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Confessions of a Freshman The unexpected journey of a Xavier high school student Freshmen Year: 2012- 2013 By: Jarred Go and Gabriel Hernandez

If High School was a Fruit??? Plus! Lesson High School has taught me

Contests! Intramurals, Sabayang Pagbigkas and Xscilympics

Groups which can help you develop physically and mentally

If High School was a Fruit??? by Gab Hernandez

Freshman year 2012-2013 is a Different experience all together. A year which is full of wonderful and exciting surprises. In High school we have new teachers, we meet new classmates, new schedules, new challenges and experiences. If High School was a fruit, it would would be a dragon fruit. It would be something different, full of wonderful surprises. Something new at every at corner. Something different to expect. I am Gab and this my story. High school is exciting but it is also scary at the same time. You are in an entirely different environment. The uncertainty is scary but it is also exciting. From my high school year I learned that you have to work hard before you can enjoy freshman year. You would have to finish all your work before experiencing social gatherings like soirees and interactions. Hard work is the key to success. You have to work hard to play as hard. That’s what I learned from high school. High school also helped us grow into real men. In high school you get to develop your skills and talents even more. Activities like the Friday Unplugged, Talent show, quiz bee and even the Xscilympics helped nurture our talents to let them grow. It is our turn if we wanted to show these talents to the world.

Lessons High School has taught me by Jarred Go

In high school you improve your social skills with classmates, batch mates, other high school students and girls of the same age. It teaches us on how to act in the future. It teaches us on how to deal with other people in life. It can be a business client or it can even be your wife. We learn different life lessons and realizations in high school. Events like going to Bilibid taught me that not all convicts and prisoners are bad, people can change and people deserve a second chance. During mentoring sessions we got to interact with one another and learn new things about ourselves. We learn many things in school which help us in our lives in the future. It helps us look at other people in new and different perspectives. School is like a second home for me. It nurtured me and made me who I am today. It was very different compared to grade school but it still served the same purpose-to raise me into one hell of a person. High school had different kinds of test. It also had a different grading system. In high school we had different activities which were not like the ones we are used to. Activities like the talent show, soirees and interactions. Through these activities we can learn new things about ourselves. Like talents which we have never thought of possessing. Other things we can learn is self confidence and loving who we are. It takes a lot of guts to get out on stage and sing your heart out. We learn that we have self worth. We are great and we should be proud of who we are.

Clubs, Contests and Other Things By: Jarred Go and Gab Hernandez

In high school we get to join many different groups which can help you physically and mentally. Clubs like the Debate Team and Glee club can help one’s self confidence. You get to learn many things from club. You also get to interact with other people from different grade levels. Sometimes we even get to interact with girls from the same club. Clubs like XS sports can also help in developing your body. It helps make people aware of how important one’s body is. You must keep it in tip top shape. Throughout the year we got to bond with our class and make friends with one another. We learn more and more about each other. We meet people which we can relate too and they can relate with us. We learn new things from the people we meet. We had a lot of activities together like when we had to raise money for the fair. We even got the highest amount of money. We also have other class competitions like the Intramurals, Choral Recitation, Sabayang Pagbigkas, Quiz bees and other activities which unite us into one big team. During these activities we were able to work together as a class and learn more about each other, strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes. Throughout High School you need to work hard and do your best in all your studies. Strive for more to become the best thing you can be. Assessments may be hard but you just need to try your best in answering them.

Other fun activities which we had during the year was the fair, which we earned the highest in the batch and the Variety show which included a lot of different acts from bands like Sponge Cola, Calalily, and others. We also had student groups who sang and danced. This was a venue where people could express themselves and show what they could really do. This developed their self confidence. We also had fun rooting for our Xavier teams like Basketball and Football. One Pride One Glory.


Afterword and Sources

By: Jarred Go and Gab Hernandez Our class may be noisy and we may get shouted at a lot but I know that we are the best class in the High one batch! H1D PRIDE. School helps you get ready for the big world For the real world. School may not seem all that important and it may feel like a hassle to some people, but school is where kids get molded. They become great men and women, Everyone we know who has turned out to be very successful had to go through school.

With determination and hard work he was able to pass his/her studies and become who he/she is today. School is very essential to a person. It is where we learn our basic skills like reading and writing. Where would we be without that. Now school is also developing. It is now teaching us how to act, how to sing, how to dance not just the basic stuff anymore.

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Confessions of a High School Student  

Real life Stories

Confessions of a High School Student  

Real life Stories