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JosĂŠ Higuera a planning portfolio

Creative without strategy is called ‘Art.’ Creative with strategy is called ‘Advertising.’ - Jeff I. Richards

Case Studies a table of contents

Weight Watchers Gets Manly


BlackBerry Gets Serious


Red Bull Gets Grounded


RedEnvelope Gets Social




About Me



WeightWatchers Gets Manly a market growth strategy


Case Study objective Increase male subscriptions to Weight Watchers.

With over 90% of Weight Watchers’ subscriptions being women, there is an opportunity for market growth in men.

target & problem 18+ Man’s Man Stubborn Anti-Diet Do-It-Yourself

Heavy Men

Overweight or Obese Men in USA

Obese Men that Do Not Exercise



27+73+H 10+90+H

What are their Motivators?


Life Priority

59% Career 41% Other

Their Careers


Weight Gain Awareness Triggers

The Superficial

5lbs Gain: Women 20lbs Gain: Men

Not Their Health

insight Men value possessions as their measures for success.

In terms of evolutionary psychology, men look for a woman who will make an attractive mate, so that she may birth attractive healthy children. Women, in contrast, look for a mate that can provide for her and her young. Over time, this mentality has evolved into society’s superficial requirements for men and women; so men have to be successful and women have to be attractive in order to attract one another. Therefor, when a man looks at another man, he will be more inclined to be jealous of his watch, his car, or his house. These are physical possessions that directly relate to his financial success and ability to provide.

strategy Drive men to sign up for Weight Watchers by positioning weight as the most important measure of success.

Comparing our audience’s weight to their superficial aspirations is the best way to connect the emotional trigger of jealousy between men and their possessions to his physical self image and spark motivation to re-prioritize measures of success in a his life.

creative idea Weight Watchers for Men is a man’s opportunity to upgrade himself.

Weight Watchers is not about losing weight because your health is important, it’s about looking in the mirror and knowing that you can do better. It’s about taking on the pursuit of happiness with a thinner waist and not a brand new car. It’s about getting recognition for what you have accomplished by upgrading your body because it was so much more difficult to do than buying something. It’s about finding fulfillment with who you are.


BlackBerry Gets Serious a comeback strategy


Case Study objective Give BlackBerry one last chance at capturing the smartphone market.

Every since the rise of iPhone and Android, BlackBerry’s market Share has been on the decline. With the upcoming release of the BlackBerry 10, loaded with new features and a much more user-friendly operating system, BlackBerry is giving its final attempt at winning the smartphone market over.

target & problem 25-34

100+ A 100+ I 100+J

What does BlackBerry Provide for Them? What How

Work Hard Play Hard Professional Networker



91+0+68+045+ 3:03

How do they use Smartphones?






83+17+H 2hrs Per Day


Shorter Call Length

Efficient Smartphone Faster Everything

Web of Networks

One Month of the Year

insight People lust after time.

Time is no longer tied to the clock or even the sunrise and sunset. The boundaries between public and private, day and night, and work and leisure have been fundamentally altered by technology and globalization. Time has become a new luxury for the young professional, who now, more than ever, craves it obsessively.

strategy Inspire the young professional to make every second count by using a BlackBerry.

The hard working young professionals of this fast-paced world don’t need more free time; they just need more time to get things done. The efficiency of a Blackberry lets them get things done so much faster and more efficiently that it looks like their day just gained two hours. BlackBerry’s philosophy is not to distract with the personalized clutter that other smartphones rely on; it’s get in, get out, move on. It’s so fast and efficient that it let’s the user get more done in less time.

creative idea Introducing the 26-Hour Day.

BlackBerry’s call to action will not be about slowing down and taking a break from technology. It will not be about getting off your phone to experience “real life.” This is real life and it is not going to wait around for anyone to catch up.


Red Bull Gets Grounded a culture & trend strategy


Case Study objective Make Red Bull the most culturally relevant energy drink.

Having moved on from their campy cartoon advertisements, Red Bull’s latest campaign ‘The World of Red Bull’ has gone in a much more emotionally driven direction. It is now showcasing extreme sports athletes taking on death-defying stunts and street dancers in front of stadiums full of people, but the problem is that their audience does not relate to the activities that they see in the campaign.

target & problem

91+9+H 93+7+H


Like brands at sporting events?

Like Extreme Sport Spokemen?

91% said no

93% said no

Achievement Oriented Attention Craving Self-Activist Lives In The Moment


How do they use Red Bull?

91+89+85+82+30+27+25+20 Home On the Go







40+45+85+90+50+35 Noon



Early Morning


In Average Places

Late Night

At Average Times

insight The average person does not drink Red Bull in extreme situations; they drink it to make normal situations more extreme. People relate to the product when used in practical situations instead of extreme situations. Extreme situations like base jumping don’t require the use of an energy drink to boost adrenaline; when jumping off of a cliff thousands of feet from the ground, your body goes ahead and generates adrenaline for you. On the other hand, waking up in the morning, sitting in a cubicle for nine hours, or staring at a book in a quiet library during finals is a mental depressant and needs that extra energy boost.

strategy Red Bull helps you through the daily grind that you have to do in order to enjoy what you love to do.

Most people are not professional skydivers or DJs, but if you have the energy and motivation to get through what you have to do in the daily grind, you’ll be able to pursue your dreams on your spare time, and maybe one day be one of the lucky few that does it for a living.

creative idea A Red Bull State of Mind.

The never-ending daily grind can be so draining that sometimes people lose side of what their life goals really are. Red Bull has to inspire people to persevere and help them believe in the payoff of following their dreams. Showcasing these athletes in a more relatable setting, pushing through the daily grind before actually jumping off cliffs would chronologically tie the entire campaign together and dig much deeper into what it truly means to follow your dreams and the hard work that it takes to reach them.


RedEnvelope Gets Social a social media strategy


Case Study objective Create brand loyalty through a social media campaign.

As a catalogue-based gifting company, the costs associated with reaching the audience for the holiday seasons through direct mail pieces are too high. Expanding it’s customer base through social media would therefore lower costs and economically drive customers to the digital catalogue website.

target & problem 30-50 Upper-Middle Class Exclusive Cosmopolitan Educated Married


Follow brands on Social Media?

Reccomend a friend to follow?

73% said no

63% said no

73+27+H 63+37+H

How do they use Social Media? bla

50 50 Women



44 50 Women


39 50 Women

To connect with friends/family To have random conversations To get opinions from peers insight Our target uses social media to share experiences, not products.

The most valuable part of giving a gift is enjoying the reaction of the person who opens it; it’s not about giving the best gift. Likewise, the most valuable part of receiving a gift is knowing that someone took time out of their lives to find something unique and personal. It’s about knowing that someone cares.

strategy RedEnvelope lets you showcase the emotional experience of gifting.

Focusing on the emotional connection that the giver and the receiver experience through gifting will give people content that they will actually want to share. Amplifying those experiences and publicly showcasing them through blogs, pictures, or video would make them visible to prospective consumers and therefor encourage them to have those experiences themselves.

creative idea Reactions are Contagious.

When someone laughs, you laugh and you want to know the joke. When someone opens a gift and is completely ecstatic about it, their happiness affects anyone watching. Capturing the moment when that emotion of opening a RedEnvelope gift comes to life and putting it on display for the world to see is going to spread that moment of joy, but also encourage people to find the joy of RedEnvelope gifting. themselves. RedEnvelope products are so incredibly unique that the emotional reaction of recieving one would not only be surprise, but also attatchment and love.


Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist when you grow up. - Pablo Picasso


José Higuera

1579 Alta La Jolla Drive, San Diego, CA 92037 858.361.6482 •


Where I Learned Things. Miami Ad School: School of Pop Culture Engineering

New York, NY

University of San Diego: School of Business Administration

San Diego, CA

Semester at Sea: Institute for Shipboard Education

The World

post-graduate, boot camp for account planners

september 2012

b.b.a. in marketing / minor, international business

december 2011

study abroad, university of virginia

spring ‘10/ summer ‘11

Where I Practiced Those Things. Miami Ad School: New York, NY June 2012 - Sep 2012 account planner

Developed Insights & Strategy for 6 fully integrated advertising campaigns within a 10 day turnaround period each while briefing and working alongside an art director/copywriter creative team.

Skills Acquired: Story telling, Creative Brief/Briefing, Cultural/Category/Consumer Insights, Simplified Writing, Quantitative/Qualitative methodologies, Developing Audience Segmentation/Positioning.

the i.d.e.a. brand: San Diego, CA

Aug account management intern

2011 - Dec 2011

Assisted the traffic manager by helping with the flow of projects, coordinated print related projects from start to finish, developed daily and monthly SEO activity reports for retainer clients, and contributed to the “feed the interns blog.” Client list: San Diego Museum of Art, Cal Racing, Hoehn Motors, San Diego Hospice, and Aladdin Bail Bonds.

Skills Acquired: Ability to Synthesize Data into Cohesive Business Recommendations, Consice Writing, Trend Identification, Quantitative Researching, CRM, SEO, Google Analytics.

M Moser Associates: Hong Kong, China

marketing communications intern


2011 - Aug 2011

Developed a planning schedule and overlooked the entire DM invitation process for the Shanghai office 30th Anniversary Party; also assisted in the DM planning for the Hong Kong and Beijing anniversary parties. Assisted in CRM and global marketing initiatives such as DM campaign bursts and social media.

Skills Acquired: Ability to Facilitate Brainstorming and Collaborating with Multidisciplinary Teams, Integrated Social Media Strategy, CRM, Presenting and Leading Discussions.

Five Point Capital, Inc.: San Diego, CA direct marketing intern


2010 - Sep 2010

Assisted in weekly and monthly Direct Marketing campaign bursts with mass faxes, emails and direct mailers. Drafted and updated various marketing data reports and assisted in the inventorying of marketing materials.

American Marketing Association: USD president

Lead all meetings and developed branding project with student run non-profit, The Bullpen Foundation. vp of advertising

Design of all branding and promotional materials for all club initiatives.

Extra Things. Communication Skills language

Fluent in Spanish: Reading and Writing computer

MS Word, Excel, PPT, Keynote, Adobe CS6, CRM


The world is a book and those who don’t travel read only one page. -St. Augustine


About Me why planning

Prepare To Get The Shivers. In 2010, I set off on an adventure to broaden my perspective and circumnavigate the world. Halfway through my trip, in Varanasi, India, my life changed. The people were having a religious ceremony along the water when I arrived at the Ganges River. I was amongst thousands, but a little merchant girl singled me out. She couldn’t have been more than 9 years old, but that didn’t stop her from heckling me for the next hour to buy stamps. I was really only interested in the ceremony, so she eventually stopped and just sat to watch it with me. She told me about her life in Varanasi, I learned that her name was Moni, and she was surprised to learn that my name was Jose, being a Spanish name. I explained to her that I was from Mexico and she told me that she spoke Spanish. So, of course, the rest of our conversation was in Spanish. When it was time to go, I told her I’d sail the river at dawn and hoped to see her again. We said goodbye. At sunrise, she was the first person I saw along the banks, but my boat was leaving, so I had to go. An hour down river, I found her waiting for me. I was touched, to say the least, but then we said goodbye for good. She reached into her schoolbag and gave me a picture of herself that a travelling photographer once gave her. I offered money in exchange but she refused, thanking me for being her friend. I left India with a new friend. This story actually ends one year later. At this point, my twin sister had been inspired by my soul searching and went off to have an adventure of her own. I got a call at 4:00am from her cell phone. I answer, and the first thing I hear on the other line was “I just met Moni.” I couldn’t believe that I now shared an experience I thought would always be impossible to repeat. My sister had recognized Moni along the banks of the Ganges and approached her. I may have only spent a few hours with Moni, but she remembered exactly who I was.

Now, Compose Yourself. That was the day that the world shrank in my eyes. I realized that truly deep connections can be made between any two people, at any time, in any corner of the world. No matter who you are, no one in this world is out of reach, so I decided to become a Planner to one day reach them all.

The end. 13

I, JosÊ Higuera, hereby swear to abandon all fear; to question everything; to trust in myself; to honor those before me as I excel, and to support those who follow as they ascend. I swear that I will never accept another’s standard for success, as I set mine one measure higher. When I am finished, no one will ever look at Advertising the same way again.

Jose's Planning Portfolio