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News Tuesday, May 25, 2010


EyjafjallajĂśkull has gone quiet

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THE volcano that sparked the ash crisis is quiet but it’s ‘too early to say this is over’, an Icelandic expert said. The eruption of EyjafjallajĂśkull on April 14 was the first in nearly 200 years and led to an estimated ten million travellers being grounded around the world. Icelandic Civil Protection Agency official Iris Marelsdottir said the volcano was emitting some steam, but no ash. The Icelandic Met Office said there were no reports of ashfall at the site yesterday. Singer Lionel Richie almost made an ass of himself All Night Long after battling to get to grips while bareback on a donkey during German TV channel ZDF’s show ‘Wetten dass‌?’ (Bet that‌?) at the Coliseo Balear bullďŹ ght arena in Palma de Mallorca, Spain

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Why you love ying and can also hate it By Ross McDonagh LOVE ’em or hate ’em, when it comes to air travel, there is only one company that people want to rant about: Ryanair! As a reward for being good and answering our little surveys, Metro Herald always allows its Urban Life panel off the leash at the end to have a good old fashioned rant about a topical subject, and this month, it was air travel. With the volcanic ash cloud keeping planes on the ground, it seems the simmering frustrations Urbanites have with airlines were ready to boil over. When we asked Urbanites to share their thoughts on flying, we never once mentioned the word ‘Ryanair’ but, needless to say, it cropped up a couple of times‌ though not always in a negative light.

â?Ż Against

n ‘Everyone is going to write and complain about Ryanair but personally I love them! If you learn how to use them properly (carry-on bag, Ryanair vouchers, etc) they really are cheap! And if you don’t like it‌ DON’T USE THEM!’

n ‘I will never y Ryanair again as on the way back from Lanzarote last month we all queued for ages – one hour plus – then were made to run around to another gate, then we were told to go back to the original gate! Absolute chaos as everybody went wild skipping the queue, disabled, families with kids, old people treated like idiots.’

n ‘Love travelling by plane when I’m going on my holidays – it all adds to the excitement of going away. Although when ights are delayed, it’s not so great.’ n ‘I love air travel, especially the low cost airlines ’coz they’ve made it possible to get to so many destinations. I’m a big fan of Ryanair‌ Once you’re tuned in to their policies/rules/destinations, they are great. I travel with my eyes open, so if I book a ight to a Ryanair airport, I know its going to be a few miles away from the city I want to visit. I also love Aer Lingus, but they can be a bit more expensive.’ n ‘No rant right now‌ except maybe the ash cloud. But there’s not much to rant about as nobody can change it‌’

n ‘Hate Ryanair! Hate the pushing and shoving to get on, the extra charges for everything. Used to be cheap and not cheerful, now expensive and surly. Hate the way girls at gate insist you put handbag in carry-on luggage, I get it straight out again before I’m even in the plane!’ n ‘Worst airline would be Ryanair, I still cannot understand why people y them. I know they are far cheaper, but the word “customer servicesâ€? does not exist in their handbook!! They are shoddy, rude and couldn’t care less about the comfort of their customers. They might be a no-frills airline, but that is not to say they have to be a nobrain airline as well.’

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We’re genuinely interested in your opinions on the key issues of the day and you can share these views with Metro Herald’s editorial team. The

results will help to fuel a large number of stories in Metro Herald during the year. As if that wasn’t enough, we’re also giving away ₏20,000 in prizes – hundreds of ₏30 All4One vouchers and one ₏1,000 cash prize after each of our main surveys. And if you stay with us for a whole year and complete at least three out of four main surveys, you will be entered into our prize draw for one ₏2,000 cash prize.

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