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What? Location-based gaming is when the game play somehow evolves and progresses via a player's location. Each game is different but the general idea is to use where you are in real life in a virtual world. From there, you interact with other players. RPG + GPS MMTRG


Mobile Multiplayer Trans-Reality Games Where? These games usually take place in larger cities, the more people involved, the better. Why? For FUN, it is a game after all.

When? Real Time

How? Using GPS and mobile technology, the real world can become a virtual play ground. Your avatar moves in the virtual world as you move around in the real world.

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MMTRG is a new and growing gaming genre. Many games are still BETA.

Positive Impacts on Individuals? • In-game community creates real-life relationships •Motivates player to explore their real city •Form of collaborative story telling •Designed for people to actively participate •User is exposed to new people, place, etc… Negative Impacts on Individuals? • Many games exclusive, only those with Smart Phones •Fear of privacy •Can lead to cliques and non-acceptance of non-players •Like all games, can be time consuming and lead to obsessive behavior

Turf Wars

Who? Anyone with the mobile capabilities and the applications.

Is that it? Different games have different things to offer •Some have zombies •Others have treasure •Of course no game genre is compete without the mob What are your thoughts? Reply @jheu with #com435 •Do you think this will catch-on and become popular? •This is just a novelty and only a few people will play? •The devices these games are offered on are too limited? •A lot more development and research is necessary? •Limiting because only larger cities can really utilize these games? •This is kind of awesome? •You want to get in on the action? Interested? There are many MMTRG’s out there: First GPS game for iPhone and Android Zombie game for Blackberry Mafia game for iPhone and Android

Current zombies in NYC

Platform for Android and Java (J2ME) Phones


Moble Multi Trans-Reality Games Presentation Poster

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