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Daily Dose of Dessert Joy Gallucci ITGM 705 - David Meyers

Project B: Final Project, Digital

Part 1: Proposal Design Statement Daily Dose of Dessert is an idea for an interactive tool for bakers to come and collaborate, comment, and learn from a resource that contains information about ingredients and recipes. Daily Dose of Desert will be designed, built on, and supported by a Wordpress blog, allowing a fluid viewing experience. Visitors may come and go as they please, as well as submit ideas and recipes that they would like to contribute to the website. Daily Dose of Dessert will have colorful graphics for a refined, artistic viewing experience along with a baker’s educational experience.

Audience & Context Daily Dose of Dessert is designed for all levels of bakers, be them novice or advanced. Daily Dose of Dessert is built such that anyone can access it anywhere or anytime, whether they bake for a living at the corner bakery, or are on their lunch break, seeking a recipe to bake for their daughters Sunday school class. An explanation of ingredients available for those who are interested in creating their own recipes, or just being in the know. Each recipe has an area for users to leave comments, and reply to each others comments. Daily Dose of Dessert also is equipped with a contact form for users to submit there own recipes and see them posted on the website after review.


Motivation There is no motivation better than personal experience, hobby, and passion. By creating a website called Daily Dose of Dessert for other moonlight bakers, I’m combining my two favorite activities in life, web design, and baking. I have spent a lot of time on websites researching baking, unique sites to give me graphics and allow for comments and suggestions. Many websites are either extremely broad, catering to all cooks and bakers, or not very interactive. I have also found many blogs to be egocentric, and as a baked-good lover, I wish to know less about the blogger, and more about the baked good. Sharing is all part of the fun, as I have my recipe book full of baked goods that state they are from the kitchen of any one of my friends. It’s fun to know the origin of a dessert, and pass it along and tweak it as you desire.


Project B Proposal  

Project B Proposal