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architecture porfolio selected works by junhan foong

Junhan Foong +61411378215 1310/25 Therry Street Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia



The University of Melbourne

English: Native

Master of Architecture

2014 - 2016

The University of Melbourne Bachelor of Environments

2010 - 2013

Emirates International School (Dubai, UAE) High School

Cantonese: Basic French: Basic German: Basic Arabic: Basic

2001 - 2008

work experience

references Jannette Le

ArchiCentre Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) Architectural Assistant


concept sketch design, 3d modelling, graphic design

IEN Consultants Sdn. Bhd

Director at United Make (UDMK) email: phone: +61432427642



concept sketch design, 3d modelling

software Windows OS Mac OSX Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe Indesign Adobe Lightroom Rhinoceros 3D Grasshopper Autodesk AutoCAD

other skills Autodesk Revit Autodesk 3dsMax Cinema 4D Sketchup

Proficient in 3D Printing Processes and Software Proficient in Laser Cutting Processes

Mental Ray Render Rhino VRay Render Autodesk 3dsMax Vray Render Lumion Keyshot Pro Render


Adobe After Effects Adobe Premiere Pro DaVinci Resolve

Short film as part of ‘Trailer Music 2015’ by anon. Photos chosen to be exhibited at ‘Spark! The Future 2013’ Exhibition

contents 1. Shackletown 2. Folie Ă deux: la ville en rose 3. in:Cognito / Bentham Biotech 4. FB Home 5. Applied Construction 6. Innovate or Die! 7. Onyx 8. Personal work


University of Melbourne, M.Arch S1 2016

Part satire, part polemic and part futuristic fantasy, Shackle-town is a fictional moon city manifested as an imaginary future environment in flux; a synergy of fabled architecture and press release; a propaganda machine continually designing a manufactured image of its future self, whether built or unbuilt. As such, the agenda of this project is to; first, act as a commentary and reflection on today’s society, and second, to speculate and question the possibilities of the future.

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folie à deux: la ville en rose University of Melbourne, M.Arch S2 2015

‘La Ville En Rose (City in Pink)’ seeks to create an urban structure which is open-ended in its syntax; the nature of the structure allows users to appropriate its use, necessary additional infrastructure, envelope and shelter depending on needs ‘at the time’. Using the tale of the fictitious 3D printing company ‘Clouseau Collectif’ as its main protagonist, the experimental nature of 3D Printing as a main driving force of making is explored. In this project, a possible urban scenario is speculated, highlighting the change in technology and construction methods over a time period of 2015 to 2050. This context creates a radically different view on architecture, where the city is built as infrastructure stripped to its bare bones, an empty shell waiting to be occupied, where programmatic spaces are yet to be inserted, and events and ‘moments’ generated by the creative potential of its inhabitants.

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in:cognito / bentham biotech University of Melbourne, M.Arch S1 2015

PART ONE : in:COGNITO The startling reach of surveillance capabilities in urban centres has only exponentially boomed as the wide reach of the internet continues to grow. In today’s world, ultra-modern architecture facilitates a range of security measures by design, but shrewdly conceals the full extent of its surveillance regimes. Similarly, governments and other authoritative powers use this type of technology to view or gather information from the general public, most of the time without consent. Every movement, both physically and digitally, is scrutinised and information routinely logged within a centralised database. This type of behaviour creates a false form of security, with the people never realising how trapped they are within Surveillance’s perpetual gaze. in:COGNITO (a fictional fashion label) is a project which aims to bring light to the issue of surveillance in modern day society, using fashion as a medium to create a very personal counter-surveillance or disconnectspace, giving back control and power to the people under “The Authority’s” watchful eye.

See the video HERE.

in:cognito / bentham biotech University of Melbourne, M.Arch S1 2015

PART TWO: Bentham Biotech In today’s world, electronics are continually becoming more interconnected and intertwined in our daily lives. Similarly, our time spent on the internet and spent ‘living’ through screens also continues to increase, blurring old concepts of boundaries and merging both the concepts of physical and virtual space. We are now entering an era where the fashion industry is affected by this radical change. Clothing, shoes and other wearable accessories now incorporate elements of hardware and software, generating a peculiar mix between both the fashion and computation fields. We see this happening as well in a much larger scale, in our Architecture. In this context, data IS beauty, and its consumption and interaction becomes “the emotion”. As a result, a new aesthetic is emerging.

See the video HERE.

fb home

University of Melbourne, M.Arch S2 2014

FB Home is a new-age phenomenon sweeping over the world. Built as a series of interconnected pneumatic structures placed in major cities all over the world, FB home is designed to be a ‘temporary global event’ - a shopping paradise open publicly 24 hours a day aiming to revolutionise and encourage consumerism. Items and services are purchased with ‘FB Coin’, a digital currency gained by social media activity, and thus are technically ‘free’. Coins earned are based on the quantity and quality of data shared, and can be ‘farmed’ or accumulated by playing internet games on gaming machines placed throughout every building. However, everything is not as it seems. FB is also gathering data through other means - hidden trackers and machines are embedded within its buildings, as well as other objects scattered in its surroundings. Information stored within its data centres are used in secret to continually life-log and archive people, sold to the highest bidder and used to push ads to the public. FB Home is a project which aims to bring light to the issue of surveillance in modern day society, exploring tactics used in information gathering in an age where privacy is almost non-existent.

Read more HERE. See the video HERE.

applied construction University of Melbourne, M.Arch S1 2015

This subject focuses on exploring and translating complex design propositions into a mode of construction, which considers assembly, materiality, regulatory frameworks, programme-based technical requirements, environmental servicing, multidisciplinary aspects and leading edge industry practice.

innovate or die!

University of Melbourne, M.Arch Summer [Feb] 2016

Innovate or Die! is a satirical take on an architectural solution for Australia’s burgeoning (..lack of) innovation problem. As large ‘innovative’ corporations such as Google and Facebook lead the way in developing state-of-the-art campuses which aim towards creating a more ‘fun’ atmosphere to help foster and develop synergies across their large business practices, we question: what lies beyond the bright colours, slides and synthetic grass surfaces? What’s hidden under the respective table tennis tables? It isn’t always feasible for large companies to develop large campusstyle headquarters. City localities provide many advantages and the creation of innovation hubs such as Silicone Valley provide many benefits to business. Construction can be a costly venture in major cities and there exists opportunities for existing buildings to be morphed to better suit post-occupation. Innovate or Die! aims to develop a commune for innovation within the existing, allowing it to develop to fruition which in turn, drives revenue in this information age.

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University of Melbourne, M.Arch Summer [Feb] 2015

Onyx is a physical birthchild of data input and user interaction; a frankenstein monster of the digital and the physical. It feeds off our digital and physical inputs and in return, it gives us various forms of digital and physical response. Our interaction with Onyx keeps it alive.

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Personal work, 2014 - Present

Here is a personal selection of photographs I have taken while in Melbourne and abroad. I am interested in documenting and understanding the human condition - and this has become and on-going constant in all my works both during my time in Architecture School and my own personal work. See more HERE.

Junhan Foong +61411378215 1310/25 Therry Street Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia

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Junhan Foong Graduate Architecture Portfolio 2016

Junhan Foong Graduate Architecture Portfolio 2016

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