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LAMS Library Welcome Back! 2008-2009 School Year Can you believe the summer is already over? As you get your classrooms ready for the 2008-2009 school year I wanted to touch base to remind you about what our library can offer you and your students. Technology wise: 

      

26 computers that are connected to Power Library, Microsoft 2003, Online Databases, Magazines, Newspapers, Audio Books, Vertical Files on the states, Professional Collection, Video/DVD Collection and so much more. 1 Flip Video Camcorder (so easy to use) 1 Digital Camera 1 Scanner 1 HP Poster Printer (will be here in September) 8 wireless laptops—with a portable printer 1 Projector for anyone to use 1 laptop for anyone to use

Book Talks

INSIDE THIS ISSUE 2008-2009 ................... 1

One of my goals this year will be to promote books via book talks in your classrooms. I would also love to add book reviews from the students to my website (the reviews can be written, podcasts or videos). Let me know if you are interested.

Book Talks .................... 1

Cool Websites

Upcoming Activities ...... 2

Whenever I find websites that I think our students can utilize I add them to my social bookmarking page—Mister Wong — http:// If you go to the site there is a tag cloud on the right. Click on your interest to go directly to those sites. If you would like to add any websites please let me know.

Tech Tidbits.................. 2

New Books/Equipment

 Laptops should be here

Our new books for t2008-2009 will be here shortly, we will send the list to your homerooms as soon as they arrive. Yes, we will have Beyond the Glory by Billy Staples. We are special ordering that right now.

 Library Orientation will

Cool Websites ............... 1 New Books/Equipment.. 2 After-School Training ... 2 Reminders .................... 2

SPECIAL POINTS OF INTEREST by October! start immediately. I’ll be scheduling classes ASAP.

After–School Training I took a course called 23 Things with each “thing” focusing on a new web tool. I „m going to ask admin if I can offer short classes on these tools in the library after school for Act 48 credits. I‟ll keep you posted.

Upcoming Activities Library Card Sign-up Month, Sept. 1—Labor Day, Sept. 7—Grandparent‟s Day, Sept. 8, 1892—First reading of the Pledge of Allegiance, Sept. 17— Citizenship Day, Sept. 26, 1969—Last album of the Beatles released, Sept. 27Oct. 4—Banned Books Week.

Reminders Library is open for everyone, every day, during homeroom and 8th period. Two students at a time, using the library passes. As soon as the students return to homeroom you can send two more. I won‟t be handing out blue passes this year (research pass). If you need any just email me and I‟ll have them delivered by one of my library aides.

Without libraries what have we? We have no past and no future”—Ray Bradbury Tech Tidbits I‟ll be giving little tech/web gadgets in this forum that I have found and think could be helpful or fun for the classroom. The library pass this year is one of them. I used a site called wordle— to create the word cloud on the pass. I think it was really neat to use and could be something to help students brainstorm in a creative way. Here are the steps: 1. 2.

3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Go to Select “Create.” Word size is determined by the number of times the word is used, such as: Library Library Library Books Books Reading (Library will be 3x as big as Reading and Books will be 2x as big as Reading). To connect words with a space between them use a tilde for the space, for example: Mrs.~Potts. It‟s a good idea to save your words and phrases to a Word document, in case you need to start over. Maximum number of words = 150. Type words or phrases into the box and click “Go.” Select Font, Layout and Color. When you‟re happy with your “Wordle,” click “Save to Gallery.” I then press “Alt + Print Screen”to capture the image. Paste the image over to Word and crop everything out besides the word cloud. Have fun.

Feedback Email me to offer feedback about what should be added or deleted for our next LAMS Library Newsletter. All comments are welcome. See you soon.


LAMS September Newsletter  

Tons of great information about our library!

LAMS September Newsletter  

Tons of great information about our library!