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COME HELL OR HIGH WATER: GREENSEASONS UNWAVERING COMMITMENT TO ALTERNATIVE FUELS Louisiana Clean Fuels member and stakeholder GreenSeasons is a full service landscaping company servicing the greater Baton Rouge and New Orleans areas. Back in early 2016, they converted twenty-three of their trucks to CNG and started construction of a private, onsite slow-fill natural gas station. While the slow-fill station was under construction, the fleet utilized a nearby public CNG station in Baton Rouge. Everything seemed to be on track and going smoothly. Then, in August of 2016, the worst natural disaster to hit our country since Hurricane Sandy dumped nearly 7.1 trillion gallons of water on the southern half of our state, flooding about 146,000 homes. This 1,000-year flood event dropped as much as 31 inches of rain in 15 hours at the GreenSeasons facility. By Monday, August 15th, Chris Casselberry’s buildings, equipment, newly convert-

Cover: Aerial photo of the flood courtesy of the Civil Air Patrol. Background: GreenSeasons main faciity and time-fill CNG station. Immediate right: GreenSeasons owner Chris Casselberry refueling one of their CNG Ford Transits. Opposite page: Photo of GreenSeasons new fast-fill compressor system from NGV Solutions (G-FORCE Model 125 compressor).


ed fleet and his fueling station were all under eight feet of water. His slow-fill station had been under construction and was just weeks away from being operational. After the floodwaters retreated, the equipment had to be removed and damaged parts replaced. To guard against future flooding, the fueling platform had to be raised out of the flood zone. While they waited for their equipment to be repaired and reinstalled, the fleet went back to using the local public CNG station. When asked why he wanted to stick with alternative fuels after everything was damaged, Chris CasseIberry said that reducing GreenSeasons carbon footprint was just that important to him. He also needed to have a constant and reliable source of fuel, ensure that his trucks were properly fueled every night, and wanted to reduce

Fuels Fix, Spring 2017  

Stories of education and action on alternative fuels and advanced-technology vehicles from DOE Clean Cties programs across the US and their...

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