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May-June Specials 2011 LCN Intro Kit 2011 The LCN Intro Kit is the ideal introduction to the LCN line of Light Cured products. Take advantage of this amazing deal!

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Cherry Blossom Retail Display A great way to step into the new season, and put Spring in the air with Cherry Blossom’s enchanting fragrance and colour. Contains 6 of each product + 1 tester of each • Cherry Blossom Hand Cream 50ml • Cherry Blossom Hand Peeling 50ml • Cherry Blossom Nail Oil 8ml

• Light unit • Cleaner 100ml • Bondique 20ml • Protech 1 Brush • Sealant 5ml • Colour Gel 5ml - Extra White

Comes with attractive LCN Shoulder Bag! Only $199.95 Value $395.00

LCN is not responsible for colour variation at time of print. Colours and Products may not be exactly as shown. LCN reserves the right to substitute products according to availability.

Easy On French Tips

N E W!

Perform magic by creating a quick natural nail overlay with the new Easy On French Tips. • 14 sizes, 140pcs Value $35.00

Contains nurturing passion flower oil and jojoba oil as well as natural sugar crystals. • Gently removes dead skin flakes • Protects skin from losing moisture • Activates the skin’s own repair mechanisms Retail $19.95

Cherry Blossom Nail Oil 8ml

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This rich, nourishing oil mixture is an extraction of oils from Almond, Jojoba and Amaranth. • Protects nails and skin from drying out • Contains Cherry Blossom Extract, nurturing vitamin E acetate and linol-linolic acid complex

LCN Restore Set 5pc

Valuel $153.00

N E W!

Only $11.97

Bonus 4pk of colour gels assorted

Only $99.00

N E W!

Cherry Blossom Hand Peeling 50ml

• FM Pearl White 5ml • Connex Plus 5ml • Connex Brush • T36 Disinfectant 60ml • Application Guide • Pedifresh 100ml

Popular Trend Harsh Reality. Today’s soak-off systems have harsh consequences for clients’ nails. LCN Bio Bond restores nourishing amino acids, Base Gel provides additional bonding to damaged nails, and LCN Fibrique gives weakened nails extra strength with incorporated micro-fibres. Finish with Extra White and Sealant pink for a classic French look.

Cherry Blossom Hand Cream 50ml

Retail $15.00

Create long lasting beautiful French Pedicures with LCN’s Light Cured System developed specially for toenails.

Value $359.73

Value $184.38

Only $9.00

LCN Professional Pedique Kit

Only $249.00

Only $147.50

A light and non-oily hand cream, containing extracts from the Japanese Cherry Blossom and the White Lupine. High quality plant based oils as well as Panthenol provide intense moisture.

Only $29.00

• LCN Mini Light • White Terry Towel • 25ml Pedique Clear Opaque • Cleaner 100ml • Sculpting Brushes • Mykosept 50ml • Pediseal 5ml

N E W!

N E W!

Only $5.37

N E W!

Retail $8.95

Chocolate File 100/180, 6pk This superlative file stands out because of its exceptional surface quality, high abrasion rate, and long-lasting durability!

Only $9.95

French Deluxe 6pk Polish Collection

N E W!

Buy 5 get one FREE plus 50 pc Crystal Rhinestones • FD1 Nearly Nude • FD3 Sheer Pink • FD5 Wedding Bells

• FD2 Secret Admirer • FD4 Sealed With a Kiss • FD I Do

Only $18.75 Value $29.45

LCN Sea Salts 3kg Excellent additive to your client’s foot bath! Aids in detoxifying and enhances relaxation after those long hard days.

Only $39.00 Value $42.00

Light Glitter Collection Buy 5 collection features six NEW Light Glitter Gels, ee! This along with 4 existing colours Get 5 Fr

Super Deal

-01 Light Gold -02 Light Pastel -03 Pearl Shine -04 Deep Red -05 Silver Hologram NEW! -06 Extreme Gold NEW! -07 Delight Pink NEW! -08 Deep Lilac NEW! -09 Blue Sapphire NEW! -10 Eco Green NEW!

Only $95.00 Value $190.00


NEWct! Produ

Urea 10% Display w/Backwall

Sea Shell Wraps Collection

Spring is here! That will mean your feet will be on display. The new LCN Urea 10% foot series offers optimum care for very dry and sensitive skin.

Self-adhesive colourful foils that have a mother-of-pearl look. Can be tailored as you wish. -01 Light Gold -03 Pearl Shine -05 Silver Hologram -07 Delight Pink

N E W!

• Urea 10% Foot Cream 100ml • Urea 10% Foot Mask 100ml • Urea 10% Express Foot Spray

-02 Light Pastel -04 Deep Red -06 Extreme Gold

Only $170.42

Only $9.95ea

Value $189.36

N E W! Urea 10% Foot Mask 100ml Compliments the urea series for intensive care. Rich ingredients including almond oil, vitamin A and E and shea butter.

Wedding Collection “Down the Aisle” 3x5ml Colour Gels + Wedding Stones Wedding Bells are ringing! A perfect blend of Colour Gels and Wedding Stones to create a beautiful bridal look

• Ensures the protective coat of the skin regenerates faster • Relaxes skin with calming components

Only $14.97 Retail $24.95

• 502 Pearl Effects • 505 Pearl Pastel • 512 Golden Sheen PLUS Wedding Stones!

Only $38.00 Value $42.00

N E W!

Wax For Everyone! 4x450g, 1 of each No matter your skin type, there’s a wax for everyone! This collection contains the following four formulas: • All Purpose • Azulene

Urea 10% Foot Cream 100ml

• Tea Tree • Natural

Based on a special complex that consists of 10% Urea, this cream provides intense moisture and has an antiinflammatory effect.

Only $38.00

• Contains Jojoba Oil to regulate moisture • Provitamin B5 is the ultimate moisture care • Easy to distribute • Absorbs easily

Value $42.00

NE W s ! r Colou

“Tropical Trend 2011” 4x5ml Colour Gel Fantastic spring colours, very well suited for the toes. - 314 Blue Sky NEW! - 201 Pretty Pink

e Sav% 50

Only $14.97 Retail $24.95

- 315 Kiwi Green NEW! - 293 Tangerine Dream

Only $38.00

Urea 10% Foot Spray 100ml

Value $76.00

Ideal for the quick care in between or to round off a treatment. Skin becomes soft and palpably supple immediately.

Aroma Nail Oil Collection 4x8ml

• Allows skin to increase water binding capacity • Contains jojoba oil saccharide isomerate and provitamin B5

Indulgent fragrance experience and nourished cuticles! Rich aroma nail oils are perfectly suited for the intensive care of nails and cuticles. -1 Café au Lait -3 Blood Orange

Only $17.40 Retail $29.00

-2 Vanilla Cinnamon -4 Hot Chocolate

Only $14.85


Value $19.80

I ♥ LCN Polish & Make-Up Display • 16x Polish (includes 1 FREE Tester each) • 4x Lip Gloss Transparent • 4x Lipstick Strawberry Sorbet • 4x Dark Denim Mono Eyeshadow • 4x Blue Silver Mono Eyeshadow • 1x I ♥ LCN Guitar Shaped Display-FREE! • 1x I ♥ LCN Poster-FREE!

N E W!

Pos ter!

Excellence in Nails & Esthetics Since 1985 Your Local Distributor is:

Retail $6.75 Retail $19.00 Retail $22.00 Retail $18.00

Please forward your order to your local LCN distributor. Available at participating LCN Distributors while quantities last. Find your nearest LCN distributor at Onlys do not include shipping / handling, & taxes.

Only $179.00 Value $249.80

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Fun Guitar Shaped Display!