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The school daily August 22th, 2013 Interview School






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interview rules!!

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Interview to alberto Mu単oz

Interview How old are you?

You favorite food?



How many cousins do you have? -30

Your favorite Genre? -Science fiction

Do you play videoGames?

Do you like school?



Do you like coke? -Yes What would you like to be when you are older? -Scientist

Do you like the new coke stand? -Half, Half What is your favorite band? -Coldplay

School News The food court has a new system for food. Now you have to put your finger in a fingerprint scan. Your parents have to put money in your account first. Now you can also pre order your food. You need to go to an special page. Also the cafeteria now sells healthy food. They even took out the coke!!! They now sell lemonade instead of coke. They now sell popcorn but it is delayed and time taking. For me the food court got worse than it was.

The dress code added some things. Now hoodies are not allowed. This seems unfair to students. Students need to express how they feel. The hood thing is not understandable for students.

The school has now some new teachers. The first on is the teacher in U.S history. The second new one is the science teacher. Also there is a new P.E teacher. Now that Mrs. Martinez is gone alba replaced her. Also there is a new history and math teacher for 6th grade. Finally Mrs. Grillo is the new Spanish teacher for 6th grade. There are also some old teachers stiil in here. An example mrs dehaan and mrs van loo. I almost forgot that there is a new French teacher. That was all the new teachers that I know about.

Now you see me is a new movie that a lot of people enjoy. This movie is about a big trick and a big mystery. These people have each special characteristics and illusions. This movie really explains magicians and some of their intensions. After all there is only one goal. This goal is really difficult to get through. Even deaths could happen. Have you seen this movie or haven't you. This movie is really amazing and exiting. Now you have to get closer because the closer you look, the less you'll see.

This movie is great and the cast makes it better. One of the actors is Morgan freeman. In every movie that Morgan freeman is good. There was also Jesse eiserberg. Jesse eisenberg is known by the movie of Facebook “social network�. woody harrelson is another good actor in this movie. He also acts in the hunger games as haymitch. Mark ruffalo is also a main character in this movie. He was the hulk in the movie the avengers. If you haven't seen this movie just remember that the closer you look, the less you'll see.

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