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Virginia Inns Offer Way to Tour VA Emissions Free | p. 23 Virginia Clean Cities

Multi-State EV Project Launches in the Midwest | p. 7 Twin Cities Clean Cities Coalition

| p. 13 Smokies Advance Alt-Fuel Agenda| p. 11

The “You Have a CHOICE” Campaign Kicks off in MidAtlantic | p. 10 Greater Washington Region Clean Cities

East Tennessee Clean Fuels

ns AFV Resolve | p. 17 Southeast AFV Demo Initiative - At a Glance | p. 15 Triangle Clean Cities Coalition

New Orleans Mechanics Receive Free AFV Training | p. 19 Southeast Louisiana Clean Fuels Partnership


Fuels Fix, Spring 2017  

Stories of education and action on alternative fuels and advanced-technology vehicles from DOE Clean Cties programs across the US and their...

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