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Review about : Minecraft By: Jaime

My parents bought this game last year. I don’t know the price but it’s not very expensive. It’s a computer game. The graphics are horrible nevertheless the sound effects are brilliant. You can chose two tipes of game: Survival, in this mode you have to survive in the world. You have to build a house, to get blocks etc. .There are diferents animals that you use to get food and wool. The pigs give you the food, the duks give you eggs, the cows give you the leather and milk, the ships give you the wool and the others animals wont to kill you (zombies, creepers etc.) creative, in this mode you cannot die and you can fly. There are the same animals but they cannot kill you, whreas you have all the blocks that you wish. This mode has been made for give you the possibility of build every think you want. Furthermore you can too connect with a friend and play at the same time. There are some servers like “The Hunger Games” that you can also play in it with other people at same time. I love this game. For my it is the best game in the word. If you like adventures games or building games you have to buy. You’ll like it.

You look like this

There are 3 worlds: the end, normal world and heel. You can pass of one Word to another with portals.

This is the ender dragon you have to kill it to pass the game (but only in survival)