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Summative Evaluation

Measure Summaries

I. Performer Engagement: Online Metrics

       

Metrics will be kept on the Contamination Blues website and tracked by location and number of hits, where possible. Additionally, it will be clear whether or not all group members participated in the free giveaway as the prizes will be tracked in the system. These numbers will be monitored over time and an optimum metric will be set in advance of the campaign based on the number of users in the lab at the time that the program is implemented. For example, if there are 10 lab members, a reasonable target metric is that each will visit the site five times over the course of two months, and ten individuals will participate in the draw. Similar tracking metrics will be used for all online elements of the campaign (e.g. online support system).

II. Individual Performance: Performer Portfolios

  A detailed performance file will be kept on each user by the glove box supervisors.   This file will include information on their engagement in the campaign (e.g. participation in giveaways),  

attendance at all sessions (e.g. coaching sessions) and their ongoing reporting of glove box issues. Participants who are regularly reporting issues will be identified and participants that have been caught dealing with contamination without support will also be reported in these documents.

III. Group Performance: Team Advantage Scoreboard

  In the lab space and online, the “Team Advantage” scoreboard will indicate how many days it has been      

since a major safety incident has occurred, as well as, how long optimum glove box conditions have been maintained. There will also be a countdown to when the group will get a free outing and their names on the group trophy. These metrics will be dealt with transparently to encourage the meeting of targets. An archive of these results will be kept by the glove box heads.

Arndtsen Group Performance Campaign


Jeffrey Quesnel

Performer Start Date

Fall 2008

Performer Glove Box Training Sessions Received

 Transporting Chemicals 1  Transporting Chemicals 2  Transporting Chemicals 3

Assigned Coach

Boran Xu

Coach Sessions Completed

 Onboarding  Mentorship Meeting 1: Troubleshooting 101  Mentorship Meeting 2: Using the support system

Records of Openly Reported issues



Mar. 1, 2010

Rapid increase in O2 Content reported

Jun. 30, 2011

Cross-contamination reported



May 21, 2011

Poor transport did not report

Sept. 4, 2011

Chemical spill did not report

Evidence of Underreported Incidents

Participation in Online Giveaway


Team Progress Award Events

May 23, 2012; Nov. 30, 2012

Additional Notes

TEAM ADVANTAGE SCOREBOARD Number of Serious Safety Incidents this Quarter

Number of Contamination Issues Reported Openly

Number of Days Until Team Progress Award Party Target

Summative Evaluations HPT  

Summative Evaluations HPT

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