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Interviewing a Listing Agent Many people thinking of selling their home feel it is wise to interview more than one agent. We agree!

Below is an Interview Sheet that you can use when you are interviewing Listing Agents.

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How many years have you been selling real estate on a full-time basis? How many homes have you closed in the past twelve months? How many homes have you closed in the past month? Do you have a computerized follow-up system to keep track of buyers interested in properties? Will you contact me weekly? What referral networks for out-ofarea and out-of-state buyers do you belong to? Do you have a team to help you handle the multitude of details associated with each real estate transaction or do you just share office personnel? Where do you sell homes?


Jeannette Gongloff

Agent #2

18 Years Approx. 57 Transaction Sides Averaging between 2-3 Yes we do. Our computerized Buyer Profile Program will allow buyers to be contacted every day that any new home comes on the market and to re-advertise SCRE listings recurrently Yes Rick DeLucca Network, David Knox Agent Network, Arnie Goldburg Network, CDPE, SFR and RE/MAX International to acquire buyers for sellers Yes, I have one Client Care Assistant , a Staging/Decorating Professional, a Handyman, plus office personnel.

Summit County and Park County

Do you provide a Comparative Market Evaluations for your Sellers with real adjustments or Do you just use an automated system? 10 Do you work with for “sale by owners”?

I have been improving my CMA form for several years to ensure that adjustments are accurate with current market values. In this fluctuating market, we re-evaluate the price every single month to assess that our price is still competitive and viable to attract an offer

13 Do you conduct Open Houses?

Yes—we commit to opening our listings to buyers a minimum of once/month and during the first 90 days we open the new listing two times/month Yes. I work with the three largest banks in the nation, plus the two local banks (lAlpine Bank and First Bank) to get buyer referrals as well as secure qualified only buyers Yes—in fact, we work with many subcontractors that can assist in getting your home “show-home” ready in addition to our Decorator who will provide professional staging advice.

Yes—in fact, we will work with homes that are not even on the market if the Seller will work with us; many times I can sell your home via trade or sale without listing it because of our local homeowner contacts 11 Do you offer Seller Agency Agree- Yes—I only work as an Agent to make sure that I meet your needs ments so that my needs are represented? 12 Do you work full time? Yes +

14 Do you have local Lenders? 15. Can you help me find discounted sub contractor rates or a Handyman for small repairs? 16 Do you have a Referral Gift Program?

Yes! We have a “Food and Fun” Program...go to:

This is not intended as a solicitation if you have already listed your home with a Realtor

Jeannette Gongloff 970-668-0880/

Agent #3

Interviewing an Agent  
Interviewing an Agent  

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