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Branding speaks when you aren’t in the room… ...what is your personal brand saying about you! Do you feel as though your entrepreneurial opportunities and ideal clients are worn thin? Do you feel as though your career has faded and don't measure up to your earning potential? Do you feel as though your visibility has curtailed and undersized your exposure? Introducing The Brand to Wear, a program filled with courses and products designed to guide you through the process of building a haute couture brand, one of value, trust and distinction. Just like you'd build your personal wardrobe with chic trendy shirts, everyday essential shoes, and special occasion accessories, you must build your branding skills with more than just the basics. The Brand to Wear is your one-stop shop for building a catwalk-ready brand that'll grab your ideal client's attention, nurture a long-lasting connection, and ultimately, have them buying from you with devoted admiration. Instead of busting at the seams searching everywhere for branding advice and "how to's" that are neither engaging nor practical, enroll in a The Brand to Wear enlightening course filled with easily applicable brand-building activities. Each course is tailor-made to fit your branding needs and build your branding skills, filling your wardrobe with all the “must haves” to become successful. These offerings will teach you how to: Get clear on your brand's identity. Become synonymous with your products and services. Create a cohesive brand both on and off line. Build brand trust and visibility. Attract the opportunities and clients you desire. Increase sales and exceed your earning potential. Establish and position your brand as an industry leader.

If you're ready to roll up your sleeves, build a brand that's a limited edition, and reap the rewards of what you've sewn, then sign up for a course today! Let us show you how to talk your brand's talk and walk your brand's walk by creating your signature branding style.




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What is your Superpower? Do you make people money, save people money, or create an experience for people? One of the biggest misconception about personal branding is people often confuse branding with marketing and generally don’t believe the impact of a solid personal! Branding is not a logo, promotional material, branding in itself is defined as a kind, grade, or to be recognized by a stamp, trademark, logo or tagline. It is to indelibly impress, a seal. Since the beginning of time, branding has played an essential role in the evolution of our society. Whether it was a mark to signify a tribe or owner on cattle, the seal of royalty on an official document, or the name of a celebrity to add validity, branding has moved from a primitive identifier to a well-recognized form of nonverbal, vital communication. Branding transcends across language, professional, geographic, and socialeconomic barriers. Something as simple as a symbol, sign or logo can bridge communication between a producer and consumer, open doors, create revenue and conversely turn consumers away. It is important to understand that a logo is not a brand. The logo represents the brand. The logo is symbolic of what is felt or thought about the brand. When you see the logo of your favorite brands, you think of your experience or feeling about that brand. As an employee or an entrepreneur, you DO have a personal brand. Building a personal brand is creating an experience or expectation that you want others to have or feel when he or she interacts with you, hear your name, or see your work!

Is your brand unpack, coordinated and ready to be worn with confidence?

The Brand to Wear VIP Event Assembling a personal brand that is recognized, respected, and remembered may be as exciting as discovering one-of-kind fashions from your favorite designer at close out pricing. But personal brand development and management for others may be as dreadful as rummaging through a clearance bin at an overcrowded, popular department store, where everything is mix-matched and nothing fits.

You don’t have to tackle the monumental task of creating, coordinating, and cultivating your personal brand on your own! With a few branding essentials, signature accessories and a bit of custom tailoring, at The Brand to Wear VIP Event, you will walk away with a runway-ready personal brand, and the know-how that will position you to wear your brand with confidence! The Brand to Wear VIP Event provides entrepreneurs and employees alike, an opportunity to attend a LIVE event, where the focus is to develop your personal brand, your brand’s message, and a strategy with the support of up to 11 other participants, and guided by the brand architect herself. During this LIVE event participants will walk away with:     

A distinguishable brand The essentials necessary for brand success Create brand advocates Assemble a strategy for your brand And more….

The benefit of The Brand to Wear VIP Event is, with the limited number of attendees, participants can receive more one on one attention, while leveraging the creativity and collaboration of their peers. Participants will walk away with a personal brand that is suitable for their goals and a strategy that will provide a brand that is sustainable. Whether you are a branding newbie or someone who recognizes that your brand may need an overhaul, this course will help you unpack, assemble and arrange your branding wardrobe that will create visibility, position you to be a premier brand that sustains value, and creates trust.

Building Your Brand Wardrobe 90day Program Your personal wardrobe consists of a variety of clothes, shoes, and accessories that you wear specific to how you’re feeling or the image that you’re trying to display. You may dress according to the climate, function, or how you want to be recognized. Your personal brand is no different! How your personal brand is assembled, what your brand contains and how it worn, is ultimately what it takes to be a brand that is creditable, congruent and worn with confidence. There are several essential “must-haves” necessary to build a personal branding wardrobe. Building your branding wardrobe is the only way to distinguish your brand from others in the marketplace or the workplace.

How do others see your personal brand? Is it the way you see it? Having a brand where the intended message and actual message are congruent is essential for brand success. This module will discuss what it takes to define your brand’s message and how it appears to your target audience. Having a brand that is recognized requires consistency and what your audience is interested in. Your personal brand must be dressed for the season and suited for the occasion. A mix matched brand may get noticed, but not recognized, and certainly won’t create brand advocates!

The immediate thought may be to fill your personal branding wardrobe with the latest and greatest trends, an outfit for every scenario, occasion and climate ready to be seen everywhere. But, packing your closet with irrelevant garments that you are just waiting to whip out will not catch the eye of your target market, nor will it present the truth about your personal brand. Brand visibility begins with positioning. Knowing how to package your brand and how to position your brand will attract your target audience. By understanding who your ideal audience is or what your ultimate opportunity looks like will make adding the right style to your brand’s strategic plan a breeze. This module will help you develop a strategy for your personal brand which includes how your brand will be presented and how to maximize your brand visibility.

After knowing what your personal branding position is, establishing a direction for your brand is the next step. The direction of your brand includes what are the goals for your brand? The newest trends or watching other brands gain popularity may be tempting to you to reevaluate your personal brand, but not every opportunity is an ideal option for your brand. It is important that you take the necessary steps in the right direction to ensure that your brand is consistent and trusted. Skipping a step or a step in the wrong direction may be detrimental to your brand. Make sure your brand is not being led, but your personal brand is leading. Remember it’s your brand that is at risk at all times! This module will walk with you to establish a clear direction for your brand.

Every interation is an interview for an opportunity, is your brand protected? With the rapid growth of social media platorms and global networking, your personal brand must have a state of the art protection plan. Protecting your personal brand is much harder than it may sound. Everything from your associations and environment to your brand integrity and how your brand appears online leaves your brand exposed. How are your protecting your brand to ensure consistency and cohesiveness? This module will focus on the importance of protecting brand identity on and offline.

You have successfully caught the eye of your target audience whether that is a client, employer, partner of affiliate, now how do you capture hold their attention? What about your brand is eye catching? Your personal brand should have a conversation piece that will immediately engage your audience that showcases your unique promise of value? Knowing what you want people to think or feel when they hear your name or see your product or service, will help you decide the signature style of your personal brand. This module will help you relate the value of your personal brand to a feel or look that is attractive to your target market.

A hat is symbolic of authority, distinction and even trust! Do you have a trusted brand? You have worked effortlessly to build, organize and present a personal brand that is visible, recognizable and has value; you are definitely ready for the marketplace or workplace. But, being the “go-to” brand will position you to be a subject matter expert or industry leader. As clients and potential customers have a need, your personal brand should be top of their mind. Creativity, cohesiveness and consistency are the branding basics that will position you to be a trusted brand. This module will walk you through how to be the “go-to” brand.

Building Your Branding Wardrobe consists of a combination of course work, webinars, and group discussions, enroll today and create a wardrobe that is fitting for your brand.

Creating a Branding Ensemble 30 Day Program Personal branding isn’t the style or newest trend, it is vital to achieve the results that you desire in the workplace and/or marketplace. In fact, branding is becoming increasingly more important each year. As you build your personal branding wardrobe, your closet has to be complete with the staple items that will assist you in building and fostering a sustainable brand that is trusted and recognized. No matter what industry you are in or where you are in your career path, there are some branding basics that everyone should have. This 30 day course will help walk you through the branding essentials. This is the first step to creating and building your personal brand for success. This program will provide you with an overview of personal branding, why it’s essential and provide you with a few personal branding basics that will get you started. This course is ideal for a personal that is contemplating a career change or someone that is considering entrepreneurship.

Over the years your personal brand has collected a variety of branding hand- me-downs, not to mention the items that your brand may have outgrown, the articles that you thought were a steal or what seemed to be in style. Your branding closet may be busting at the seams with everything from branding collateral, to online must-haves, print media basics, and trendy messages. But does this plethora of garments accurately depict your business and adequately represent your personal brand? You may be an entrepreneur newbie or hit a plateau in your sales activity and not quite sure what branding essentials should be in your closet. You may be a person looking to transition into a new career and have hit a few road blocks. It may time for a brand audit! Is the voice, face, method, and message of your brand unpacked and assembled? What’s in Your Closet is a personal branding audit to inventory what garments are missing, what articles need to be purged from your brand and will determine if:

• Your brand has a complete ensemble • You have a mix matched brand • Your branding wardrobe out of season An evaluation of What’s in Your Closet will position your brand to gain visibility, by assuring that your products and/or services are congruent with the unique promise of value that your brand promises to deliver. Whether trendy or conservative, how your personal brand is dressed is the catalyst to which clients and opportunities you will attract.

Your personal branding wardrobe may be complete with all the must haves, but periodically you desire to know what the latest personal branding styling tools are or see if your brand is still in season to ensure your brand remains relevant. If so, The Brand to Wear offers a series of eCourses, eBooks, CDs and DVDs for those that are on the move and possess the desire to remain up to date by adding seasonal branding essentials for reference material. These products are designed to add finishing touches to your personal brand by allowing you to order or download the items that fit your branding strategy. Some of our titles include:

 Tailoring Your Brand  Sewing Your Brand Together  Dressed for Brand Success  The Finest Thread for Your Brand  Mix-Matched Brand  Buttoning Up Your Brand  Brand Appeal  Ironing Out Your Brand  Your Brand’s Seamless Finish  Sew Your Soul Into Your Brand

Frequently Asked Questions What is personal branding? Personal branding is the unique promise of value of an individual. It is to establish a place in the mind of a specific audience. What is the purpose of personal branding? A personal brand should either make people money, save them money or, create an experience. What are a couple myths about personal branding? A few myths about personal branding are, only entrepreneurs and celebrities need a personal brand. And, because an individual never established their personal brand, they don’t have one. Why is personal branding essential? Personal branding is essential to attract the opportunities that individual’s desire to achieve the level of success that he or she desires. Can I change my personal brand? Yes, you can change your personal brand especially if it is underdeveloped. Rebranding should only occur after serious thought and a targeted plan. What role does personal branding play on social media? It is vital that your personal brand is congruent in person and online. How do I promote my personal brand? There is not a one size fits all promotion strategy for personal branding. Promoting your brand will vary by industry, goals, resources and timelines. What makes The Brand to Wear program unique? The Brand to Wear is designed to assist people gain the confidence to embrace their individuality and discover their value, not just brand a product or service.

Personal Branding Programs with The Brand to Wear  
Personal Branding Programs with The Brand to Wear  

The workplace and the marketplace is becoming increasingly competitive is your personal brand dressed for success? Or are you trying to wear...