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August 2013 Calendar

ON THE COVER: Vendors at the upcoming Paint Expo: Jim Leonard (ACE Construction), Jeff Reynolds (ACE Construction), Verian Carey (Advanced Painting), April Hogan (Titan Painting), Dean Lockwood (Kommercial Painting Services), Jeff Webster (CertaPro Painters). Cover photo by

Association >>> MANAGER’S MESSAGE

City Studies Lighting Fields By Vanessa Dreyer, Community Manager


or the last few months, the City of Peoria has been going through the process of updating their Parks, Recreation, Open Space and Trail (PROST) Master Plan. In the spring, the city held several open houses to obtain feedback from residents regarding what their wants and needs were for future city park development. We were happy to host one of the open houses with several residents from Vistancia and Trilogy in attendance. At this point, we also shared with the city feedback we had received through resident surveys in 2012 and 2013. The information from all open houses and city surveys was compiled and analyzed by a third party contracted to do so by the city. At the July 2nd City Council meeting, the council participated in a study session to hear the findings of the community outreach. Areas of the city were examined in relation to population concentration, park usage, and to determine areas of deficiency. Based on the current facilities, usage and feedback from residents, it was determined that lit ball fields north of Bell Road were an immediate need. As a result, the city began examining areas that could potentially be built or retro fitted with lights. Sunset Park was identified as a potential solution. In the last few weeks, the city has begun

community outreach to determine if this area is feasible or not. An open house was held at Vistancia Elementary on July 18th and a presentation was made, along with a question and answer period and an opportunity to provide feedback. We urge all residents to become involved in the process of providing feedback to the city in order for them to make a determination as to whether the project would move from contemplated to proposed. There are several ways in which residents can provide feedback. Feedback will be taken until August 7th. First, a link to the city’s survey has been e-blasted to you and can be found at The survey will provide direct information to be analyzed. Second, you may provide email feedback directly to the city as well by emailing We encourage all resident to remain engaged in the PROST Master Plan Update as the city will be addressing citywide needs for quite some time and resident input is the best way to make sure your voice is heard. We are committed to continuing to keep you apprised of projects and opportunities to provide feedback. Please look for more information in your e-blast, on, in the magazine and on Facebook.

>>> from the developer

Vistancia Mid-Year Sales Update By Mark Hammons, Vice President & General Manager


istancia continues to see a positive increase in new home sales interest in 2013. New home sales have benefited from a continued market improvement as well as a decrease in resale listings and a narrowing of new home pricing versus resale home pricing. Since January, Vistancia has sold out of four new home neighborhoods and welcomes four new builders to the community this year, bringing the total builder product offering to eight actively selling builders. Additionally, Blackstone at Vistancia, the private gated community within Vistancia, has two custom homes nearing completion and over a dozen in design review and slated for construction starts. As of the end of June 2013, the community has achieved a total of 157 net sales YTD. The Village and Blackstone communities alone within the Vistancia master plan have seen a 26% increase in home sales including one custom homesite sale for 2013. A total of 3,055 new home buyers have visited the Vistancia Information Center compared to last year’s nearly 2,163 visitors which is an increase of 41%. Below you will find a breakdown of mid-year sales by community within Vistancia 2013.


VISTANCIA 2013 MID-YEAR SALES RESULTS Builder New Homes Sold – 157 The Village-47 Blackstone-69 Trilogy-41 Builder New Homes Closed – 98 The Village-23 Blackstone- 34 Trilogy-41 Total Homes Sold and Closed in Vistancia - 4,396


Covenants Enforcement Changes By Vanessa Dreyer, Community Manager


ast month we sent Jessica Smith off to a promoted position within CCMC. We hated to see her go but we were also very excited to be able to promote our own Scott Huffman,

formerly in a patrol position. As Scott was already quite familiar with the community he has been able to hit the ground running and we’re impressed with all he has done so far. Scott brings a fresh perspective to the position and has an incredible knack for coming up with innovative ways to solve issues and increase efficiency in his job. We want to share with you some great ideas that Scott has come up with just in the first few weeks of the job. Scott is currently focusing on being as proactive as he can. One thing

Phone: 623.215.8646 / Fax: 623.215.8647 / Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm. Additional hours available by appointment.

he realized is that if he can get a set schedule down of his inspection rotation, it will make him more efficient and could let the resident prepare for his visit. Neighborhoods will soon receive an e-blast a few days prior to Scott’s inspections in that area reminding them to take care of violations on the property. This will help residents to

Vanessa Dreyer Community Manager Carrie Lienhart Assistant Community Manager

make the issue a priority by giving them a deadline. Scott also noticed that many of the calls he received, especially after the weekend, were from residents that forgot to let patrol know

April Rettler Administrative Coordinator Michael Brooks Maintenance Director of VMC

they had a guest and had received a violation. He is streamlining the process to increase the ease with which residents can provide that information to us. Scott will also be working to further educational efforts and revamp

Scott Huffman Covenants Coordinator

our violation reporting in order to track and measure issues. Scott’s

Jake Monday Maintenance Coordinator

overall goal is to ensure that residents have a positive view of violation enforcement and we’re sure he can get there!

In the month of July:

Brittany Byrd Lifestyle Director

Devin Haggerty Lifestyle Assistant

• 428 violations were written on 349 homes • 321 1st notices were sent • 68 2nd notices were sent • 26 fines were issued • 14 recurring fines were issued

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For advertising opportunities, please contact Barb Spitzock at 480.266.5034, or email:


Association >>> Caretaker landscape

Tips for August in the Low Desert By Anthony Luciano, Director of Horticulture – Vistancia ISA Certified Arborists (WE-9687A), CDLP, CLP, SLM, ACPA

To Do List Turf • Plant Bermuda lawns during the active growing season, May through August. • Fertilize Bermuda grass lawns each month beginning late April or early May with nitrogen according to the directions on the package.

• Apply a herbicide with glyphosate according to the directions on the package.

• Apply chelated iron to bottle brush, pyracantha, silk oak and other plants with iron deficiency symptoms.

• The grass will take in the herbicide throughout the entire root system, thus killing the plant rather than just knocking it back.

• Cut off spent blooms to stimulate rebloom.

• After a few days, water again.

• Apply Iron once per month according to the directions on the package.

• Reapply the herbicide to any of the turf that regrows.

• Apply one inch of water per week to Bermuda lawns.

• Continue this cycle (may take three or more times) of fostering growth and applying herbicide until the grass is completely killed.

• Raise the mowing height to 2.5 to 3 inches during the warmer months. • Once every two or three years dethatch Bermuda lawns, if necessary. Only dethatch during the active growing season, May through August. This enables the turf to quickly recover. To remove Bermuda lawn: • Water and fertilize the grass to ensure that it is actively growing.


Landscape Plants • Increase water application as the weather warms. Pay attention to irrigation needs of plants. • Apply mulch to the ground around the base of heat sensitive plants keep the roots cooler and prevent evaporation. Keep the mulch several inches away from the trunk.

• Native and imported heat tolerant plants can be planted right through the summer months. They will need to be watered on a regular basis until fall. • Transplant palms in the heat of the summer for best results. • Protect newly transplanted trees from heavy winds and dust storms by staking carefully. • Late August or early September fertilization will benefit most plants struggling to have a flush of growth before slowing down for the winter. The growth put on before dormancy will store more energy during the winter that will be available to the plant when it pushes growth in the spring.

Community >>> Featured Event

Paint Expo 2013 at Vistancia August 24th | 10:00am-3:00pm | Mountain Vista Club Gym


t Vistancia, we pride ourselves on finding innovative solutions to problems that our residents and community face. We’re here to help instead of becoming a burden. Last year, when we noticed that many of the front yards had diminished over the years and started to look a little barren, we implemented the first Vistancia Community Plant Sale with the goal being that if we could conveniently bring plants to the Mountain Vista Club at a reasonable price and even offer volunteer services to help with installation, we’d see a drastic improvement. As a result, over 100 homes saw enhanced front yards. This year, we’re continuing efforts to improve the aesthetics of the community through strategic partnerships. In doing routine inspections, we were noticing that we were sending more and more letters to residents to let them know their home needed to be painted. The letters were met with frustrations, aggravation and sometimes simple exhaustion. Painting a home is a huge


endeavor. Knowing that there are several neighborhoods that are approaching the time in the home’s life cycle where this work needs to be done, we sought to find a way to make it easy. On August 24th, we will be hosting a Painting Expo at the Mountain Vista Club gym in order to assist residents. Our goal is to make this process as painless and cost effective as possible. We first started by identifying partners wanting to help our residents. Painting companies were chosen that would be able to handle many projects at a time, offer bulk discounts to keep costs down for residents, and who understood community associations like Vistancia. We also began working with paint suppliers to see what discounts our residents could receive and what services they could provide us, especially with any additional help we needed on paint schemes. We have been so pleased at how excited these partners have been to work with us and the residents.

Paint Manufactures Behr/ Home Depot Dunn Edwards Corporation PPG Industries

Paint Contractors ACE Construction Services Advanced Painting Contracting CertaPro Painters Kommercial Painting Services Titan Painting Incorporated

Great Incentives! Neighborhood Discounts Street Discounts Discounts for a group of 5 or more houses Raffles throughout the day! The Painting Expo will allow residents to experience a “one stop shop.� Each painting company will have a booth set up in the gym with representatives and company information. We have asked each company to completely tour the community as to be able to provide rough estimates for the work. The paint suppliers will also be on hand to talk to you about the various kinds of paints that you may want to choose. At the end of the day, residents should be able to narrow down their selection of a vendor, know what kind of paint works best for their home and budget, and even schedule work to be done! We will be sending out letters and e-blasts to neighborhoods that have aged to the point where many homes may need to be painted. We do invite all residents to attend so if this project has been on your to-do list, come on down.

What to Bring Electonic/ digital pictures of all 4 sides of home- front, back and both sides Total square footage of home

**MidFirst Bank will be on-site to discus financing options!**


Community >>> What’s Happening

SELF DEFENSE Saturday, August 17th | 9:00AM- 12:00PM | MVC Clubhouse Sign up for a Basic Women’s Self-Defense summer immersion seminar . Cost is only $39. Contact DeMile Self-Defense Systems Instructor, Randy Parker, for more information at parkerdwtc@gmail. com or (623) 866-8237.

SIP N DIP POOL PARTY Saturday, August 24th | 6:00-8:00PM | Foothills Pool

SPLISH SPLASH BASH Saturday, August 3rd | 6:00- 8:00PM | MVC Pool Splish & splash your way into a new school year! We have a magical evening of fun planned for you! Don’t miss an under the sea adventure at the MVC Pool, complete with mermaids and pirates! Swim with a mermaid and visit the pirate for a magical surprise! Don’t be late! The mermaids will make a splash at 6:30PM. Rita’s Shaved Ice will be on hand with cool treats, and the first 100 residents to arrive will receive a ticket for a free shaved ice!

LET’S PLAY MUSIC! Tuesday, August 13th | 3:30PM | MVC Building A When should a child begin piano or music lessons? Now! Let’s Play Music! is a music course for children that emphasizes total musicianship through piano playing, singing, classical music, note reading, and ear training...and it’s accomplished through PLAY! This exciting curriculum begins with a basic music introduction and leads students to, by graduation time, play piano at an intermediate level, transpose music, compose their own music, sight-read music, and excel in any further piano or instrument instruction. To register or for more information, email or call 760382-9912.

SUPERHERO BINGO Friday, August 16th | 6:00- 7:30PM | MVC Clubhouse Calling all superheroes big and small! Join us for Superhero Bingo, Friday, August 16th in the MVC Clubhouse at 6:00PM. We will be playing bingo and answering trivia questions for super prizes! Don’t forget to wear your capes and masks for this free event! Please RSVP to to reserve your space, seating is limited.


Hire a babysitter and come cool off at the Foothills Pool! We will have margaritas for you to sip on and a variety of dips for you to munch on as you hang out with friends and cool off in the pool. $3 per person or $5 per couple- includes two drink tickets per person and food at the event. Come by the office to pick up your tickets today! If you attend the Paint Expo earlier in the day- you will receive an extra drink ticket for the Sip N Dip Pool Party that evening!

AFTER SCHOOL HOMEWORK/ TUTORING CLUB Tuesdays & Thursdays (Starting August 27th) | 4:00PM | MVC Clubhouse The perfect place for your child to get some extra homework help or tutoring in any subject area! Hosted by a Vistancia resident and veteran teacher with 14 years of experience. This after school club is open to students in grades 2-6 and will have a small teacher to student ratio. Students should bring any homework, projects, or study materials. The cost is $25 per hour and students may attend once or twice a week. For more information and to RSVP please call Gina at 623256-2735 or email Private tutoring also available.

OBAMACARE SEMINAR Saturday, August 31st | 10:00AM- 12:00PM | MVC Clubhouse How will Health Care Reform affect you and your family? Please join William Steffen, Vistancia resident and health agent for 10 years, as he discusses the ins & outs of health care reform. Whether you buy your own health insurance, on Medicare, self-employed, a small business owner, or you get insurance through your employer; this is a seminar you won’t want to miss. Topics include premium subsidies/tax credit availability, IRS penalties, plans offerings, premium costs, required health benefits, free preventative care, pre-existing health conditions, how to sign up on the new health exchange/marketplace starting Oct 1st, whether you should keep your “grandfathered” plan, and what will happen to your existing health insurance plan.


Community >>> Scrapbook


Pool Photo by

>>> police beat

>>> Club Corner

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Peoria Vacation Watch Program By Officer Jeremy Meeks


s summer approaches with the heat beginning to rise, there are folks out there who enjoy taking a little vacation to escape to a cooler climate, whether it’s for the weekend or

longer. “Bad guys” also know you like to go on vacation and may try to remove some of your belongings while you are gone. The Peoria Police Department has a Vacation Watch program to assist you while you are gone. On our website ( go to Departments, Police Department and in the middle of the page in the Online section you will find Vacation Watch. There you will find a checklist to assist you on things you can do to better secure your residence while you are gone. There is also a form you can fill out if you would like the department to drive by your house to ensure that your house is watched while you are gone. The Peoria Police Department takes pride in the safety of our residents and their neighborhoods. We strive to ensure that even when our residents are on vacation, their homes stay safe.

How to Report Tips to the Peoria Police Department Text anonymous tips to 274-637 (CRI-MES) Email tips to Fill out form at Phone tip line at 623-773-7045

Vistancia Vipers The Vistancia Viper swim team made another great splash into their 5th swim season. The Vipers were led by the outstanding coaching of Taylor, Kelsey and Haley. 160 swimmers ranging from 4 to 15 years of age practiced every morning at the Foothills Pool. They participated in the Desert Swim League and competed in weekly swim meets. The progress of the swimmers was truly amazing. Not only have the kids improved their swimming skills and learned about competitive swimming, but they have developed new friendships as well. The support of the parents has been equally amazing and helped the team in every aspect from fundraising and volunteering to officiating at the swim meets. This year the Vipers took 5th place out of 13 teams at the Championship meet. The Vipers have steadily improved their standings in this championship meet. The teams ahead of the Vipers have been established for over 25 years. This was only the Vipers 5th season. We had more kids qualify for the Championship meet than ever before. The amazing efforts of this community working together as a team to host swim meets and run this program is remarkable. It is a community effort that we should all be proud of. Watching our community come together to cheer on our swimmers at every meet, creating summer memories for our children, and building lifelong friendships is what this team is all about. The Vistancia Vipers have proven to be a positive force in our community and the beginning of a strong tradition for endless years to come. We are excited to continue with “Off-Season” swimming with Coach Taylor beginning in August. Look for more details to follow. Thank you again to the families and swimmers on the Vipers along with the support of our Vistancia Community! For more information, please check out our website at


At the club >>> Tee TIME

Are You Comfortable? By Josh Doxtator, Head Golf Professional & Golf Operations Manager, Trilogy Golf Club at Vistancia


ecently in class, I asked my students, “how many of you are comfortable over the ball?” To my surprise not one person raised their hand and most just smirked as if I were crazy for even fathoming the thought of comfort when addressing the ball. This got me thinking about success and its relation to golfers trying to get to the next level, whatever level that may include. I take for granted the address to the ball and the comfort I feel prior to making a golf swing and didn’t truly understand its importance until recently. I will try and explain the value of comfort and how it relates to the success of your golf game. Comfort by definition means to physically relax. Are you physically relaxed before you hit the ball? Whether you’re brand new to the game or play more than a tour player, your first order of business is to find a relaxed state prior to making a swing. The reason comfort is so important is that it directly relates to confidence. Once you start relaxing over the ball your body is free to make better swings, which ultimately results in more confidence. Once confidence is achieved, success can start to take over. I cannot stress enough the importance of comfort when it relates to golf. Very recently I acquired a new student who plays at the highest levels and is hoping to make his way back onto the tour scene. In our

first lesson I asked him a series of questions and concluded that he had lost comfort somewhere along the way. We simply worked on gaining back that comfort and the results have been phenomenal! His attitude and demeanor have changed completely and his scores are starting to prove how important comfort is. If you do one thing for your game this year, try to gain comfort, build confidence and success will follow.

>>> blackstone

Blackstone Country Club at Vistancia Welcomes New Director of Golf By The Vistancia Information Center


lackstone Country Club at Vistancia has recently hired Tom Wilcox as the new Director of Golf to head up the private country club’s golf and member experience. Director Wilcox, a 30-year PGA Professional including a Master Professional designation, is the former general manager and director of golf at Quintero Golf Club in Peoria. Prior to joining Quintero, Tom held head golf professional positions at premier private clubs around the country including Sankaty Head Golf Club in Nantucket, Mass., John’s Island Club of Vero Beach, Fla., Philadelphia Country Club in Gladwyne, Pa., Sunset Ridge Country Club of Northfield, Il. and the Governors Club in Chapel Hill, N.C. “Tom is an excellent addition to the Blackstone Country Club team,” said Bill Griffon, general manager for Blackstone Country Club. “His


level of professionalism, golf expertise, and most importantly, his leadership skills will elevate the golf experience for our members to a new level.” A native of Cleveland, Wilcox began his golf career teaching courses at The College of Wooster in Ohio shortly after graduating at the college and participating in two NCAA college golf championships. Wilcox also served PGA apprenticeships as an assistant professional at Shaker Heights Country Club in Ohio, Olympia Fields Country Club in Illinois and John’s Island Club in Florida. In addition, he was recognized by the PGA of America in 1986 to become the 26th Master Professional in Golf Operations. Since its inception in 1969, only 333 PGA Professionals have graduated from the Master PGA Professional Program. In addition, Wilcox served as president of the Illinois PGA Foundation and is a national panel member of Golf Digest’s Top 100 Courses, currently serving as co-captain for Arizona. Blackstone Country Club was recently ranked No. 3 “Best Private Golf Courses” by Ranking Arizona. For more information about Blackstone Country Club membership visit or call 623-707-8700.


>>> council update

Sustainablilty Action Plan - August 2013 By Cathy Carlat, Councilmember, Mesquite District, City of Peoria


early five years ago, the City of Peoria developed its

to improved facility construction standards.

first Sustainability Action Plan. Created to reduce

Newly constructed facilities will be built to a

energy costs and conserve resources while making

minimum of a LEED Silver standard. In fact,

eco-friendly decisions, this plan contributes to the overarching

the renovated Municipal Court Building has

objective of being prudent stewards of taxpayer dollars.

received a LEED Gold Rating!

The Action Plan also includes an extensive public education

Although less obvious, the Open Space


Preservation plan is also guided by the

Sustainable Development is an intricate, yet simple idea that is

Sustainability Action Plan. By protecting the

focused on reducing the negative effects of accelerated growth and promoting neighbor-

critical open space areas and wildlife habitat

hood-centric activity, while encouraging responsible development, such as LEED (Leadership

corridors, we can successfully limit future

in Energy & Environmental Design) building. In line with this, the City of Peoria has committed

development that poses a threat to these areas.

The City of Peoria and Sports Authority presents

t The Firsders n o Resp d Adult aSnprint h t You

As you are driving around city streets, you may notice purple pipes along the roadways. These purple pipes indicate reclaimed or MINI TRI ADULTS:

recycled water that is specifically treated

200 yd. Swim • 9.0 mi Bike • 1.55 mi Run

for landscaping. In addition, out at Lake

MAXI TRI ADULTS: 400 yd. Swim • 12 mi Bike • 3.1 mi Run


:00 Paom 6 • 3 1 l 0 2 , 8 r rise o n e u b S m ia r e Sept The City of Peo , AZ r, Peoria . 86th D 21321 N

0.5 mi Run • 12 mi Bike • 3.1 mi Run

ADULT TRI-RELAY: Two or three person 400 yd. Swim • 12 mi Bike • 3.1 mi Run

YOUTH TRI: 100 yd. Swim • 3 mi Bike • 0.5 mi Run

Pleasant you will notice that we are capturing wind energy to help cut energy costs at the Lake Pleasant Fire Station. Purchased with grant funds, the wind turbines are cutting electricity costs, producing a renewable source of energy and releasing no pollution into our air. You may be wondering how you and your

Register Online at


family can also make changes to lead a more




Peoria’s sustainability team created Peoria’s Sustainable University. Free to all residents, the PSU courses are designed to empower residents to make small changes for big impacts. Whether you’re interested in adding solar to your rooftop, maintaining desert landscaping, learning how to compost, or Dates: Time: Ages: Locations: Fees:

August 7 - May 22 6:00 until school opens - school dismissal to 6:00 Kindergarten – 14 years old Programs located in all schools within the Peoria city limits. AM: $6 a day PM: $9 a day AM/PM: $14 a day or $56 per week

how to use water more efficiently, we’ve got you covered. Visit sustainableu for additional information. To keep updated about what is happening in your city, register for the Mesquite

We offer Break Camps during Fall, Winter and Spring Breaks and care on Early Release days upon school dismissal. Every site is licensed by the Department of Health Services Licensed program. DES and Military funding available for those that qualify.


Registration packets are available online

District electronic news alerts by visiting For more information call 623-773-7137

Contact Councilmember Cathy Carlat at or by calling (623) 773-7306.


Resources HOA Office Vistancia Community Patrol Vistancia Village Emergency For use between midnight and 8am

623.215.8646 480.313.2685

Garden Chat: Garden chat will meet the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 6pm. Contact for additional information.


Helping Hands Club: The Helping Hands club is a group of Vistancia residents with the same mission to help their neighbors in need! If you would like to join the club or if you have a need that the club might be able to assist you with contact Adrienne at

City of Peoria Police/Animal Control Peoria Policing Program, North Tip Line Fire Southwest Ambulance Arrowhead Hospital North Peoria Emergency Center Sun Health Hospital Post Office Sunrise Mountain Library

623.773.8311 623.773.5077 623.773.7279 480.655.7234 623.561.1000 623.561.2022 623.214.4000 623.979.8533 623.773.8650

Utilities Cox Communications Zona Communications Southwest Gas APS (Electric) City of Peoria (water/trash)

602.694.1952 623.455.4500 602.861.1999 602.371.7171 623.773.7160

Schools Peoria Unified S.D. #11 Lake Pleasant Elementary Attendance Vistancia Elementary Attendance Liberty High School Sunrise Mountain High School Creative Castle Preschool and Kindergarten

623.486.6000 623.773.6575 623.773.6582 623.773.6500 623.773.6508 623.773.6525 623.487.5125 602.740.9561

Churches Spirit Song United Methodist Church


Activities and Clubs Basketball League: Vistancia now has its own Basketball league. Games are Saturday mornings form 8am-12pm. For more info visit Bible Study: The women’s Bible study meets every Thursday at 9am in the MVC Clubhouse. All women are invited as we share, discuss, and encourage one another. Call Valerie for more information at 623-824-1357. Bike Club: If you love to bicycle, then have we got a club for you! The ABC (Arizona Bicycle Club)—a long-standing non-profit bicycle fun and advocacy club in the Valley—has opened a new chapter in Vistancia. The ride is at 8am every Saturday! For more info contact Charles Sykes at 602-748-8655 or Bunco: We need players! Join us in the Clubhouse on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7pm for an exciting dice game and a great way to meet new friends! The fee is $6 per person to play. There are 4 gift cards available to win! Please contact Devin Haggerty at dhaggerty@ ccmcnet if you’re interested in playing! Cheer Club: Cheer club meets every Wednesday night from 5:00pm to 7:00pm in the gym. We focus on health and fitness, building self confidence and the FUNdamentals of cheerleading with the emphasis on fun while working hard to perfect our skills. Email Clarissa at or call 572-4289 for more information. Dance: This interactive class will help your children build strength, coordination, confidence and have fun while getting a workout. In this high-energy class they will learn the latest hip hop dance moves and routines. Great for boys and girls (ages 3-5). Contact Tawni at for more information. Essential Oils: We meet at the Mountain Vista Club in Building A from 2:30-4:30pm the 3rd Saturday of every month. We will be making some products to use at home with our essential oils, come and join us for this fun class! If you have any questions regarding the class you can email Tera De Los Reyes at or call 602-819-0662. F-H Organized Group Fitness: We are offering Les Mills Classes. The monthly fee to join these classes are $35 – Single, $52 – Couple, and $70 – Family of 4. Visit or call 623-878-6638 to learn more. Fitness Boot Camp: With a military style of fitness training this class will help you shed pounds and get into shape while having fun! Early bird special is $75 for the entire 5 weeks Monday-Friday. Call Jennifer at (435) 701-0065 or email her at to sign up. Visit for more information.

Let’s Play Music!: This exciting curriculum begins with a basic music introduction and leads students to, by graduation time, play piano at an intermediate level, transpose music, compose their own music, sight-read music, and excel in any further piano or instrument instruction. Register to attend a FREE sample class with your child. To register: Email Lorie at or call 760-382-9912. MOMS Club: We are a non-profit network support group for all moms. Whether you are working and looking to connect with other working moms or you stay at home and are looking for friendships for both you and your child, we are the answer. We offer many activities! If you are interested in meeting new moms and making great friendships, please visit Mountain Biking Club: This club meets on weekends at the discrepancy of group leader. Explore new terrain in and around the Vistancia community. For additional information contact Scott Thompson at 623.764.4960. Poker Club: Come meet your neighbors while playing a game of skill and luck. Vistancia Poker Texas hold-em tournaments are held every other Saturday from January through November, with a championship tournament in December. Buyins vary from $20 to $40 per tournament. For the full schedule of tournaments or more information, please visit our website at or email Self Defense Class: Sifu Randy Parker, a certified instructor for DeMile Self-Defense Systems, will be teaching adult level (14 or older) classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays; Beginner 6pm and Advanced 7pm in MVC Building A. Please contact Sifu Parker at or 623 866 8237 for more information. Teen Club: Kids ages 11-17. We plan teen events and do community service projects all while having a great time. Please contact Devin Haggerty at for more information. Tennis Club: Drop-in Tennis is on Tuesdays, Thursday and Friday at the Mountain Vista Club tennis courts at 7-9am. For more information contact or call Tom or Barbara at 928.252.3546. Tennis Lessons: Tennis Pro Joe Ragland instructs Children and Adults in multiple settings including private lessons and group clinics. Call Joe for additional information at 623.680.6738. Tumbling: Tumblers with learn skills such as forward rolls, backward rolls, bridges, backbends, cartwheels, handstands, back walkovers and many more skills. All these skills with help your child build strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, and motor skills. Great for boys and girls. Tuesdays/Thursdays | 6:40-7:20 (Ages 6-12). Thursdays | 6:00-6:40 (Ages 3-5). Contact Tawni at for more information. Vistancia Village Loaning Library: Bring a book take a book at the Loaning Library in the Association Office. We are also always accepting donations for books and DVDs For more information contact the Association Office at 623.215.8646. Vistancia Vipers: Vistancia Village Swim Team. Practices are currently Monday- Friday 7:0011:45am at the Foothills Pool. For more information contact Jen Peery at Vistancia Water Works: Vistancia Waterworks will be offering group swim lessons on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for youth ages 4 and up and an adult class. Classes will feature a 3:1 student instructor ratio and economical pricing, $15.00 per class. All classes will be held at the Vistancia Mountain Vista Pool. For registration please phone 425 492-6871. For additional information please visit Water Aerobics: Join us Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings at 9am in the MVC Lap Pool for FUN while working out. Great for all ages, contact Diane Schwartz at for more information. Workout Group: Come enjoy new friends as you strengthen your muscles and enjoy fun new workouts. We rotate through various strength training, cardio, and Plyometric exercises. All age ranges and skill levels welcome. Classes are Free! We meet Mon, Wed, Fri at 8:15am in the MVC Gym. Contact Carrie at Zumba: Are you ready to party yourself into shape? That’s exactly what the Zumba® program is all about. It’s an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness-party™ that’s moving millions of people toward joy and health. $5 fee per class, we meet Tuesday and Thursday nights at 8pm in the MVC Gym. Contact Aimee at

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Bible Study, 9am

Vistancia Village Association 29701 N. Sunrise Point Peoria, AZ 85383 623.215.8646 4






13 Let’s Play Music! 3:30-5pm Annual Fit Camp 6:30pm



14 Garden Chat 6pm



Weekly Fitness


Body Pump 6am Workout Group 8:15am Water Aerobics 9am-10am Grit Cardio and Plyo 9:15 Body Pump 12pm Cheer Club 4-6pm


Body Flow 6am Drop-in Tennis 7-9am Water Aerobics 9-10am Stroller Strides 9:30-10:30 F-H Kids 11am Grit Strength and Cardio 12pm Dance 6-7:20pm Self Defense 6pm and 7pm Zumba 8pm




Body Pump 6am Workout Group 8:15am Water Aerobics 9-10am FH Bootcamp 9:15 Grit Cardio and Plyo 12pm Cheer Club 5-7pm




17 Self Defense 9am-12pm Essential Oils 2:30-4:30


24 Paint Expo 10am-3pm Sip N Dip Pool Party 6-8pm

MOMS Club 10am Superhero Bingo 6pm

22 Bible Study, 9am


3 Splish Splash Back to School Bash, 6-8pm

MOMS Club 10am

Bible Study, 9am

Bunco 7pm

2 Coffee Talk 9am MOMS Club 10am

Bible Study, 9am



MOMS Club 10am




Bible Study, 9am

MOMS Club 10am

ObamaCare Seminar 10am-12pm

Grit Plyo and Strength 6am Drop-in Tennis 7-9am Stroller Strides 9:30-10:30 FH Kids 11am Grit Plyo 12pm Self Defense 6pm and 7pm Tumbling 6-7:20pm Zumba 8pm

Grit Strength and Cardio 6am Workout Group 8:15am Water Aerobics 9-10am Body Flow 9:15 CXWORX 12pm

Grit Cardio and Plyo 6am

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