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Fianna Fáil back in power 42% of Urbanites were dissatisfied with Fianna Fail’s win of 78 seats in the May General Election. 44% of female Urbanites were dissatisfied with this result compared to 39% of male Urbanites. 18% of Urbanites surveyed said they didn’t care whether Fianna Fáil got back into power again.

Big Brother 8 Half of the panel feel that the show is a waste of time and not worth watching. 14% of Urbanites agreed that they would watch Big Brother if there was nothing else on. 13% of Urbanites believe that the show has been done to death and not worth watching especially since Celebrity Big Brother earlier in the year. Only 1 in 10 Urbanites admitted to watching it most nights and these Urbanites were predominantly female.

Organic Organic is a word that is used frequently these days. We asked Urbanites to explain their understanding of the word and 88% of Urbanites perceived it to mean ‘free from chemicals and pesticides’. 32% of Urbanites interpreted it to mean ‘more expensive’. 30% of Urbanites believe it to be healthier for them and their family. A further 14% of Urbanites understood it to mean that organic food is full of flavour and nutrition.

Text Language The English language has emerged as a casualty of the text generation with this generation’s tendency to abbreviate words text message style in all areas of life. 38% of Urbanites say they only use abbreviated words because there is not enough space in text messages. An additional 36% of Urbanites believe this ‘text language’ is hindering children’s education and accurate use of the English language. Interestingly, 34% of Urbanites believe it is unacceptable in the workplace to use shortened words.

urban rant We asked Urbanites to tell us about any good or bad dating experiences they had. Urbanite’s responses reflected how the Irish could learn a thing or two from our European counterparts.

Here is a selection of how you are all feeling… • I think people put to much empahsis on the fact that they are on a date rather than just enjoying their time. It seems that people these days are disenchantised with the opposite sex and are waiting for the next let down instead of starting each new adventure with a clean scoring board. • Guys here are hopeless at taking you out on dates. I have never had a good date. Worst date I went on the guy said he was going to a 9 inch nails concert and I made a joke about whether he was going to get his black eyeliner out and he got really offended, told me we had nothing in common cause we didn't like the same music and he walked out and left me there. Was so bizarre. I think dating is more of a cheesy american thing where you get taken out and complimented and the guy is trying really hard to impress. Here that just doesn't happen,they don't try at all. • Best experience: My (Irish!) boyrfriend organised a picnic in the Iveagh gardens on Valentine's day, complete with champagne and chocolates. Irish guys CAN be romantic.

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urbanlife wave 3 highlights urban rant

Urban Life

Airline Baggage Charges Certain airlines are to begin charging passengers who use the check-in desk a fee which the airline says reflect the cost of airport facilities. We put this issue to the panel and a whopping 90% of Urbanites agreed that the baggage charges imposed by airlines are a rip-off.

Quality of Life We asked Urbanites to rate their life as a whole in terms of satisfaction. On average Urbanites seem pretty satisfied with their lives right now with 87% of Urbanites rating the life they lead as being very satisfied/satisfied with it. In terms of the next 12 months 66% of Urbanites expect their life in general to be better. 53% of Urbanites expect the economic situation in Ireland to be the same for the forthcoming year. Likewise, 56% of Urbanites expect the employment situation in Ireland to be the same for the next year.

National Issues Three quarters of Urbanites believe people should participate more actively in Irish politics. Given environmental issues are forever in the public eye we asked Urbanite’s their view on Ireland’s future position. 64% of Urbanites agree that protecting the environment should be a priority for Ireland even if it affects economic growth. In relation to crime, 86% of Urbanites believe that nowadays there is too much tolerance and criminals should be punished more severely. Urbanites hold a very positive view towards Ireland’s non-nationals with 75% of Urbanites agreeing that immigrants contribute a lot to Ireland’s economy.

Post SSIA Release Now that the SSIA’s have been released we wanted to find out whether or not our Urbanites had spent or re-invested their lump sums. To start with 37% of Urbanites had an SSIA account. 29% of our Urbanites are impulsive spenders having spent all of their SSIA account already. A further 33% of Urbanites have spent some of it and 38% of Urbanites have re-invested it into another savings account. The main areas that Urbanite’s spent their SSIA savings on include: • • • • •

Pay off borrowing Go Travelling Buy a Car Buy a House Extend my home

– 40% - 25% - 17% - 16% - 6%

• Thank god I'm married, cos I'd hate to be back at that stage again - it's a nightmare! • Dating is something that is not done in Ireland. People pick up in pubs, go home n have sex and mostly never call/see each other again. Compared to other European countries including UK, Ireland is way behind when it comes to dating. The women are impossible to please and the men not bothered trying, from what i can see anyway. Those who do date, its very much date = sex or never hear from me again. Ive had my fair share of rubbish dates, disaterous dates & more successful dates, having lived in UK for while, where dating is much more a way of life and meeting people. But at least your out there meeting people. Unlike here where it can be hard to. • The absolute worst thing about dating is men that make arrangements then disappear off the face of the earth never to be heard of again i.e. those that don't have the balls to tell you to your face (or by phone or text even) that they don't want to see you again! On the up side,it is fun and exciting and nerve-wracking and you can end up making some really good friends! • Romance is dead in the 21st century. The world has become obsessed with sex. There's more to life than sex, like football. • People are much more selective now on who they will date and what exactly they are looking for in the person they are dating. • A Necessary Evil. But great fun, if you're still in the market!

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urbanlife wave 3 highlights Urban Life

Urbanite’s Drinking Habits 35% of Urbanites said that they typically change the drinks they usually drink in the summer months. Given our lack of decent summer weather this year we wonder to what extent Urbanites actually changed their drinking habits! In terms of drinking routines 41% of Urbanites usually stick with the same alcoholic drink all evening, while 37% of Urbanites change their drink once throughout a night out. The top 3 hangover cures according to Urbanites include: • • •

Drink loads of water Stay in bed Take painkillers

– 61% – 32% – 28%

Media & Ents.

The average start time for when Urbanites first start reading Metro is 08.20am. 7 out of 10 Urbanites start reading Metro before 9am. Metro is Urbanite’s favourite tool for researching the following: • • •

Been to see a film in the cinema that had been reviewed by Metro – 48% Been to a restaurant that was advertised/reviewed in Metro – 30% Been to see a show that was advertised/reviewed in Metro – 28%

Brands, Products & Services

• In my view dating is a pile of pants! Most men are not looking for any sort of commitment just out for a good time. • Dating nowadays is short of a nightmare for the chatting up inept, like me. First you have to gather all your courage to even talk to a member of the opposite sex, then you might or might not get a date. And when you have a date, if you are not playing it by the "rules" which are forced upon us by magazines and television, you are bound to come across as a complete weirdo. Which means if you don't spend thousands of Euro's on the obligatory dinner-movie-pub thing, the girl will give you the hand to talk to. In any case I like romance and I am very old-fashioned in that way, I am always a gentleman and try to entertain a lady without having any hidden agenda. So I'd rather invite someone for a walk, or a trip down to the coast, or go see a nice exhibition or a concert. I try to give somebody a nice feeling and a good time, and stick close to my own values. In this way it does not feel superficial to me and I can really show who I am. • I love dating, and think that Irish people need to do more of it! The concept of asking people 'on a date' is practically unheard of here, and we rely way too much on meeting people when we are out socialising, in groups than spending one-on-one time with people that we don't know that well.

Topics for our clients are asked in this section of the survey. If you’d like any more detail on these results then please get in touch with me and I can forward them on to you. A summary of what we covered is as follows: • • • • • • •

• Happily married to my first Love! Would hate to Date, seems to be a nightmare.

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