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Lookin Lookin ASSO NEWS Power Ranch Community Association Offices are located at Power Ranch Community Association Offices are located at The Ranch House Clubhouse. Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. The Ranch House Clubhouse. Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. 480-988-0960 | 480.988.0960 | FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: FAN US ON FACEBOOK: FAN US ON FACEBOOK: PowerRanchCommunityAssociation PowerRanchCommunityAssociation VISIT OURSMALL SMALL BUSINESS NETWORK: VISIT OUR BUSINESS NETWORK:


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After After hours, please contact Property hours, please contact PropertyPatrol Patrolatat480.216.9141 480-216-9141 oror 480.229.4051. activity, please 480.229.4051.If Ifyou yousee seevandalism vandalism or orsuspicious suspicious activity, please contact thethe Gilbert Police Department at at 480.503.6500. contact Gilbert Police Department 480-503-6500. Photo by Elizabeth Wrublik


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>>> Manager’s Message

Power Ranch Association Board of Directors

By Stephanie Fee, Community Manager



Looking Back; Looking Forward Chirag Shukla, Treasurer ASSOCIATION NEWS

Letter from the President Judy Mitchell, Director ASSOCIATION NEWS



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m PowerRanch .com/


Fourth Quarter Board Briefs Stephanie Fee Shannon Ellerbusch ASSOCIATION Community Assistant NEWS Community Manager Manager

16-9141 or tivity, please 03-6500.

On the Cover: Solar Ramadas coming to Power Ranch.


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Matt Dominy CONTENTSCourtland Lee Vice President Secretary

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e located at ay 8am-5pm.


More to Enjoy at Power Ranch

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Resource Numbers ASSOCIATION Power Ranch Community Association 480.988.0960 Property Patrol 480.216.9141 CCMC 8360 E. Via De Ventura Blvd Bldg L Ste. 100 Scottsdale, AZ 85258 480.921.7500 EMERGENCY - DIAL 911 CHW Urgent Care 480.728.6000 Gilbert Police Department 480.503.6500 Fire Department 480.503.6350 Maricopa Animal Control 602.506.7387 PUBLIC SERVICES Water, Sewer & Refuse 480.503.6800 Recycling/Trash Services 480.503.6400 Gas: Southwest Gas

602.861.1999 Electric: Salt River Project 602.236.8888 GOVERNMENT Motor Vehicle Department 602.255.0072 Post Office 800.275.8777 Town of Gilbert 480.503.6098 SCHOOLS Higley Unified School District 480.279.7000 Power Ranch Elementary 480.279.7600 Centennial Elementary 480.279.8200 Higley High School 480.279.7300 Williams Field High School 480.279.8000 Imagine Schools West Gilbert Elementary 480.855.2700

MEDICAL Mercy Gilbert Medical Center 480.728.8000 Gilbert Hospital 480.984.2000 Banner Gateway Medical Center 480.543.2000 Emergency Animal Clinic 480.497.0222 RECREATION Gilbert Parks & Recreation 480.503.6200 LIBRARY Southeast Regional Library 480.539.5100 TRANSPORTATION ADOT Sky Harbor Airport 602.273.3300 Williams Gateway Airport 480.988.7600


s I was touring Power Ranch with Lori Camou, CCMC’s new administrative assistant, it reminded me how amazing this community is. It’s hard to believe that Power Ranch used to be home to a variety of crops including cotton, peaches, plums, grapes, nectarines, barley, wheat, sorghum and potatoes. Now Power Ranch is home to: 200 acres of open space, fishing lakes, fishing piers and an estimated 10,000 residents in 4,000 homes. There are so many opportunities to connect with neighbors and friends at Power Ranch. Between the lifestyle events here, the schools and worship centers, we have an amazing connectivity at Power Ranch. We have spent a lot of time talking about social capital and how important it is in a neighborhood like Power Ranch. In this issue you will learn how a cul-de-sac came together to purchase granite and helped each other spruce up their street. You will see photos from the Adult Sip and Dip – men in grass skirts! An incredible group of residents that have formed ASPiRE and are truly working for the greater good of the community. All of these things add value to Power Ranch. Our goal as management staff is to worry about the operations and ensure that the community common areas are maintained and ready for your enjoyment. We are consistently trying to improve the manner in which we operate. During June, we launched the new web site and facility rental module to better assist the residents and improve the navigation of information. We hope you sign on! We keep tabs on the many reserve and replacement projects that enhance the appearance of Power Ranch. Such as perimeter wall painting, new mailboxes, landscape refurbishment, cool deck sealing, resurfacing spas and pools, replacing pool furniture, basketball nets, volleyball nets, resurfacing courts and many other items. Please let us know if you have any concerns or can help in any way. Now go out and enjoy your beautiful community!


>>> President’s MESSAGE

Power Ranch Priorities for the Year By Jeffrey Gundlach, President Power Ranch Board of Directors Dear Residents;


our Power Ranch Board held a strategic planning meeting in June to discuss priorities for the year. We

reviewed those goals with the attendees at the June board meeting and have included them here for your review. Goals - 2013/2014 Committee Evaluation (DRC, NAC, BUC, Landscape, Budget & Finance and Knolls): •

Review purpose and viability in current structure

Review need of additional committees

Update all charters to include clear expectation and specific function, outline standing committee or ad hoc committee, set the number of meetings and number of members

Introduce and implement charter changes where applicable

Priority committees are the BUC and the Knolls

Increase Resident Participation:

Finalize budget by November 1, 2013

Determine the viability of a Knolls

Complete by August 1, 2013 for the BUC and for the Knolls Committee

Facilities Evaluation and Determination: •

Via the Building Use Committee (BUC), survey the community membership for service needs/wants as it relates to amenities and buildings. The goal is to release survey to membership by August 1, 2013

Evaluate data from surveys by August Board Meeting

Host Town Hall Meetings by October 15, 2013

Commence development of business plan for building usage and related programing based on community feedback by March 1, 2014

• •

Determine best practices to increase community communication for the

Committee established for the

purpose of engaging community

assistance in communicating the

members and complete baseline

financial service needs and related

changes by January 1, 2014

budget, the service standard

Increase attendance at the Board

expectation alignment and continued


education and dialogue with the Knolls

Recruit new community members to

members through the initial “start-up”

participate on committees •

Establish benchmark and track attendance at lifestyle events

Resolve Knolls Financial and Service Standard Expectations: Establish Knolls financial needs by September 1, 2013 •

Complete the Committee viability and charter by August 1, 2013

Provide periodic tracking information on participation to the Board

of the Knolls neighborhood •

Host meeting to discuss Special Assessment and outline financial needs by October 1, 2013

We look forward to your participation in the on line survey as resident input is extremely important. Please watch your email box around August 1, 2013 and help us plan for the future of Power Ranch. We welcome your attendance at our monthly meetings held on the fourth Monday of each month. Enjoy the summer.


Association >>> Power Ranch Rules

Pool Etiquette


his has been a very busy pool season at Power Ranch and as the temperatures escalate, activity will only increase. We have received a number of concerns on the condition of the restrooms at both the Ranch House and The Barn. Please remember that these are YOUR restrooms, there are no pool attendants to check on the condition hourly. Please treat them as if they were restrooms in your own home. They are cleaned at night and checked in the morning by maintenance staff and again in the afternoons and evenings by Property Patrol. Additional cleanings equate to an increase in assessment dollars. It seems silly to have to remind residents of this but please shower before entering the pool, and wear the proper bathing attire. When people swim in clothes it affects the ph balance in the pools. Swim Diapers must be worn on children who are not potty trained. Cloth or disposable diapers are not a substitution. In the restrooms and in the pool areas, please place waste in the proper containers. We have added blue recycle bins at each pool for plastic bottles. Please flush the toilets after use. If your child happens to have an accident,

please clean up after them, place diapers in the trash containers not in the metal receptacles. Or if they are unsure of themselves please accompany them to the restroom. Thank you for your cooperation on these issues.

>>> Board of Directors

Board Briefs May 28, 2013 Board Meeting

Reviewed and approved the completed AV package for the Barn to include installation of acoustic panels, speakers for even sound coverage through the room, blue ray player, (2) hand held microphones, video matrix, equipment rack, tv’s, LED lighting retrofit and movement of fixtures that currently illuminate the duct work, as well as minor electrical work to accommodate the changes. Total cost of the project is $60,604. The AV package will enhance the capabilities for programming in the Barn and allow for a permanent audio system to better compliment the acoustics of the facility.

Board agreed to leave the current lighting package in the new ramadas as opposed to changing fixtures or photometrics for the ramadas.

The following items were discussed. •

Approved consent agenda for replacement of a mother board on the access system at the Knolls Pool on Posse, Minutes from April 22, 2013 and Well 5 - Investigative repair.

Approved bad debt write off of 4 former owner accounts totaling $8,932.15. (All collection efforts have been exhausted, then they are turned over to a collection agency).

Marty Silverman of ESG (Energy Savings Group) provided a presentation on the proposed lighting retrofit to LED lights in the Barn. He provided samples of the two types of lighting available.

Approved the installation of the Rolla Chem system on three spas within The Knolls. This will assist in keeping a balance in the chemicals by using liquid chlorine and acid that is automatically fed into the spas. It should eliminate the staining of the deck caused by solids in the chlorine tablets and prolong the life of the heater coils by maintaining the acid level in the water. High temperatures and high bather loads in the spas wreak havoc on the chemical balance

Committee Appointments were tabled as none of the applicants had attended a committee meeting which is required as part of the application process.

Approved a contribution of $1,000 to the Art Wagner Scholarship Fund in memory of Art’s contributions and volunteer efforts in Power Ranch.

June 24, 2013 Board Meeting •

Board approved the consent agenda consisting of Minutes from the May Board meeting, Bad Debt write off of $6,602.86, Palm Tree skinning in The Arbors and Palm Tree trimming at the Pools in the Knolls. All other palm trimming is included in the contract pricing.

The Board reviewed and approved changes to the Knolls Committee Charter to make it a standing committee rather than an ad hoc committee and to expand it’s scope to an advisory capacity rather than focus on just the financial recommendations.

The Board appointed Sandra Baker and Kim Bischoff to the Design Review Committee


>>> Covenants Corner

Why Close Your Garage Door


his is a reminder to all residents that you need to be careful when intentionally/unintentionally leaving your garage door up. This creates a tempting opportunity for those inclined to act on their instincts. They see the garage left open and/or for a quick ah ha moment may grab something or return later and snatch what caught their eye! Power Ranch neighborhoods have many service providers, deliveries, visitors and professionals casing neighborhoods. When we leave our garage door open, we advertise what we have!


Lt. Ruet with the Gilbert Police Department has informed the office staff that many of the crimes in Power Ranch are simply crimes of opportunity. Open garage doors and unlocked cars are tempting to criminals. Don’t leave anything of value in your vehicles as smart phones, lap tops, wallets or purses. Let’s do our part to keep Power Ranch crime free.

>>> Extras 2/6/2013 6:40 PM Page 3

Lariat Court Gets Makeover


n the beginning, there was desire to beautify our little corner of a neighborhood on South Lariat Court in the Groves. We started with 25 tons of granite, three wheelbarrows, three shovels, and two brooms; with the will to rock out! In the end, after much sweat, a few R 2013tears, one broken wheelbarrow axel, copious amounts of water, and several doses of ibuprofen, the trio of neighbors came, saw, and took the mountain out. What was left was beautified yards, proud neighbors, a clean street, lingering body aches, and a job well done! Thanks to PRCA Management and Four Peaks Landscape for making the




CONTENTS arrangements to bring the opportunity for us to work together, create memories and improve our community.


Cheers, Joe Hornstrom

Looking Back; Looking Forward ASSOCIATION NEWS

ttention residents and guests of Power Ranch. The Association is working closely with Gilbert Police to reduce the vandalism Ranch Community Association Offices are located at and trespassing in the neighborhood. We are prosecuting for nch House Clubhouse. Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. after hours trespassing of pools and common areas for the simple fact that they cost the Association money. We encourage all owners to 480-988-0960 | Fourth Quarter activity to the police and if you observe people in pool OW USreport ON TWITTER: areas closing, please contact the police. FAN US ONafter FACEBOOK: Board Briefs


PowerRanchCommunityAssociation During June, there was one episode at the CalistogaASSOCIATION pool in the VISIT OUR SMALL BUSINESS NETWORK: Knolls that resulted in well over $2,000 in damages. The Association NEWS

is prosecuting for damages. Broken bottles have been found on cool in poolProperty areas, Patrol pool and spa light or fixtures have been destroyed hours,decks please contact at 480-216-9141 and/or completeactivity, draining of the pool or spa. .4051.requiring If you see partial vandalism or suspicious please

On the Cover: Solar Ramadas coming to Power Ranch.

tact the Gilbert Police Department at 480-503-6500.

Did You Know?



ower Ranch Community Association spends $11,060.52 annually to mail quarterly statements to residents? Power Ranch was included in CCMC’s initial test for IATION STAFF e-statements. To date, we have 208 ie Fee, Community Manager | residents enrolled but at the time of the statement mailing we had 99 Ellerbusch, Asst. Comm. Mgr. | residents enrolled. With the June mailing, the Association saved $374. ss, Communications Coordinator | We encourage residents to sign up for e-statements,ASSOCIATION it would be great e Zeitler, Covenants Coordinator | artridge, Admin. | Power Ranch Community if we couldCoordinator decrease that expense by one third!

riotti, Lifestyle Director | Directors |

Design by: Desert to Mountain Architecture Renderings by: Lone Wolf Drafting and Design

Letter from the President ASSOCIATION NEWS


Business Network = Community Partnerships COMMUNITY


Resource Numbers

Association 480.988.0960 Property Patrol 480.216.9141

602.861.1999 Electric: Salt River Project 602.236.8888

MEDICAL Mercy Gilbert Medical Center 480.728.8000 Gilbert Hospital 480.984.2000

Mid-July 2013 | POWER RANCH LIVING MAGAZINE | 7 GOVERNMENT Motor Vehicle Department


>>> Landscaping

The Correct Approach to Palm Tree Trimming By Fran Morahan III, Certified Arborist WE-5842A

Educating & Caring for Children... One Child at a Time! Infants (from 6 wks.) • Preschool • K-Readiness Before & After School • Summer Camp Open Monday - Friday, 6:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

JOIN US FOR A FREE DISCOVERY DAY! Gilbert • 6288 S. Higley Rd. • 480.633.5588 (Higley Rd. & Chandler Hts.)


e prune palms for the same reasons we prune other trees. That is, mostly for the needs of people, rather than for the needs of the tree. That does not mean there is anything wrong with pruning, but it is important to keep in mind that pruning is a stress to the tree, and it should be conducted with specific objectives in mind. The hurricane cut, removes all the fronds, alive and dead, up to and above a 45-degree angle which is not typically the correct method. The loss of live foliage, whether on a palm or a pine, can have dire consequences and should not be undertaken without a clear understanding of the potential risks and benefits. Removing live foliage can starve a tree, reducing its photosynthetic capacity to support critical functions such as growth, storage, and defense. Excessive pruning can become a contributing factor in the decline and eventual death of any tree. Removing too much live foliage during a season can significantly reduce trunk expansion during that same time period. Hurricane cuts can remove so much foliage that the trunk becomes constricted and a potential weak point. Trees that have been severely pruned for a time and then left to grow have an hourglass figure; this constriction can snap off in high winds. Appearance trimming should never exceed a 180 degree angle; to reduce habitat for unwanted insects, rodents, and birds (and even snakes!); and for safety. The dead leaves can become a safety hazard when they fall great distances. The Canary Island date palm (Phoenix canariensis) has large, heavy petioles armed with long, sharp, modified leaves, or spikes that can cause serious injury if they strike a person when the leaf falls.



>>> Good Neighbors

A Hero Among Us By Lisa Capriotti


ower Ranch residents are always investing in the lives of one another and one particular resident is saving lives! I recently heard the story about Guillermo “Memo” Arrubla, a Willows resident who saved the life of a woman on his vacation in Hawaii. I immediately thought what a great feature article for the magazine! The more I learned about he and his wife, the more excited I was to share not only the rescue, but their story as a family. Memo was born in Columbia with severe medical issues, so his family moved to New York in search of quality medical care. He was raised in Brooklyn and this is where he would eventually meet his wife. He recalls the story like this: “I met my wife while I was working for NYPD in 2003. I was returning from working a protest with some other officers. We stopped to eat at my favorite childhood restaurant. While I was eating, one of the waiters walked over and handed me a napkin and said, this is from that young lady sitting over there. When I unfolded the napkin, I saw the name Jennifer and her phone number. I approached her table and noticed how young she looked, so my first question was how old are you? Once she replied 22, I exhaled in relief and smiled. I called her the very next day and didn’t abide by the “wait three days” rule! And that was all she wrote for me!” They married in Long Island in 2005. Afterward he transferred to the Phoenix Police Department. Most recently, Arrubla was honored as the South Mountain Precinct Officer of the Year.

Memo, Jen, and their three sons, Danny (19), Raf (14), and Jaden (7), are self-proclaimed pranksters. They enjoy joking around with one another and make it a point to sit down for dinner together most every night. Music is constantly playing in their house, at a decent level of course, and Memo plays the piano and guitar. You may see the boys playing soccer at the fields near the Ranch House and most likely have run into one of the family members at a Red Box Kiosk. The Arrubla’s abide by the motto Live, Love, and laugh! These are your neighbors, and we are proud to have a real life hero among us!

But not only is he vigilant at work, he pays attention to his surroundings on vacation. On a cliff diving venture in Hawaii, Memo thought about jumping in, but recognized the danger and opted to spectate. Eventually he noticed one woman was having a hard time getting back to the rocks. The current would crash on her, and then pull her back out. One of her friend’s jumped in, but couldn’t help because the waves were too powerful. Guillermo, who worked as a lifeguard in his youth, started climbing down the cliff with two life jackets. The rescue was quite courageous and earned Arrubla a merit award from the Honolulu Ocean Safety Division. You can find a detailed account of the heroic rescue with a simple Internet search.


Community >>> Featured Events

Where Were You Last Month?


he happenings throughout Power Ranch during the month of June are proof of our amazing “Social Capital”! Over 20 teens were trained and CPR Certified to become babysitters, droves of people showed up to donate blood at the first of many more blood drives, committees met to discuss the future, children participated in music classes, all generations played bingo, and adults sipped and dipped. You didn’t even have to leave your neighborhood to enjoy a live concert at the Barn and Moms broke out of the house for an evening of Bunco where new friendships were formed. **To have your “where were you” picture featured in next months magazine please submit to Lisa by July 25th at

Larry & Joyce Danger with Mike Segura.


>>> Lifestyle Corner

Social Capital


CMC’s Corporate Lifestyle Director, Nicole Englemann, recently had an article published in 50+ Housing Magazine. Although Power Ranch is not a 50+ Community, the concept is spot on. Included are some excerpts. A: Before talking about what lifestyle is, here’s what it’s not: Fancy amenity centers, special events, health and wellness classes, or recreational programming. Lifestyle is the collective value of all social networks and the inclinations that arise from these networks to do things for each other. Harvard professor Robert D. Putnam called it “Social Capital”. So how do you create it? A vibrant lifestyle program starts with the expectation of involvement. In other words, residents must move to your community expecting to be involved. This will happen only if the opportunities for involvement are visible and tangible. A robust lifestyle program will include three distinct types of connection opportunities: Neighbor-to-Neighbor Connections Connecting neighbors with similar interests is the first step in building a lifestyle program. Expect the community’s lifestyle calendar to evolve and change over time. Success with such gatherings should

be based not on attendance alone, but on how many genuine connections are made between neighbors. Neighbor-to-Neighborhood Connections Give residents the opportunity to define their volunteer roles and responsibilities, based on their own talents and schedules. Neighborhood-to-Greater Community Connections A strong network of local strategic partners and sponsors will let community do more with less. This requires building relationships with local municipal, cultural, educational, charitable, business and health organizations. If done well, this can all look easy, but building relationships takes time and talent. Beyond planning events, a lifestyle director’s job is to build relationships. While event planning can be done part-time — lifestyle cannot. Power Ranch is becoming a community with valuable “Social Capital”. We have residents leading scout troops, fitness classes, women’s and sports clubs, and service and networking groups. We have developed strong partnerships with the Town of Gilbert, our schools, and surrounding businesses. Like the tagline of the ASPiRE group states, Our Community Works!

>>> ASPiRE

Wake Up, Get Up, and Don’t Ever Give Up By Melanie Morton, AdvoCare Advisor, ASPiRE Member, and Power Ranch Homeowner


f you would have told me that one day I would wake up and say to myself, “I have no idea who I am anymore,” I would have laughed in your face. Fast forward 18 years and that moment arrived on the heels of two divorces, three kids, and the loss of a job.

Mrs. Debra Fisser, shared “Life’s game has a beginning and an end, stop living like it doesn’t.” Our time here is too precious, and being anything less than everything we were created to be is a waste. Sometimes all it takes is someone else believing in you just long enough for you to believe it yourself.

The scenery was changing gradually, day after day when I finally realized I was living on autopilot; I was lost. Every ounce of my worn out body wanted to stay on my comfy path to nowhere, however my last thread of sanity was screaming at me that that my children deserved better. So with one, brave, committed, decision to become healthier in hopes to regain my energy, I literally changed the direction of my life. What started as a 24 Day Challenge quickly evolved into believing in me again. I started meeting new people and making new friends by joining clubs, networking groups, and volunteering in a community that I’ve lived in for over 8 years. Most importantly it

evolved into me becoming the Mommy those three little blessings deserve. Although I lost 23 lbs., 23 inches, and started making an extra $1000/month in my spare time, it became less about me and ALL about helping others step out of quiet desperation to embrace LIFE. I’ve learned a lot over the past 6 months with my journey with AdvoCare. Our VP of Sales,

Melanie is an 8 year resident of Power Ranch and lives in the Orchards with her Fiancé’ Paul, three children; Alyssa 16, Caden 14, and Parker 2, and three Pugs; Mushu, Saki, and Eggroll. Her favorite thing about Power Ranch is the small town feel of an involved and active community. Melanie works from home and helps people get out of debt by helping themselves and others achieve their health goals of looking, feeling, and performing better. You can contact her at or see more success stories on her website at www.


Community >>> What’s Happening EVENTS FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: FAN US ON FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook. com/PowerRanchCommunityAssociation VISIT OUR COMMUNITY WEBSITE: VISIT OUR SMALL BUSINESS NETWORK:

CHICK FLICK presented by the Women’s Club

If you haven’t heard, there is new audio visual equipment in the Barn! Come see a classic chick flick on two 80 inch flat screens. Bring your blanket, beverage, and snack to share. RSVP to Sandy Ruffalo at Dates & Time: August 6 6-930pm Cost: Free Location: Barn


IT’S HOT!!! Come cool off with a variety of water inflatables, games, and contests. See who’s in the dunk tank that needs to take a splash. Enjoy your favorite cold snack from the Sno Shack or indulge in a sandwich from the Grilled Cheese Food Truck. This is a partnership event with our neighborhood schools! Dates & Time: August 10 9am-noon Cost: $5 in advance $7 day of Location: Ranch House Soccer Fields


In a continuing effort to meet the needs of residents, ASPiRE is connecting babysitters with parents! Come to the Barn to meet and interview well trained, certified, and professional babysitters that reside within Power Ranch! Feel free to bring your children so they can meet their potential sitter. Not only have the babysitters been trained, they have been educated about proper business etiquette by the business owners of ASPiRE. Date & Time: July 23 from 630-8pm Location: Barn Cost: FREE


If you have moved into the Power Ranch Community within the last three months, or have yet to attend one of these events, please join us for this information filled evening. You will learn some interesting facts and hear about the perks of living in this great community. Family friendly evening with dinner sponsored by ASPiRE. Date & Time: July 16 6:30-7:30pm Location: The Ranch House Clubhouse Cost: FREE RSVP to


How about a free breakfast and the opportunity to mingle with your neighbors and management staff? Grab a cup of java to go or catch up with your friends. A casual morning to be enjoyed by all. Date & Time: July 26th 8-10am Location: Ranch House Cost: FREE

ASPiRE (Association of Power Ranch Entrepreneurs) Our Community Works!

This exclusive resident run small business service group meets bi-monthly to share new ideas, problem solve and help one another promote their business. It is also open to homeowners who are interested in learning about service/product providers within Power Ranch. We are building a very comprehensive list of businesses, so come on out and see how we can all work together. Dates & Time: 2nd Wednesdays and 4th Tuesdays of the month 7-8pm Location: The Ranch House Cost: First meeting free Registration: Annual membership required.


We invite you to unleash your inner artist with the trendiest night out in Power Ranch. You don’t want to miss it.    Fly Art combines step-by-step instruction with music and wine to create a painting you can call your own!  Whether you consider yourself an artist or have never painted before, our instructor will guide you through the featured painting of the evening, Starry Night....and at the end of the night, you’ll go home with your own unique painting! Fly Art...Art House Dates & Time: August 20 from 7-9:30 pm. Location: The Ranch House Cost: $35 (BYOB) Registration: Limited space available. Register at



Enter the House of Dragon. Sifu Tom Hicks, Captain, US Army (Retired), Third Degree Black Belt & Resident Instructor, along with his experienced Certified Black Belt instructor team teaches a unique Bushido version of traditional Hawaii Kenpo Karate in a safe, structured, fun and family oriented environment located at the Barn. With a humble heart, discipline, integrity, commitment, dedication and a lot of motivation YOU can earn your Black Belt! Or you can just have a blast getting in shape! All skill levels & fitness levels welcomed. Students range in age from 4 to 55+, family discount rates below. The Martial Arts experience can positively change your life transforming one’s mind, body and soul. 2500 years ago Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said “The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.” Begin your journey today! Date & Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:30 to 7:45pm Location: The Barn Cost: $35 per participant monthly; $90 for 3 family members and $15 for each additional. Registration/Questions: Contact Sifu Tom Hicks at 480-202-0282 or or Simo Louwani Hicks at 480-202-0620.

AIKIDO KOKIKAI The Martial Art of Peace –

Because we are too powerful for war! Curious? Come experience the power, grace and elegance of Aikido. This particular martial art will help you develop calmness, increase confidence, and feel energized. Ages 12 and up. Date & Time: Wednesdays 6:45-8pm (regular class) Saturdays 10-11:30am (regular class and weapons/Kata) Location: OLD YMCA building Cost: $75 month for Power Ranch residents. First class is free. Registration/Questions: Contact Tom JoanesSensei @ 480.236.5025 Visit


Date & Time: ongoing May 20th- August 16th Location: old YMCA building Cost: Free first 4 weeks. $85 per 4 week session or $198 for 12 weeks Registration/Questions: Jennifer Shump 480.570.2800


Kindermusik at The Musik Box is now offering classes at Power Ranch taught by certified instructor Stefanie Jamison. Parents attend with their children to enjoy the singing, playing, music and dancing in a stimulating and fun environment. Prices include the cost of an at-home kit with the 1 month class session. Classes are available for children of all ages on Thursdays at The Barn. “Our Time” for ages 18 months to 3 years, $50, Thursdays at 9:15am; “Village” for babies up to 18 months, $45, Thursdays at 10:15; “Family Time” for kids of all ages, $45 for one kid or $65 for two, Thursdays at 11:30am. Dates & Times: Thursdays – 9:15am “Our Time” for ages 18 months to 3 years 10:15am “Village” for babies up to 18 months 11:30am “Family Time” for kids of all ages Class sessions: April 5–26, May 3-31 Location: The Barn Cost: Our Time $50, Village $45, Family Time $45 for one kid or $65 for two. Questions: Contact Stephanie Jamison at or 480-792-6793

POWER RANCH WOMEN’S CLUB - 1st Wednesday of each month!!

Come and join women of all ages for a fun new social club in Power Ranch! Meetings will be held on the first Wednesday of each month with activities throughout the month. We will get together to plan field trips, potlucks, events and more! Leave the men and kids at home and come out for a fun evening and make some new friends right in your neighborhood! Date & Time: 1st Wed of the month @ 6:30pm Location: Ranch House Ages: All women ages 18 and over invited! RSVP/Questions: Contact club coordinator Sandy Ruffalo at


Men and Women are welcome for some fun and recreational soccer for Power Ranch residents

and their guests. Date & Time: Sunday mornings 8:45am Location: The Ranch House Park Soccer Fields RSVP/Questions: Contact Brent Knoll at or on Facebook at!/ groups/169693683086840.

MOMS Club®

MOMS Club is for every mom! Our purpose is to provide support for mothers who are home during the day. We promote an atmosphere for moms and kids to build lifelong friendships. We do this through playgroups, children’s activities, book club, coffee chat, recipe club, park days and Mom’s Night Out. For more information please visit our website at or email us at

CLUBS* POWER PLAYERS GAME GROUP Afternoon and Evening Groups!

Interested in meeting new friends and playing a variety of games? We will meet at the Ranch House one morning and one evening a month for snacks, card games and fun! Bring cards if you have them, snacks to share and your own drinks if you would like. No charge to attend. Date & Time: First Tuesday of each month 1pm-3:30pm – Evening dates 3th Thursday of the month from 6:30-10pm Location: Ranch House Cost: FREE


Community Achieve your dream.

EVERY STUDENT SUCCEEDS Register today for summer and fall classes. Classes begin May 28, July 1 and August 17.

>>> Club Corner



ower Ranch Ladies are awesome! We had an amazing turnout with 26 participants at the first ever Ladies Bunco Night, hosted by the MOMS Club of Gilbert-

Power Ranch. In 3 hours we completed 4 rounds of Bunco,

Students will not be permitted to enroll in a class once it has started.

made some new friends, visited with old friends, shared some laughs and had a lot of fun. The highlight of the evening was

Williams Campus 7360 E. Tahoe Ave., Mesa, AZ 85212 | 480.988.8000

An EEO/AA Institution

getting to know more of our neighbors. Events like this are the beauty that creates a close knit community and makes you feel like you live in a small town as opposed to just a suburb of Phoenix. The evening was so much fun that many players asked when we are playing again. MOMS Club is excited to officially put this on the calendar every other month. Look for an invite to the next Ladies Bunco Night in August. If you’ve never played Bunco, don’t let that keep you away! It only takes a couple turns to get the hang of it. Newbies are more than welcome! An important part of MOMS Club is supporting our community through service projects.

We would like to dedicate an

upcoming evening of Bunco to fundraising for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Look for more information on that when you receive an invite to the next Ladies Bunco Night. Many thanks to all of you that came to play, have fun and build community – we look forward to seeing you around the neighborhood & of course at the next Ladies Bunco Night. Be sure to RSVP when the invite comes out as there are a limited number of spots available. If you have questions about the next Ladies Bunco Night please email us at For anyone that would like more information about MOMS Club of Gilbert-Power Ranch please email us at mcgilbertpowerranch@


Calendar July 2013 1

AZ Blind Dragon 5:15-7:45


Independence Day Parade and Liberty Pie Bake Off


AZ Blind Dragon 5:15-7:45


AZ Blind Dragon 5:15-7:45

BABYSITTER EXPO 630-8PM Landscape Committee 6:30 Drop in Volleyball 6:30


Aikido Martial Arts 5:45-7:46 Shaved Ice at Barn Pool 11-2



Kindermusik 9:15-12:30 Power Player Card Group 6:30-9:30





Aikido Martial Arts 10-11:30 Shaved Ice at Ranch House Pool 12-3



Kindermusik 9:15-12:30 15

AZ Blind Dragon 5:15-7:45 Weight Watchers 6-8pm


New Resident Welome Party 630-730pm Aikido Martial Arts 5:45-7:45


Kindermusik 9:15-12:30

930pm 20

Aikido Martial Arts 10-11:30 Shaved Ice at Ranch House Pool 12-3


AZ Blind Dragon 5:15-7:45 Weight Watchers 6-8pm

AZ Blind Dragon 5:15-7:45 Weight Watchers 6-8pm Drop in Volleyball 6:30 Power Players Card Group 1-330pm Design Review Committee 6-8pm


Aikido Martial Arts 5:45-7:46 Shaved Ice at Barn Pool 11-2 CHICK FLICK 6-9PM


AZ Blind Dragon 5:15-7:45 Kindermusik 9:15-12:30

10 Aikido Martial Arts 10-11:30


ASPiRE Meeting 7-8pm Design Review Applications Due Drop in Volleyball 6:30


Weight Watchers 6-8pm


Landscape Committee Meeting

Aikido Martial Arts 5:45-7:46 Shaved Ice at Barn Pool 11-2



AZ Blind Dragon 5:15-7:45 Power Player Card Group 630-


AZ Blind Dragon 5:15-7:45 Weight Watchers 6-8pm

Budget & Finance Meeting 6-8pm Shaved Ice at Barn Pool 11-2

Shaved Ice at Ranch House Pool


Drop in Volleyball 6:30 17

Aikido Martial Arts 10-11:30


6-8pm ASPiRE Meeting 7-8pm 15

August 2013 1

Kindermusik 9:15-12:30

AZ Blind Dragon 5:15-7:45


Pow Wow 8-930am

Aikido Martial Arts 5:45-7:46 AZ Blind Dragon 5:15-7:45 Kindermusik 9:15-12:30 Power Player Card Group 6:309:30pm


Shaved Ice at Ranch House Pool 12-3


Ladies Bunco  7:30-10pm

On the cover: The members of ASPiRE at Power Ranch


Sports Physicals for $25 Walk-ins welcome anytime or use our Call Ahead Care Program. Call us ahead of your visit and we will call you back when it is your turn to see the doctor. Wait in the comfort of your own home! Open 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., every day of the year, including holidays!

Queen Creek (480) 728-6000 7205 S. Power Rd. (South of Pecos)


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