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Beating Cancer Together


Body, Soul, Spirit Developing the best ‘You’

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An Alternative Lifestyle



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Charity Clothes Swap Party


Be Good to Yourself This Season

by Nkem Dennar

by Ezinne Edomobi

by Yetunde Alonge


8 Tips to a Healthy New Lifestyle by Abimbola Alonge


Out of the Mouths (and Minds) of Babes



by Olu Adeaga & Chizor Akisanya

SoulCare Reaching Out to Women

14 Esthers’ Retreat A Love Thing 18 Life is not a Fairytale by Bolaji Michael

20 Facing My Fears by Cecil Murphey

23 Join a Cause Let’s Beat Cancer, Together 24 Woman in Biz: Marcellina Coker

Issue 2 AuTUmN 2009





FASHION & BEAUTY EDITOR Nkem Dennar SUB EDITOR Chizor Akisanya CONTRIBUTORS Bolaji Michael, Yetunde Alongi, Cecil Murphey, Gloria Oliomogbe, Ezinne Edomobi, Marcellina Coker, Pamela Mogoli, Funmbi Oni-Orissn CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHY Folashade Olutobi (flashade)*

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t’s difficult to believe that December is here already. When Adivah was launched in July, the editorial team thought we would have some breathing space before the next issue; however, that did not happen. I had a very busy and fulfilling summer, the highlight of which was a trip to Cologne, Germany where I was invited to speak at a conference organised by SoulCare ministry, which caters to the emotional and spiritual needs of women. It was at the end of this trip that I fully understood a quote by Mother Theresa: “Give yourself fully to God. He will use you to accomplish great things on the condition that you believe much more in His love than in your own weakness”. In this edition we are focusing on the body, soul and the spirit, a continuation from the Esthers’ Experience weekend in July. We had a wonderful time and although we’ve got some pictures from the event, it is very difficult to capture all that happened with only pictures. We were fortunate to be able to get an interview with a lady who is an inspiration to a lot of women. Marcellina Coker talks openly about motherhood, career, charity work and her relationship with God. Also included is an article called ‘Facing Your Fears’, which details one couple’s journey confronting their worst fears and attaining complete peace. As this is such a pertinent issue for many, we are interested in your comments and invite you to share your experiences. Our ‘8 Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle’ is a must for every woman; we do not have to wait until the start of the new year to make this resolution. We could perhaps call it our ‘end of the year’ resolution! As always we welcome your feedback; please let us know which columns you enjoy and the type of articles you would love to see in future editions. Remember it’s your magazine! Warm wishes,

Olu Adeaga

AdiHave Your Say (

Keep Up The Good Work


irstly let me say how lovely I think the name of the new Esthers’magazine is; the meaning is totally apt. Just to say I enjoyed reading it and my favourite sections were the interviews, ‘Hannah’s Song’ (which spoke a million words) and “Out of the mouths of babes”. Keep up the good work and may God continue to bless the works of your hands. God’s love,

Funmi Babs-Dada

Thoroughly Blessed


have just finished reading the first edition of Adivah, which I got at yesterday’s service. I have been thoroughly blessed through reading it and pray God continues to give you

direction. It was a very easy yet powerful read. I particularly enjoyed “Out of the Mouths of Babes”and “Hannah’s Song”. I am looking forward to taking the 24 day challenge and would hopefully be able to share my experience at my first Esthers’meeting. I only have one suggestion; as a medical student I feel that health issues are vitally important and that many take simple things that can go a long way for granted. I think that readers would benefit from information on women’s health issues and simple tips on staying healthy or looking after ourselves. Once again thank you very much for the powerful magazine. Have a blessed week.. Best wishes,

Anne Dokubo

The Family keeps on growing…


e are delighted to welcome the following new additions to the Jesus House family: Born to Femi and Tola Temowo, a baby girl Morayo, on the 16th July  Born to Olumide and Victoria Salako-Onashile, a baby boy Phillip, on the 17th August Born to Debo and Tinuola Adeleke, a baby boy Adetayo, on the 9th September  Born to Ayobami and Olaide Olunloyo, a baby girl on 14th September  Born to Olumade &  Erogo Adesemowo, a baby boy Oluwadamiloju, on the 16th September Born to Bode and Natalie Atandare, a baby girl Arianna, on 22nd September Born to Feyi & Nike Fawehinmi, a baby boy Nathan, on the 5th October Born to Abiodun & Ibukun Adeeyinwo, a baby girl on 30th October Born to Eugene & Bunmi Eji, a baby girl on 1st November Congratulations to the families!

We could develop discipline and budget or Christmas by saving a little bit during he year so that we have a Christmas und and thereby avoid the debt trap. We could consider ‘smart shopping’, hat is, making our purchases in the ales during the year so that we spend ess, but still get quality items. We could each our children about the benefits f hard work and diligence in saving; we could sensitise them to the needs of hose less fortunate, teach them to focus more on giving to others and present ptions to assist them in doing so. For nstance, there are a vast number of harities in the UK and abroad which ould benefit from our support in their uest to bring solutions to difficult umanitarian challenges.

An Alternative Lifestyle Olu Adeaga & Chizor Akisanya

keep up with the different marketing ploys and consequently, debt is on the increase. Ironically this season, which is celebratory of the coming of the Prince of Peace, can be a very anxious time for families as the act of giving looks to have lost all meaning. Christians and non-Christians alike appear to be caught in this trap. We give, often out of pressure than love; the worth of our gifts is based on certain criteria such as monetary value and current fads. Sadly, with each passing year Christmas becomes more about things and less about “Who” (the One for whom it was named). In this consumerism age, we are spawning a generation that equates happiness with the acquisition of material possessions, the latest ‘must-haves’. However, have we paused for a minute to consider the true meaning of the season, or the Source of this goodwill? Amidst all the festivities, Christmas should also be a time of reflection, reflection on the coming of Jesus and what this symbolised for mankind, reflection on the sacrificial nature of His life and the example that He set for us. By His life, we are presented with a choice of one or the other way of conduct. The choice is whether to act as the world does, according to conventional norm or whether to follow Christ’s example. It is this ‘Alternative Lifestyle’ epitomised by Jesus that we seek to present. It is important to have a re-think about the way that we celebrate Christmas. We should consider what is important about Christmas

n the sales during the year so that we spend less, but still get quality items. We could teach our children about th enefits of hard work and diligence in saving; we could sensitise them to the needs of those less fortunate, teac


e are coming up to Christmas – a period that is universally acknowledged as ‘the season of goodwill’; there is much coverage in the media about Christmas, however the focus is largely directed at the effects of the recession on the spending habits of the population. Economists and politicians alike are attempting to predict what will be the impact of the season on the economy, whilst Christian groups struggle to steer attention back to the birth of Christ. For retailers, it is the busiest time of the year and recession notwithstanding, vendors are geared up for what it is hoped will be a period of record breaking sales. As usual, tremendous pressure is being exerted on the public as our desire for immediate gratification is exploited; children in particular are targeted relentlessly by advertisers. Parents are succumbing to the demands and ‘pester-power’ of their offspring and as a result are placed under severe financial. It appears that we cannot

We could develop discipline and budget for Christmas by saving a little bit during the year so that we have Christmas fund and thereby avoid the debt trap. We could consider ‘smart shopping’, that is, making our purchase

and seek to highlight this. Whilst the world encourages the pursuit of self gratification first, the bible invites us to love one another fervently and to live lives that are not solely focused on our own desires but on the will of God (1 Peter 4.10). Rather than give-in to every whim, we can exercise restraint; the Bible commends self control as a worthy attribute to develop, we can exercise prudence and thoughtful planning. We could develop discipline and budget for Christmas by saving a little bit during the year so that we have a Christmas fund and thereby avoid the debt trap. We could consider ‘smart shopping’, that is, making our purchases in the sales during the year so that we spend less, but still get quality items. We could teach our children about the benefits of hard work and diligence in saving; we could sensitise them to the needs of those less fortunate, teach them to focus more on giving to others and present options to assist them in doing so. For instance, there are a vast number of charities in the UK and abroad¹ which could benefit from our support in their quest to bring solutions to difficult humanitarian challenges. The gift of time is priceless; we are told by support groups like the Samaritans, that Christmas is a very lonely time when they see an increase in the suicide rate in the UK. We could invite someone into our homes to share a meal with us, perhaps a neighbour, church member or work colleague whom we know will be alone over Christmas. There are endless ways in which we could show the love of Christ and present meaningful gifts this Christmas. Closer to home still, we could consider supporting the Jesus House “Christmas Lunch on Jesus” drive by contributing towards the provision of a hamper containing all the ingredients for a traditional Christmas lunch to families facing financial hardship. We are the body of Christ, what better time than at Christmas to show His heart to a world that is desperate for love. “Then the King will say to those on His right hand, ‘Come, you blessed of My Father, inherit the

We could develop discipline and budge for Christmas by saving a little bit durin the year so that we have a Christma fund and thereby avoid the debt trap We could consider ‘smart shopping that is, making our purchases in th sales during the year so that we spen less, but still get quality items. We coul teach our children about the benefi of hard work and diligence in saving we could sensitise them to the needs o those less fortunate, teach them to focu kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world: for I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in; I was naked and you clothed Me; I was sick and you visited Me, I was in prison and you came to Me.’ “Then the righteous will answer Him saying, ‘Lord, when did we see You hungry and feed You, or thirsty and give You drink? When did we see You a stranger and take You in or naked and clothe You? Or when did we see You sick, or in prison, and come to You?’ “And the King will answer and say to them, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me” (Matthew 25.34 – 40 – New King James Version) 1 Women for Women International is focused on helping women survivors of war rebuild their lives through a process of recovery and rehabilitation by which women receive support on the journey from “victim to survivor to active citizen” Pump Aid is a water and sanitation organisation, aimed at providing lasting solutions to clean water provision and sanitation for rural communities in Africa thereby enabling people to lead healthy and productive lives. As a result of their work, children are able to pursue uninterrupted education by attending a full day at school rather than fetching water from long distances, thus providing them with the tools to seek a better future, rural communities benefit from the clean water source which not only provides safe drinking water, but also irrigation for their for their vegetation. Action for Children is committed to helping the most vulnerable children and young people in the UK break through injustice, deprivation and inequality, so they can achieve their full potential. 

SoulCare Reaching Out to Women Olu Adeaga and Funmbi Oni-Orisan

“Give yourself fully to God. He will use you to accomplish great things on the condition that you believe much more in his love than in your own weakness” – Mother Theresa


love the quote above, it is one that I use frequently when I speak to people, yet I only fully understood and appreciated it on a recent trip to Cologne in Germany. I had been invited to speak at a women’s conference by Pastor Funmbi Oni-Orisan, who together with her husband, pastors the Kingscourt Fellowship, Leipzig. The Soul Care Conference is an annual event for women and I was to be one of the speakers at this year’s event. Focused on my inadequacies, as I was, it was difficult for me to fully appreciate what possible contribution I could bring to this gathering, but I was determined to be obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit. And so I went. I had no idea what to expect, I was aware that I would be speaking to a group of largely foreign women of a different culture to that which I was accustomed. In the course of the weekend, I came to realize what the Lord obviously knew. Regardless of our colour, culture and 

backgrounds our needs are the same, our insecurities are the same and our desires are also on the whole largely the same too. The theme of the gathering was “Treasures in Earthen Vessels”. As I prepared my message, I was reminded of the analogy of ‘diamonds’. The diamond in its original state bears little resemblance to the finished and polished product. However, regardless of its state, whether still in the ground or on the shelf of leading jewelers, its value is without question. When diamonds are first excavated they are rough and unpolished however this does not reduce their value; after a process of polishing and cutting they begin to shine and become worthy of showroom display. Regardless of our origins, our backgrounds or present circumstances, we are women of immense value to the Lord. Though we may have been battered by life and our value questioned by man, we are still of immeasurable worth to our Father. None is more deserving or more worthy in the eyes of God, each of us is essential, with intrinsic value and worth. This is the message that we have been asked to convey to His people. This is the message that SoulCare is aimed at disseminating and I

was grateful to be used as an instrument for the spread of the love of God. During the weekend, the Lord gave me a clear indication that he is mindful of us as individuals, our suffering and tears do not go unnoticed and He will send help when we need it most. We have been called to show the love of Jesus to a hurting world; to let people know that they are not insignificant and that they have not been forgotten. We are the body of Christ and we must join hands with other Christians to spread this message. Our impact will be multiplied if we act in unity. I wanted to know how best we could support the efforts of SoulCare and asked Pastor Funmbi about the work of the ministry. What is SoulCare, what is it about? SoulCare is a divinely inspired women’s ministry which reaches out to women of all ethnic groups and religions. Its main aim is to go beneath the surface of our basic needs, reach out and care for the souls and needs of women. Modernization has put a lot of pressure on the German society and many women struggle alone. Women fight many battles they don’t understand and personal battles no one sees, personal battles that overwhelm; they sit in homes, offices and church pews desperate for help, we interact with them daily but their lives and struggles are very private matters. SoulCare reaches out to women by seeking to address their needs and thereby easing the struggles and pressures of life in a modern society. How was SoulCare founded? What’s the story behind SoulCare? As I mentioned previously, SoulCare was founded out of a desire to care for the needs of women. It was born partly as a result of my own experiences. When my husband and I first emigrated to Germany, the early years were very lonely years during which I experienced numerous challenges. I would never have come through that period without the help of God. I recall that at the time there 10

were many temptations and many thoughts that went through my mind and sometimes I was perplexed and confused but I had the Holy Spirit guiding me and I knew I could always go to the Word of God for strength. I knew that through prayer and worship I could touch God and get answers to my prayers. I also noticed there were people around me

going through similar situations but they didn’t have such a resource, they didn’t know about God and were unaware that retreating to prayer could birth solutions to the problems that they faced. They did not know that they could experience intimacy, comfort and protection in God’s presence. I would see these women everyday; wives and mothers, they would take their frustration out on their children or husbands, they were depressed and some turned to drinking and so SoulCare originated out of my own personal experience of living in Germany. The vision for SoulCare was given to me by the Lord in February 2006 and we had our first meeting in April 2006. What outcomes has SoulCare seen through its work?

Our first conference was held in April 2006 and we had 40 delegates. I was quite surprised to see that the women were very enthusiastic about the meeting and later found out that this was because, in the past, these women had not had any forum where they could express themselves in prayer, fellowship and also hear the word of God address their problems with solutions. The women who attended the meeting were of different ages, social and ethnic backgrounds. This served as a big advantage as these women opened up to each other and were able to share their experiences with one another. At one of the meetings we discussed the advantages of an education and as a result a lot of women realized that they could break out of their circumstances, work towards developing themselves and thereby contribute positively to the society. We have now seen an increase in the number of women attending these conferences; women now appreciate that it is possible to be successful in a foreign land and that women all over the world face similar challenges. The teachings at these conferences have been very inspiring as the women are hungry for change and in the next couple of years we hope to see women breaking out of their mould and advancing in society. Who are the people behind SoulCare? We have leaders from various churches; we have support from our home church i.e. KINGSCOURT FELLOWSHIP LEIPZIG, some of the pastors in the city are also involved, basically local churches. However, we seek additional support and assistance; we need help in publishing our magazine, planning events and reaching out to more women. Our present capacity is stretched and although we are utilizing what we have we could benefit greatly from financial and technical support. A percentage of the people that SoulCare reaches out to do not have the means to pay for teaching resources. We want to provide more for the women so that when they return home they have something to take back with them. 11

What makes SoulCare different from other charities or outreach programmes? SoulCare goes beneath the surface and really interacts with women. It not only deals with spiritual issues but caters to the complete person i.e. the spirit, soul and the body. The women attend churches which usually deal with spiritual needs however they want to be able to interact with someone they can trust and relate to and unburden themselves in the process. The Bible says when two or more are gathered together, God will be there, so SoulCare is about helping people with the struggles they go through, sharing that burden. People go through challenges and get battered with the issues of life and they need to be picked up and encouraged. SoulCare provides that avenue where people can feel safe and can always find a family. We encourage people to begin a relationship with Jesus, for then all their burdens can be lighter because He provides wisdom and strength to go through and to overcome life’s challenges. If God could give the life of his Son then our souls are worth it. SoulCare is just a name, it’s really the love of God reaching out to the souls of men, saying “I accept you the way you are, open up to Me, talk about everything, and pour your heart out to Me’. Many times, it is just talking about the problem that solves the problem. It must be challenging, dealing with women with difficult pasts. How do you deal with this and how do you encourage these women? The Holy Spirit gives me the wisdom, what to say and how to approach these women and the results we see are people opening up. This on its own is already a solution, ‘a burden shared is a burden halved’. It’s by God’s grace alone and I have learnt to take each day at a 12

time. I am a mother of three. I have two sons who are 15 and 12 and my daughter is 5 but I thank God I am blessed with a loving and supportive family. I have learnt that challenges bring out the best in me, the more I do the more I want to do. I am also an English teacher but somehow it all works out. What next for SoulCare? I want to publish a SoulCare magazine to reach out to women in every city in Germany and I have also been fortunate to become part of an Association sponsored by the German Churches, Dikanonie, a Church Organisation which helps women, especially foreign women, deal with problems and challenges. This organization provides resources to help women that are struggling but because of the difference in culture they sometimes find it difficult to implement the help. Being a part of this organisation provides me with the opportunity to lend my cultural experience; I was born in Great Britain, spent my formative years there and then moved back to Nigeria. I later moved from Nigeria to Germany; this multicultural background enabled me offer counseling services to this organisation. Germans, not having any real colonies face challenges in dealing with some of the issues, particularly cultural issues, that these women are going through and that is where SoulCare comes in. In the next few years I see SoulCare being relevant to the Society, the government recognizing SoulCare as an essential service to the community as it becomes more multicultural. How can the people out there contribute to SoulCare? We have an internet site ( and our contact address is SoulCare Ministries, Pusch Str. 9, 04103 Leipzig. Our email address is People can provide their feedback and also help us in whatever way possible.


‘A Love T Thing’ The Esthers Experience July 2009 by Abimbola Alonge


he Esthers’ July Retreat, ‘It’s A Love Thing’ was as the theme suggests, about giving and receiving love. The weekend had been carefully planned around Matthew 22.37 – 40 as a journey of self discovery beginning with our introduction to the Father’s love, and then learning to love oneself and finally loving others. The activities provided ample opportunity

for the delegates to reach out to one another in a safe and relaxed environment. In view of the feedback received, it is fair to say that the majority embraced and basked in that love which included bonding sessions, fun games, dancing, a movie night, pampering, health, beauty, fashion and exercise tips and also inspirational talks from Pastor Agu Irukwu, Pastor Jayne Banfor and Pastor Funke Adeaga. It was truly an unforgettable weekend. The programme commenced on Friday evening with a formal dinner party at which the special guests were Pastor Agu Irukwu and his beautiful wife, Deaconess Sola. Pastor Agu’s message, aptly titled ‘A Father’s Love’, had been written, at his request, by his

daughter as he wanted a graphic illustration of the father’s love seen through the eyes of a child. The impact of the message was in its simplicity; we were reminded of the basics of love in its purest form; unadulterated, unconditional, sacrificial, generous, protective, forgiving, motivational, tough and everlasting. The evening’s agenda included the formal launch of the Adivah Magazine, the prayers for which were fittingly led by Pastor Agu (in his capacity as spiritual head of Jesus House for all the nations). Once the formal programme was concluded, guests were invited to display their moves on the dance floor. It was apparent that many reminisced about their youth as they revealed dance steps 15

from eras past! Notwithstanding the exertions of the

previous night, the attendance at the breakfast meeting was impressive; there was a definite 16

sense of anticipation as the ladies settled down to listen to Pastor Jayne Banfor’s exposition on ‘Loving your Neighbour’. She explained that love as God intends, is meant to be a continuous cycle; just as our heavenly Father loves us, our response to His love is loving others. She stressed the importance of increasing our love level and reaching out in love to more people. This was a likely catalyst to the bonds and friendships that were forged during the weekend. Breakfast was followed by the ‘pampering experience’ which included pedicures, manicures, facials, body massages and much more. In addition, the delegates were given health, fashion, exercise and beauty tips which were both enlightening and received with enthusiasm. The evening ended with a movie night. The final event on Sunday morning was the concluding segment of the tripartite message of the weekend as Pastor Funke spoke on ‘Loving Yourself ’. She reminded us that loving oneself is a commandment, and a prerequisite for loving others. We are better able to love others without restraint if we love and accept ourselves primarily. She also made an important statement ‘the way you treat yourself sets the standard for the way people will treat you.’ The messages we had received over the weekend and the experience in itself was overwhelming, insightful, empowering, encouraging and inspiring, most of all it presented a renewed way of thinking about love. Although the time passed all too quickly, the memories and more importantly, the message of embracing God’s love, loving our neighbours and loving ourselves, will remain indefinitely.



nce upon a time, I read romantic novels and spent every spare moment watching Hollywood’s love stories; the story lines generally followed the same pattern; guy meets girl and they fall in love; they face the inevitable mishap: usually, one or the other is already in a relationship, or about to get married to someone else, or one of them

of some Hollywood screenwriter’s verdant imagination. A lot of people are searching for Mr. Right and Mrs. Right and are still single, worse still, a lot of married people are still looking for Mr. Right or Mrs. Right in their spouse. We have got to stop doing this to ourselves; that perfect person, perfect house, perfect life, does not exist! Life is not a fairytale and life is not perfect. Life is not as

A t o N Is Life experiences a life threatening ailment. To cut a long story short; the relationship appears to be destined for disaster, but love finally prevails and despite the odds they live happily ever after. The reality, however, is that we are not in a movie or in a soap opera and our lives are not the figment

predictable as those Hollywood romance epics. I am not a cynic but I embrace the fact that life is unpredictable unlike those Hollywood stories when you always know what is coming next. This uncertainty and imperfection makes it more interesting, in fact, I think that is the romance that we are all missing. Thank God I realized this early in my quest for a tall, dark, handsome man with Blair Underwood’s eyes, Morris Chestnut’s body, Damon Wayans’s humour and Donnie McClurkin’s soulful voice and passion for God. Let us pause for a second in our search for perfection. Let us look at ourselves in the mirror. Women are ‘special’, they can’t really be understood fully; I am a woman and sometimes I don’t even understand myself. Why is it the same story with most

women? She meets a man she cares a lot about but he does not treat her properly. Her friends tell her the obvious, that he is not good for her but somehow she convinces herself that he will change for her. When she finally realizes that he is not going to change, she ends things with him, nurses her wounds and starts over. This time she meets a good man, he calls her first thing in the morning, during the day and last thing at night. He is nice to her and her friends, treats her with respect and then she complains, ‘He is too nice, the relationship is boring, he does not even argue

say is that there is only one Halle Berry and she is not with you? So look beyond what you see and allow God to lead you to your partner. Stop! Stop searching for that perfect life, perfect man, perfect house or perfect sentence like ‘you complete me’. Life is not a fairytale. Single ladies when you meet a man, listen to his words, does he sound like someone who is led by God and passionate about God, does he exemplify this in his ways and even then remember he will not be perfect and will still have his faults just like we do. Married women, he is already your husband, the

e al t y Fa i r hael

BY Bolaji Mic

with me?’ Correct me if I am wrong but exactly what are we looking for? Do we know? Now let us examine the man…who is this perfect man and does he truly exist or are we looking for a “microwave meal”, basically, a man who comes neatly packaged, with all the trimmings, what the world terms “established”; someone who requires no work or help? Should we not simply be grateful when we meet a man who loves God with all his heart so much that the love overflows into our lives? For if he can love God and follow His ways, would not this man have been led by God in coming into our lives? It is not just the women who appear to have things out of kilter; men are visual and so they keep praying to meet Halle Berry, all I can

prayer of a righteous ‘woman’ is powerful and effective, show him God’s love, be patient, kind, persevere and you will see a difference. Someone once said, love is like a mirror, you get what you give. Appreciate your husband for his little gestures, tell him and show him the kind of love you want from him and better still do it without demanding anything in return and God will reward you for it. My conclusion is this: let us look to Jesus, ‘the author and finisher of our faith’, trust in Him to give you that joyful ending. We are not perfect, let us start with ourselves and ask Him to show us how to love and he will surely renew the love in our lives. An ending written by Jesus Christ is far greater than any greatest love story Hollywood could and will ever tell.

Should we not simply be grateful when we meet a man who loves God with all his heart so much that the love overflows into our lives? For if he can follow God’s ways, would not this man have been led by God in coming into our lives? 19


t’s cancer,” Shirley said. She’d carefully performed monthly self-examinations and had yearly mammograms. Shirley knew she had breast cancer before the doctor confirmed it. She discovered the lump herself, but the mammogram didn’t detect it. A month later, she felt intense pain in her right breast. A further visit to the doctor and an ultrasound confirmed she did have stage IV breast cancer. Shirley reminded me that her father, and more recently her only sister, had died of cancer. So had a number of cousins and an aunt. That placed her in the high-risk category. Years earlier, she’d tried to make a joke out of it by saying, “In our family, we grow things— internally.” After she finished telling me the details, both of us cried, hugged, prayed, and talked a little, but neither faced the real issues that troubled us. Her cancer was invasive and had spread into the lymph glands. Shirley would have to undergo a radical mastectomy, followed by chemotherapy. But 20

Facing My Fears By Cecil Murphey

what if …? I stopped myself from finishing the thought, even as I fervently asked God to spare her. I tried to be supportive—and that meant I pushed aside my emotions. To face my fear of losing Shirley seemed selfish. She was the one who hurt, the one whose life was in danger, and I needed to focus on her. I tried to come across as brave and selfassured. I didn’t realize that I cheated Shirley out of the opportunity to see my turmoil and to share that with her. “You have to open up to her,” my best friend said. “She needs to know you’re also hurting. She needs to know you’re scared, and she needs to see your vulnerability.” I agreed. Although it wasn’t easy, I determined I’d let her know how I felt. On August 30, 1999, four days before the mastectomy, I finally said to Shirley, “We need to talk.” We went into the bedroom and sat down side by side. I took her hand and gazed into her blue eyes. “I’m scared,” I confessed. “I’m afraid of losing you.” Tears slid down my cheeks, and I couldn’t push out any more words. I slipped my arm around her shoulders. For several minutes we held tightly to each other in silence. “I’m scared too,” Shirley finally whispered. As she talked, she paused several times to wipe away her tears.

While it seems inconceivable, until that moment I had no idea that Shirley had been afraid of dying. I’d been so focused on being strong, I was unaware of her feelings. Our fears didn’t vanish, but I’d finally said the words aloud. If not consolation, at least I felt relief. “Let’s talk about all the possible outcomes of your surgery,” I said. “Suppose the surgeon finds nothing and says that all the tests were wrong.” One by one I laid out the possibilities from, “There’s nothing wrong,” to the physician saying, “The cancer has metastasized. You have only days to live.”As we discussed our emotional reactions to each scenario, new tears coursed down our cheeks. Each time, both of us explored how we’d react. After we reached the end of the possibilities, Shirley said, “Whether I live through this or die, I’m now at peace.”I wasn’t anywhere near that level of tranquility, because I couldn’t get past the sense of loss I’d feel if she died. “I don’t know how I’d cope without you,” I said between tears. “You’ve been God’s greatest gift in my life.” After I said those words, peace trickled into my heart. As I continued to hold her in those moments of naked emotion, comfort erased our fears. Because we’d looked into the face of each possibility, we knew God would enable us to cope. Even when we considered that she might not come out of the operating room alive, I could say, “Shirley belongs to God.”This was no false bravado, but a genuine 21

work of grace that the Holy Spirit did within us. We’d faced our biggest enemy—fear—and we knew God’s peace would sustain us no matter what happened.Four days later, Shirley underwent a radical mastectomy and the surgeon removed all of the axillary lymph glands on the side of the cancer.Today, Shirley’s in her seventh year of recovery from breast cancer. The lasting effect has been a strong appreciation of life—especially our life together. Each morning when I awaken, I lie quietly in bed and list the things for which I truly thank God that day. Those blessings can be anything from a kind word from a friend to praise for sending needed rain. At the top of my daily list, however, are these two items: “Thank you for Shirley. Thank you that we have another day together.” This article first appeared in the September 2008 issue of Christianity Today International/Marriage Partnership magazine. Reprinted from Marriage Partnership. Used by permission of Christianity Today International, Carol Stream, IL 60188.”


ADIVAH RESPONSE One of the reasons this article strikes a chord is because both husband and wife voiced their fears, detailing the number of things that could come about in their situation, including Shirley dying.  For a lot of us, we are afraid that just by voicing or even thinking about the worst that could happen, we are giving leave to the occurrence of a negative event; sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy type situation.  We think that if we say it then this is a negative confession which will licence our worst fears to come about.  We therefore prefer to ‘try’ to ignore those fears, by saying the right things and attempting to ‘think’ the right things. But this does not help because the fear doesn’t go away, if anything, it grows bigger and bigger. These people confronted their fears, and in doing so were able to draw strength from the Holy Spirit, the Comforter and thereby attain peace. The fear of death therefore ceased to torment them. We are interested to know what you think about this article. Do you have any fears? How do you deal with your fears? Please send us your comments to We shall publish any responses received in the next edition of Adivah

Join a Cause, Let’s Beat Cancer, Together


BY Gloria Oliomogbe

ello everyone, welcome to the community page. In this edition, we will be highlighting a charity whose work has tremendous impact on the community. It is fitting that we recognise the work of Cancer Research UK at this time, especially as October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The statistics on cancer is staggering; few of us have been untouched directly or indirectly by this disease. The organisation’s tagline is “Together we will beat cancer”. We encourage our readers to support their efforts. Background Cancer Research UK is the leading funder of cancer research in the UK. Their slogan is ‘Together we will beat cancer’ and they collaborate with other organisations to make this happen. Their guiding principles include achieving world class research, improving the lives of cancer patients, helping people understand cancer and informing people about the progress Cancer Research UK has made to help people make better choices. There are many ways you can contribute to Research on Cancer. You can give a general donation or better still make a regular donation of £2 or more a month. There is also the option of leaving your legacy to the Cancer Research UK. The Charity also has a unique option called the celebration of life where you can give in the memory of a loved one. There are regional and national activities including the race for life which raised £33.5million in 2005. Organisations can also contribute via the corporate fundraising channel. Lastly, you can always patronise one of the 600 Cancer Research UK shops near you as they stock old and new items. For more information please visit



Women in Biz talks to

Marcellina Coker


arcellina Coker’ s resume makes very impressive reading and it is difficult for one not to form an opinion about the person prior to meeting her. I notice immediately her commanding presence; she has the assertiveness of one who is comfortable in her own skin. She also appears to view her life with some amusement, through the eyes of one who realizes that her success has less to do with hard work and determination, but more to do with the grace of God. Her ready smile exudes a warmth that immediately puts one at ease. I am intrigued by this woman who has achieved so much at a relatively young age, in a very competitive field and keen to learn more. A Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist with the West Hertfordshire NHS Trust, Marcellina Coker (MC) also runs her own Private Practice at the Spire Hospitals at Bushey and Harpenden and is involved in charity work to promote Women’s Health in developing countries including Kenya and Nigeria. Her passion for improved standards of healthcare in developing countries led to her volunteering her expertise as part of a 30-strong team from the UK that travelled recently to Korogocho, Nairobi, Kenya to

provide medical care to inhabitants of two slums on the outskirts of Nairobi. In this edition Ms Coker speaks candidly about motherhood, her career, interests and her relationship with God.

WB Tell us a bit about yourself ? LA MC What does one say about herself ? I am a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist with The West Hertfordshire NHS Trust. I have a beautiful daughter called Ayomide who is 12, fondly called Mimi by friends and family. I was born in Washington DC, USA. The first year of my life was spent in USA after which I had both my primary and secondary education in Lagos Nigeria. At the age of 15, I came to England for my A levels at Oxford. Afterwards, I returned to Nigeria to study medicine at the University of Ibadan. Whilst at University, I gave my life to Christ but did not appreciate its meaning at the time. Upon my return to England for my postgraduate training, my relationship with God became more meaningful and I’m a work-in-progress, striving towards Christ like perfection. I get really excited about teaching at the children’s bible school (Daniel Academy) 25

at my local church, RCCG New Life Assembly God of my salvation. The Lord God is my where I have learnt more about the power that strength, He will make my feet like deer’s feet is in the word of God. and he will make me walk on my high hills.” I believe in encouraging the younger Ever since then this has been my inspirational generation especially young ladies and I have passage during challenging moments of my acted as a mentor to a few who have chosen a life. career in Medicine or even other professions. The message here is no matter how dark It is possible to be a dedicated mother and or hopeless one’s situation may seem do not a career woman in a man’s world. I run my give up on the dreams God has put in your Private Practice at the Spire Hospitals at heart. Our lives are orchestrated by God and Bushey and Harpenden and I am involved he knows the plan! I can confidently say by the in charity work to promote women’s health grace of God, that, in Christ I am happy and in developing countries thereby reducing the fulfilled at this point in my life. I am a living incidence of maternal mortality especially in testimony of God’s faithfulness in numerous Nigeria. Juggling my passion for improving ways which I cannot recount in a few words. women’s health, my career and motherhood On a lighter note, I have always been a free can be quite demanding and therefore requires spirit, full of energy and this earned me my my being well organized. As such, I have nickname at University which was “Electric”. no choice but to rely solely on His divine I love driving, travelling, active sports and assistance, hence one of my Over a period of 18 months my son favorite scripture verses is “I can do all things through was stillborn following complications Christ that strengthens me” during labour, I almost lost my life, my (Philippians 4 v 13). Life has certainly not marriage broke up and my daughter been a bed of roses, one of the most challenging times had to undergo surgery. I saw no light of my life was a period of at the end of my tunnel but God turned 18 months during which my son was stillborn following things around for me. complications during my labour and I almost lost my life having haemorrhaged golf. My dream job is to be a housewife for 3 and all my organs had stopped functioning. months only, because I know I can’t survive In the most miraculous way I was healed and being one longer than that! left the hospital four days later. Shortly after My passions are My God, My Daughter this my marriage broke up and my daughter and My Job. had to undergo surgery. I did not know what to do but I held on to God just going WB Why did you decide to become an through the motions for there was no light at Obstetrician and Gynaecologist? the end of my tunnel; but shortly after this, MC When I was age 10, my Mum had my God turned things around for me. My career youngest sister and she was cared for by a took an upward turn and in record time I female Obstetrician. She had good things completed my training and got appointed into to say about the lady who made a lasting a consultant post. impression on me at such a tender age that I During this period of my life, I stumbled decided I wanted to help women bring their on a scripture in Habakkuk 3 v 17 – 19 children into the world. As such, my only “Though the fig tree may not blossom….... goal throughout my formative years was to Yet will I rejoice in the Lord! I will joy in The be an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist which I 26

Gynaecologist? MC The system in England is quite different from that of most developed countries in Europe and America where the first contact is a Gynaecologist directly. In Britain, the General Practitioner (GP) acts as the first point of contact, who then refers cases to the Gynaecologist if necessary. It is important to visit your Gynaecologist if there is an ongoing problem that your GP has failed to address because every problem has a remedy if investigated appropriately. WB What piece of advice would you give women in regards to their health? MC Every woman should eat healthy (not diet!), drink a lot of water and exercise regularly as this keeps the doctors and the wrinkles away! achieved by the grace of God. WB Could you give us a background about what a Gynaecologist does? MC A Gynaecologist deals with all health issues relating to the female reproductive organs in a non pregnant woman including surgical procedures, whereas the Obstetrician deals with all issues relating to a pregnancy and complications of pregnancy. An Obstetrician and Gynaecologist would combine both roles. WB What top five issues would women consult their Gynaecologists for? MC Issues about their menstrual cycle come top of the list. This could either be heavy, painful, and infrequent or absent period. Fertility issues. Fibroids. Contraceptive advice Screening for cervical cancer. WB Why is it important to visit a

WB As an Obstetrician what would be your advice to women trying to conceive? MC Know your cycle and ovulation time. Have regular intercourse, every 2-3 days. It takes an average couple 12-18 months to conceive. Avoid stress, it reduces your ability to conceive. Eat well and exercise to optimize your health. Ensure your Body mass index is between 19 and 29. Start folic acid once you decide to start a family. Ensure you are immune to Rubella. Avoid smoking ,drinking and recreational drugs. Men should avoid wearing tight underwear as it reduces the quality of semen. This interview was arranged as part of Adivah’s initiative to promote awareness on female health issues and to highlight the role of Gynaecologists. Ms Coker is happy to answer questions and may be contacted at consultants1@ntlworld. com 27



utumn is here and it’s a big moment for creativity! With brand-new shapes and colours, it seems like a good reason to splurge on a new wardrobe. In this issue we feature a few pieces that you can combine for a layered effect regardless of your style. With the economy contracting, we need to practice some fabulous frugality. Besides in the words of Christian Dior, “It’s not money that makes you well dressed, its understanding”. As you create your outstanding winter wardrobe, consider: • Introducing new pieces to old ones and make sure they get along. • Try before you buy. If something intrigues you, take a chance and try it on • Invest in pieces that you can wear later. • Be inspired, create your individual statement, use them to reflect your inner spirit • And most importantly, have fun girlfriend!



t’s all about layering with cardigans. Slip-itover or under everything. Try wearing a long one with a skinny pair of jeans. For that little luxe feel, look out for cardigans whose fabrics blend cashmere with wool or silk.

Tailored Dresses

W 28

ith the even busier lifestyles, dresses have become a product of

necessity. They are versatile, practical and comfortable. Create shape and structure with tailored dresses. They are available in sleeveless, cap and long sleeves to make it age and work appropriate for everyone. Switch up from day to evening by accessorising with bold pieces, matching tights and fierce shoes. Done!

Arm candy

Stash your essentials, get organised and strut your stuff with your go-anywhere bag.


Tights are the perfect transformers. They add warmth and style to even the most basic pieces. Play up your legs with a pair of highly designed tights or for an everyday interpretation; choose subtle patterns like lace or solids in autumn shades like burgundy or teal.

Step it up


hether you step out in them up to your knees or just at your ankle treat your feet and put your best foot forward in this season’s stylish boots


Ready, Set, Dazzle!

is the season to be jolly and with the Christmas around the corner, turn heads in a simple, elegant look and some sophisticated shimmer. Here are a few items to make the festive season a glam-fest:

Chic Shoes We know great heels make an outfit really special so step out in the perfect dazzling pair of shoes. Shoes by Dune, £99 Shoes by Kurt Geiger, £100

Updo Décor Add some drama and dazzle with these glittering accents. For a flattering side sweep, place the clip at eyebrow level. Crystal hair clip £8, Accessorise Chic headband £8, Accessorise

Smoky and sleek Make an entrance with smoky eyes, sculpted cheeks and chocolate neon fingernails for a quirky personal touch. Let your eyes sparkle with Sleek Graphite I-Divine, £4.88. Also to try: MAC Mineralise Blush in Love Thing

Scentsation Created by Thierry Wasser, this fragrance features peony, freesia, rose and lily-of-the valley. Idylle (£60 - Fine department stores) is pretty and sweet – ideal for the connoisseur who appreciates a deluxe find. Purse that pops! Be glamorously organised and compliment that perfect dress with Purse by Dune, £40 Purse by M&S, £29.50



Calling all you ‘Ethical Fashionistas’ By Ezinne Edomobi


he future of fashion is evolving and the latest phenomenon sweeping the nation is being described as eco- fabulous…everyday women and celebrities alike are donating and acquiring some great clothes, for free! Well almost… I am talking perfect condition vintage Chanel blazers, J Brand denim and tailored vintage dresses. What’s more, such additions to your wardrobe can all be done in the name of charity. Sound too good to be true? Well, let me explain further… Charity Clothes Swap Parties, sometimes referred to as ‘swishing’ is where you and some friends bring a few items of clothing or accessories, (ladies, only the ones that you are proud to pass on) which you then begin bidding for by offering a donation which will go to charity. The person with the highest bid becomes the new owner of the item. Donations can be as much or as little as you want but it’s best to set a minimum bid, remembering that all the proceeds will go to a charity of choice. Swishing is therefore the perfect way to expand your wardrobe whilst making the world a better place – what more could a fabulous woman of God ask for? I decided to attend a party that one of my friends was hosting. She has impeccable taste and clothing that you cannot help but admire. Have you ever looked at your friend’s top, the one she hardly wears, and thought to yourself “that would go nicely with my 30

dark denim jeans?” Come on, be honest? Imagine how you could work it? The ensemble combinations would be endless, your pleated skirt, skinny jeans, high-waisted trousers? I thought the same of my friend’s blouse. The one that I especially admired was a vintage butter cream silk blouse with ruffled sleeves. So imagine my delight when she told me that it would be one of the items that she would be giving away at her charity clothes swap party. A week before the CCSP (charity clothes swap party), I begin pulling together five items to donate and to be quite frank, I struggled. I had various internal debates with myself on whether I should sacrifice both my LBD (little black dress) and a grey cashmere sweater, both of which I love, but are a tad too small now because of a…. erm… recent ‘growth spurt’. I decide to hand them over as it’s all for a good cause and in return I’ll gain some new fantastic pieces. On the day itself five of us sit around on

the floor of my friend’s room. The room has been transformed into a little vintage boutique with all the items carefully laid out. We all sit and nibble small bites and sip freshly made smoothies whilst we wait for the evening to start. However, despite its somewhat refined start, the CCSP, just like the big discount sales of Boxing Day becomes very competitive. With no prior experience of a CCSP and with my eye on the vintage blouse I was not prepared for the bidding war that I was about to get into … “I’ll take it for £5” my friend said

“£10!” I shouted “£12” she said “£15 it’s mine,” I insisted and that was that… After an evening of friendly bartering and loads of laughs, I left feeling completely satisfied with my newly acquired wardrobe staple, but also for finding two proud owners of my items…maybe I will host my own…? On a final note, the perfect charity clothes swap party is not so much about what clothes you can successfully inherit, but enjoying the time with your friends whilst making worthy donations to a charitable cause. So my verdict to all you ethical fashionistas is that CCSPs are a great way of being environmental, saving money, inheriting new clothes, all whilst giving. So get swishing... There are swishing parties all over the country and you can find dates on the internet for up and coming events in your area before hosting your own... 31

Time Out

WORDSEARCH • • • • • • • • • • • • 32

Hannah Ruth Mary Naomi Priscilla Rachel Abigail Sarah Eve Leah Esther Rebekah



The Food Corner:

Be good to yourself this season BY YETUNDE ALONGE


• 500g Turkey fillets • Whole Grain Mustard / if you can German mustard (I have been told this can be purchased from Borough market) • 225g sliced bacon • 4 large carrots (clean and cut into long cubes) • 1 turkey/chicken stock cubes • Toothpicks/ skewers (skewers preferably) • 3 tsp oil 1. Cut the turkey into thin fillets (not too thin, a guide would be about ¼ of an inch or you can cut the turkey fillet into 2 but use your discretion dependent on the kind of fillet piece).

ome of us really love food, I mean really love food. I’m amazed when I listen to some of my friends talking about their love for food – it’s quite funny actually. But what does the bible say about eating and in particular, eating to maintain good health? When writing this I read a scripture that brought a new meaning to me. In Genesis 25:30-34, Esau sold his birthright to Jacob for food! He sold his birthright for red stew and we know what happened after that (if not read Genesis 25:12 – 27:46). Are we like Esau, so impatient and wanting to satisfy our desires now instead of waiting patiently? Are we looking for that crash diet instead of eating healthy? A healthy diet doesn’t have to be boring. I for one, think life is short and we should live our lives to the fullest – of course in a Godly manner. We can still enjoy food (including the occasional treats) but we need to learn to live by a few principles – try to eat less processed food, reduce your food portions, try to avoid fatty foods, drink more water and most importantly don’t let food become your ‘god’ (or your obsession). By the renewing of our minds (adopting new habits), we can learn to respect the earthly bodies God has given us. Here is a recipe to help with our healthy living initiative. 2. 3. 4. 5.


Spread the mustard on one side of each turkey fillet. Place a slice of bacon on each fillet. Place the carrot on the bacon and form into a roll. Use a skewer to hold the roll together. In a pan, heat the oil and place the rolls in the pan to cook, turning as necessary until browned. Add one stock cube into a bowl containing 2 ½ cups of water stirring until dissolved. Once dissolved, pour the mixture into the pan containing the rolls and simmer for about 30-40 minutes, adding more water as necessary. Serve with potatoes. 33



Tips for a Healthy New Lifestyle!


‘Abimbola Alonge

t’s a New Challenge and since 8 is the number of new beginnings, we have 8 tips for you which will hopefully help you in improving your lifestyle. There is no chart below because we aim to achieve these tasks everyday. So let’s start with the 8 tips to a healthy new lifestyle and when we meet for our next Esther’s meeting, please share with us how this has improved your lifestyle. 1. Walk Did you know that walking 150 minutes a week has many health benefits? Here are just a few: walking strengthens your heart, it is good for your brain, bones and improves your fitness. There are many other benefits of walking; it is a great way to clear your head, unwind or even come up with great ideas! Walking is the cheapest and easiest form of exercise you can do; you don’t even have to join the gym! You may think it is hard to fit 150 minutes of walking into your week so why not break it down into say 22 minutes a day or 30 minutes 5 days a week. Rather than taking a bus down the road, why not walk, rather than using the lift why not walk up the stairs. Buddy up and enjoy a walk with a loved one. 2. Drink Water Did you know that water reduces headaches, clears your skin and even helps with weight loss by reducing your appetite? It is recommended that you drink 2 litres of water a day. Water is a necessity yet a lot of people struggle to drink it; so why is it so hard and how can this be made easier? Firstly, drink 8 glasses of water a day, keep 34

count of this, better still, set a timer on the hour as a reminder to drink your 8 glasses of water. Secondly, carry a 2 litre bottle of water around with you, this is a sure way to ensure you drink your recommended amount each day. Lastly, add lime, lemons or cucumbers to your water, this makes it more enjoyable to drink.

3. Eat Fruits Fruits are good for the body and definitely recommended. Some of us however find it hard to eat a fruit, never mind the recommended amount of 5! So here are some great ways to eat your fruits. Make a fruit salad, top up with fat free cream or yoghurt to make things more interesting. Make a smoothie, try these mixes, strawberries and banana, peach and mango, orange and strawberries or if you can’t be bothered to make one, why not buy ‘innocent smoothies’(£1.20* at Boots) which have great fruit combinations and make up 2 of our recommended daily intake. Eating 5 fruits a day is not only healthy, it also fills you up and reduces your chances of eating those unhealthy bars of chocolate or packets of crisps. Here are 3 tips to ensuring you eat your 5 fruits a day. Have a fruit with your 3 meals for the day and as a snack between meals. Carry your fruits in your handbag (rinse once you are ready to eat), this way you are always sure to have your fruits on the go. Set a reminder for your 5 a day! You might think it is expensive to eat 5 fruits a day but can you really put a price on your health? 4. Wash, Wash, Wash – Face, Hands & Teeth Wash your face twice a day and no more to avoid stripping the skin of its natural oils. Use tepid water and a cleanser matched to


your skin type. Dab your face dry with a soft towel and moisturise. Washing your face should be accompanied with brushing your teeth which should also be done twice a day, after breakfast and before bedtime. Use a soft bristled toothbrush with a toothpaste containing fluoride, brush along the gums, your tongue and remember to brush for at least 3 minutes each time. Lastly, wash your hands regularly with warm water. Wash your hands before and after every meal, before and after you use the bathroom/toilet, immediately you come home from an outing, after blowing your nose or coughing and after any intensive chore like cleaning or cooking. 5. Read There are many benefits of reading; it increases your vocabulary, broadens your horizon. It also improves creativity, imagination, concentration, reasoning skills and memory. In additon, reading is educative and informative. Research has also shown that reading is necessary to remain smart and knowledgeable. Some people may say they find reading boring so here are a few ways to make reading more enjoyable and therefore encourage you to read more; join/form a book club, this will ensure you read the book as you will need to share your thoughts with the group. Exchange books with an avid reader, you are sure they will always come back to you and ask, ‘so what did you think of the book?’ Subscribe to magazines but don’t flick and simply look at the pictures, read the articles too! 6. Positive confessions for the day Wake up each morning and say something positive throughout the day. You might have heard it before, ‘be transformed by the renewing of your mind’. This is because the mind plays a powerful role in our lives. If you

tell yourself; you can’t achieve a goal, you begin to doubt yourself, on the other hand, if you declare, ‘I can do this!’, then you set yourself up for success. Remember the famous statement by Barack Obama ‘Yes we can!’, look how far that got him! So wake up each morning and say to yourself throughout the day, ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’, ‘This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it’. You will definitely see a difference in the outcome of your activities and the way you feel. 7. Reach Out Show someone some love, invite your neighbour for some tea, visit that friend you keep promising to see or call that aunty who always seems to talk forever. I was talking to a lady the other day, who shared a quote she had heard from someone and liked, ‘people don’t remember what you say or what you do but they remember how you made them feel’. So love your ‘neighbour’ and make them feel good, remember it is not always about us and someone might desperately need to feel some of your love. 8. Smile Did you know that smiling people look younger and more attractive? It is also a great way to relieve stress and changes the mood for the better. A smile is infectious and can make other people feel better and brighten up someone’s day. Smiling helps you stay positive and research shows it boosts your immune system, this may be psychological but it makes you feel better. Did you also know that it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile? Someone once said, ‘Life is like a mirror, we get the best results when we smile at it’. So smile… 35

Out of the Mouths of Babes (& Min



e know that children say the funniest things; it is also very interesting and enlightening to follow their train of thoughts. Their minds are on the whole uncluttered by the cares of life in the way that an adult’s mind can be, and their assessment of situations is marked by an innocence and purity from which we could learn. Jesus commends little children to us and highlights child-like qualities that we should emulate (Matthew 18.3 –4). In this edition we have included drawings from a group of children of their interpretation of God. Unrestrained by convention or preconceptions, God appears in different guises; from a long-haired man and a woman in a flowing robe to an astronaut suspended in space. Regardless of how they have depicted our Lord, one thingis apparent: He is the central figure and in a position of supremacy over the world.

Tami (Aged 7) Hannah (Aged 6)

Toluwa (Aged 7) Dellie-Jean (Aged 6)

Junior (Aged 6) 36

Reviews Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers


his book is absolutely captivating! It is a fictional story based on the book of Hosea in the bible. Michael Hosea, a man who had faithfully served the Lord was told by God to marry Angel, a prostitute. Michael wrestled with what the Lord had laid on his heart, however, he proceeded to pursue and love Angel. Angel in turn struggled with accepting such unconditional love, and just when you think she’s finally letting him in, she turns around again and destroys the bond. I found myself screaming one too many times, “come on Angel, don’t be silly, he loves you’. Then I will remember time and time again, my selfish and ungrateful nature towards Christ’s love, and be ever so thankful that He still continues to love me and wants nothing more than to be in relationship with me. This book is honestly amazing, I picked it up intending to read one chapter before going to bed at 10pm; well 6 hrs later I was still at it, and did not put it down till I had read the entire book. If you are looking for a solid Christian fictional book to read, this is a sure thing, probably one of the best I have read. It will leave you with a heart of gratitude towards God. Reviewed by Pamela Mogoli

The Power of One by Israel Houghton


srael Houghton (aka Israel) has done it again and produced yet another perfectly crafted melodic and energetic gospel album. His latest release entitled ‘The Power of One’

is complete with 14 great songs, each track with a subtle flavour of the Israel rock that we are all so used to and love. Though there are echoes of the recognisable Israel sound each song is distinctively different, ranging from beautiful gospel ballads to Caribbean inspired reggae grooves. It’s also different as this time it’s a solo studio recorded effort without the gospel collective New Breed. By the end of the first track ‘Everywhere That I go’which is a light hearted arrangement I’m humming away and by the beginning of track 3 ‘Just Wanna Say’I am already on my feet, swinging from side to side, shoulder shaking, head locking and body popping... okay, maybe not body popping, but I am on my feet. The album moves through different genres seamlessly from song to song owing to Israel’s musical gifting. The album entitled track ‘The Power of One’talks about changing the world and this is where Israel encapsulates the message of his album. The lyrics here challenge listeners to examine their true mission as Christians; “What if it all depended on me to change the world, what if my only responsibility was to change the world, Let me be the one to start a revolution, Let me sing my song to the people of the world, It all begins with one / The Power of One.“My personal favourites are tracks 7 ‘Moving Forward’and track 10 ‘Every Prayer’the latter featuring award-winning duo Mary Mary. Both tracks have beautiful melodies together with empowering lyrics and traditional choral climaxes. Definitely one to add to your collection for the already converted Israel fans and for those that may not be so familiar with his works, so rock on! Reviewed by Ezinne Edomobi



t has been a pleasure bringing to you this edition of Adivah. Thank you so much for taking the time out to read our magazine. It is our hope that it has blessed you in different ways. To help us grow and improve, please email us with your thoughts and your comments at the address below. We look forward to hearing from you and building a long healthy and prosperous relationship with you. All the best and God bless, The Adivah team

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