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Lowell Runners Finish 16th at State An editorial by Joe Gianotti

My heartiest congratulations go out to our boys cross country team and Coach Jake Rakoczky for a 16th place State finish, and of course, to Kyle Eller, who is, simply, the fifth fastest boy in the state of Indiana. I’ve taught at Lowell for 16 years, and while I would put several of our programs in the upper echelon of extracurriculars, there’s none more consistently deserving of praise than our cross country teams. I’ve watched five superior coaches in Bob Thomas, Jeff Manes, Chuck Naumowicz, and now Scott Coil and Jake Rakoczy, guide their student athletes to excellent season after excellent season. I ran cross country for the Whiting Oilers, some 20 years and 70 pounds ago. I was far from the stellar runner that I watch pounding the pavement in our little town and, if you’ve had me in class, you’ve probably heard me joke that I finished second to last at the 1990 New Prairie Invite. I was slow! But, I have a glimmer of an idea of the dedication that it takes to accomplish what our boys accomplished. Bob Downen, Kevin Moynihan, Matt Plemich, and I ran Whihala Beach daily back in the late 80s, starting in Whiting and turning around at the abandoned Fallstaff Brewery Silos under the Skyway on the East Side of Chicago. Or we’d hike the industrial roads from Whiting Park through Amoco to Markstown in East Chicago. And even though I was not a very good runner, cross country and my cross country coach, the wonderfully patient and kind educator, Vince Daniels, left an indelible mark on me. Despite the different terrain, I have a wee bit of perspective. So, it’s without a doubt in my mind that I call the fete that Jake Rakoczy, Logan Bales, Brian Blaylock, Garrett Corning, James Eberle, Kyle Eller, Jake Fontanez, Ethan Huseman, Matt Matthias, Nick Porras, Jeff Potat, Alex Torrez, and Matt Wilson finished off in Terra Haute on October 27th, simply one of the hardest fought and gutsiest performances I’ve been around at LHS, any sport, any extracurricular. Just for good measure, they leap-frogged West Lafayette and Hobart, who beat them at semi-state. From my outsider’s perspective, it seems to me that Roko’s Rangers, version 2012, represent thousands of miles that I’ve watched kids run since arriving here in 1997. And what could be more inspirational than a sport where success is almost 100% defined by tenacity, spirit, work ethic, blood, sweat, and tears? Continued on Page 14

Why, It’s A Wonderful Life In years before, Lowell Theatre Department has taken its audience into western towns, drunken speak-easies, and even politely haunted houses. This year our theatre department is trying to outdo itself again by putting on the classic, It’s A Wonderful Life. It’s A Wonderful Life is the story of the life of George Bailey, a man living in 1940s Bedford Falls, NY. Throughout his life, George has continually sacrificed his dreams to protect his small community from the greedy clutches of Mr.Potter, a banker/slumlord/businessman who wants nothing more but to exploit every citizen of Bedford Falls for his own personal gain. But when George’s business partner, Uncle Billy, loses a large sum of money, George is in for a lot of trouble. With bank examiners coming, George knows he will be put into jail and jeopardize the lives of his wife Mary and their three children. George feels that all his lost, and believes that everyone would’ve been so much better without him. Hearing this, George’s guardian angel, Clara Odbody, comes to show George how life really would have been if he had never existed. What follows is a classic tale full of heart and meaning, that has become one of America’s best loved Christmas stories. Continued On Page 14


LHS Alumni Connection

These are real stories about real students who once walked through our halls with dreams and ambitions. Now, they’ve made their dreams come true through a lot of hard work and talent. These people were just like you. They grew up in Lowell. They got a solid education. And now, they’re making the world a better place. We hope you will read about these former students and get inspired because we believe that the time is now for you to make your dreams and ambitions come true.

What’s Going Around? Allergies!

This fall, allergies are taking over! All of those deep headaches and sniffling is probably coming from seasonal allergies. The ragweed this season is outrageous. The pollen count is ridiculously high. Watch out for those weird looking flowers with all the yellow stuff on the top. That’s ragweed! For allergy sufferers, ragweed is one of the worst causes.

Symptoms can include: • Itchy/runny nose • Sore throat • Nasal congestion • Coughing

Meredith and Rodney Cusic Cold!

Meredith and Rodney Cusic graduated in 2002 and 2005, respectively, and if their last name sounds familiar, that might be because their mother taught you English. Or perhaps you’ve seen her in the hallway with a coffee cup!

Allergies are a huge problem when it comes to autumn, but sometimes, a cold can be mistaken for allergies or vice versa. The difference with a cold is you get this blah feeling. You feel just kind of bad all over.

Symptoms can include:

These days, Meredith practices physical therapy in Chica• Runny nose go, while jet setter Rodney works at a Two-Michelin starred • Fatigue French restaurant in London, England. Along with older • Cough brother and sister, Ross and Leslie, talented younger brother • Sneezing Robert, and recently retired Assistant Superintendent of No matter what you have, always make sure you know what is Tri-Creek Schools, Ray, the Cusics might be considered the wrong with you before you start treatment. The treatment for these First Family of success for our small town. two common ailments are very different, and you don’t want to take medicine that won’t help you. If you have any problems or confusing about what ails you, contact your doctor. No one wants to be sick!

Meredith did her undergraduate degree at IU Bloomington and then received her Doctor of Physical Therapy from Midwestern University. She fondly remembers her humanities’ courses at LHS, but it was her Health Careers class that set her on the path to her current career. “Health Careers helped me hone in on my desire to work in the medical field. I am really glad that I took that class.” Meredith is also thankful for the many extracurricular activities that she took advantage of during her time in Lowell. “Student council and athletic training definitely helped round out my leadership and communication skills.” Continued On Page 14



Meet The Exchange Students What is your name? -Gustavo Grings dos Santos What country are you from? -Brazil Who is your host family? -The Ison’s What is your favorite thing about America? -The way of living Why did you come here? -to learn new things What is the biggest difference between Lowell High School and your high school? -the schedule Where do you want to attend College/University? -Universidade de Sau Paulo What do you miss the most (besides family)? -My friends

What is your name? Martina Weinberger What country are you from? Switzerland Who is your host family? - Deana and Dan Sutton What is your favorite thing about America? The food! :] Why did you come here? -My friends who were already here told me a lot and I saw a lot of films from the USA and I wanted to see this in real life What is the biggest difference between Lowell High School and your high school? -We don’t have high school, we call it gymnasium. The biggest difference is that I just have 25 minute lunch and I used to have an hour and 30 minute lunch Where do you want to attend College/University? -I don’t know, first I have to finish school! What do you miss the most (besides family)? -The water. In Switzerland you can drink water from every water tap and here it tastes after chlorine, But apart from that I love this country.


What is your name? Chelsea Brindley What country are you from? -Australia Who is your host family? -Duncan, Joyce, and Kierra Wright What is your favorite thing about America? -Food Why did you come here? -To experience a new culture, new foods, and meet different people. What is the biggest difference between Lowell High School and your high school? -At my school we only have 6 subjects and here I have 8. Where do you want to attend College/University? -Charles Sturt University, Australia What do you miss the most (besides family)? -Friends and Family What is your name? -Kristin Schmitz What country are you from? -Germany Who is your host family? -Duncan, Joyce, and Kierra Wright What is your favorite thing about America? -Food Why did you come here? -To learn the language and to learn something about the country and culture What is the biggest difference between Lowell High School and your high school? -the language, it’s a challenge for me to here and the school system is completely different. Where do you want to attend College/University? -Germany or London What do you miss the most (besides family)? Friends, my pets, and family

Spell Bowl finishes first at North Judson


The academic team kicked off its competition season as the Spell Bowl team won the North Judson Invite and finished third at the Gavit Regional. Ariana Ramon paced the Red Devils at both events. Only a sophomore, Ramon spelled fifteen of her eighteen words correctly at the combined events. Indiana Spell Bowlers are given a list of about 1,800 words each year to memorize. The list includes foreign words that are somewhat commonly used in America. Spell Bowl is a way to build vocabulary for SAT and ACT as understanding the meaning of each word is essential to spelling it correctly. This year’s team was loaded with star studded spellers who have been at Spell Bowl for four years including Mikayla Blievernicht, Ana Villareal, Christina Borsilli, Brianne Manley, Andi Burns, Emily King, Eric Brady, Nikki Sierzputowski, Jeannine Linskens, and Vicki Miley. Underclassmen Hayley Kontol, Jake Lang, Veronica Miller, Patrick Hetler, Kassady Lee, and Ashlynn Backe will be back for more vocab next season.


Strong Showing for LHS Cross Country LHS definitely has one of the best Cross-Country programs in the region. With stellar runners like Kyle Eller and Sarah Edwards it’s no surprise. Both advanced to Semi-State with Eller winning the boys regional and Edwards placing 8th in the girls regional. The boys team was able to take 4th place and also make their way down to New Prairie with strong efforts from Brian Blaylock and Jeff Potat. Potat has had a very consistent year and took 14th at the regional. With Eller leading the very strong regime of runners, the team has a good chance to make it down to state. -Jared Cottingham

Vote on Tuesday, November 6th If you’re 18, you will be voting this year for the first time. And while the election for U.S. President gets all the publicity, there are many decisions that you’ll get to make. We have state wide races for governor, U.S. senate, and many other offices that you’ll vote for. And, there’s local, county, and township elections as well. Some local elections are won and lost by very slim margins, so if you think your vote doesn’t count, it truly does. If you’re unsure about where to vote, if you’re registered, or who to vote for, a good place to start is On that site, you simply enter the county that you live in, your name, and your date of birth, and you will find your polling place where you will cast your vote. But you can also see who’s on your ballot. From, Google some of the candidates. Visit their websites and see what they stand for. Vote, and make your vote an educated vote!



Elections at LHS

Hey LHS, have you ever wanted to vote during the presidential elections? Well now you will be able to! Mrs. Hudak’s government classes will be hosting mock elections for the 2012 presidential election. It will be your responsibility to elect the president during these mock elections. This years candidates in the nation wide presidential election are Barack Obama for the Democratic Party and Mitt Romney for the Republican Party. Also, Jill Stein represents the Green Party. The candidates at LHS for the Democratic Party are Andrea Rivera, Zack Mroczkowski, Wes Hardin, and Kayla Sheets. For the Republican Party the candidates are Jared Koczur, Megan Suarez, Alex Gamsby, Zach Potat, Garrett Miller, and Eric Witrykowski. Continued On Page 14

One to One Revolution Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) The following are some frequently asked questions we have received about technology from the community. If you have a question that you want answered in the next edition of the newsletter be sure to visit the school’s website’s Frequently Asked Question section and look for your answer in the next edition. 1. Where do I go to check my student’s current grades?

a. You will need to visit Harmony to access your student’s current or up to date grades. Final grades are reported through Harmony

The 2012-2013 school year has gotten off to a very exciting start. Take a walk in the halls of Lowell High School and you will see classrooms full of students learning in the 21st Century. Equipped with Mac Books both students and teachers have been going through an educational revolution. Students and teachers receive instruction on how to incorporate the Mac Books into their daily lives, which often leaves parents and the community wondering, “What goes on in a classroom with these Mac Books and how do I help my student succeed in a new digital age?” This monthly newsletter will serve as a guide to connect the outside community to the digital community of Lowell High School. Have questions? This will be the place to get them answered!

Edmodo or Harmony? Have you heard the term Edmodo from your child but don’t know what it means or how it differs from Harmony? Take a look at the two programs to find out more.



2. Where do I go to see my student’s assignments

a. Many teachers either choose to use Edmodo or Moodle. Ask your student which one they use for their courses. If you need access to your student’s assignments email the teacher for an access code.





194,050 Steps To Be Proud Of For the Lowell Marching Red Devils, the marching season is always more than just an extracurricular activity; it’s a chance to showcase pride in themselves and all their hard efforts. The show this past season, entitled The Light From Within, began way back in June. 194,050 steps later, the Lowell Marching Red Devils have said goodbye for now, going out with a huge bang at their Regional competition. The 194,050 steps were counted by none other than Rebecca Greaney, who donned a pedometer to record every step marched. She did this with the previous 2011 season as well. October 13th in Chesterton marked the site of the Indiana State School Music Association (ISSMA) Regional competition for Class B bands. The Marching Red Devils had a brilliant performance that finally tied together props, music, and visuals. The show was definitely one to be proud of, complete with a surprise near the end! Just as the show climaxed, there was a torrential downpour, but marchers persevered until the end. Afterwards, as props were being collected and the band was leaving the field, members were highfiving and grinning ear to ear over their best show of the season. The roar of the applauding audience was deafening and left the marchers with a great feeling. Later that night, during the awards ceremony, LMRD received a silver rating, which was unfortunately not enough points to advance to Semi-State; however, the LMRD had achieved a huge jump in points from the previous performance, leaving them with something to be incredibly proud of.

Fine Arts

The LMRD are lucky to have so many great parents supporting the program. Some parents came in daily to build props and watch the program thrive. Several parents came to all competitions at the ready with food, uniform help, and so much more, to which the marchers will always be thankful. For the seniors in the marching program (twenty-four, to be exact!), the end of the season and the Regional performance was a bittersweet moment. For many, it was goodbye to four years of devotion. It goes without saying that the seasons they’ve marched will always be held in their hearts. With the conclusion of the season, we caught up with some of the band members and asked them a few questions. When asked to give one word to describe their marching experience, adventures, compassion, exhilarating, and rewarding were some of the responses given by seniors. ‘What was your favorite marching show’, we asked, ‘and why?’ “Trapped; I liked feeling creepy” said senior Deanna Russell. Contrary, senior Eddie Kubiscz said “The Living Earth; I liked the second and fourth musical number, and our closer really was a great finish.” Another question we asked to our seniors was ‘Why have you stuck with marching band for so long?’ Drum Major Liz Hilt responded with, “I had a lot of friends and I loved the activity.” Zoe Swinson, a colorguard member, chimed in with “It’s so much fun, and I just love what I do; it’s really style.” We then proceeded to some underclassmen with ‘What was your favorite thing about this season?’ Drum Major Maddie Zaberdac, a junior, offered “Being able to see everyone grow in different ways; it’s so rewarding.” Junior Baylee Bunce added, “The staff, the kids, and especially the seniors. I love our family and the friends I’ve made.” We asked freshman Makenna Smith how it felt to compete for the first time. Makenna responded, “Intense; being under the stadium lights and seeing the crowd react to your performance was an incredible feeling.” With some sophomores, we asked, ‘What was your favorite competition from this season?’ to which Nick Schrombeck replied “Regionals; I liked the atmosphere and I really like the field at Chesterton”. Patrick Bustamante then said, “I can’t pick a favorite competition, I’ve loved all of them.” The Saturday following Regionals, October 20th, served as a day of celebration for the marchers to wrap up the season. The LMRD spent the day at the Family Fun Center in Crown Point, checking out the awesome arcade, playing mini golf, and racing on gokarts. A fun time was had by all! “The Light From Within” may have come to its close, but the lessons learned and the friendships forged will benefit the program for decades to come. -Constance Vendl, Rebecca Greaney


Theatre Crew Unceremoniously Makes ‘IT’ Happen If you’ve ever attended an LHS theatre performance, or any theatrical show for that matter, you probably won’t see the backstage crew until after the show. This is a good thing, that’s their job. The crew is there to work silently in the background so that you, the audience, are able to focus on the story the actors are telling you. But, sometimes it’s good to see and hear the crew. This year’s theatre crew is packed full of enthusiastic students, happy to be supporting a great cast. Starting in August, the paint, props, construction, costumes, and makeup crews work together to create the world that unfolds on stage. This year’s crews are led by excellent leaders who have become masters of their crafts. The following is a quick list of crew heads and their respective crews.

Fine Arts

Megan Suarez: Crew: Paint Nick Gesiakowski: Crew: Tech/Stage Maddie Zaberdac: Crew: Costumes Emily King: Crew: Props Ashlyn Backe: Crew: Makeup Luke Chraponski: Crew: Construction Mallory Slavis: Crew: Lights/Sound Kayla Sheets: Crew: Student Assistant -Emily King


Guide to Hot Holiday Movies November 2

The Man with the Iron Fists, Starring Russell Crowe, Directed by RZA Wreck-It Ralph, Starring John C. Reilly and Sarah Silverman

Pop Culture

November 9

Lincoln, Starring Daniel Day-Lewis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Directed by Steven Spielberg Skyfall, Starring Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem

November 16

Anna Krenina, Starring Keira Knightley and Jude Law

November 21

Silver Linings Playbook, Starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence Rise of the Guardians, Starring Alec Baldwin and Hugh Jackman

December 14

Les Miserables, Starring Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway, and Amanda Seyfried The Hobbitt, Directed by Peter Jackson

December 21

Jack Reacher, Starring Tom Cruise This is 40, Starring Paul Rudd and Megan Fox, Directed by Judd Apatow On the Road, Starring Kristen Stewart

December 25

Django Unchained, Starring Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DiCaprio, Directed by Quentin Tarantino


Halloween Crafts It’s getting to be that time of year again, time for creeps, scares, and bumps in the night!The Halloween season is to crafters as November is to football fans. From paper spiders running up the wall to ghostly images peeking behind a mirror, this season is packed with terrifically terrifying inspiration. If you happen to be throwing a Halloween bash and need decorations, or just want to spook up your room for Halloween, I suggest you create these simple Halloween crafts. Even if you don’t have a creative bone in your body and don’t think you could quite pull off these crafts, it’s alright. If you happen to make a mistake, just say a zombie attack distracted you!

These cute little mummy lanterns are great for a Halloween party center piece, or perhaps even as a dinner table display if you’re looking to decorate around your house this season. These little guys could light up any situation! Supplies: Glass Jars First Aid Tape/Gauze* Glue/Tape Scissors Googley Eyes Votive candles/LED tealights * Strips of paper towel works just as well. Instructions: Wrap first aid tape/gauze around the outside of each jar, cover completely. Wrapping in irregular patterns like zig-zags give the best results. Use a small amount of glue or tap to secure strips. Stick on googley eyes with small amount of glue/tape. If using glue let dry, then plop in a votive candle or LED tealight and voila!

Pop Culture

Have you ever wanted little pumpkins to put around your house, but were afraid you wouldn’t remember where you put them, resulting in a rotting surprise to be found? If so, this craft is for you! These little guys will never go bad, and are fun to make! Supplies: paper, in desired color and green for leaves Green Pipe Cleaners Green and Orange Construction Paper Ruler Pencil Scissors Hole Punch, preferably small Instructions: Cut out a leaf shape from the green construction paper that’s about 1 3/4” long and 1 1/2” wide. Cut out leaf and punch a hole at it’s base. Measure and mark twelve 5” by 3/4” strips from the orange construction paper.Punch a hole at both ends of each strip about 1/4” from the edge Cut out strips and lay them atop each other, aligning the holes. Insert the pipe cleaner into the punched holes at one end of the strips. Make a small loop or knot at the end of the pipe cleaner to hope strips in place. Spread out strips into a circle. Bring the end of strip towards the center, creating a “u” shape. Thread the unknotted end of the pipe cleaner through this strip’s hole. Take the strip opposite this one and repeat the process. Repeat process for the rest of the strips. Thread leaf onto the pipe cleaner at the top of pumpkin. Wrap remaining end of pipe cleaner around a pencil to create curls and bends. Fan out strips to give the pumpkin shape and done! -Emily King


Hallowe’en? or Samhain? or All-hallows Eve? Just about everyone has taken part in the time honored traditions of Hallowe’en. It’s hard to spend your childhood growing up in America without going trick-or-treating, carving a jack o’lantern, or going on a hayride. But how many people really know the truth about Hallowe’en? Because it is much more than simply a holiday celebrating the candy and costumes.

Community Top Costumes 2012 A survey from the National Retail Federation reports that a record 170 million people will dress up for Halloween this year. Here are the most popular costumes this year!

Our celebration of Hallowe’en on October 31st stems from the Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounced sow-in.) The Celtic new year began on November 1. The ancient Celts believed that the night before the line between the living and the dead was disrupted. Their festival involved huge sacrificial bonfires and costumes made out of animal skins. It is very easy to recognize the things we picked up directly from the Celtic culture. Eventually two Roman festivals were incorporated into Samhain around 43 A.D. It was some time later however, in 609 A.D., that All Souls Day or All Saints’ Day was established by Catholic Popes. All Saints’ Day was probably meant to replace the pagan Celtic festival, and it too involved honoring the dead. It also came to be known as All-hallows, so that is where our name of Hallowe’en comes into play. The day before became All-hallows Eve, which was changed into Hallowe’en.

For Guys:

Batman Morph Suit Spider Man Thor Generic killer/Masked murderer

For Girls:

Flash Hunger Games Character Some sort of Animal Witch Vampire -Abby Calton

Whatever the traditions that you participate in on Hallowe’en, it is very likely that they came about through something that happened many years ago. Now these things are so commonplace that we sometimes don’t even stop to think about it. So this year when you’re dressing up for a costume party, or you’re picking pumpkins, try to imagine what kind of people may have inadvertently influenced your actions.

-Baylee Bunce


Football Season Comes to a Close


The two-hour drive home from Mishawaka was a long one. Cold, wet, and defeated, the Lowell Red Devils ended their season with a 27-0 loss against the Cavemen. The feeling was eerily reminiscent of last year, when the Cavemen traveled to Lowell for a win of 35-14. Regardless, this years’ boys put that thought out of their minds. To them, this game was a blank slate. Despite Mishawaka only recently dropping from being a 5A school to a 4A school, Lowell players were confident. And with the rain came more feelings of hope for a win. What better way to stop a team from passing than making the ball impossibly slick? Unfortunately, the Cavemen seemed to be a step ahead of Lowell. Despite a tremendous Red Devil effort, Mishawaka clamped down on the Lowell running attack. In fact, the Red Devils travelled passed midfield only twice in the game. Superstar tailback, George Fields, could only muster 54 yards on the ground. Any gaps that the Lowell line created were quickly filled by Cavemen defenders. Mishawaka’s defense was so tough that Lowell was forced out of its comfort zone, attempting to pass the ball toward the end of the game.

Winter sports getting into gear

With all of our fall sports putting a punctuation mark on their 2012 seasons, we now look ahead to what promises to be a very exciting winter at Lowell High School. With two returning juggernauts in wrestling and girls basketball, and some of the most dedicated student athletes on our gymnastics, swimming and boys basketball teams, RDP will be alive and well as the temperature drops below freezing. The Northwest Crossroads Conference has been put on notice.

Opening Contests Wrestling

JV, November 17th, Lowell JV Invite Varsity, November 28th vs. Griffith

Girls Basketball

Freshmen, November 6th at Lake Central JV/Varsity, November 6th vs. Chesterton

Boys Basketball

The boys walked off the field under a drizzle, the only remains of the earlier showers. With all great high school football teams, the end of the season means that several seniors played in their last games. We salute them.

Freshmen, November 19th at Hebron JV/Varsity, November 13th at Kouts

Boys Swimming,

With a 2012 junior varsity team that played to an excellent season and an undefeated freshmen squad, next season could quickly get the Red Devils back on top of region football. With an incredibly hardworking coaching staff, “next year” will always bring hope to our fans and fear to our opponents.

**Final Stats on Page 15

November 27th at Hobart

Girls Swimming,

November 13th at K.V.


-Wilkey and

December 15th, at LaPorte Pairs



Cross Country; continued from front page

Alumni Connection continued from page 2

As a high school teacher devoted to education, cross country runners make me proud in the classroom. They represent everything that we’re really supposed to be focusing on in high school sports. Not wins or losses. High school sports should be an extension of the classroom, another way to educate kids and another way to get them ready for an ever more competitive world. As a teacher of writing, I know that cross country runners make the best students. When I tell my cross country students to revise their papers again and again and again, they get to it, unafraid of the work. When I tell my cross country runners that their papers are really good but could be better, they lace up their shoes and head out for another few miles.

Rodney took an alternate path from his sister while at LHS. “I’ve always loved performing,” says Rodney, “so I remember having great times in Shakespeare and the old Humanities II fest. But my fondest memories also include having my mom as a teacher, which was hilarious, going to school in a field house, and playing a lot of good tennis” (Rodney lead the 2005 Red Devil tennis team to semi-state).

I sincerely congratulate this year’s cross country teams for a job more than 16 years in the making. It won’t take that long to see your plaque on the Wall of Fame.

-Joe Gianotti Theatre, continued from front page This year we have some new faces and some old. One of our new teachers, Mrs.Peluso, is one of our new directors as well. Mrs.Peluso is getting to know every student and is constantly pushing our actors to do better than the day before. Says Lynn Galliher, “Mrs.Peluso’s directing makes me think of my character in a whole new way. She’s constantly raising the bar.” Also helping direct is Mrs.Martin. Mrs.Martin has been a caring and supportive presence in our Theatre department, always happy to help or solve an issue. Says Jacob Lang, “She always makes us feel like our hard work is appreciated.” At the beginning of every year, for sports, for band, and for theater, carrying on without the formers seniors is difficult. This year everyone has definitely stepped up to fill the shoes of those gone before. Jared Cottingham, a newcomer to the stage, is starring as George Bailey. With 319 lines, Jared has had to step up to the plate quickly. Morgan Farrel, our formerly British actress, this year is playing Mary Bailey. Of the role Morgan says, “It’s a lot easier to act as if you like Jared when you actually do.” Lynn Galliher, the girl with a laugh heard round-the-world, has taken on the difficult role of Clara Odbody, who has to convince George not to give up on his life. A difficult task, as Lynn says, “Being constantly angelic isn’t easy, I’m definitely testing my acting abilities.” Brannon Geist is having an adventure playing crazy Aunt Tilly. Says Brannon,”I just act like myself, but with more direction and less cats.” Mason Reffet has been using method acting, such as trying to get used to a cane, to get into his character of the neurotic Uncle Billy. Mikayla Blievernicht plays the provocative trollop, Violet Peterson. Arianna Ramon, Emma Cook, and Josie Taylor are all excited newcomers to the stage. Josie says “When I was a freshmen and I wasn’t cast it upset me, but I’ve learned so much in the past year that I feel I can bring much more to theater now”. And of course, who else could play the corrupt,evil, cantankerous Mr.Potter? None other than our smiling bright Jacob Lang, of course. And so we ask you to forget Halloween, put Thanksgiving on hold, and skip with us ahead to Christmas in our production of It’s A Wonderful Life. -Mikayla Blievernicht


Both Cusics admit that college was tough, and while they worked hard at LHS, they graduated with a lot yet to learn. Rodney calls the rigor of college “a bit of a shock.” And Meredith wishes that she would have taken more from her AP classes. Meredith’s advice to LHS students: “Take advantage of one of the greatest cities in the world, Chicago. Eat at great restaurants, experience different neighborhoods.” Rodney also advises everyone to travel as much as possible. He says, “Read The Raft, watch Shawshank Redemption, and get out of the USA and travel. Oh, and do whatever it takes to not look like a hipster!” Rodney also had a special note to LHS faculty. He wrote, “Being a good teacher is probably one of the toughest jobs on the planet. I think there’s a lot of pressure to make sure kids learn, develop sound minds, and become great citizens. Kudos to you guys for doing a terrific job.” Rodney and Meredith Cusic, two of the most successful siblings to recently grace the halls of Lowell High School.

LHS Elections, continued from page 5 Also running in the campaign will be Brian Addlesberger representing the Green Party. Each candidate has many different things to offer. The elections will take place on November 5 and 6. In order to vote, you will need to register to vote. If you are assigned a registration ID, be sure to bring it with you the day you vote. On the election days you will be able to vote at the various designated polling areas. They will be located in hallways throughout the school. You will be able to vote during SRT. For more information about the 2012 candidates stay tuned and watch for their advertisement commercials which will air the week

before election day.

-Cristina Borsilli

Football Season Statistical Leaders, Final

Donald J Smith CPA “The Sharpest Pencil In Town”

Rushing Yards George Fields Bryan Thomas Tyler Hopkins Nick Hamm Dan Garza

Passing Yards Bryan Thomas

1,834 509 107 106 80

Mike Hilbrich Mitchell Leckrone Wes Hardin

Dan Garza West Hardin Tony Mauer Bryan Thomas Josh Bottos Neko Romano


George Fields Colton Wilkey Bryan Thomas


Individual Tax Returns Audit/Tax Notice Representation Business Tax Returns Forensic/Fraud Accounting Entrepreneur Assistance Financial Planning


Receiving Yards

Take Aways

Put My 30 years’ Experience to work for You

85 71 44

3 2 2 1 1 1

126 32 24

Tony Mauer Dan Garza Paul Mauer Mitchell Leckrone Josh Bottos Wes Hardin Bryan Thomas Eddie Simmons

59 58 49 47 32 27 26 26


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Nikki Sierzputowski


Contributors Baylee Bunce Hannah Felder Kassady Lee Emma Turner Shanya Turner Nathan Wornhoff


Faculty Advisors Mr. Gianotti Mrs. Ammons

Devils' Dispatch, Vol. 2, Issue 3  

This is the third issue of the official newspaper of Lowell High School, Indiana.