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AFRE –II - HUNGARYIn the beginning of the term our teachers made an exanination and we were chosen for the project group. We would go somewhere, but we didn’t know where we would go. We were very excited when we learned that we would go to Hungary. It was like a dream.:) Yes, our dream became real. We started to prepare for the journey. It was the first time for all my friends. Some of us have never flied before. We lived the firsts on this journey. We made some searches about Hungary. We prepared two presentations before we went there. The first one is about religion in Turkey, and the other one is the relationship between Hungary and Turkey from past to now. It was very interesting to prepare this. While we were preparing it, we had been learning common points of Turks and Hungarians. This gave us great excitement. We were looking forward to being there in a short time. And…That day came. We were going to go Hungary. We met at the airport at 6:30. After the check in, we were in the plane. We were all 5 girl students, our 3 teachers, and İlayda ( the daughter of our English Teacher ) We were all 9 persons. We were all excited and happy.

If you want to go Hungary, first you need to go İstanbul. It is about 1129km. between Gaziantep and İstanbul. You may go by car. It takes 13 hours. We prefered to go İstanbul by plane. After 1 hour and 45 minutes later, we reached

to İstanbul We waited there one hour. Then we were on the plane of Budapest. After two hours later, we were in Budapest. We felt as if we were abroad, after we got on the plane. Because the people who were sitting around us were all spoke different languages. At about 12:40 ,we were at the Budapest.After the passport control we took our luggages. Different people, different faces, different places and different aims. We were there. We took a taxi and we started passing the streets of Hungary. While we were looking around, we were taking photos at the same time. After 20 minutes later, we were at the hotel. We met with the other groups there. We were all tired, but we are all excited. We rested in our rooms and then we started to go sightseeing of Budapest. It was about the midday. While we were waiting for the bus, we made a short trip in the place where we were .The buildings ,the streets were all very authentic. We saw the historical buildings, streets, museums and the magnificient Danube. We stopped at the “Hösük (Hősök) tere” . ‘Heroes Monument’.It was built in heroes square which is one of the majar squares of Budapest. There is a thirty six metre towel features the archangel gabriel, and he is surrounding by fourteen important Hungarian statesman (such as King Stephen) There were the statutes of some famous people.

We have learned that this beatiful square is very important for Hungarians, and their national independence. Millenium monument begun at the 1000 th anniversary of the founding of Hungary. It was not

completed for 33 years. There are some symbols of around peace and war ; work and welfare; and knowledge and Glory.

There were a lot of people who were diffirent nation there. There were some young people who were skiing and riding bicycles. They were making akrobotik movements. we have learned that this place is also very beatiful at night with the lights. There is an Art Exhibition Hall near this place. We learned that in the art museum, there are a lot of artworks which belongs to German, Dutch, Italian,Spanish.,French and English artists.It has got a big collection artworks. And we came to Varosliget. There was a lake which we is used as a ice rink in winter. There is Vidampark and an agriculture museum.It looks like a castle,but we have learned that it was a museum. There is also a spa there. Hungary is very famaus for its spas. We learnt that there were 1300 spas in Hungary. In Budapest, there are 800 spas. Szechenyi Gyógyfürdő is the biggest spa in Hungar. Dudos (Rudas) fürdő which was built by Mustafa Paşa, Kallert (Gellért) furdo are the famous Baths. There are a lot of Turkish Baths. They are stil used as baths today. We saw the Ottamon’s attraction here. We also saw the city park. It looked like a nice romantic place. There were some people who were resting. Some of them were having picnic. Some of them were riding bikes. The children were playing on the grass.We think that It was like a nice typical Sunday. We liked the view of Budapest from the castle. It was very nice place. We will never forget the sounds of melodies with these beatiful view. There was an orchestra group there. After they had leart that we we were Turk, They played a Turkish sound ‘Üsküdar’a Giderken’.We sang together.We were very happy to share this emotion with them. It is not possibble to come to Hungary and doesn’t mention the bridges. Margaret Bridge, Arpad Bridge, Elizabeth Bridge ,Chain Bridge etc... They were all very nice and had different stories.

On of the magnificient bridges of BudapeĹ&#x;t is Margaret’s the second oldest public bridge in Budapest.It leads up to Margaret Island, its to parts enclosing 165 deprees with each other at the embranchmet towards the Island .In order to make a connection to Margaret Island ,they built it like this.

We went to Parlemonto Building.

This is the biggest building of the country. After Germany and England, This is the third biggest parlemonto building. It was built by Architect Ä°mre Steindl.There were 300 statues around the building.There are 27 doors in order to enter the building. It is said that 40 kilogram golden was used for the decoration of the building. There are 2 Gotic tower and one dome .It is 96 m. in height.There are 10 courtyards,29 ladders and 691 roms. When we entered the building,we saw that there were 2 bronze lions two sides of the stairs.There were a lot of bust of important people ;Arpad.King Stephan,etc.... We also saw the ceremony

of changing of the guard. It was also used by Turks. It was a very magnificient building. Hungarians wanted to get their freedom. They were under the control of Soviet Union There was a rebellion. A lot of people were killed during this rebellion.2000 people died.13.000 people were injured. A lot of people had to escape from their country.

Behind the Parlemonto building, There were statues of people who died during the second war. We were surprised when we learned that. the world second first subway was under the Andrassy street. Hungarion were very keen on Operas in the past. They didn’tuse to go to opera because of cold in winter. For that reason they had built this.

Another famous historical place is Magyar Allami Operahaz. As we said before,There are a lot of historical buildings in Budapest and Hungarians likes operas.This building was built in 1884 by Miklós Ybl. We learnt that the world’s second biggest Sinegog is in Budapest.We couldn’t enter it . There was a Daphne tree which was made in metal.

While we were walking on the street of Vaci Street, There were alot of cafes and shops there. We saw a shop which sells handmade dolls, handmade emrodidies, ornaments etc. They were very nice.

We really spent good time there Zoli and Rebacca helped us go around.. Budapest is a city with a great culture, nice buildings and monuments.

We fell in love the city of Budapest. We liked all the historical buildings which we saw.We learned that Hungary used to be an important places for people.Because of its geografic situation,people could easily invaded it. We are happy to see freedom Hungary now here.

We would like to talked about the Hungary cuisine which we liked very much. We would like to taste every famous meal. We liked them very much. We spend very good time. There wasn’t anytime that we were bored. We stayed Sarospatak which is one of the historic towns of Hungary.This city lies at the foot of the Zemplen Hills on the river Bodrog.It was small and calm place.It is one of the historic towns of Hungary. We have learnt that this region is famous for Tokaj wines.When we were coming to the city, We saw the vineyards two sides of the road. We visited grape cellar in Sarospatak. There were many kinds of wine which was produced in Sarospatak.

We have learnt that Sarospatak is twinned with TekirdaÄ&#x; in Turkey. Sarospatak was the birth place of Saint Elizabeth in 1207. When we saw the school building, we were fascinated. We learned that It was built by a famous architect Imre Makovecz. The architect think that colums of the building were trees. There were some branches of these trees. Maybe students are the fruits of these trees. The school has a good atmosphere. It has got a big gym.We played basketball, volleyball etc...

We really had fun, while playing together. The headmaster of the school was very kind. He gave us some information about the school. We met with the sudents. We try to now eachother by playing some games. Our teachers visited the city manager. He gave them some information about the city of Sarospatak. We wish we had known to visit him. We would like to give some present to him from our country.

We worked in the school together. We presented our presentation which was about the relationship between Hungarian and Turks from past to today,And the religions in Turkey.

When we searched the history of Hungary, we learned that We were relative. We learned that there are a lot common points about the history, culture, music and language. You may learn these similarities from the presentation which we prepared.

We heard a lot of names and surnames which saw Török Utca(Turks baths etc... We learned that common leader ‘Atila’. ’Gül Baba Tomb’

Turkish are used. We street),Turk we had a

We lived during 150 years together with great tolerance and respectful way. We fought together during the first war. We spent good times when we told this sentence ‘’ Jembemben Çok Kiçi Alma Van.’’ (in Hungarian: Zsebemben sok kicsi alma van) Cebimde Çok Küçük Elma var.’’ ‘’ There are a lot of small apples in my pocket.’’

Having a lot of common points with you makes us very happy. We think that it was very useful for us. We learnt alot of things about the other countries. We went Hollóháza porcelain Manufacture in another day. Hollóháza lies in the middle of a valley surrounded by Zemplen. We visited the porcelain museum which displayed huge selection of porcelains and glass-works.We saw how cups and plates were made .We were not stranger to these.Because we also have some porcelain factories in Turkey especially in Kütahya..We liked the activities which we did in there.We painted the cups and plates etc....This gave us great pleasure.On the last day ,we took the material which we painted.

We visited Füzer castle. It was 57.8 km. far away Sarospatak. Its height was 442 m.. We spent very good time while climbing the hill.The hill was quite step.We were tired . But the view from above was well to strain..

We went to another castle after the delicious lunch. It was very surprising when we took

a message in our phone. ‘You are welcome to Slovakia’.We were very closer to the Slovakia. We visited Sarospatak castle. We have leart that The castle of Sarospatak on the reverse side of 500 Hungarian Forint banknote. We visited Sarospatak Castle. The ownners of the castle include many important individuals in Hungarian history.In the 16th century ,It was owned by the Dobó Family. Balint Balassi, the most important Hungarian poet of the century married Kristina Dobó at the castle. The bride was the daughter of Istvan Dobó, who defended the castle of Eger against Otoman Turks. We went another city, Eger which we saw the beautifully preserved Baroque architecture. We learned that Hungarians like to visit Eger because it was here that their ancestors defended off the Turkish occupation. Yes, this city was also important for Turks. We saw the minaret. The 40 m-high Minaret with 100 narrow spiral stairs twisting to the top, is the northernmost Turkish monument in Europe. Only one person can climb it at one time. There used to be a mosque there before. It was used to be as a hospital before, but now there a is only a minaret there. We have learned that there are many public baths in Eger. This town was accupied by the Ottomans in 1596.That event a very special and prosperous turkish bathing culture was established in Eger. We spent some time there. Whatever happened there in the past, whatever our ancestors and Hungarian ancestors did there, we were now there together with great friendship, hospitality, kindness. We really had good time there. We gave presents to each other. We danced together. We laughed together. The programme which was prepared on the last day was perfect. We were very happy to be there. We can say that Hungarian were very kind. They helped us go to the station. All the host families were there. We would like to thank them all their help and kindness. It was very diffucult for us leaving there.

We went to Budapest from Sarospatak by train. We saw the different parts of this country. We were going to stay one more day in Budapest. We went to the hotel by the taxi which Marica had arranged it for us.We were looking forward to boat tour on Danube. It was one of our dream. Our boat tour was very good. It was very beatiful to watch the city which we were fascinating.

Historical buildings, modern buildings monumets, bridges and Danube etc....

We were very happy to be in Hungary. We spent good times with groups. We hope that our friendship will never end. Thanks for your all effort. Thank you for your great hospitality. We are looking forward to seeing you in here‌. Turkish Groups

Hungarian Report  
Hungarian Report