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Skaters are an urban tribe born in the 70s of the twentieth century in California, United States, responding to the desire to practice surfing on land. They are young, between 8 and 30 years old, who practice characteristic movements on a wheel table and slide on the asphalt or on natural obstacles in the streets, such as walls or stairs. skaters They occupy public space moved by a feeling of rebellion that drives them to realize the principles of freedom, selfrealization and cooperation. They carry out an alternative cultural practice of resistance or counter-hegemony, challenging the capitalist and sports values that reaffirm this system.

They are an urban tribe that was born in the 70s of the twentieth century in California, United States, responding to the desire to practice surfing on land. In the decade of the 50s of the twentieth century the practice of surfing in the world became popular. During the competitions the weather was sometimes inappropriate and the athletes took advantage of the time doing their practices in places like unoccupied swimming pools. At the end of the 50s the first board was created that allowed to reproduce on the ground the movements that were made on the waves when surfing and that is how skating was born, first known as the sidewalk surfing. California lived through those years a liberalization of their customs; conservative models were declining and hedonistic and consumerism values were imposed. These new ideas were immediately associated with the practice of skating and for this reason the new sport obtained, from the beginning, a marked characteristic of irreverence. During the year 1973 the urethane wheels modernized the sport allowing a smoother and safer ride; the practice tables were extended from 16 to 23 centimeters, providing greater stability.

They are young, between 8 and 30 years old. The skaters are rebellious by nature, the tricks that they develop with skill in the streets serve them to affirm their capacity and autonomy. They consider that the streets are to be used and worn out because citizens pay to find them in good condition and make use of them. In this sense, they are not worried about damaging platforms, stairs or walls. They like to be in the street because it is a way of feeling valued, but they do not relate to those who admire them. They represent the principles of freedom, self-realization and cooperation. They are mostly men, but they do not reproduce traditional values such as strength, power or supremacy, but on the contrary they show each other very supportive. The skaters are itinerant, they go through the cities choosing public spaces with slopes that allow them to live intense adventures, being carried away by the instinct of wanting to develop their jumps and movements such as fifty-fifty, impossible or Lip. They wear alternative clothing, with particular designs and striking accessories such as belts, caps and chains; Low-rise pants with large pockets and wide leg, and it is

usual to see their underwear because they wear them down. Among skaters, a language has been created that uses, among others, phrases like "skate or die" to refer to never getting tired of trying; "Skate and destroy", with subversive features typical of the 80s; "Skate is not a crime", in defense of a legal practice; or it is Spanish as “hunt a trick�, which means jumping and that the feet do not leave the table until they make contact with the ground.

They wear baggy clothes, comfortable and worn out shoes, accessories such as caps and belts with large buckles and have created their own language.

25 years ago this discipline or sport of American origin in our country with only 8 people. Fortunately today it already has about 15 thousand practitioners and followers. Skate or skateboard, is a sport that arrived in Colombia 25 years ago and is characterized by making figures, without the feet touching the floor. This sport was brought by Colombians who saw beyond and decided to bring it to our country. There are no rules, everything goes, from the falls to the way of making the movements. The little ones also practice it. There are all kinds of jumps and pirouettes that their practitioners must do to win, just as the black flies, is to jump and roll. Experts say that the secret is in the strength of the legs and balance. There are already professionals in the country who make a living practicing skateboarding.

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