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Community Center

Champaign, IL Capstone Studio Fall 2010 - One Semester

This community center in Champaign, Illinois sits at a critical point in the downtown area. West of the site lies a residential area with single-family homes and religious institutions. Directly east of the site is the major downtown business area. Thus, a unique opportunity arises. A community center should reach out to the surrounding


Architectural Projects

neighboorhoods and bind them together. It should be the seed of growth within the community. This became the primary concept behind my design. The program is radially oriented about a central courtyard area, which serves as a peaceful gathering place. The garden takes on a sculptural presence, with drainage spouts from the

roof spilling into pod-like rain catchers. In an effort to reduce energy needs and cut energy costs, the center takes advantage of several environmental strategies including passive heating and cooling, alternative heating systems, and a water recycling and filtration system.

Main Floor Plan

E-W Section



Community Rooms


Cafe Patio

Southwest Exterior


Théâtre au Parc Balbi

Versailles, Île-de-France, France Versailles Study Abroad Program Spring 2010 - One Semester

The site is a small plot sequestered in a small garden in the city of Versailles. Home to the annual Baroque Music Festival, this theatre is designed as a place to house the festival’s events. I drew inspiration from the artists Pierre Soulages and Eduardo Chillada. I experimented with different arrangements of positive and negative spaces from which I developed floor plans. Strong, rectangular forms emerged that defined the program layout of the building. 8

Architectural Projects

The building is approached by a long path that extends all the way through the park. To enhance the sense of a pathway leading to the théâtre, I chose to extend the existing wall to nearly fully enclose the site. The building neatly rests within the envelope of stone walls, not touching any of them. All of the program elements extend from the central lobby area, which also acts as a congregation space. A small, niched outdoor theatre provides a space for small, outdoor performances.

Floor Plan


N-S Section

West Elevation

E-W Section

South Elevation


Architectural Projects

Cafe Exterior

Lobby Entrance

Cafe Exterior


Médiathèque au Square Louis Majorelle Paris, Île-de-France, France Versailles Study Abroad Program Fall 2009 Group Design Project - One Semester

Located in the 11th arrondissement in Paris, France, this médiathèque is situated at the back wall of a small park sequestered in the center of a small Parisian community. A church sits directly north and housing surrounds the park. The south wall of the site is a seven-story apartment building with an entirely stone façade. Our approach to this was a respectful handling of the existing back wall while delicately addressing the existing park and retaining its livelihood. In doing so, we immediately noticed the stairs, already existing in the park, as a popular gathering area and chose to extrude them into the lobby area. We organized the program around two circulation cores, which pay respect to the existing wall behind it. On the upper floors the building most noticeably gestures toward the park. 12

Architectural Projects

1st Floor Plan

Circulation / Entry

3rd Floor Plan


Reading Area

Adult Library

Utility Entry

Administrative Offices Terrace

2nd Floor Plan


4th floor Plan


Children’s Library

Multi-Purpose Room



Reading Area


Reading Area


Architectural Projects

Children’s Library

Entrance Lobby


Space and Volume Study Spring 2009 - Four Weeks

This project was an exercise in extrapolating forms out of two-dimensional drawings. I studied line, shape, hatch, and figureground drawings to create a threedimensional space. As the drawings developed, a strong barrier-like form

emerged and seemed to separate the composition into two parts: a gridded, organized section and an angular, chaotic one. The barrier broken by a small removed strip, the objects begin to pierce it and engage the opposing sides. Plan








Architectural Projects


GREENBOX: Uluru House

Uluru Rock, Australia Versailles Study Abroad Program Spring 2010 - One Week

Uluru Rock

Sun Path Diagram

An exercise in cooperation, the GREENBOX project promoted collaboration between the French and American students studying in Versailles. This week-long project centered on self-sustaining micro-dwellings to promote eco-sensitive design. Australia was chosen for its extreme climate and its geology. Australia is home to the Great Artesian Basin, one of the largest underground basins in the world and a source for renewable drinking water. The Uluru House takes advantage of solar power, water renewal, and passive energysaving techniques to create a self-sustaining, Floor Plan mobile, and comfortable living environment. 18

Architectural Projects

Daylight Study

Structure Model

Transportation Method

Water Filtration System


Groundwater Intake System



Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy

Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy



Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Barcelona, Spain


Parc Poble Nou, Barcelona, Spain

Canal with Commercial Buildings in Winter by Jacob Isaacksz

Balcony, Venice, Italy

Parc Balbi Concept Sketch




American Cemetery, Normandy, France

Ch창teau de Coucy, Aisne, France



Chernobyl, Ukraine

Chernobyl, Ukraine


Jason G Soderlund Architectural Portfolio  

A portfolio of work completed during my undergraduate studes at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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