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austin digital media arts center Carmen Garufo | Spring 2012

The Digital Media Arts and Conference Center for Austin has a program of over 120,000 square feet and includes leasable space for digital media professionals, support facilities, and an education center; a conference center; a 120 room hotel; and retail space at ground level. Bordering Shoal Creek which runs through downtown Austin, the building establishes a strong, urban street presence while developing the creek as an amenity and making it a destination for people visiting, working, or exercising in downtown Austin. The building is lifted at the most heavily trafficked street corner which creates a large space that transitions visitors from the commotion of the urban landscape to a quieter space on the creek. The building is massed in such a way as to define the program and is further articulated materially. This creates easier way-finding for visitors to the Center. The project enhances Austin’s urban fabric while offering a unique, creek-side amenity.

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