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FROM BARNET TO BEIUS jesus house men help build homes in romania


1. Manna Supermarket Launch

2. Haiti Disaster Appeal Report

A publication of Jesus House for all the nations

3. Jesus House Football Academy 2010

Front and back cover: Jesus House men hard at work in Beius, Romania This page: The Jesus House Football Academy class of 2010 show off their awards and medals

WELCOME Welcome to our new CSR newsletter. Here at Jesus House our responsibility to show the love of Christ in a practical way is central to what we do and who we are. We take literally the injunction given by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in Matthew 25:35–40 not to neglect the poor, underprivileged, marginalised and the sick. We believe the church has a major role to play in channelling God’s resources to these groups and being a voice to them where they are voiceless. The purpose of this newsletter is to highlight some of the work we are currently doing here and hopefully to encourage you to become a part of it. The world is waiting to feel and to receive the love of Christ and the King is waiting for you to carry this love to the world.

Agu Irukwu

Jesus House Church Social Responsibility Church Social Responsibility (CSR) is the vehicle by which the church seeks to address the needs of the underprivileged and marginalised in society. It is divided into two arms; CSR International focuses on the needs of our neighbours around the world, while Community Action seeks to meet the needs of those in our immediate vicinity, within the borough of Barnet.

HAITI DISASTER APPEAL Thank you to everyone at Jesus House for your donations towards the Haiti Disaster Appeal. Jesus House raised £23,967.25!!!!! The Appeal was an initiative facilitated within the Redeemed Christian Church of God UK to raise funds to assist the humanitarian relief effort in Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake on the 12th of January 2010. The money was added to monies raised by the Redeemed Church of God, which was distributed amongst six charitable organisations, all of whom formed part of the Haiti Disaster Relief efforts. The charities are Samaritan Purse, Christian Aid, Tearfund, Church Mission Society (CMS), South American Mission Society and Through the Roof.

Agu Irukwu Senior Pastor, Jesus House for all the Nations Sola Irukwu Head, Jesus House Church Social Responsibility Ayo Adedoyin Head, Community Action Jesus House for all the Nations 112 Brent Terrace, Brent Cross, London NW2 1LT Tel: 020 8438 8285 Fax: 020 8438 8286 The Impact Newsletter is published by Jesus House. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part without written permission is prohibited.

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Donation of Ultrasound Scanner to Haiti Hospital Appeal

An ultrasound scanner was kindly donated to the Jesus House Church Social Responsibility department by Watford General Hospital. The scanner, along with a £1000 donation from Jesus House, was sent to the Haiti Hospital Appeal in Cap-Haitien, which is run by a lovely British couple, Carwyn and Reninca Hill. The couple, alongside other people, are working to provide much needed medical services and childcare services in Haiti. 3

A word from the Head of Jesus House Church Social Responsibility “Never underestimate the power of a small group of people to change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” M. Wheatley I never cease to be fascinated by what can be achieved when a group of passionate and committed people set their minds to achieving a goal. A group of people united and committed to a cause can accomplish amazing feats. We have several examples through the ages, from the story of the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11:1-9 that God Himself had to rein in the people, to the construction of the over 50,000km long Great Wall of China, to the world’s tallest building – the Burj Kahlifa in Dubai – opened this year, which stands at 2,717ft. What impact the Church would have if it, for example, put its resources to putting an end to the premature death of 25,000 young children every day from preventable causes such as malnutrition, diarrhoea and malaria. Haven spoken to many on this issue and from my own personal experience, the challenge is that it can all seem so daunting. The statistics make dismal reading and often leave one wondering if anything one does can or will make a difference. The good news is that you can make a difference. It is God who is at work within and through us to will us to do His good pleasure. He has given us the grace and ability to make this change, if we take the first step and do something (no matter how small). Small is always big in the Master’s hands. I invite you to enjoy our first edition of our CSR newsletter. We hope that it will highlight projects and initiatives that regular individuals like you and I are engaged in which are changing our World a little at a time. It will also bring information on projects being organised by Jesus House that you might wish to give your skills, time or financial resources to. We sincerely hope that it will be a resource that will challenge us to “love our neighbour” in deed. God bless,

Sola Irukwu

The 11th Platoon (pictured in combat gear, top and below, and on patrol, bottom) with the boots donated by Jesus House

AFGHANISTAN 11th Platoon return home

Jesus House would like to say “welcome home” and a big “well done” to GDSM James Ireri (a member of Jesus House) and the 11th Platoon, who have recently returned from serving in Afghanistan. Over Christmas 2009, Jesus House sent 30 pairs of Magnum classic boots to the platoon. These were received with great joy and “many wondered what could trigger that amount of love and generosity for a church organisation to afford to send gifts to people who are not know to them.”

Head, Jesus House Church Social Responsibility

THE IFEYINWA ALISON IRUKWU EDUCATION FUND Jesus House, alongside hundreds of organisations all over the world, is working to achieve one of the eight Millennium Development Goals of tackling the increasing rate of illiteracy across the world, with approximately 113 million children of school age not attending school. The vehicle set up by Jesus House to play our part in contributing to the achievement of this huge, albeit attainable, goal is the Ifeyinwa Alison Irukwu Education Fund, which aims to sponsor children from impoverished backgrounds in developing countries through education. The fund, which is named after Pastor Agu’s late wife, is accessible to all children of schooling age irrespective of race, religion or sex, who otherwise would not have access to formal learning. 4


Mission workers from Good Shepherd Homes put the jeep donated by Jesus House to use on the streets of Pune and Mumbai

donation of jeep to GOOD SHEPHERD HOMES, INDIA In December 2009, Jesus House purchased a jeep for Good Shepherd Homes, an outreach mission in India, to be used for their outreach to the street children of Pune and Mumbai. Statistics show that Mumbai has around 110,000 street kids, more than any city in the world and monthly sponsorship by Jesus House enables the Good Shepherd Homes Mobile Unit to supply the children with food and First Aid supplies four times a week, with a view to permanently changing their lives. Further information on Good Shepherd Homes can be found on their website

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME, KADUHA, RWANDA Working alongside Solace Ministries, Rwanda and UK ( and, Jesus House engaged in a community development programme in Kaduha, a region in the southern province of Rwanda terribly affected by the 1994 genocide in which over 200,000 people are believed to have perished in the community.

The pigs are delivered to the Kaduha people

The programme involved the purchase of livestock (pigs and a few cows) for every family in the 112-strong community, and the training of the families in livestock breeding, sales and business management. Since February 2010, all the livestock have been purchased and distributed to all the families. The next visit to Rwanda and the Kaduha community accompanying Solace Ministries is between the 2nd and 9th October 2010. If you are interested in being a part of this trip, please contact the CSR team for further information at


The Jesus House men listen intently during a morning briefing (above), and put themselves to work on the build sites

From Barnet to Beius Jesus House Men Build Homes in Romania Twenty male volunteers set out from Jesus House to help change the lives of orphans and underprivileged families in Beius, Romania in August, in partnership with Oxford-based charity, ‘Habitat for Humanity’. Founded in the 1970s to build sustainable housing for people who either have no homes or are in poverty housing, the charity currently operates in 90 countries. Planning for the trip began some nine months before, and the team, which included professional carpenters, engineers,


builders and site project managers, spent eight days in Romania and worked on eight homes for families in need. From digging trenches to creating roof tresses, the men were involved in back-breaking work, with Charles Stephenson, one of the volunteers, who has also served in Iraq, noting that it was as much work as being on the warfront in Baghdad. Colin Tomlin, the head of the Men’s ministry at Jesus House, led the team as they worked in the towns of Beius and Oredia on the North Western tip of the Transylvanian range. Both towns harbour a large population of Romanian orphans who are still trying to get a decent living in a postCiausescu era. Colin points out that a willing heart is what is needed. “Our motivation for doing this is taken from the bible; we see ourselves as the hands and feet of Jesus Christ – representing Him in the present day.”

A word from the Head of Community Action “As it is written, go ye forth into the borough of Barnet and onto the streets of Brent Cross and be ye doers of the things you have seen me do.” Okay, while this is not written like this in the scriptures, Christians are surely called to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our local communities and workplaces. This is exactly the mission that the Community Action team coordinates in Jesus House. We seek to encourage each one of us to be full-bodied salt and light right here in our local community. The London borough of Barnet is the city’s third largest borough and one of its most prosperous. However, pockets of deprivation and poverty exist next door to a lot of affluence in the same borough. In recent times, unemployment has gone up 81% and six of Barnet’s areas are listed in the ranks of 10% of the country’s worst deprived areas. For many in the borough everyday life is a struggle to eat and live. Some are born into poverty while others have fallen into hardship. With no financial safety net, a sudden crisis, such as bereavement, benefit delay, redundancy or illness, can leave some people unable to feed themselves or their families. Others may not be in financial poverty but still in need of the salt and light that you are. Working with other churches in and around the borough of Barnet, Jesus House seeks to embody the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ by influencing a positive and lifechanging turnaround in the local community. We aim to help disadvantaged individuals and families facing challenges through practical projects like ‘The Manna Project’, to make a positive change in the society at large. Beyond the disadvantaged, we aim to identify all the other issues and challenges that our community faces and bring Godly solutions to them. Recent surveys we have commissioned unanimously point to the fact that the young people in our community need our help the most.

Jesus House Football Academy 2010 Now in its second year, this summer the Jesus House Football Academy ran for two weeks in August, running from 10am to 1pm at Whitefield Sports School in Cricklewood. As always, the Academy was opened to the local community, and every morning a Jesus House shuttle bus picked up residents from the Grahame Park Estate who registered to participate in the Academy. Paul Sevier led a team of FAqualified coaches as they taught the participants both football and life skills. A ‘Tough Talk’ each day dealt with real-life issues and how to respond to them. These

talks were given by different male role models, who encouraged the children to be the best that they can be in all their endeavours. The Academy closed with a tournament and an awards ceremony, attended by Pastors Agu and Sola Irukwu. All participants received certificates and trophies, with medals given to those who excelled in specific areas and to the adult volunteers. In February 2010, participants of the 2009 Academy were treated to a visit to Wembley Stadium and SAFE Academy football club.

We need to act together now to save the present and secure the future generation.

Ayo Adedoyin

Head, Community Action

The Jesus House Football Academy Class of 2010

Hearfelt words from Pastor Agu Irukwu to the youth

Jesus House Youth Director, Pastor Bajo Akisanya

Head Coach Paul Sevier, Bolanle Bakare and Pastor Akisanya

The Jesus House Football Academy Coaches

Paul Sevier and Bolanle Bakare at Wembley with 2009 participants

Some of the boys in the England dressing room

Mothers Day Competition winners Barnet Councillor Zakia Zubairi flanked by youths from Grahame Park Estate and members of Jesus House leadership

Novo Centre Open Evening and Manna Supermarket Launch On Friday, August 6th, the Novo Centre, a local drop-in Community Centre in the Grahame Park Estate, formally reopened its doors. As a resource for local people, the centre provides advice, information, youth activities, and training facilities.

and donors. Your kindness means we have been able to provide food for families in our community and church who are experiencing difficulties, and also to Homeless Action in Barnet, a drop-in centre that supports the homeless in Barnet. After opening and dedicating the centre, Pastor Sola Irukwu expressed her excitement at being a part of this great event and stated that she hoped one day it would give Tesco a run for its money!

Having undergone major refurbishment, the centre reopened with the Manna Outlet shop, a food distribution service created to help those in need in the borough.

Describing the centre as ‘the life-long centre for all the community’, Barnet Councilor Zakia Zubairi, felt the supermarket is a great way to tackle poverty.

The Manna Project provides free groceries and basic toiletries to communities in our local borough of Barnet, and Jesus House members who find themselves in acute need. Most of the project recipients are referred by frontline service providers including Barnet Council, Barnet Homes, as well as the Welfare department in Jesus House.

Graham Ambler, Area Housing Manager, welcomed the supermarket and hopes it will become the hub of the community.

The success of the project depends almost entirely on a dedicated team of volunteers

The Novo Centre 12 The Concourse, Grahame Park Estate, Colindale, London NW9 5YB

Councillor Zubairi flanked by (l-r) Amaka Okafor and Pastors David and Bolanle Ojeh

All food items are donated and we would like to say a BIG thank you to all who have contributed. The shop will open from 12:00pm–4:00pm, Mondays–Fridays.

Jesus House Community Action Department organised a mother’s day competition in Barnet’s local newspaper asking children to write about how special their Mum is. The judges made a decision on the overall winner based on the adversity that she had been able to overcome. The winner and her family were treated to lunch in style at the Rotisserie Restaurant Whetstone; they were chauffeur-driven to the restaurant where they had a delicious threecourse meal before being chauffeured back home. The second prize was ‘Home cleaning’; ReConnect, the young adult group at Jesus House, cleaned a five bedroom house from top to bottom. Impressed with the level of cleaning, the client thought it was something ReConnect did professionally. An inspirational mother of six was also surprised with a bouquet of flowers. Despite five of her six children being under the age of five, she successfully balances motherhood with her career. Mothers at the women’s aid refuge camp and single and widowed mothers in the community were also given gifts.

Sample shelf at the Manna Supermarket Abi Balogun and Anne Nwazeke with the Jain family (1st runner up)

8 New computer suite at the Novo Centre

Aderonke Shonibare and Ayo Adedoyin of Community Action flanked by project volunteers

The Cleaning Team (l-r): Anne, Chazelle, Elijah, Kola, Abi and Tope

Novo Summer Academy

Youth Enterprise Scheme

Elevate your future in enterprise Twenty young people within the Barnet borough spent their summer learning how to become future Alan Sugars. Run by student-led charity ‘Elevation Networks’, and sponsored by Jesus House, the course, titled ‘Elevate Your Future in Enterprise’, included a range of experience-based learning activities. These included a road trip around the borough highlighting the differences in social class within pockets of the borough, and a trip into London Bridge. The young people met GLA member and Barnet Councillor Brian Coleman, as well as the current Deputy Mayor of London, Richard Barnes. The Head of Learning at Barnet Council, Councillor Robert Rams, has been a great help with the course so far and continues to support the initiative.

Trip to City Hall, where they met with Deputy Mayor and other politicians

The Summer Academy was a threeweek programme designed to engage young people between the ages of 13 and 16 in beneficial and fun activities for the duration of the summer break. The activities, including Academic Support, Creative Classes and Sports Sessions, were designed to teach life and team-building skills to the young people, and through their involvement in the tasks, they learnt things to apply to their day-to-day lives.

En route to the Elevate Your Future offices in London Bridge

Samuel Kasumu, the project facilitator, said, “It is our hope to raise aspirations and teach about routes into enterprise and employment. Our programmes have peer mentoring and anyone can benefit from them.” The scheme ended with a grand final on August 26th at Jesus House, where each group presented their investment idea to a panel of three judges.

With their achievements displayed at the end in the showcase, they all walked away with certificates to commemorate their success over the summer. They received awards for displaying leadership, dedication and respect, in addition to vouchers. Overall, it was a thoroughly enjoyable and fun experience, and the young people left wanting more.

Participating in an icebreaker activity

CSR FUNDRAISING DAY This fundraising market saw Jesus House car park turned into a marketplace in order to raise funds for charitable projects locally and internationally. Designer clothes, handbags, household items on sale for rock bottom prices, and there was a barbeque as well. All in aid of raising much-needed funds for those in need.


All dressed-up for a visit to the HSBC offices

Jesus House donates entire month’s offerings to social causes The month of June at Jesus House was spent pursuing God in prayer and fasting, and all the offerings received over this period have been donated to different CSR projects, some of which include: Noah’s Ark Hospice Barnet: A children’s hospice service that supports families, Noah’s Ark provides practical, medical and emotional support to life-limited children and their families free of charge. 9

Homeless Action in Barnet: A drop-in service in Barnet that provides support and work for vulnerable people to enable access to housing, health and other services in order to achieve independence. ‘Joy bringer R’US’: A group that provides activities such as football coaching and street dance classes to young people at the Novo Centre.

This was the third annual Summer Hair Fair at Jesus House. Those that attended were treated to a complete hairstyle and makeup for a fee of £3. You could even get your eyebrows done too! These were just some of the great offers that were available to those that attended the Summer Hair Fair.

PALM SUNDAY 2010 This year The Community Action Team at Jesus House sold palm crosses for £1 as part of the remembrance and celebration of Palm Sunday. By buying a palm, people donated to worthwhile church social responsibility projects, which in turn made a difference in the lives of the less fortunate. It was a great way to positively impact the lives of people by such a small gesture of giving.


Car Wash 2010 Growing in size and popularity year on year, Community Carwash remains one of the biggest events of our summer. A community favourite that draws people from all across Barnet and Brent, this was definitely one of the events that made the church the ultimate hotspot this summer. It was an opportunity to invite friends and family to come and get their car washed by members of the community and the church for free and meet new friends, enjoy refreshments and experience Christ-like hospitality. The Car Wash ended with a barbeque to celebrate the summer.

issues facing their community and which local agencies were effective in addressing those concerns.

LOVE BARNET Barnet Churches working together The Big Barnet Survey was commissioned by a group of churches in the borough to find out what local people felt were the most pressing 10

The survey found that the greatest issue of concern was the lack of provision for young people, with 29% of respondents stating this was an important issue. Drunken and antisocial behaviour, vandalism, drug dealing, graffiti and deprivation were also major social concerns. And whilst the police were seen as the most effective social grouping, 50% of respondents also cited the church as an effective institution. The results of the survey were announced at a special ‘Love Barnet’ breakfast hosted by Jesus

Caroline Lawes, Pastor Duncan Hanton, Ayo Adedoyin, Pastor Bajo Akisanya and Paul Sands discuss the Big Barnet Survey

House and Premier Christian Radio. Ayo Adedoyin, Head of Community Action at Jesus House, stated, “We are particularly pleased that local residents recognise the major contribution the church plays in people 10

Jesus House’s commitment to social responsibility extends beyond the CSR Ministry, with all our departments and ministries charged with the responsibility of looking to address the ills of our neighbours, and society at large, in whatever capacity God has gifted them. We also encourage our congregation members to be beacons of light and hope in every area of their lives. In this inaugural edition of the Impact Newsletter, we’ve chosen to showcase the work of two ministries existing outside of the CSR structure, ministries busily changing lives away from the public glare, offering practical support to individuals who have unfortunately been marginalised and neglected by society. The Prisons Ministry helps facilitate the rehabilitation of offenders in selected detention centres and prisons, visiting every week to fellowship with the inmates and share the love of Christ, while Abigail’s Court provides key emotional and spiritual support to the older members of our community.

The Prison Ministry team standing outside HMYOI Aylesbury

On Our Majesty’s Service the Jesus House Prison Ministry

The Jesus House Prisons ministry assists in fulfilling a part of our social responsibility as a church. We have a God-given mandate to support the work of the Prison Services, Young Offenders centres and Immigration Services by assisting in the rehabilitation process of the inmates. We work with the relevant chaplaincy to support the inmates in their Christian walk by helping to provide an environment for spiritual growth, donating resources such as bibles and books, and running seminars and other events to help with the spiritual and personal development of the inmates. The Jesus House Prison Ministry was founded by the late Pastor Ify Irukwu in 2004. She led the first team of workers and volunteers to the HMP Bronzefield, a prison for women. She was actively

involved with the ministry until she passed on to be with the Lord. The Ministry has expanded and is now actively involved in two other institutions: the Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre, and HM Prison Aylesbury, a young offender’s institution for long-term male inmates between the ages of 17 and 21 only. This year, we have been invited by the diversity and equality team at HMP Bronzefield to participate in the Black History Month in October. This is an opportunity for Jesus House to get involve in inspiring and educating the women on other cultures. To find out more about how to get involved with the ministry by sending an email to

The Mayor of Brent presents a ‘Best Dancer’ prize to one of the care home residents


Addressing the needs of the elderly In 1995, a vision was birthed by Pastor Ify Irukwu to reach out to the older and often forgotten members of our community. This vision was named ‘Abigail’s Court’.

Christmas period, during which the lives of the residents from the homes are celebrated in the presence of dignitaries, relatives and friends.

Abigail’s Court’s area of social responsibility consists of visits to, and the establishment of relationships with, about 52 Social Service homes for the elderly located in the boroughs of Brent and Barnet.

The group’s commitment to this cause has seen them celebrated and rewarded within Jesus House. In 2008 and 2009 Abigail’s Court received the vote of Best Ministry.

Each year for Abigail’s Court ends with a ‘Celebration of Life’ event, held over the 11

December birthday celebrants pose with the Mayor and Mayoress and a birthday cake

To find out more about Abigail’s Court, please email The residents are treated to a spot of dancing

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