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urbanlife wave 2 highlights Background

Urban Life is Ireland’s largest online panel to be created by a single media owner ‘Metro’. We launched it in November 2006 and it has grown to over 1,400 Metro readers strong. We have already run two surveys and one mini poll since launching in November and have achieved an average response rate of 75%. The aim of Urban Life is to track consumer trends relevant to our Urbanite audience over 2007. The second wave of Urban Life focused on motors, property and travel. Wave 2 also provided vital insights into consumer needs and motivations in relation to grocery shopping, finance & breakfast time behaviour. All references to ‘Urbanites’ refer to Metro readers aged between 18-44 and in full time work. There are 4 key sections in Urban Life - Have Your Say, Urban Life, Media & Ents and Brands, Products & Services.

Have your say

Have Your Say generally focuses on current affairs and topical issues – this time we asked about the European Championships 2008. Do you believe that Ireland have any chance of qualifying for the European Championships 2008? We put this question to our panel of Urbanites at the start of the month and the consensus showed a pessimistic view. • 57% felt we had NO chance. • 27% believed we had a small chance. • Only 2% of optimistic Urbanites think we have a strong chance of qualifying.

There has been a lot of speculation about Steve Staunton’s reign to date as manager of the Irish football team with the latest criticisms recently being aired by Roy Keane. So we asked the panel what they thought.

What is your view on Steve Staunton’s reign to date as manager of the Irish football team? • 40% of Urbanites believe that Stan should never have got the job due to his inexperience. • 18% would even go so far as to say that Stan hasn’t got a clue and is damaging the long term aspirations of the team. • Only 14% of Urban Lifers believe that he is doing as good a job as could be hoped.

urban rant Big Brother, The Apprentice, Love Island, X Factor the list is endless. Love them or hate them we have all at some point or another watched many members of the public and ‘Celebs’ being forced to eat insects or cow intestines and generally degrade themselves on TV in some fashion or another to win prize money. This non-fiction humiliation has now become a set part of our entertainment and seems set to replace quality programming. Have we hit rock bottom yet with this reality TV show boom? Or are you a fan of reality TV? Do you think that these shows are highly entertaining and addictive or a mindless waste of viewing time? Can reality TV make a better alternative to watching dramas, comedies or documentaries?

Here is a selection of how you are all feeling… • I think that people love dissing tv no matter what is on - they reminisce about how good tv was in the past... well I was there in the 80's and it was awful! Bernie Clifton, Tacky quizzes and entertainment shows... was not great. • I think they're over done to death now. I can't understand anyone who wants "fame" that badly. I enjoy the likes of pop idol and that were most people are showcasing a talent of sorts, but I am so sick of Big Brother attention whores. ENOUGH! • It's kinda funny and interesting to see how retarded some apparently "sane" role models are.

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urbanlife wave 2 highlights Urban Life

Urban Life is where we ask Urbanites about issues affecting their urban lifestyles. We asked our Urbanite strong panel how they spent a typical weeknight evening. The Top Ten weeknight activities were: 1. Night in (watched a DVD) 76% 2. Went grocery shopping 65% 3. Went out drinking 53% 4. Went to a restaurant 44% 5. Exercised/Went to the gym 43% 6. Went to the cinema 39% 7. Went retail shopping 37% 8. Played a sport 19% 9. Went out clubbing 16% 10. Attended an evening class 15%

We have a technologically savvy panel with well over two thirds (68%) having home internet access by broadband. We asked them what they do online in the evening time. The Top 5 online evening activities included: 1. Searching for flights/holiday 51% 2. Reading a newspaper 36% 3. Downloading music & tones 28% 4. Searching for a job online 23% 5. Booking flights/holiday 19%

We are forever being told about the importance of kick starting your day with breakfast, healthy or otherwise, so we checked with our panel to see whether they are eating theirs! In a typical working week 84% of Urbanites eat breakfast, 61% of which have it everyday. 46% of the panel eat their breakfast at home and a further 41% have food at work to eat. The Top 5 breakfast foods include: 1. Cereal including porridge 67% 2. Bread/Toast 42% 3. Tea 31% 4. Coffee 25% 5. Fruit 25%

urban rant • I like them... kinda of escape from reality i suppose... and don't take much brain power to watch... • Hate everything associated with reality tv shows from the people who dream them up and the people who take part to the people who create a demand for the people who dream them up and the people who take part... not to mention the people who put the people who dream them up in a position to make them. Then there's the people who helped THESE people get to a place where they're in a position to green light a reality tv show. • They are cocaine for the modern tv world, we are all addicted to them, though they are completley rubbish and a waste of brain time. As humans we are all naturally inqusitive to what each one of us is up to, and it is a very clever marketing ploy by TV companies to prey upon this idiosyncrasy and make vast amounts of money from it. • I hate reality TV. its the lowest form of entertainment. I dont care who Jade Goody is/was/will be, its just irrelevant to my life, and I dont see why so much attention is payed to things that have no bearing on my existence. Do I care who wins X-Factor etc? No, they'll be gone in a few weeks anyway. they're all just flash-in-the-pans. if someone is going to be famous, they'll achieve it on their own, I dont need to be told by Simon Cowell that Mr X is gonna be a legend. If he was good enough to begin with he wouldnt be on the show. as for big brother... dont start me. • Stale - interesting at first but now avoid at all costs.

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urbanlife wave 2 highlights urban rant

Media & Ents

• I am hoping that recent events on "Reality Shows" will expose them as the farce that they are. Being famous for being famous is ridiculous and demeans the efforts of genuine actors and actresses who are being left in the wings so that greedy TV production companies can maximise their profits by employing nobody's for nothing. Unfortunately, the average person is naturally nosey and will always look in on these shows if there is appropriate controversy involved which in turn keeps the ratings up and the shows in circulation.

Urbanites are regular cinema-goers. • 28% of Urbanites go to the cinema 2–3 times a month • 1 in 10 (12%) of Urbanites go to the cinema once a week or more often • Metro Life is a fi lm deciding tool… 49% of Urbanites decided to see a

particular film at the cinema as a result of reading reviews in Metro.

Brands, Products & Services

• I don't mind them - allows you to be nosy without feeling guilty.

Brands, Products and services is our ‘client specific’ question area. If you have some burning questions you would like to put to over 1,400 Urbanites please contact Cáitríona Byrne Metro’s Research Consultant. As part of this section we looked at future spend intentions for property and motors.

• It's amazing how much rubbish there is on TV these days. You really have to look hard to find something good to watch. I recently upgraded to digital tv which gave me more rubbish, luckily though there were some good programmes on stations like the history channel and discovery.

• In terms of 2007 property decisions… 26% of Urbanites intend to buy a

property… 35% of these plan on buying a previously owned house and 17% plan to buy a new build house.

• For the brainless.

• 40% of Urbanites are likely to be active in the property rental market in


• Addictive, a micro-cosm of society and the issues they face.

• 36% of Urbanites intend buying a car in the next 12 months and intend to

spend on average €15k.

• Too boring - if i was to see real people doing strane things I'll go for a walh around town late at night! • I see nothing wrong with reality tv. It's made to be light entertainment and should be taken as so. There's no need for the whole world to get up in arms over some celebrity eating a cows eye. It's their choice, it's a bit of fun to watch. It was never meant to be life changing stuff. • Ban them all... or else put them on at 4 in the morning... • I don't have a TV.

For more complete highlights & information please contact: Cáitríona Byrne, Research Manager. Direct Telephone: (01) 6375968 Email: