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What’s Inside FEBRUARY 2013


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Manager’s Message: Community Q&A From the Developer: 2012 Sales in Review


Covenants Corner: Parking Violations


Caretaker Landscape: Tips for February

Community 10

Vistancia 5th Annual Car Show for Charity


Resident Spotlight: The Michael Family


What’s Happening


Community Scrapbook


Getting Crafty: Red Velvet Cupcakes

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Blackstone: Club & Custom Offers


Council Update: Road User Courtesy

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February Calendar


Association >>> MANAGER’S MESSAGE

Community Q&A By Vanessa Dreyer, Community Manager


ne of our goals as your management team at Vistancia will always be to help provide our residents quality information that helps them to live well within the community and to understand how we work and why we do what we do. Planned communities in Arizona are complex entities. There are many residents than have very differing viewpoints and opinions as to how life should be within their community. There are laws that govern our communities. Some residents have always lived within a homeowners association and some are brand new to the concept. With that, expectations can vary. The Resident Survey is always a very useful tool for us to gauge areas where residents are happy and satisfied and areas where we may need to focus more time and energy. Sometimes, we can see areas where we simply need more communication. With this year’s survey we read several comments where residents were not satisfied and we realized that if maybe we had a chance to sit down and talk to the resident about the situation, we might be able to help. We recognize our processes might not always be completely clear.

The state laws that govern what we can and can’t do are not easily or clearly understood and it adds a level of frustration. If we can’t provide the solution a resident may be looking for, the reason as to why is not necessarily known. We want to work to improve the level of general information about how associations work. This year, we will launch a new informational series call the Community Q & A. This will involve a series of information sheets geared to provide a snapshot of our procedures in handling various situations from enforcing trash can rules to starting new clubs to handling transfers from one homeowner or tenant to the next. Every other week, we will feature a new topic in the e-blast that will link to an informational article located on the website. They will be permanently stored and able to be accessed at any time after they are published. Essentially, they will work as an extensive bank of frequently asked questions. We welcome your suggestions for topic for which you may want more information or explanation. Please let me know what you’d like to see! Feel free to contact me at or at 623-215-8646.

>>> from the developer

Vistancia New Home Sales 2012 Sales in Review By Mark Hammons, Vice President & General Manager


ith final year-end sales results completed in January, Vistancia is pleased to report that 2012 was a successful year in new home sales and community growth. In total, Vistancia closed on 248 new homes in 2012, bringing the community’s total to 4,288 homes (The Village-1,935, Blackstone-112, Blackstone Custom Homesites-41, Trilogy-2,200). Additionally, Vistancia captured 292 total new home sales in 2012 (The Village-81, Blackstone-70, Blackstone Custom Homesites-3, Trilogy-138), a 67% increase over 2011’s 175 new home sales. Contributing to Vistancia’s growth was the additional new home builders and floorplan offerings available to new home buyers. Vistancia opened four new neighborhoods for sale in The Village and Blackstone, bringing 199 new homes available to the community. Blackstone at Vistancia released 15 new custom homesites in 2012 and has already reported one custom homesite sale for 2013. We are optimistic about Vistancia’s continued sales success in 2013. Vistancia will grand open four additional neighborhoods in The Village and Blackstone in late 2013, representing another 239 available new homes to Vistancia. If you have any questions about Vistancia’s new home neighborhoods, contact the Vistancia Information Center, open 10 am-5 pm daily. 623.933.6233.



Parking Violations By Jessica Smith, Covenants Coordinator


s of July 1st 2012, parking on the street is not permitted between the hours of Midnight and 5AM. Due to the amount of concerns in the community about parking rules and what to do if guests come into town we have comprised a list of ways to make sure you do not get parking tickets and/or fines. If you know you are going to have guests, or there will need to be a vehicle parked in front of your home, you can: a. Pick up a parking permit from the HOA office. We will give you a temporary parking permit that you can place in your guest’s car window while they are visiting you. b. Email the Covenants Coordinator directly at and she will let the patrolman know that there will be a vehicle parked in front of your home and for how long. c. Call the patrolman directly if the HOA office is closed at 480.313.2685, this number is to be used if you have a car parked on the street and the HOA office is closed. Our goal is to help you to enjoy living in the beautiful community of Vistancia as well as keep our community safe.

Phone: 623.215.8646 / Fax: 623.215.8647 / Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm. Additional hours available by appointment.

Vanessa Dreyer Community Manager Carrie Lienhart Assistant Community Manager Lauren Stephan Lifestyle Director Michael Brooks Maintenance Director of VMC

April Rettler Administrative Coordinator Jake Monday Maintenance Coordinator

Annual Meeting Notice Please join us for the Village at Vistancia 2013 Annual Meeting on Tuesday, February 26 at 6pm. The evening’s program will include information, excitement and raffle prizes from our sponsors. Food and refreshments will be served. Formal notice will be mailed to all residents along with the agenda and previous year’s minutes on February 1. To RSVP, please call 623-215-8646n visit the Calendar of Events on the website or email Devin Haggerty at

Jessica Smith Covenants Coordinator Devin Haggerty Lifestyle Assistant

Vistancia Living Magazine is the official community magazine of Vistancia, brought to you by the Vistancia Village Association. It is published monthly by Lion Tree Communications, Reproduction in whole or in part of any text, photographs or illustrations without written permission from the publisher is prohibited by law. Trademarks, logos and content provided by advertisers, sponsors and partners are owned by the respective companies and all rights are reserved by them. The views, statements, and claims of advertisers or other VLM contributors do not necessarily represent those of the publisher, Vistancia Village Association or its employees. Printed in the USA. ©2012 Vistancia Living Magazine. All rights reserved. Please recycle.

For advertising opportunities, please contact Jonathan E. Himlin at 480.636.6670, or email:


Association >>> Caretaker landscape

Tips for February in the Low Desert By Anthony Luciano, Director of Horticulture – Vistancia ISA Certified Arborists (WE-9687A), CDLP, CLP, SLM, ACPA Tip of the Month: Minimize pruning. Each cut is a wound to the plant, opening it up the insect and disease problems. Having a purpose and a result in mind before making the first cut will help minimize this possibility. Never remove more than 1/4 of the total plant (this is true for turf as well). Use sharp, sterile, quality pruning tools and disinfect them; a 10% bleach solution works best. Pruning is an art as well as a science. How much you cut off and where you choose to make the cuts, will affect both the health and the beauty of the tree or the shrub.

Turf: After mowing (often when the turf is growing strong), fertilize your winter lawn with a high phosphate fertilizer like Superphosphate, Triple Superphosphate or a complete fertilizer that is 20% phosphorous or more by weight. Ammonium phosphate (16-20-0) is another option. Follow the application rates and directions on the label when applying. Landscape Plants: • Finish pruning nonnative deciduous shade trees and grapes by the middle of the month. • Transplant bare root plants during this month. Water other trees at least once a month unless seasonal rains provide adequate moisture. • Control weeds while they are young, tender and their roots are manageable or before they sprout. Be sure to remove any existing weeds before they set seed. Remove London Rocket and other weeds in the mustard family, now to prevent large populations of them in April. • Winter irrigation watering schedules should be adjusted to about 1/3 of the summer frequency for deciduous and dormant plants; remember to water deeply each time though. Color beds or flowers may require once to twice per week watering depending on the weather. • Resist the urge to prune plants damaged by the frost. They need the protection of the damaged leaf tissue to help protect from future freeze events. • Protect plants from frost damage if the temperature is projected to drop down in to the 20’s for more than an hour. Typically, this cold happens just before sunrise as the cold air settles to the ground. Don’t List . . . • Do not prune frost sensitive plants, especially if they have been damaged by frost. • Do not over water or over fertilize winter lawns, as this will encourage rapid succulent growth, which is vulnerable to fungal diseases. • Do not water turf at night. Moisture and cool temperatures invite fungal diseases. • Do not mow when turf is wet. By wounding the plant (mowing), while it is wet you increase the likelihood of fungal infection. In addition, you increase the likelihood of spreading the fungus on the tires of the mower and on your shoes  


Get the convenience you want with the great OB/GYN care you need. Specializing in Obstetrics and Gynecology in North Peoria. Whether you are preparing

Michael Bryan, MD OB/GYN

for child birth or managing menopause, Dr. Michael Bryan at Banner Health Clinic offers the most up-to-date assessments and treatments including: • Essure permanent birth control • Heavy menstrual period treatments • Stress urinary incontinence treatments

Same day and next day appointments available. Just call (623) 327-8810.

10204 W. Happy Valley Rd., Suite 165, Peoria

Size: 3.625 x 4.875 (Vistancia Village Living Magazine)

2-1267 N.Peoria OB-GYN 3.625x4.875.indd 1

1/15/13 3:22 PM


Community >>> Featured Event

Vistancia 5th Annual Car Show for Charity

Photos by

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013 Noon-4pm


t’s time for the 5th Annual Vistancia Car Show for Charity! This free event benefits the St. Mary’s Food Bank. The event is free for all to attend but we ask that everyone bring canned food donations to the show. Last year we donated over 1 ton of canned foods and we’re hoping you will help us do the same this year! For more information on St. Mary’s Food Bank visit www.


>>> spotlight

The Michael Family

The show will kick off at 12pm with the J. Powers Band! We’ll have plenty of free entertainment to keep the entire family busy including a bounce house, face painting and a zip line! Be sure to stop by the local Vistancia Marketplace business tables for free swag and raffle prizes! Grande Pizza will be kicking off their annual pizza eating contest at 1pm. Participation for the pizza contest is first come first serve! Remember to bring cash for lunch; we’ll have two gourmet food trucks ready to serve you lunch! We’ll also have kettle corn, snow-cones and cotton candy!


he Michael Family moved to Vistancia in May 2006. George and Maria love how all of the wonderful community events have brought this neighborhood

together. Their children, Jaclyn and Chris, have made so many friends here and are so glad they chose Vistancia as their new home. George works for the post office and loves coming home to spend time with his family. He also loves watching soccer. During his spare time, you will find him searching for great deals on cruises since he and his family enjoy cruising so much. Maria, in addition to her Coupon and Bionic Band businesses at home, is a substitute teacher at Vistancia Elementary. She has been working there since 2007 and has enjoyed seeing these kids grow. She has also been involved with the Vistancia’s activities committee since she moved here. Maria gets a big thrill seeing all of her little friends at the community events.

All cars are welcome to participate. The first 100 to register will receive a free gift bag with a dash plaque, event cup and more! Register by contacting Devin at 623.215.8646 or dhaggerty@ Check in is from 9am-11am on event day. The Show will take place at the Vistancia Marketplace in the Walgreens parking lot. Car Show participants should park in the Walgreens parking lot and spectators should park in the Safeway parking lot. Vistancia residents should make note that the entrance to El Mirage East of Vistancia Blvd will be closed from 9am-1pm event day. Please remember to keep pets, skateboards and bicycles away from cars. Thank you to Pacific West Land for sponsoring this fun and charitable event! If you would like to volunteer contact Lauren at 623.215.8646. We hope to see you all at the 5th Annual Car Show for Charity!

Jaclyn, a senior at Liberty, has been playing soccer since she was 3 years old. She has been playing on the Liberty Varsity team as a goal keeper since her freshman year. Currently, she is exploring options to continue playing at a college level after graduating this year.

Chris is in seventh grade at Vistancia

Elementary and started there when he was in first grade. He plays the trumpet in band and also plays Steel Drums. Chris loves to skateboard and also enjoys playing Xbox, like all of his friends.

When asked how they like living in Vistancia, they always say, there is no better place to live. They expect to stay in Vistancia for a very long time, if not forever.


Community >>> What’s Happening

Parents Night Out

Saturday, February 9th, 7-9pm Looking for a great place to have your kids taken care of while you have a night out? Then drop off your kids ages 5-10 at the HOA Gym on Saturday, February 9th from 7:00-9:00pm and enjoy an evening out! Your child will have an exciting, safe and enjoyable night that will include pizza, drinks, a craft and games! Please email to register. For questions about this and other programs, please call 623-572-4289/623-271-3483.

Vistancia 5th Annual Car Show for Charity Saturday, February 23rd, 12-4pm

Come join us for the 5th Annual Car Show benefitting the St. Mary’s Food Bank! The Car Show will take place in the Walgreens Parking lot at the Vistancia Marketplace. Spectators should park in the Safeway parking lot. Please bring canned foods for St. Mary’s Food Bank! The Car Show is a free event with plenty of free entertainment including bounce houses, food trucks, live band, face painting, a zip line and more! All cars are welcome to participate! Registration is required by contacting 623.215.8646 or emailing Devin at

Come meet RUBY VALENTINE Tuesday, February 12th, 10am

Ruby has a favorite day and Valentine’s Day is it! Join us to hear the story of a girl who loves Valentine’s Day but learns that the best day to say “I Love You” is every day! We will be making a Valentine’s Day Craft, reading the story of Ruby Valentine and enjoying yummy treats. Ruby will be sticking around for pictures, so make sure to bring your cameras. Be sure to mark your calendars for Tuesday, February 12th @ 10am in the Clubhouse. This event is sponsored by The Friends of Sunrise Mountain Library.


Murder Mystery Dinner Saturday, February 9th, 7pm

You’re invited to a dinner set in the Windy City in 1932. Fasten your zoot suits because you will become a witness of the Mafioso murders. A three course dinner will be served and we will have a photo booth to celebrate the evening of the “grandfathers” birthday. Come ready for a night of fun and good food. To celebrate this occasion you should wear cocktail attire, gangster/mobster attire or your best 1930’s look. Tickets are $10 per person and include your dinner. BYOB to this event. RSVP by February 4th to lstephan@

Teen Club Activity, Valentines for Vets

Friday, February 8th, 3:30-5pm Join us in the Clubhouse to make Valentines Day cards for local vets. We will provide the supplies and after school snacks. RSVP to so we can have enough for everyone.

Fitness Boot Camp

Vistancia Fitness Boot Camp offers a new way to get into the best shape of your life and have fun while doing it! With a military style of fitness training, this class will help you shed pounds and get into shape while having fun! Sign up early to save money! The early bird special is $75 for the entire 5 weeks Monday-Friday. Call Jennifer at (435) 701 0065 or email her at to sign up. Visit for more information.

Group Fitness Classes

Get fit with CX WORX, Body Balance, Body Flow and Body Pump classes. Our monthly membership fees to join these classes are $35 – Single, $52 – Couple, and $70 – Family of 4. With your membership you are offered 52 classes per month, monthly supply of multi-vitamins and a bottle of water per class. To learn more visit or call – 623-878-6638.

Mini Stars Sports Program We are excited to announce that registration is open for Future Mini Stars! The program will start Tuesday February 19th at 10am. Future Stars, who currently have an amazing basketball and football speed training club at Vistancia will now offer a comprehensive multi sports training program that will insure your child has a head start when it comes to their sporting development. We will focus on coordination, catching, form running, cutting, changing speeds, kicking (soccer), throwing (football and baseball), hitting (baseball), shooting (basketball, passing (soccer, basketball, football) following instructions and general sports abilities to give your child a firm foundation for their sporting futures. Come and train with the best at Future Stars!!

Free Workout Group

Come enjoy new friends as you strengthen your muscles and enjoy fun new workouts! This workout group rotates through various strength training, cardio and plyometric exercises. Mondays and Fridays are strength training and Wednesday is Zumba. Try one day or try them all! All age ranges and skill levels are welcome. Little ones are welcome to attend. Classes are Free! Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:15am in the MVC gym. Contact Eden at for more details.

Vistancia Sprint Triathlon March 30th, 8am


Save th Date

This triathlon showcases our beautiful Vistancia Community! Swim in the Foothills pool, bike through the exclusive Blackstone Country Club and explore Vistancia’s Discovery Trail on the run course. This event is one for the whole family with adult and youth distance triathlons. Register today by visiting!

FSGF Inaugural event, “Night with the Stars” April 6th


Save th Date

You are formerly invited to the Fundraising event for the Non-profit 501C3, Future Stars Global Foundation, at Vistancia Club house on April 6, 2013. Join Future Stars Global Foundation at the Night with the Stars Gala with Keynote speaker Seth Joyner. Attendees will enjoy a night of dinner, drinks and dancing under the stars. This event is going to be an amazing occasion where you can support the FSGF initiative. The organization will serve our greater Phoenix Arizona Cities and will offer some of the best youth support programs in the Valley. FSGF is now accepting charitable donations, which will be tax deductible on your 2013 tax returns (Tax ID 46-1312276) Buy your tickets to the fundraiser now at http://vistanciafsgf.

Who: girls and boys: 18 months-5 years old Where: Vistancia Event Lawn and Gym When: March 12th Tuesday and March 14th Thursday every week until May 2nd. Time: 10am-11:10am Cost: $145 (T shirt included) Go to TO REGISTER TODAY!


Community >>> Scrapbook

It brings joy to my heart to see families gather in the community for fun. The Winter Wonderland allows us to have snow time together even in the desert and what a great time it was! Julia McKernan

It brings joy to my heart to see families gather in the community for fun. The Winter Wonderland allows us to have snow time together even in the desert and what a great time it was! Julia McKernan


>>> Getting Crafty

Red Velvet Cupcakes & Cream Cheese Frosting By Vanessa Rodriguez Coppola


ooking for a sweet treat to make for your Valentine this year? This red velvet cupcake recipe is heavenly and is sure to make your Valentine swoon. This cream cheese frosting recipe will have you licking the spoon, it’s rich and creamy. You’ll only need a small dollop of frosting to satisfy your sweet tooth. Betty Crocker has nothing on this recipe!

Cupcake Ingredients (makes approximately 30 cupcakes)

Icing Ingredients

• ½ cup butter

• ¼ butter

• 1 ½ cups sugar

• 1 tablespoon sour cream

• 2 eggs

• 2 teaspoons vanilla extract

• 1 cup milk

• 16 ounces powdered sugar

• 1 ounce red food coloring


• 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Step 1: Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

• 1 ½ teaspoons baking soda

Step 2: To make the cupcakes, soften the butter and mix with sugar until smooth. Add in the other cupcake ingredients and mix until smooth. Bake for 20 minutes.

• 1 cup sour cream • 2 cups flour • ½ cup unsweetened cocoa powder

Visit Vanessa’s blog for more crafty ideas.

• ½ teaspoon salt

• 1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese

Step 3: To make the icing, soften the cream cheese and butter. Mix together with the other icing ingredients until smooth. Step 4: Add a dollop of cream cheese icing to each cupcake before serving.


At the club >>> blackstone

Blackstone at Vistancia Club and Custom Offers By The Vistancia Information Center

Experience for a Day, Member for a Lifetime


lackstone Country Club at Vistancia invites you to experience Club lifestyle with a round of golf on the Jim Engh- designed championship golf course, gourmet lunch and private Club tour for $50 per person* now through May 31st 2013. Recently recognized as No. 2 in Top 10 Private Courses by AZ Golf Insider’s “Best of AZ Golf 2012,” Blackstone Country Club is a family-friendly, welcoming and casual home away from home. From the rugged beauty of the Jim Engh-designed championship course to the comfortable luxury of the 30,000 square foot clubhouse, Blackstone Country Club is an ideal experience for families and golfers. The Club offers several equity golf, non-equity golf and social membership options. To schedule your experience today contact Membership Director Helen Doney at 623-707-8700 or hdoney@ Exclusive Custom Homesite Purchase Offer Experience Blackstone at Vistancia’s casual elegance in custom home living and club lifestyle. Blackstone at Vistancia is now

previewing 21 premier custom homesites, offering dramatic golf course and desert vista views. Featuring a selection of half-acre to full-acre homesites embracing a wide range of architectures styles, homesite owners may select the architect and custom builder of their choice giving them flexibility. Between now and April 30, 2013 Blackstone at Vistancia’s design review fees and Blackstone Country Club social membership dues for six months will be waived with the purchase of a custom homesite*. To schedule a private tour of Blackstone at Vistancia’s custom homesites or for more information about offer details contact 602327-8887 or email

* Rules and restrictions apply. Contact the Vistancia Information Center for details.



>>> council update

Road User Courtesy By Cathy Carlat, Councilmember, Mesquite District, City of Peoria


hroughout my years on Peoria City Council, one of the most common concerns I hear about is the clash of interactions among different road users. I often hear from motorists regarding bicyclists on the street, bicyclists regarding pedestrians on the bike lanes, and pedestrians regarding bicyclists on the sidewalks.

Obviously, there are several different types of road users, all with different and equally important interests. While there are distinct laws that govern the use of public roadways, successful enjoyment of each of these thoroughfares often relies on the use of common courtesy and common sense. The natural, picturesque environment of the Mesquite District is ideal for many types of outdoor enjoyment. Walking, jogging, and bicycling are a way of life; a way of life that should be protected and respected. With that in mind, I thought it was appropriate to pass along the following guidelines about sharing the roadways, sidewalks and bike lanes. Sidewalks – Sidewalks are primarily for pedestrians and where a sidewalk is provided, pedestrians are required to use it. It is not illegal for bicycles to ride on sidewalks; however, bicycles must yield to pedestrians. Bicycles should ride with the direction of traffic at SLOW speeds.


Bike Lanes – Bike lanes are for the exclusive use of bicycles by Arizona State law. If for any reason any other road user is in the bike lane, such as a jogger, they must provide a clear path for an approaching bicycle and should not expect the bicycle to yield. Street Lanes – The roadway lanes are for the use of all vehicles, including golf carts (when the posted speed limit is 35 mph or less) and bicycles, even when a bicycle lane is provided. As vehicles, bicycles must obey all traffic signs and rules. Motorists must share the road when cyclists ride in a street lane. The laws and ordinances surrounding the use of these public areas are in place for the safety of drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists. Of course, we all know that laws don’t prevent accidents. Please, take every precaution – wear reflective gear, use defensive tactics, minimize distractions, and watch out for the other guy. For additional information on transportation resources within our City; including road closures, bike rides, and maps, please visit To keep updated about what is happening in your city, register for the Mesquite District electronic news alerts by visiting www. Contact Councilmember Cathy Carlat at or by calling 623-773-7306.



















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TEX CHC 1:05






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** LAD C B W

7:05 7:05






$ 800-677-1227









* Charity Game ** Premium Game

5.00 OFF

16101 N. 83rd Avenue Peoria, AZ 85382 Mon.-Fri. 9 am-5 pm / Sat. 10 am-2 pm










Redeemable at Peoria Stadium Box Office only after February 1, 2013. Valid for up to four (4) tickets per coupon. NOT valid for the following games: March 2, 12, 13, 15 (1:05), 16-21. Not valid with other offers and discounts. Discount does not apply to previous purchases.

PARTY Saturday 3-9 pm February 23, 2013


Mark McGrath &

GENERAL ADMISSION $10 VIP TICKETS $25 (Children 12 and under free in general admission ONLY)

Interactive Zone, Food and Beer Garden


Flavor of Peoria

Sample the signature dishes of 20 local restaurants 83rd Avenue at Peoria Sports Complex • 16101 North 83rd Avenue Purchase tickets at Peoria Sports Complex ticket office or online at For information, call 623-773-7137

Resources HOA Office Vistancia Community Patrol Vistancia Village Emergency For use between midnight and 8am

623.215.8646 480.313.2685 800.274.3165

City of Peoria Police/Animal Control Peoria Policing Program, North Tip Line Fire Southwest Ambulance Arrowhead Hospital North Peoria Emergency Center Sun Health Hospital Post Office Sunrise Mountain Library

623.773.8311 623.773.5077 623.773.7279 480.655.7234 623.561.1000 623.561.2022 623.214.4000 623.979.8533 623.773.8650

Utilities Cox Communications Zona Communications Southwest Gas APS (Electric) City of Peoria (water/trash)

602.694.1952 623.455.4500 602.861.1999 602.371.7171 623.773.7160

Schools Peoria Unified S.D. #11 Lake Pleasant Elementary Attendance Vistancia Elementary Attendance Liberty High School Sunrise Mountain High School Creative Castle Preschool and Kindergarten

623.486.6000 623.773.6575 623.773.6582 623.773.6500 623.773.6508 623.773.6525 623.487.5125 602.740.9561

Churches Spirit Song United Methodist Church


Activities and Clubs

Aerobics: We’ve started a new aerobics class in Vistancia on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9am in the Gymnasium. This is a free fitness class! All you need is a water bottle, a towel and mat if you have one. Enjoy! Basketball League: Vistancia now has its own Basketball league. Games are Saturday mornings form 8am-12pm. For more info visit Bible Study: The women’s Bible study meets every Thursday at 9am in the clubhouse Office. All women are invited as we share, discuss, and encourage one another. Call Valerie for more information at 623-824-1357. Bike Club: If you love to bicycle, then have we got a club for you! The ABC (Arizona Bicycle Club)—a long-standing non-profit bicycle fun and advocacy club in the Valley—has opened a new chapter in Vistancia. The ride is at 8am every Saturday! For more info contact Charles Sykes at 602-748-8655 or Book Club: Book Club meets the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7pm in the HOA Office. Contact for the current book selection. Bunco: We need players! Join us in the Clubhouse on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7pm for an exciting dice game and a great way to meet new friends! The fee is $6 per person to play. There are 4 gift cards available to win! Please contact Lauren at if you’re interested in playing! Cheer Club: Cheer club meets every Wednesday night from 6:00pm to 7:00pm in the gym. We focus on health and fitness, building self confidence and the FUNdamentals of cheerleading with the emphasis on fun while working hard to perfect our skills. Email Clarissa at or call 572-4289 for more information. F-H Organized Group Fitness: We are offering Les Mills Classes. The monthly fees to join these classes are $35 – Single, $52 – Couple, and $70 – Family of 4. Visit or call 623-878-6638 to learn more. Fitness Boot Camp: With a military style of fitness training this class will help you shed pounds and get into shape while having fun! Early bird special is $75 for the entire 5 weeks Monday-Friday. Call Jennifer at (435) 701 0065 or email her at to sign up. Visit for more information. Garden Chat: Garden chat will meet the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 6pm. Contact for additional information.

Helping Hands Club: The helping hands club is a group of Vistancia residents with the same mission to help their neighbors in need! If you would like to join the club or if you have a need that the club might be able to assist you with contact Adrienne at MOMS Club: We are a non-profit network support group for all moms. Whether you are working and looking to connect with other working moms or you stay at home and are looking for friendships for both you and your child, we are the answer. We offer many activities! If you are interested in meeting new moms and making great friendships, please visit MOPS (Mothers Of Preschoolers) Club*: MOPS is a great place where Mothers of Preschoolers are welcomed, accepted and inspired to reach their full potential as a woman and a mom. MOPS will meet on Wednesdays twice a month in the Mountain Vista Clubhouse from 9:15-11:00. Childcare will be provided. Fee is $59 per year. If you are interested in more details, please visit or contact Christie at Mountain Biking Club: This club meets on weekends at the discrepancy of group leader. Explore new terrain in and around the Vistancia community. For additional information contact Scott Thompson at 623.764.4960. Poker Club: Come meet your neighbors while playing a game of skill and luck. Vistancia Poker texas hold-em tournaments are held every other Saturday from January through November, with a championship tournament in December. Buyins vary from $20 to $40 per tournament. For the full schedule of tournaments or more information, please visit our website at or email vistanciapoker@yahoo. com. Scrapbooking Club: Come and join us the last Saturday of the month in the clubhouse!Bring you supplies and work on your projects from 12 noon until 10 P.M. For more information email Cathi Hubbard at Self Defense Class: Sifu Randy Parker, a certified instructor in DeMile SelfDefense Systems, will be teaching adult level (14 and older) self-defense classes on Wednesdays and Thursdays (7-8 pm) at the MVC gym. Please contact Sifu Parker at or (623) 866-8237 for additional information. Spanish Club: It’s open to all residents who would like to learn Spanish as well as those who want to practice their Spanish-speaking skills in a supportive environment. The topics of conversation will include, but not be limited to: greetings, holiday celebrations, family events. eating out, shopping, traveling, entertainment and games. The $40 monthly dues include all classes and materials. To register contact Susan at Story Time: Join us for a story, crafts and cookies the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 9am in the clubhouse. This is a free activity for all little ones to attend. Teen Club: Kids ages 11-17. We plan teen events and do community service projects all while having a great time. Please contact Lauren Stephan at lstephan@ccmcnet. com for more information. Tennis Club: Drop-in Tennis is on Tuesdays, Thursday and Friday at the Mountain Vista Club tennis courts at 8am-10am. For more information contact Vistanciatenisclub@ or call Tom or Barbara at 928.252.3546. Tennis Lessons: Tennis Pro Joe Ragland instructs Children and Adults in multiple settings including private lessons and group clinics. Call Joe for additional information at 623.680.6738. Vistancia Village Loaning Library: Bring a book take a book at the Loaning Library in the Association Office. We are also always accepting donations for books and DVDs For more information contact the Association Office at 623.215.8646. Vistancia Vipers: Vistancia Village Swim Team. Practices are currently MondayFriday from 4pm-6:15p at the Foothills Pool. For more information contact Jen Peery at Vistancia Water Works: Vistancia Waterworks will be offering group swim lessons on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for youth ages 4 and up and an adult class. Classes will feature a 3 : 1 student instructor ratio and economical pricing, $15.00 per class. All classes will be held at the Vistancia Mountain Vista Pool. For registration please phone 425 492-6871. For additional information please visit Workout Group: Come enjoy new friends as you strengthen your muscles and enjoy fun new workouts. We rotate through various strength training, cardio, and Plyometric exercises. All age ranges and skill levels welcome. Classes are Free! We meet Mon, Wed, Fri at 8:15AM in the MVC Gym. Contact Eden at Zumba: Are you ready to party yourself into shape? That’s exactly what the Zumba® program is all about. It’s an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness-party™ that’s moving millions of people toward joy and health. $5 fee per class, we meet Thursday nights at 8pm in the MVC Gym. Contact Aimee at

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February 2013 SUN





FRI 1 Drop-in Tennis, 8am-10am Coffee Talk 9am Aerobics 9am-10am Bootcamp 5am MOMS Club 10am-12pm Body Pump 6am Workout Group 8:15am CXWORX 12pm Body Flow 8pm

Happy Valentine’s Day! Vistancia Village Association 29701 N. Sunrise Point | Peoria, AZ 85383 623.215.8646 /

Thursday, February 14, 2013!

3 Adult B-Ball, 7pm

4 Aerobics 9am-10am Cheer Club, 4-6pm Adult Spanish 6pm-7:30pm Basketball Practice 6-8pm Bootcamp 5am Body Pump 6am Workout Group 8:15am CXWORX 12pm

5 Drop-in Tennis, 8am-10am Story Time- 9am Bootcamp 5am and 8:30am Body Flow 6am Hip Hop, 6pm-7:20 Body Pump 12pm and 8pm Activities Committee Meeting 5:30pm Book Club 7pm Good News Club 6-7:30pm

10 Adult B-Ball, 7pm

11 Aerobics 9am-10am Cheer Club, 4-6pm Adult Spanish 6pm-7:30pm Basketball Practice 6-8pm Bootcamp 5am Body Pump 6am Workout Group 8:15am CXWORX 12pm

12 Drop-in Tennis, 8am-10am Bootcamp 5am and 8:30am Body Flow 6am Body Pump 12pm and 8pm Hip Hop, 6pm-7:20 Good News Club 6-7:30pm Ruby Valentine Story Time, 10am

17 Adult B-Ball, 7pm

18 Aerobics 9am-10am Cheer Club, 4-6pm Adult Spanish 6pm-7:30pm Basketball Practice 6-8pm Bootcamp 5am Body Pump 6am CXWORX 12pm Workout Group 8am

19 Drop-in Tennis, 8am-10am Hip Hop, 6pm-7:20 Good News Club 6-7:30pm Bootcamp 5am and 8:30am Body Flow 6am Body Pump 12pm and 8pm Good News Club 6-7:30pm


25 Aerobics 9am-10am Cheer Club, 4-6pm Adult Spanish 6pm-7:30pm Basketball Practice 6-8pm Bootcamp 5am Body Pump 6am CXWORX 12pm Workout Group 8am

26 Drop-in Tennis, 8am-10am Hip Hop, 6pm-7:20 Good News Club 6-7:30pm Bootcamp 5am and 8:30am Body Flow 6am Body Pump 12pm and 8pm Annual Meeting, 6pm Good News Club 6-7:30pm

Adult B-Ball, 7pm


6 Aerobics 9am-10am MOPS Club 9:30am Adult Spanish 6pm-7:30pm Bootcamp 5am Workout Group 8:15am Body Flow 12pm Garden Chat, 6pm Cheer Club, 6-7pm CXWORX 8pm Self Defense 7pm-8pm 13 Aerobics 9am-10am Bootcamp 5am Cheer Club, 6-7pm Workout Group 8:15am Adult Spanish 6pm-7:30pm Self Defense 7pm-8pm Bunco- 7pm Body Flow 12pm 20 Aerobics 9am-10am Bootcamp 5am Body Pump 6am Cheer Club, 6-7pm Workout Group 8am Body Flow 12pm Self Defense 7pm-8pm CXWORX 8pm MOPS Club 9:30am 27 Aerobics 9am-10am Cheer Club, 6-7pm Self Defense 7pm-8pm Workout Group 8am Body Flow 12pm CXWORX 8pm




Drop-in Tennis, 8am-10am Bootcamp 5am and 8:30am Bible Study, 9am Tumbling 6pm-7:20 Spanish 6pm-7pm Zumba 8pm Body Flow 6am Body Pump 12pm Self Defense 7pm-8pm

Bootcamp 5am Drop-in Tennis, 8am-10am Aerobics 9am-10am Body Pump 6am Workout Group 8:15am CXWORX 12pm Body Flow 8pm Teen Club 3:30-5pm

14 Bootcamp 5am and 8:30am Zumba 8pm Bible Study, 9am Body Flow 6am Spanish 6pm-7pm Tumbling 6pm-7:20pm History Club, 7pm Self Defense 7pm-8pm

15 Bootcamp 5am Drop-in Tennis, 8am-10am Aerobics 9am-10am Body Pump 6am Workout Group 8:15am CXWORX 12pm Body Flow 8pm

21 Drop-in Tennis, 8am-10am Boot camp 5am and 8:30am Bible Study, 9am Spanish 6pm-7pm Tumbling 6pm-7:20pm Zumba 8pm Self Defense 7pm-8pm 28 Drop-in Tennis, 8am-10am Bible Study, 9am Tumbling 6pm-7:20pm Self Defense 7pm-8pm Zumba 8pm Boot camp 5am and 8:30am

2 Basketball League 8am-1pm Photography 101 10am-12pm Bike Club- 8am

22 Drop-in Tennis, 8am-10am Aerobics 9am-10am Bootcamp 5am Body Pump 6am Workout Group 8am CXWORX 12pm Body Flow 8pm

9 Basketball League 8am-1pm Bike Club- 8am Murder Mystery 7pm Parent’s Night Out 7pm

16 Basketball League 8am-1pm Bike Club- 8am Photography 101 10am-12pm

23 Basketball League 8am-1pm Scrapbooking 12p-10pm Mother Daughter Self Defense 1pm Photography 101 10am-12pm 5th Annual Car Show 12-4pm



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