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We hope you like the changes we’ve made to our new online, interactive flipbook Member Exchange We understand this will be a big change, but we're excited for the ability to reach so many more potential clients and customers for your business. This new Member Exchange will be posted to our website each month, as well as on social media for you to share with your followers! This email will now be sent once a month, on the 3rd Wednesday. All ads, press releases and business announcements will be due the previous Friday no later than noon, in the form of a one page Word Doc, PDF or JPG to NEW 2017 Member Exchange Dates

June 21st - Submissions Due June 16th July 19th - Submissions Due July 14th August 16th - Submissions Due August 11th September 20th - Submissions Due September 15th October 18th - Submissions Due October 13th November 15th - Submissions Due November 10th December 20th - Submissions Due December 15th

As always, should you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at the Chamber. Thank you for your support and participation in this great initiative!

May Member Exchange