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As the year ends, we think about all we are grateful for. Our relationship with you is one thing we treasure. With next year, 2014 being our 30th year in business, we are truly thankful for all the support you have given us over the years. I know that my father would be proud to know that we are carrying on the business in the way he and Ron initially had intended, with Customer Service and Client Support as our number one priority. Products may come and go over the years, but it’s clients like yourselves that keep us going everyday. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you. We wish you a Merry Christmas and enjoyable Holiday Season, and much success in the new year.

Darren Have you checked out our 2013 Holiday Buyers Guide yet and heard about our “Christmas with Keurig” promotion? Come up with a combined order of $1000 or more (pre-tax) of Holiday items from our Holiday Buyers Guide and you’ll qualify for this great Bonus Promotion. Receive as “Our Gift to You”, this great addition to any salon or home... The Keurig Single Cup Coffee Machine with a starter pack of Coffee Pods for your enjoyment! Why brew a whole pot of coffee when you drink it one cup at a time? The Keurig Brewing System lets you brew the perfect cup of gourmet coffee each time without having to grind, measure, or clean up. Brew your favorite coffee, tea, hot cocoa or iced beverage at the touch of a button. (Actual brewer model and coffee pods depends on availablility and many not be exactly as shown)

This promotion can be used as many times as you would like and is all based on the dollar amount listed above. Just our way of thanking you and wishing you the Happiest of Holidays!


'  250. 382. 3636  i 1 . 800. 663. 6103   7  250. 382 . 3688

The brains behind the (Nova) Beauty... Ron Nicholls

Owner / Founder

Ron has been in the beauty business for 51 years, starting as a barber and then owning several barber shops since then. In 1984, he and partner, Barry Westwood, started Nova Beauty, when the “wholesale” side of the industry was just in its infancy. Ron has seen a lot of changes over the 50+ years, but says “It’s been a good ride”. When not hiding out in his office, you can find Ron cleaning up after the horses in Sidney, or soaking up the sun in Mexico!

Barry Westwood

Former Owner / Founder

Like Ron, Barry also began his career in the beauty biz as a barber, expanding into the world of Nova Beauty with Ron 30 years ago. Barry’s big passion was golf, and he would spend 3 weeks under the Mexican sun every January for his “annual Tee-Time” Unfortunately, Barry left us in 2004, but is fondly remembered by family and friends in the industry every day. To Barry, family and friends were paramount. You could be his kid, a close friend or distant relative and no matter what, he would make you feel special. We learned a lot from him, and I am sure we will continue to do so.

Darren Westwood

1941 - 2004 Managing Director

Originally, what was supposed to be a “summer job” as a “Shampoo Delivery Guy”, Darren kind of fell into the Family Biz without really trying. After high school, when aspirations of being the World’s Best Chef were dashed, he started as a Joico Sales Guy in Vancouver for a couple of years before moving back to Victoria to become involved in Nova Beauty. Twenty five years later, he’s still at it, and enjoying it more and more each day. Now as Managing Director of Nova Beauty, the job’s changed a bit, but it’s still as exciting as ever. Darren tries to live by the motto “if you’re not having fun doing it, don’t do it!”

8  www. novabeauty . ca  .


The most pure clay & spring water in a spray


Deep Cleansing Red Clay 125ml

Spa Price

Glow Red Clay with Cacao 125ml Chococlay - Red Clay and Cacao 200ml (Pro Size)

$33.00 .00 Spa Price $61

Toning White Clay with Aloe Vera 125ml Aloeveratherapy - White Clay & Aloe Vera 200ml (Pro Size)

$33.00 .00 Spa Price $55

Brightening White Clay with Ginseng 125ml Ginsengtherapy White Clay & Ginseng 200ml (Pro Size)

$33.00 .00 Spa Price $55

Pore Refining White Clay 125ml Claytherapy - White Clay 200ml (Pro Size)

$33.00 .00 Spa Price $55

Mattifying Red Clay 125ml Claytherapy - Red Clay 200ml (Pro Size)

$33.00 .00 Spa Price $55

Comfort H2O with Green Tea Water Spray 125ml Elkai Mineral Spring Water w/ Green Tea 200ml (Pro Size)

$14.50 .00 Spa Price $20

H2O Water Spray 125ml Elkai Mineral Spring Water 200ml (Pro Size)

$14.50 .00 Spa Price $20

Deep cleansing clay emulsion without soap for oily scalps. Eliminates impurities, toxins and dandruff. Only available in retail size. For Oily Scalps Spa Price

Clay rich in silicon minerals to exfoliate and purify. For Normal/Combination Skin Spa Price

White clay emulsion rich in minerals and natural elements, with calming aloe vera. For Sensitive Skin Spa Price

Clay rich in silicon minerals to exfoliate and purify. With Ginseng to brighten, smooth, refresh and lift the skin. For Normal/Combination Skin Spa Price

Deep cleansing exfoliant with restorative properties. For Normal/Combination Skin Spa Price

Mineral rich clay sooths, absorbs and eliminates impurities and toxins. For Oily Skin Spa Price

Hydrates and comforts the skin, improving elasticity and texture. For All Skin Types Spa Price

Hydrates and nourishes the skin, improving elasticity and texture. For All Skin Types

For additional information, visit:


The Clayspray® range contains over 95% natural ingredients and is obtained from deposits formed 100 million years ago 60 meters deep. Less than 1% of each ton of extracted material qualifies as Clayspray® spray. And they only use natural spring water to create a mineral rich emulsion. Finally, they add the finest natural

extracts to create a product range that suits your skin type. So, they created Claysplay®, the first spray clay emulsion in a spray that not only maintains it’s properties, but enhances them, and they present it to you in a dual chamber container where the product remains pure isolated from the propellant.

The Power of the Pure Clay mixed with the Spring Water looking for the Perfection of Skin “Try Me” Professional Kit

“Try Me” Intro Kit Spa Price

Contains 1 Each:

Spa Value: $527.00 Spa Price

• • • • • • •


Contains: • • •


1 Each 200ml Clayspray (9) 2 Each Hydrate H2O Water Spray 2 Each H2O Green Tea Water Spray

Comfort H2O with Green Tea 30ml Mattifying Red Clay 30ml Toning White Clay with Aloe Vera 30ml Glow Red Clay with Cacao 30ml Protocol Training USB Jump Drive Headband Facial Towel

Contains enough product for 15 facials!

Spa Retail Offering Spa Price


Contains: •

3 Each 125ml Clayspray (18)

6 Each H2O and H2O Green Tea Waters (12)

1 Poster 600 x 900

1 Poster 270 x 370

1 Acrylic Tester Display

1 Each 30ml Testers, including Waters (8)

25 Brochures

12 Small Bags

See your Nova Beauty Sales Rep or Showroom Associate about additional retail and professional Spa Openers. Additional open stock Professional items not shown.

Chocotherapy - Pure Cacao 200ml Clay for Sports Massage 200ml Lavendertherapy - White Clay and Lavender 200ml Grapetherapy - Red Clay and Grape 200ml

$55.00 .00 Spa Price $55 .00 Spa Price $55 .00 Spa Price $55 Spa Price


Stock Up and Save Sale! Save 20% on selected So Pure, Care Line and Design Line Travel Sized minis!

There’s no better time than now to stock up on these key items and have your clients ready for the Holidays!

The more you buy the more you save on Tinta, Semi & So Pure Colour. Design Line Reg: $3.50 Reg: $4.50 Reg: $5.50 Reg: $2.95 Reg: $2.95 Reg: $5.50 Reg: $5.50 Reg: $5.50 Reg: $5.50 Reg: $3.95

Sale: $2.28 Sale: $3.00 Sale: $3.96 Sale: $1.80 Sale: $1.80 Sale: $3.96 Sale: $3.96 Sale: $3.96 Sale: $3.96 Sale: $2.64

Vital Nutrition Shampoo 50ml Reg: $2.25 Vital Nutrition Conditioner 50ml Reg: $2.50 Color Brillianz Shampoo 50ml Reg: $2.25 Color Brillianz Conditioner 50ml Reg: $2.50 Hydrate Shampoo for Men 70ml Reg: $2.00 Fibre Wax 30ml Reg: $4.95 Mineral Cream 30ml Reg: $4.95 Matte Effect 30ml Reg: $4.95 Triple X Gel 50ml Reg: $3.25 High Shine 30ml Reg: $4.95

Sale: $1.52 Sale: $1.52 Sale: $1.52 Sale: $1.52 Sale: $1.28 Sale: $3.60 Sale: $3.80 Sale: $3.80 Sale: $2.12 Sale: $3.80

Color Care Shampoo 70ml Color Care Conditioner 50ml Brillantine Gel 30ml Extreme Forte Gel 50ml Ultra Forte Gel 50ml Molding Paste 30ml Forming Wax 30ml Power Paste 50ml Shaping Fibres 30ml Society Hairspray Forte 75ml

Purchase up to 24 tubes save Purchase 25 - 71 tubes save Purchase 72+ tubes save

15% 20% 25%

Mix and match formulas to maximize your savings!

Care Line

So Pure


Cooling Shampoo 50ml Energizing Shampoo 50ml Exfoliating Shampoo 50ml Moisturizing Shampoo 50ml Calming Shampoo 50ml Color Care Shampoo 50ml Moisturizing Conditioner 50ml Calming Conditioner 50ml Color Care Conditioner 50ml

Reg: $4.00 Reg: $4.00 Reg: $4.00 Reg: $4.00 Reg: $4.00 Reg: $4.00 Reg: $4.50 Reg: $4.50 Reg: $4.50

Sale: $3.20 Sale: $3.20 Sale: $3.20 Sale: $3.20 Sale: $3.20 Sale: $3.20 Sale: $3.60 Sale: $3.60 Sale: $3.60

15% off Litres Sale! Stock up on All Keune Design Care, Care Line and So Pure Litres. Reg Salon Price: $14.95 to $24.00

Sale Salon Price: $12.70 to $20.40

Stock up now on Design Line Styling Products and receive a Keune Travel Wallet absolutely FREE! Purchase $50 .00 worth of any of the following, full-sized products from the Design Essentials, Design Volume or Design Fix collections to receive your free Travel Wallet.

Design Volume $9.95 Mousse Forte 500ml (27261) $16.95 Mousse Forte 200ml (27262) $8.95 Root Volumizer 300ml (27265) $10.95 Salt Mist 200ml (27266) $9.95 Curl Cream 200ml (27260)

Design Essentials $19.95 Sculpting Lotion 250ml (27203) $9.95 Extreme Extra Gel 200ml (27204) $9.95 Ultra Forte Gel 200ml (27206) $9.95 Sculpting Lotion 1000ml (27202)

Design Fix $10.95 Shaping Hairspray Super 300ml (27284) $11.95 Society Hairspray Extra Forte 300ml (27292) $11.95 Society Hairspray Forte 300ml (27293) $11.95 Graphic Hairspray 200ml (27291)

Don’t forget to check out our Holiday Buyers Guide to see Keune’s collection of Holiday Gift Sets and earn Keurig dollars towards receiving your FREE Keurig Single Cup Cofee Machine and Coffee Pods!


Introducing two great new products from Gehwol! Fusskraft Soft Feet Cream 40ml (GE1112402)

Salon Price:


With valuable lipids and the special in-depth action of hyaluron, it can support skin regeneration and strengthen the skins own defenses. Together with urea, hyaluron binds moisture and protects against callus formation. Milk peptides & honey extract make the skin noticeably silkier and visibly smoother.

And for a limited time,

Buy 11 Get 1 FREE on ALL Gehwol! Fusskraft Soft Feet Scrub 40ml (GE1112202)

Salon Price:


Gently and thoroughly removes dead skin cells, renews the skin surface to make it feel smooth and soft. Natural bamboo granulate and jojoba wax encourage a gentle massage and activate skin circulation. Avocado oil and honey extract supply the skin with valuable care substances, Vitamin E protects and prevents premature skin aging.


Great S tockin g Stuff er Idea s!

The Next Generation of Award Winning Nail Products

Award Winning Lumos Top Coat & Bottom Coat has breakthrough technology to deliver a 10-12 minute dry time! Lumos applies smoothly and evenly, dries amazingly fast and has a beautiful long-lasting shine. It’s perfect for saving time on pedicures for you and your client and an ideal add-on sale item to your services. Try some now with one of these great…

“Top to Bottom Deals” Purchase a 2.5oz professional Buy 5 Lumos Top or Bottom size Lumos Top or Bottom Coat Coats .5oz and receive 1 at no and receive a second 2.5oz charge! Lumos Bottom or Top Coat at half price! Sale Price: $19 Reg Price: $25.90 Save 25%! .45

Sale Price: $34 Reg Price: $41.70 Save 17%! .75

Buy 5 Lumos Top and Bottom Coat .5oz Duo Packs and receive 1 Duo Pack PLUS 6 x 1/8oz Dadi’ Oils FREE! Sale Price: $54 Reg Price: $77.40 Save 29%! .75

Dadi’ Oil is a nail treatment oil designed to deliver flexibility, toughness and shine to the natural nail, nail enhancement and the skin! It penetrates quickly and is completely non-greasy. Certified organic Avocado, Olive and Jojoba Oils are combined, which plasticize, moisturize, and soften, and natural Vitamin E which is a powerful anti-oxident. Treat your nails and cuticles with one of our…

“Oil’s Well that Ends Well” Deals Purchase a 2.4oz professional size Dadi’ Oil and receive a .5oz Dadi’ Oil FREE!

Purchase a 2.4oz professional size Dadi’ Oil and receive 12 x 1/8oz Dadi’ Oils FREE!

Great Idea for Client Gifts “25 for $25” “50 for $50” Buy a Bag of 25 x 1/8oz Buy a Bag of 50 x 1/8oz Dadi’ Oil for $25.00 Dadi’ Oil for $5000

.95 .95 Sale Price: $25.00 Sale Price: $50.00 Sale Price: $17 Sale Price: $17 Reg Price: $24.90 Save 28%! Reg Price: $41.35 Save 57%! Reg Price: $48.75 Save 49%! Reg Price: $97.50 Save 49%!


OPI merges music and fashion with their latest celebrity collaboration...Gwen Stefani. See your Nova Beauty Sales Rep and get your pre-orders in now so you don’t miss out on this amazing limited edition collection featuring standout colour in breakthrough finishes. (Availble in Salon January 1st 2014.) Salon Price: $65.50 DD G01 Display “A” Collection (Contains 12 Nail Lacquers, 2 of each shade) DD G02 Display “A+” Collection Salon Price: $129.95 (Contains 24 Nail Lacquers, 4 of each shade) DD G03 Display “C” Collection Salon Price: $199.95 (Contains 36 Nail Lacquers, 6 of each shade)

DD G06 Rock Starlets Mini Pack Salon Price: $8.75 DD G05 Signature Shade 8pc Display Salon Price: $80.00 (Contains 8 “Over & Over A-Gwen” Nail Lacquers) DD G04 Signature Shade Salon Price: $10.00 (Includes “Over & Over A-Gwen” Nail Lacquer & Swarovski Elements & Nail Glue) Also available in 2 exciting GelColor shades! GC G27 “I Sing in Color” GelColor Salon Price: $18.95 GC G31 “In True Stefani Fashion” GelColor Salon Price: $18.95 GC 948 Suzi’s Pick 8pc GelColor Display Salon Price: $151.60 (Contains 8 GelColors, 4 of each colour)


Lower Price on ALL OPI GelColor!

Yep, you heard us right! Nova Beauty and OPI have dropped the pricing on ALL open stock GelColor Shades, Base Coat, Top Coats AND Add-On Kits! Old Open Stock Price: $22.50

NEW Open Stock Price: $18.95

Old Add-On Kit Price: $112.50

NEW Add-On Kit Price: $99.95

So there’s no better time than now to stock up on these 3 new amazing Limited Edition GelColor Add-on Kits…but don’t wait too long since come April, they’ll be GONE “The Showgirls” Add-On Kit •

(GC 925)

All new GelColor Glitter Gels!

“The Sophisticates” Add-On Kit •

(GC 924)

All new GelColor Soft Shades!

“The Femme Fatales” Add-On Kit • (All new GelColor shades also shown above)

(GC 922)

All new GelColor Red Shades!

NEW Add-On Kit Price: $99.95

Have you heard the news?

These OPI sites are available to help you build your business Visit for more application tips, news and trends! Help your customers find you by registering your salon at OPI’s on-line referral site! Register your Axxium lamp or GelColor LED light.


Great Gift

Maximize Glamorous Holiday-Ready Lashes!


• A convenient way to introduce Revitalash Cosmetics’ best selling products to your customers • Special edition dual-ended Primer/Mascara cross promotes these 2 amazing products • Offers clients a complete regimen for eye-perfecting beauty!

Start now to have fabulous looking lashes for the Holidays!

Wrapped in Beauty Holiday Kit (WBHK) Includes: • • •

Nouriche Eyelash Conditioner 3.75ml Double Ended Volumizing Primer 3ml with Volumizing Mascara (Raven) 3ml Limited Edition Signature Revitalash Scarf (Gift with purchase)

Product Value: $98.20

Sale Price:



Learn the secret to dramatic, glamorous looking lashes • • • •

Enhance the look of your lashes so they appear lush and luxurious Saturated with powerful conditioners Helps provide the appearance of stronger, shinier-looking lashes Ginkgo Biloba helps protect lashes against environmental stresses

Start now to have fabulous looking lashes for the Holidays!

Nouriche Starter Kit (1404) Includes: • • • •

6 full sized Nouriche Eyelash Conditioners 1 Nouriche Tester 10 Consumer Brochures Plexi Ad Stand

Reg Price: $393.00

Sale Price:


Buy 5 + 1 FREE Mix and match any 5 Revitalash Mascaras or Perfect Primers and receive 1 absolutely FREE! Reg Price: $79.20

Sale Price:


Great Stocking Stuffer Idea


Red Line Flat Iron Styler (56995) • • • • ift Idea! Great G

Korean technology ceramic & Regular Price: $79.95 tourmaline coated plates Extra long plates 4 3/8” x 1” Sale Price: Dual voltage Auto shut off after 60 minutes


Red Line Straighten & Curl Styling Tool (56996)

• • •

Designed to straighten or create curls & waves Temperature range 248oF 450oF (120oC - 230oC) Auto shut off after 60 minutes

Regular Price: $89.95

Sale Price: $69.95

Red Line Twirl to Curl 1” Iron (56997) • •

Ceramic & tourmaline coated Regular Price: $69.95 1” barrel for smooth finish Sale Price: Cool touch swivel tip


Red Line Conical 1” Curling Wand (56998) • • ift Idea! Great G

Conical shape creates perfectly Regular Price: $69.95 natural curls Cool tip for firm hold, includes Sale Price: heat resistant glove Adjustable temperature control with safety auto shut-off


Red Line Endura Dry Dryer (56993) • • • • •

1875 professional dryer Regular Price: $79.95 3 heat/3 speed settings Ceramic & tourmaline infused Sale Price: grill to reduce frizz Ion function to protect hair Includes diffuser & concentrator


Red Line Compact Pro Dryer (56994) •


• • •

Full sized, 1875 watt dryer in a compact design Regular Price: $74.95 3 heat/2 speed settings Ion function to protect hair Sale Price: Includes diffuser & concentrator


Endura Dry Dryer (56992)

• • • • •

1875 professional dryer 3 heat/3 speed settings Ceramic & tourmaline infused grill to reduce frizz Ion function to protect hair Includes diffuser

Regular Price: $79.95

Sale Price: $59.95

Pink All-Star Combo (56333)

• • • •

Includes Designer Clipper Regular Price: $119.95 and Peanut Trimmer Extra powerful cool running V5000 electromagnetic motor Sale Price: Adjustable lever varies taper & texture of cut without changing the blade Peanut includes guides


Purple Designer / Peanut & Bag Combo (50216)

• • • •

Includes purple Designer Clipper, Peanut Trimmer and Regular Price: $164.90 sports bag Extra powerful cool running Sale Price: V5000 electromagnetic motor Adjustable lever varies taper & texture of cut without changing the blade Peanut includes guides


Half Pint Trimmer (55604)

Battery operated trimmer with 2 moustache guides

Half Pint Trimmer Display Tray (3025)

• •

12 Half Pint Trimmers Display dimensions 10”L x 8.93”W x 8.07”H

Wahl Spray Bottle (56702)

• •

Blue aluminum 450ml

Wahl Barber Pole Disinfectant Jar (50220)

Includes 12 FREE Clipper Cut Combs (a $26.40 value!)

Regular Price: $12.95

Sale Price: $9.95

Great Stocking Stuffer Idea

Regular Price: $155.40

Sale Price: $119.40 Regular Price: $7.95

Sale Price: $4.95 Great Stocking Stuffer Idea

Regular Price: $76


Sale Price: $39.95


Stock up and save on all sizes of Biotone Dual Purpose Massage Creme!

• • • •

1 Gallon (DPC1G)

Reg Price: $81.00

68 oz (DPC68Z)

Reg Price: $50.00

36oz (DPC36Z)

Reg Price: $44.95

14 oz (DPC14Z)

Reg Price: $20.00

7 oz (DPC7ZT)

Reg Price: $15.00

Effortless glide, extended workability and now Paraben-Free! Quality performance with less reapplications Gentle drag, excellent versatility, features of both oil and lotion Rich, thick texture, moisturizing, non-greasy finish

Sale Price $60.75 Sale Price $37.50 Sale Price $33.72 Sale Price $15.00 Sale Price $11.25

Save on these other Biotone lines too! • Clear Results Massage Oil • Pure Touch Organics Massage Creme • Healthy Benefits Massage Creme, Massage Gel & Oil-Free Face Massage Creme


Manufactured right here in BC, Unique Therapeutic Mats® by IC Urethane Products Inc., have set the bar by which all other salon mats are measured. Their customers tell them they make the best mat on the market today. IC Urethane has been producing these mats since the early 90’s and the CEO/President invented the composite urethane technology which has become the industry standard. • • • • • • •

All of Unique Therapeutic Mats® are made from 100% polyurethane. Each one is hand crafted in molds from the highest grade polyurethane available. They do not dry out over time, retain their flexibility and are engineered to last for years. With safety in mind, all edges are beveled to reduce trip hazards. The mats are easy to clean and lightweight in design. They lay flat with no curling edges ensuring a flush fit with the floor. The top surface is smooth allowing hair to be easily swept off. No VOC’s or PVC materials are used in the manufacturing process or end products. Each mat comes with a 5 year warranty.


3050C (Classic Series)

3’ deep x 5’ wide, half round with chair depression, 5/8” thick

Ship EE ping

Salon Price: $174.00 3525ONT (Tranquility Series)

2.5’ deep x 3.5’ wide, half round with cut out chair depression, 3/4” thick

Salon Price: $124.00 5030CT (Tranquility Series)

3’ deep x 5’ wide, half round with chair depression, 3/4” thick

Salon Price: $178.00 4530ST (Tranquility Series)

3’ deep x 4.5’ wide, rectangle with chair depression, 3/4” thick

Salon Price: $184.00 4530CT (Tranquility Series)

3’ deep x 4.5’ wide, half round with chair depression, 3/4” thick

Salon Price: $174.00 5030ST (Tranquility Series)

3’ deep x 5’ wide, rectangle with chair depression, 3/4” thick

Salon Price: $192.00 Please see your Nova Beauty Sales Rep or Showroom Sales Rep to see the complete selection of mats. All mats are special order to ensure exact shape and sizing. Please allow 4-5 business days for delivery, and receive FREE SHIPPING if you order before December 31st 2013!


“OPI RED Lacquer always gets me in the Holiday spirit. Wear it on your fingers and toes, it’s my favorite Holiday accessory!”

“Finally, a shine serum for my fine hair! My favorite application? Simple, I just emulsify 1-2 drops in my palms and run through damp hair!”

“I used to be a skeptic when it came to mascaras and lash primers, but now I’m a believer, what a more wimpy lashes!”

- Heather, Nova Beauty Sales Rep

- Barb, Nova Beauty Sales Rep

- Jenny, Nova Beauty Sales Rep

The OPI shade that started it all, you can’t go wrong with this classic red.

Enriched with organic oils and Argan oil. Smooths hair, controls frizz during blow drying.

With Revitalash’s primer & mascara, your lashes will look thicker, fuller and more luscious than ever.

OPI RED Nail Lacquer (NL L72)

So Pure DeFrizz Shine Serum 50ml (23346)

Revitalash Mascara (0372005) or Perfect Primer (480)

Salon Price: .75

Salon Price: .00

Salon Price: .20



These are a few of our

Favorite Things...

Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas!

"Cyclic is life changing. Everyone I know & love is using it because if you want flawless skin, there really is no other option.”


Our Nova Beauty Sales Reps and Showroom Managers share with you their “must have” favorite items for this Holiday Season!

"My favorite go to product for the day old ‘do’ . It’s quick and easy to use on all hair types, and has the power to give your ‘do’ the boost!”

"So easy! You can achieve multiple curly styles with one tool. So simple even I can use it, and it even comes with a heat resistant glove!”

- Gillian, Nova Beauty Sales Rep

- Lisa, Victoria Showroom Manager

- Monique, Nanaimo Showroom Manager

A scientifically balanced blend of nano silver and natural ingredients penetrates into pores, cleaning deep into the skin’s surface.

Wahl’s conical shaped barrel creates perfectly natural curls, while the ceramic and tourmaline coated barrel protects hair from damage.

An ideal finishing spray wax for carefree, tousled styles and leaves your hair soft and touchable.

Wahl 1” Curling Wand (56978)

Joico Texture Boost Dry Spray Wax (J14589)

Cyclic Pink 40gm (CYCPINK40) (Other sizes and formulas are available)

Salon Price: .95



Regular Price: $69.95

Sale Price: .95


Salon Price: .95


Great Gift


Eyelash Extensions… in just 60 Seconds! No Glue, No Mess, No Fuss 300% Longer and Thicker Lashes Brush on Fibre Lash Extensions (52-0100) 3 Month Supply

Salon Price: MSRP: $60.00


Cherry Blooms Fibre Lash Extensions are hitting the beauty world by storm! Brush on Fibre Lashes are an exciting new concept in eyelash extensions that don’t require any glue or false lashes. The eyelash extensions are lightweight, comfortable to wear and can easily be applied in 60 seconds. There’s no glue, no mess, no fuss, and no irritation. Just 2 products in 3 simple steps. Cherry Blooms Fibre Lash Extensions are lightweight and just as easy as applying normal mascara. It’s cry proof, laugh proof and sweat proof too. The Cherry Blooms Fibre Lash Extensions kit includes the transplanting mascara gel and natural black fibres. The transplanting gel is made from high grade beeswax which stimulates lash growth, helping to thicken and lengthen natural lashes. This key beewax ingredient is antibacterial and has moisturising properties, ensuring it won’t leave you with dry brittle lashes. Unlike other fibre lash brands, Cherry Blooms Brush on Fibre Lashes uses BLACK fibres, made from non-toxic ingredients making it suitable for those with sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. It’s easy to remove with warm water and a cotton ball. Comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!


If you were to walk into this charming Parksville salon, you may feel like you’ve stepped back into an episode of CHEERS “Where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came.”


Stylist & Barber Shoppe owner

Cindy Craig and her talented team of stylists, Marge Battams, Karen Swailes and Kimberly Clasper, welcome you with their amazing combined 105 years of experience! Their salon has a wide variety of clientele often servicing 4 generations of family members, whether it be grandparents, their children, grandchildren or great grandchildren. With their experience and expertise, they get the job done in a warm and welcoming environment. Oceanside Stylist & Barbers generously allow Nova Beauty to use their facilities to host in-salon training seminars in colouring, cutting and product knowledge, which are open and available to all stylists in and around the Vancouver Island area. With the expert knowledge of Nova’s amazing educational team, they stay on the cutting edge of the beauty industry. With the help of Joico and Green Circle salons, they are proud to say that Oceanside Stylist & Barber Shoppe have invested in the welfare of our planet by recycling all waste from hair to chemicals. They are helping to make the world a better place for future generations to come. Next time you’re in the Parksville area drop by and say ‘hi’ or join them for a fun filled educational Joico colour seminar!

Oceanside Stylist & Barber Shoppe 147 Morison Avenue • Parksville • BC • (250) 248-5753 Nova Beauty’s Holiday Closures Monday, November 11th - Remembrance Day Tuesday, December 24th - Close at 3pm December 25th - January 1st - Closed Thursday, January 2nd - Open regular hours Holiday Shipping Schedule (Tentative Shipping Schedule, may change based on Loomis’ Holiday Shipping Schedule)

All Off Island orders:

Must be in by Thursday, December 12th by 3pm Friday, December 13th - Last day of Off Island shipping to guarantee receiving shipment before Dec 25th

All Island orders:

Must be in by Monday, December 16th by 3pm Tuesday, December 17th - Last day of Island shipping to guarantee receiving shipment before Dec 25th


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