Family Fishing Day on Saturday, June 16th from 7 a.m. to noon. This wonderful program allows families to learn about fishing in Arizona without needing any equipment. We will be joined by Joe Fagan, a licensed fishing instructor, who will talk a little about the types of fish found in the area. No license? No worries! This fishing day does not require one. Bring your fishing poles (poles will be


Community Events and Meetings May May 3 ARC Meeting @ 3 pm May 3 NAC Meeting @ 6pm May 5 Community Wide Yard Sale 7 am - 1 pm May 8 Board Meeting @ 6 pm May 17 ARC Meeting @ 3pm May 17 CRC Meeting @ 6pm June June 7 ARC Meeting @ 3 pm June 7 NAC Meeting @ 6 pm June 16 Family Fishing Day 7am - noon June 21 ARC Meeting @ 3 pm June 21 CRC Meeting @ 6pm


Spring CelebrEGGtion

Thank you to the following vendors who participated: Southern Arizona Balloon Excursion, Inc., 537 West Grant Road, 520-624-3599 Marana Heritage Conservancy Marana Police Department Continental Ranch Self Storage 5650 W. Coca Cola Place, 520-744-1400 DLC Landscaping NW YMCA 7770 N. Shannon Road 520-229-9001 Vintage Church New York Life - Pam Wise One South Church Avenue, Suite 1230 520-620-5351 Paws n Critters 520-609-7097 Prepaid Legal -Robert Young Anytime Fitness 12040 N. Thornydale #106 520-579-2600 Nothwest Landscape 4927 N. Jersey Ct., 520.888.0669 Papa Murphy's Pizza 7850 N. Silverbell Road #138, 520-744-7122 Gladden Farms Neighborhood Advisory Committee Gladden Farms Neighboorhood Watch GLADDEN FARMS LIVING MAGAZINE


MAY & JUNE | 2012

>>> Resident Spotlight

Meet the Carbonneau Family Photos by:

On a hot day in July, 2006 the Carbonneau family moved to Gladden Farms. Originally from the Phoenix area, Chris and Kati Carbonneau already had sons Wesly (7 yrs) and Travis (6 yrs) then, and would add Nathan (4 yrs) and Brelee (3 yrs) a few years later. And just weeks ago, the family had another addition when beautiful baby Emali was born. As Kati recalls, a few friends who already lived in Gladden Farms had turned the couple on to the beautiful master-planned community. And when they saw for themselves how much


house they could get for the price and that excellent schools served the area, they were sold. “We love it here,” says Kati. “We love the grass and the green landscaping in Gladden Farms. The community looked like it was better cared for than others we looked at.” And it’s kid-friendly atmosphere was also a plus. “The kids love living near so many other young families, and they have made great friends,” Kati says. “We love that it’s so close to soccer and baseball fields, as well as




Gladden Farms resident Kati Carbonneau smiles lovingly at her new baby Emali.

the town pool and library. We are a very active family, so we really enjoy the different parks and the running paths available to everyone here.” Chris and Kati both enjoy sports and running to stay fit, and both participate in races several times a year. Chris is a mechanical engineer who enjoys reading and loves cycling. Knowing how bike friendly our community is, Kati feels safer thinking about him being out there on the road. Meanwhile, Kati loves photography and makes wedding and sports highlight videos in her free time. She is a stayat-home mom, and between running kids to and from chess club or baseball games she keeps busy with play dates, chores, preschool swaps and church activities. She is also involved with the Neighborhood Advisory Committe, and the Gladden Farms HOA. Kati encourages other residents to get involved as well. “There are a lot of ways to contribute to making Gladden Farms a better place. It doesn't have to be on a committee, but that is where I felt I could help the most. Just knowing who your neighbors are helps. The Neighborhood Watch is really trying to get neighbors to meet each other and be aware of what is happening on their streets.” GLADDEN FARMS LIVING MAGAZINE



MAY & JUNE | 2012

>>> Landscaping

Proper Tree Staking

By DLC Resources, inc. |

The ideal time to plant a tree is in early spring (late February to early April). Why stake trees? In an ideal world no trees would ever require staking. Most of the trees sold in Arizona, however, are grown in containers. While growing in containers, trees do not develop roots, or trunks, that are strong enough to support the trees once they are installed in our landscapes. Installation and staking 1. Excavate a hole that is of proper size, ensuring that it is not too deep for the tree. 2. Remove the container that surrounds the root ball. If the root structure appears to be healthy, go ahead and place the tree into the hole. If, however, the roots appear to be growing in a round, or rectangular, pattern that is dictated by the shape of the container, return the tree to the nursery and obtain a replacement.

5. Grasp the trunk of the newly planted tree and firmly move it, simulating the strength of a strong wind. If the trunk seems to be weak, or if the roots do not appear to be capable of supporting the trunk and canopy, additional staking is warranted. 6. Stake newly planted tree with 2” diameter by 8’ or 10’ length (depending upon the height of the tree) pressure treated stakes. These should be driven into the ground outside of the planting hole and root ball.

3. Fill the hole surrounding the tree with native soil, making sure to Stakes and wires left on a tree too water sufficiently to elimlong will girdle the trunk. The tree will inate air pockets around eventually weaken and even die. the root zone. 4. Remove any stakes that were in the planting container, especially those to which the trunk was tightly tied. 7. Attach tie wires to the stakes and a large diameter wire loop that surrounds the tree trunk. The loop around the trunk should be at least one foot in diameter, i.e. the tree trunk should be able to move freely. A tree should NEVER be tied so tightly that it cannot move freely. It may be necessary to tie the trunk at two, or even three, heights. * Most stakes can be removed after approximately one year if properly staked. * Although it is possible to utilize many types of materials as tree stakes, best are the 2” diameter pressure treated wood stakes. These are available at most nurseries, as well as at home improvement stores. For more information, visit:




Weed Control By DLC Resources, inc. |

Soaking rains bring much-needed water to our desert environment, including plants. Rainwater is especially beneficial to plant material as rainwater is less alkaline than our irrigation water. While rain is a positive thing for our plants and irrigation water bills, it also helps weeds grow. For effective weed control in your yard, manual removal is the easiest way to get rid of a small number of weeds. To control weeds over a large area, herbicides are the most efficient tools available. There are two categories of herbicides for weed control: Pre-emergent and Post-emergent. Pre-emergent herbicides Pre-emergent herbicides are designed to prevent seeds from germinating in the soil. They are most effective when applied during the rainy season. In Arizona, that means either before the summer monsoon in June & July or from October through January to take advantage of the winter rains. A timely application of pre-emergent can greatly reduce the number of weeds that germinate since it inhibits the weeds’ roots and does not allow them to grow. Brand: Monterey Name: Weed Stopper II, Concentrate Size: Liquid 32oz. qt. Price: around $40.00 Brand: Green Light Name: Amaze Size: Granular 8lb. bag Price: around $17.00 Post-emergent for winter weeds Post-emergent herbicides kill weeds that have germinated and are visible in the landscape. To kill weeds in winter months, you need to use a herbicide containing Diquat. Spectracide products, which contain Diquat, are available for personal use at most home improvement stores or nurseries.

Post-emergent for summer weeds Spring and summer are the best times to use Roundup concentrate. Be careful not to spray weed killer on plants or turf as the weed chemical is absorbed by the leaves and travels through the plant. These products cannot differentiate between plants and weeds. Additionally, this type of weed killer does not instantly kill the plant. If you spray the weed and then remove it, any remaining roots may not have time to absorb the weed control spray. Brand: Scotts Name: Roundup, Concentrate Size: Liquid 16oz. qt. Price: around $25.00 *Product label design and prices may vary. These products are Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved and have been deemed safe and reliable. No license is needed to apply most herbicides on your own property. DLC trains and maintains a crew of applicators to safely transport and apply these herbicides in your common areas. Our spray applicators are Licensed Pest Applicators by the State of Arizona Office of Pest Management. When dealing with any chemical, make sure to read the label and follow instructions carefully.

Brand: Spectracide Name: Weed & Grass Killer, Concentrate % of Diquat: 2.30% Size: Liquid 32oz. qt. Price: around $17.00 Brand: Spectracide Name: Weed Stop for Lawns, Concentrate Size: Liquid 32oz. qt. Price: around $9.00



Gladden Farms Living Magazine