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METRO Monday, May 26, 2008

So what’s Urban Life all about?

URBAN Life is Metro’s innovative study of ‘Urbanites’ – young, fulltime working professionals in Greater Dublin. Every year we research the opinions of 2,000 Metro readers, asking for their views on everything from current affairs to must-see movies. What do I get out of it? We’re giving away €27,000 in prizes – hundreds of €30 HMV vouchers and a €1,000 in cash after each survey. If you complete five or more of our six surveys, you will be entered into our €3,000 prize draw. What’s involved? The first survey is in November with one every six weeks. All surveys are online and take only 15 minutes. Sign me up now Visit or FREE TEXT to 50400. Text TNS (space) first name (space) e-mail address to register your interest in taking part.


Urbanites like to share with their online pals by joanne o’connor

‘SHARING is caring’, said one particularly saccharine Care Bear many years ago. Since the arrival of Bebo, Facebook and MySpace into our lives, the urge to communicate and share information has never been as strong. But how many of us really like to share? Metro recently asked its 2,000-strong panel of Urbanites if they’ve registered with social networking sites. Four out of five hip Metro readers are currently using them to keep in touch with their online buddies. Their top three favourite sites are Facebook, with a 53 per cent membership; Bebo with 50 per cent; while one-third prefer MySpace.

Four out of five Metro readers use social networking sites to keep in touch with their online friends, with the top three favourite sites named as Facebook, bebo and MySpace

‘I wanted to see what all the fuss was about’

Metro has real urban insight METRO has done it again! Just one year after being named ‘Best New Market Entry’, the newspaper scooped the prize for ‘Best Market Research’ for Urban Life at the All Ireland Marketing Awards. Urban Life is our online consumer insight panel comprising over 2,000 Urbanites (18 to

44-year-old professionals) and is the largest research panel ever set up by a single Irish media company. Through a series of interactive online surveys, we get unparalleled insights into the behaviour and lifestyles of young, affluent consumers who are media researchsavvy. Commenting at the

awards ceremony in Dublin’s Citywest Hotel last Thursday night, Lee Thompson, Managing Director Metro Ireland, said: ‘This award testifies to the appeal of a clearly focused and targeted proprietary study which enjoys an unprecedented level of trust with its respondent universe.’

But do they actually use them to communicate? Not really, it seems. Only 31 per cent of Facebook users feel the need to log in, a mere 35 per cent Bebo their friends regularly, while a paltry one in ten like spending time in MySpace. Some Urbanites claimed to be irritated by some of the features on networking sites, such as annoying adverts and spam, while two per cent want payment for using the sites and another two per cent want free stuff. Nearly 40 per cent of networking Urbanites described it as a ‘way of catching up with friends’ while others claim to have been bullied into it by their social-networking-addicted buddies. ‘I wanted to see what all the fuss was about,’ was the response of almost 33 per cent of curious Urbanites.

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