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Thursday, November 2, 2006 METRO 11


You’re soo Metro F YOU are reading this, we can assume two things: one – you are an ‘Urbanite’, and two – we want you to take part in our new online survey. By now you probably will have heard about our Urban Life project. We want you, the readers, to give your opinions on fashion, entertainment, travel, motoring, politics and world events. What brings a smile to your face and what makes your blood boil? The study aims to understand the phenomenon that is ‘Urbanites’ – young affluent, professional people with busy social lives. If you are aged between 18 and 44, and are working full time in Dublin, then you are an Urbanite, and we want to hear from you. Urbanites are time-starved individuals who fit their media around their busy daily lives rather than vice versa, and so make up a core demographic of Metro readers. They enjoy active social lives making regular and wellabove-average trips to bars, restaurants and the cinema. For example, 43 per cent of Urbanites drink two or three times a week, compared to 31 per cent of all Dubliners. On average, an Urbanite will drink 19 pints and 3.35 bottles of wine every month. Some 94 per cent of Urbanites will head to the pub for a scoop, while the figure drops to 78 per cent when all adults are counted. While 28 per cent of Dublin adults never go to the cinema, only seven per cent of Urbanites claim the same. Research shows that this group also has a much larger proportion


So, what is it all about? Urban Life is Metro’s new and innovative study of ‘Urbanites’ – young, full-time working professionals in Greater Dublin. Every year we will research the opinions, attitudes and lifestyles of up to 2,000 Metro readers, asking for their views on everything from current affairs to cool brands; environmental issues to mustsee movies; mobile phones to multiculturalism.

What do I get out of it? We’re genuinely interested in your opinions on the key issues of the day, and you can share these views with Metro’s editorial team. The results will help to fuel a large number of stories in Metro next year. As if that wasn’t enough, we’re also giving away e27,000 in prizes – hundreds of e30 HMV vouchers and one e1,000 cash prize after each of our main surveys. And if you stay with us for a whole year and complete five or more of our six main surveys, you will be entered into our prize draw for one e3,000 cash prize.

What’s involved?

Urban nights: You spend more on your social life than the average Dubliner Pic: Photocall

of ‘early adopters’ within it, making them leaders in fashion, technological and travel trends. Almost 70 per cent of Urbanites say dressing well is important, and more than 40 per cent admit they love shopping for clothes. Nearly a third admit to owning two credit

or debit cards and will spend an average of E409 per month on them, compared to the E360 the average Dubliner spends. Overall, Urbanites travel more, go out more, drink more, socialise more, talk more and spend more while doing it. Sound like you? If so,

head to, and share your views on today’s hot topics. It will only take you a few minutes (your boss won’t mind), and you could win up to E27,000 in prizes. Metro is giving you a voice – use it! It could be worth your while...

Taking part is easy. Urban Life is comprised of six main surveys, the first one in November and then one every six weeks. All surveys are online, so you can take them any time of day or night that suits you (within our survey periods). We’ll e-mail you when each survey is ready to complete, with each one taking only about 15 minutes.

Sign me up now If you are interested in taking part in Urban Life, please go to the website and follow the simple instructions. Alternatively, FREE TEXT to 50100 to register your interest. Text TNS (space) first name (space) email address (for example, text TNS then your name, then, Places are limited on the Urban Life project, so please register early to avoid disappointment.