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Watch this video again Thanks for the participation in the Wednesday SC (success celebration). Congratulations to all the “losers” this week. This week’s topics were Carbohydrates, Shopping and Cooking; Cellular Nutrition. Key points this week: 1. Making healthy choices at home is easier if you stock your pantry and refrigerator with healthy foods high in fiber, protein and complex carbohydrates like fruits and vegetables. 2. Take the challenge to try something new and healthy this week. Try a old recipe with a new healthy twist by substituting the bad with the good (see recipe suggestions) 3. Know WHY to start your day with protein instead of carbs (Page 13 of the lesson) 4. Make a point to call your coach this week and FINE TUNE your plan. Take an honest assessment of your progress! Here are your training links for WEEK #3 (week 4 on the website) – click WEEK 4 – Carbs; Shopping and Cooking; Cellular Nutrition (password is “formula1”)

Videos: “HGC” Dangers from TODAY show: Healthy Food Choices: See attached video Keep this email and subsequent emails in a folder to review them again in the future. Also, feel free to share it with someone you care about, particularly if you feel it may help them make a healthy change. TO YOUR NEW HABITS AND NEW HEALTH! Your Wellness Coaches, Amy, Joe and Karina

“You cannot change your DESTINATION overnight, but you can change your DIRECTION.” – Jim Rohn Reference website – Herbalife Nutrition Institute -

Lose Weight in a Week | How to Lose Weight in a Week  
Lose Weight in a Week | How to Lose Weight in a Week