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Issue 2 Volume 105


Homecoming Court Throughout the Decades, see more on pg. 8

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PDA - The Plague of the Hallways on pg. 5

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Gay and Straight Alliance Formed at RHS BY BREE WALTER REPORTER Something new that was organized at the high school recently was the GayStraight Alliance. Although it is new to the school, it is not new to America. The alliance originated in 1984 at Fairfax High School in Los Angeles through a project. The project was called Project 10 and was recognized as the first organized effort to provide support and education for those with different sexual orientations in

American schools. The GSA is a studentled organization. The purpose of the alliance is to provide a safe and supportive environment for students of all sexual orientations. The first school-based groups to call themselves GSA were two private schools in Massachusetts in 1988. The State of Massachusetts Safe School Program adopted GSA in 1993. That was one of the key events that helped the development of the alliance. To this day, the alliance is still making progress spreading through schools in America.

At our school, GSA, created by Tylor Myers, is run by math teacher Amy Beauchamp and science teacher Rob Bailey. “I wanted a place to feel comfortable, and for everyone to feel comfortable and supported,” GSA club President Tylor Myers said. What the club has done for the high school so far, is give a safe place for everyone to express their sexuality. The meetings for the club will be on every other Wednesday or Thursday.

Students involved in Peer Helpers from a previous blood drive. One of the many ways you can help students through the program.

Peer Helpers Encourage Students to Homecoming Court Full of Red Devil Pride Join

Pictured above from left to right: Chrissy Youkon, Amanda Smith, Jordan Miller, Drew Barrett, Max Van Buskirk, Blair Vanlandingham, Bailey Hillard, Abby Lovely, Emma Toney. Not pictured: Dakota Pennington

Have Our Dance Moves Gone Too Far? BY SAVANNA GOBLE TOP EDITOR Growing up through our awkward teenage years, many of us have resorted to watching all the cheesy high school movies that star the twenty-something year old actors that are way too hunky and unrealistic looking for high school. We look to these movies because we can relate to them and let’s face it, they are great. One thing we have always valued from these movies are the prom scenes. Always decorated like a starry night in the school’s fabulous gym and the perfect slow dance with the cute crush. When I think of the iconic high school movies like Grease, Pretty in Pink, Footloose, She’s All That and even Mean Girls, I never picture what actually happens at high school dances. If we were asked to explain what our school dance moves looked like, we would probably start by saying our moves resembled someone receiving the heimlich mixed with distasteful movements. The correct term for this move is called grinding. It leaves less imagination to the eye than the movie

Dirty Dancing. Our school dances have become rather dirty over the years. They have become less magical and more about dancing to edited explicit rap songs. To us, it does not scream, “magical, beautiful night”. We have all witnessed the circles students have created on the dance floor that have created a very closed off feeling. By creating the circle on the dance floor, for starters, you have taken up unnecessary floor room by creating all the space in the middle. Second off, you are limiting the experience for yourself by blocking out everyone who is at the dance. I am sure you are sharing this grinding circle with all of your friends, but think about the atmosphere you are creating. We find it a bit awkward. “I just don’t think it is really appropriate and does not even look good,” junior Nicole Buckner said. “It looks trashy to me in a way.”

As far as changing the way we dance at our school, it may be too late. There has been enforcement in the past to keep couples from being way too close. These efforts, however, do not seem to be as forced anymore. Maybe it is because administrators have realized that their effort to keep the dance moves appropriate is asking for way too much. “If [administrators] enforced the rules more, I think more people would be forced to not dance that way and find another way to dance,” Buckner said. If you are one of the many students who wishes our dances were more like the scenes from our favorite movies, then perhaps the best way to create change at our dances, is to create the change together. Instead of grinding the night away tonight, try a little old school dance moves with your friends, and see if anyone else will join. You may feel silly, but think about what you look like from a teacher’s or a observer’s eyes when you are grinding with your partner and you might reconsider your moves.

“I just don’t think it is really appropriate and does not even look good,” junior Nicole Buckner

BY ANGELINA GLICKMAN REPORTER The Peer Helpers are high school students serving others in times of stress. They are trained to listen and help students explore their options. They help and assist their peers with making decisions and finding the assistance they need in times of peer pressure or crisis. These students will assist with anything. They have encountered all situations that include abuse, pregnancy, depression and suicide, just to name a few. The main purpose of the Peer Helpers is to help promote things such as selfesteem, self-confidence, self-respect and self-control. These helpers are chosen by recommendation of adults and other peers for their honesty, empathy, sensitivity, and other traits. They also have the ability to keep confidentiality, a sense of humor, and a desire to help others when needed. So, what do the students who join get out of becoming a Peer Helper? Sophomores and juniors who are a part of this program will receive one elective credit and trained Peer Helpers can take up to two service learning credits. Within receiving this credit for the unconventional class, students will also learn to communicate, listen, solve problems, settle conflicts and seek help from professionals. As a result, these students gain self-understanding, a better perspective, and an increased respect for others. The Peer Helpers are currently looking for students to join their group to help others with their problems. For more information on what the Peer Helpers are and how to become one, applications can be picked up in room C216 with Terah Legg in the Career Center.

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Girls Soccer Dribbling the ball, Junior Jessica Lamar travels with the ball down the field against Marion. Current Rcord: 7-3-2

Girls soccer is doing well so far this year. Some key players to the Lady Devils success are Juniors Julia Keene, Jordan McGuire and Freshman Nicki Mittenthal. The Lady Devils travel to Hunington North tomorrow.


Hitter’s Hangout A Homerun Practice

Boys Soccer Stealing the ball, Senior Josh Anderson attempts to steal the ball from the Giants. Current Record: 13-5

Boys soccer has had a fairly good season. There was a lot of change for them, playing on the new field, as well as a new coach. However,the boys continue to play strong. Some key players to their success are Seniors Matt Holt, Sam Rutledge and Freshman Kevin Mendoza. The boys travel to Hunington North tomorrow.

Register Photo b: A.J. Cox

Sports Pierian Photo by: Emma Lady

Pierian Photo by: Kaitlyn Harriosn



Boys Tennis

Register Photo by: Keeley Vanderpool

Pierian Photo by: Kaitlyn Harrison


Co-ed Cross Country


Girls Golf

Pierian Photo by: Kelsey Smith

Pierian Photo by: Kaitlyn Harrison

Pierian Photo by: Emma Lady

Pierian Photo by: Kaitlyn Harriosn

Hitter’s Hangout has benefited all Wayne County baseball players since 2011, giving all age groups a unique opportunity to work on Spiking, Freshman Paityn Drinking, Senior Anthony their baseball skills year Farris spikes the ball over Officer rehydartes during round. Hitter’s Hangout the net. the season opener aganist was founded by John Current Record: 8-14 Connersville. Current Record: 5-1 and Cindy Cate in hopes to help the Richmond baseball community. The hangout offers lessons for all age groups. It gives Hitter’s an opportunity The Lady Red Devils had a tough pull through at the The Red Devil football program continues to fight hard to work on form and beginning of the season, but they didn’t give up. They this year. Being the reigning NCC champs, the boys are technique. They also will keep fighting all the way to sectionals. Some key fighting hard to defend their title. Some key Red Devils serve everyone from ladies are Senior Hannah Foley, Junior Shelby Miller, are Seniors Matt Marrow, Morgun Bragg and Sophomore youth teams to your local and Freshmen Lex Perkins and Paityn Farris. The girls Jordan Christian. The Red Devils take on New Castle collegiate wood bat team will compete tomorrow morning in Terinan in the RHS tonight at Lyboult. the RiverRats. Invite. Coach John Cate runs the hangout and is very qualified to do so. Coach Cate has coached Earlham, Richmond High School, and the Richmond Hitting the ball, Freshman Swinging, Sophomore Kayla Eric Hollingsworth hits the ball Owens swings at the Elks Roosters. Along with on the home courts. Counrty Club. Owens is one being a baseball instructor, Current Record: 12-4 to continue on to regionals. Cate is an active member in the community. Cate has not run this facility by himself. He has been assisted by Cindy Girls golf started their season before the school season even Cate (his wife) and Head Tennis has had an outstanding season. The boys are Baseball Coach Tyler doing very well, and hope to do well in sectionals. Their started. The girls worked their way through, but couldn’t pull Larison. sectionals began on Monday, Occober 1st and go through through sectionals. Except for two Sophomores, Kayla Owens Cindy has helped more and Angela Roggero who moved onto the IHSAA State tomorrow Saturday, October 5th at the tennis courts Regionals as individuals, unfortunately the girls didn’t move than anyone knows. She behind Tiernan. is “behind the scenes” on to the IHSAA State Finals. making the Hangout and Mcbride Stadium run as fluently as possible. She also works at Richmond High School in Civic Hall. Running, Freshamn Chithra Running, Junior Nick Vendantam runs at the RHS Coach Tyler Lairson is Mullinaro runs at Indiana Invite at Indiana University University East for the home also an instructor at the East. meet. hangout. Lairson gives hitting and pitching lessons at the Hangout, along with being Richmond High School’s Head Baseball Coach. The boys and girls cross country teams continue to make progress this year. Some strong runners Lairson was formerly the include Senior Jalen Sleet, Junior Timothy Stroud and on the girls side, Senior Tyarriah Green. The Richmond RiverRats head team will travel to Indiana Weslyian University on October 8th for the NCC Champoinship. coach. Hitter’s Hangout is located on the outer half of Family Fitness Works. The Hangout contains three batting cages, Varsity Football Boys Varsity Tennis pitching mounds, workout 10/4-Fri-New Castle-Homecoming-7:00 pm 10/1-5-Tues-Sat-IHSAA Sectional-TBA equipment, and unlimited 10/18-Fri-Logansport-7:00 pm balls. It also provides bats 10/8-9 Tues-Wed-IHSAA Regional-TBA and gloves (if needed). Girls Varsity Volleyball Girls Varsity Soccer The Hangout helps 10/5-Sat-RHS Invite-9:00 am 10/7-12 Mon-Sat-IHSAA Sectional-TBA you to get better as an



individual. The instructors help individuals or teams work on many different techniques including; pitching lessons, batting lessons, and infield and outfield lessons. Richmond High School’s Baseball Team is now utilizing the facility. The team practices at the Hangout and will use it all winter. “The Hitter’s Hangout has helped me a lot”, junior Chris Larson said. “ All the time Coach Cate and Coach Lairson put in to help us has already paid off.”

“{The} Hangout has helped everyone improve in their form and power,” Tyler Slawson,12 Hitter’s Hangout has helped many players develop their skills. “ The Hangout has helped us all improve drastically on our hitting skills,” Trenton Brooks,11 said. Another thing the Hangout helps with is team bonding. All of the teammates work together and try their hardest every practice. “{The} Hangout has helped everyone improve in their form and power,” Tyler Slawson,12 said. “Also has helped the team become a family.” The Hangout has transformed Richmond baseball and other programs alike. The Hangout is truly a “baseball changing” facility.


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We’re with the


Making music a part of life for some RHS students



hat started as a group of friends turned into a passion that still persists. To them, the Village is so much more than just a musical group. It means family, brothers, and a lifestyle. This group began about a year and a half ago. The name the Village came about when they were walking around, and they walked past the Village Pantry and Malik threw out the idea that they name their band the Village the name stuck. “I really don’t like to categorize our music because I think it puts us in a box. It limits what people expect to hear. For example, if we’re put in the rap genre people expect strictly

Trent Limburg & Levi Stonebreaker

hen I first started playing music I actually played the keyboard. I was about seven or so when I learned how to play it. When I was ten I started picking up the guitar, and I’ve been playing electric and acoustic guitar ever since. Just a couple of years ago when I was 15, I sat behind a drumkit and that was when I understood. When I started playing drums music became a very important part of me. Emotionally, music has always been there to back me up. I listen to music everyday and I’m always playing and practicing on my own. Music works as my escape from the “real world.” I’ve played for nine years and it has never changed. When I play I let loose of stress, and maybe even the pain I feel at the time. Music takes me away and lets me be alone on days when I need to escape; hence the reason I play. I don’t even sit there and plan what I do, I just go. Life doesn’t throw you hints to plan your next move, so I just play, keep time, and go with the flow. I pick a beat and lose myself for a while. Some of my inspiration for guitar are Dimebag Darrel, Zakk Wyldes, and Randy Rhoads. My two drummer inspirations are Neil Pearl and Mike Portnoy. I really don’t plan on going anywhere with music. If it does, then I will pursue it and take the chances. Music is a talent to me, and if it gets me famous, so be it. I enjoy to play for myself just because it’s a soothing talent. Somedays it feels like it comes naturally.

Michael Powell

Danny Allen


rap music, but one day I may feel like making a pop song or a chillwave track, but it wouldn’t be accepted well, just because it’s outside of our box or genre. I just like to say that we make music,” Jordan Spicer said. “Our music is really smooth, not really gritty and hardcore like most hip hop,” Malik Alexander said. The Village is always working on creating new music. Whether it’s writing, producing, or reciting. “We write and make beats all of the time,” Jarred Sharp said. To Jermayne Sharp, making music has been something he has always wanted to do. “I’ve always wanted to make music. If I’d failed, I would have been okay with it rather than not even

attempting and wondering if I could have been successful,” Jermayne said. The group had been friends before the Village came about, but they all agree that it has brought them so much closer to one another. “Me and Malik were already pretty tight. I wasn’t that close with the Sharps, but we were still friends, just not close friends. It’s brought us really close to say the least,” Spicer said. They get their inspiration from each other, Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, Chance the Rapper, Little Dragon, Stevie Wonder, Miles Davis, Odd Future, jazz artists, dreams, and life experiences. Like many bands, the Village struggles with creating music. They

have a hard time piecing together concepts and engineering the songs. “The most difficult part is liking it. I change my mind about a lot of my music,” Alexander said. The Village has high hopes for the future, and hope that they make it to the top. They’re hoping to take their music as far as they can. You can follow them on Twitter @TheVillage_ and listen to them on

Villisca Rocks Death Metal Music

Photo by Keeley Vanderpool



hile the Village spits rhymes Villisca rocks death metal. Villisca, the name meaning “place of evil spirits,” is also the name of a town where an unsolved axe murder occurred, is a death metal/deathcore band, hence where they got their name. Villisca has been a band for almost two years, but they have not always had the same members. They have gone through three guitarists, three vocalists, and three bassists. Currently they are looking for a third guitarist. They get their inspiration from the Black Dahlia Murder, Job for a Cowboy, Whitechapel, and horror movies and stories. Even though they all find inspiration within the same places, it is not always easy to create new songs. “The hardest part is working together because we all have different writing styles,” drummer and former student, Michael Powell

said. The members agreed that one of the worst things is writing something that sounds how they want, only to realize that it’s similar to something they already recorded. “It really sucks when that happens, but it’s cool to know that we think like that,” guitarist, 11, Trent Limburg, said. For the future, Villisca hopes to gain a larger fan base, as well as new equipment, an album, more shows, and eventually a tour.

Tim Smith

Page 4 InFocus

Balancing Time: How Important Can It Be? BY IAN RILEY REPORTER

As a high school student, it seems like the clock never stops ticking. Those two small black planks, inevitably, march on, while you, inevitably, stress about it. Balancing time is the high school game, and those are good at playing it, win in the long run. However, the rules to the game are largely undefined, as well as, in some cases, the purpose. So the how do you win? We’ve all seen the students around school that are exceptional at budgeting time well. The students that seem to have it under control, the varsity athletes that are also scholastic superstars or the prom queen that also volunteers at soup kitchens. On the other hand, we’ve all seen the kids that aren’t very skilled at budgeting their time, the people who sleep three hours a night and still manage to make it into school without their hair greasy, and their sweatpants on backwards. There is a fundamental difference between these people. The students that are great at budgeting their time aren’t better people or even smarter people, they simply understand what can and cannot be done, they are realists. “Being realistic and understanding what you as an individual need in order to be successful and fully engaged is crucial whether it’s succeeding in school, personal, or professional arenas,” Colorado State University-Global Campus President Becky Takeda-Tinker said. “Effective time management is a transferable skill that is an important foundation for both academic and

professional success.” Everyone wants to be a star student with straight A’s and a 4.0. Unfortunately, for the vast majority of us, that is not a plausible reality, and it isn’t plausible because we aren’t smart, it’s because we can’t move past that ideal of a perfect student. The best students understand that not every assignment can be done every time, and they understand that there will be occasions when classes take priority of other classes. “Remember that sometimes what is important to someone else is not necessarily as important to you at that moment; you may have to occasionally say ‘no’ in order to stay on track with your personal and professional goals and objectives,” Career Management and Leadership Director for UNC Shawnice Meador said. That is the key to balancing time, but that assumes that you don’t do anything else but school, which is obviously not the case. The same theory applies however, it is important to find which activities should take priority. The other key is multitasking. The ability to balance your assignments

is a watershed skill for ever high school student, but more importantly, every college student. Multitasking, in many if not all cases, comes down to ones own wants and needs. It extends, however, further than simply school work. “Busy students should also seek out opportunities to merge their school, work and social lives by getting involved in professional organizations and attending networking events, school-sponsored lectures and professional development workshops,” Meador said. Regardless of whether you use the strategies that many have found successful, balancing time ultimately comes down to you and your own personal needs at the time. You are, after all, balancing time for you, and not your soccer coach or AP Calculus teacher. Keep these tips in mind as we near both the SAT and PSAT, because they certainly apply as well. Since both are timed tests, and extremely important,it would be wise to be aware of both your priorities and goals. Then maybe, with some luck, you’ll be able to play the high school game as well as those prom queens and varsity scholars. Good luck Red Devils, and remember, the time will always pass, but will you?

Eight Simple Ways to Organize your Life 1. Create a detailed ‘to do list.’ 2. Cut down on time spent using social networking sites. 3. Spend less time playing video games during the week. 4. Utilize your time during the weekend to supplement your work accomplished after school. 5. Don’t let yourself fall behind - you’ll either have to work twice as hard later on, or you’ll face the consequences of not meeting the expectations. 6. Don’t sign up for more than you can handle, whether that’s participating in too many extracurricular activities, taking a course that is too challenging, or even planning more social activities than you have time for. 7. Take the time to develop and redevelop healthy habits. 8. Set long term goals and work the smaller issues, such as completing homework, into the big picture.

ACT and SAT Preparation: Building a Foundation for Success BY JALEN SLEET CHIEF COPY EDITOR As important as it is to maintain the balance between studies and extracurricular activities, it is equally vital that students dedicate a portion of their time and attention to the processes of taking and preparing for the ACT/SAT. The first and most important step necessary to performing well on both the SAT and ACT is to build a proper foundation of vocabulary, problem solving, and reasoning skills. It is crucial to recognize that these attributes are best acquired over the course of the years of education leading up to the test, along with supplementary studying well in advance, not by attempting to force down information during the weeks prior to it. According to the College Board, these skills and vocabulary can be accumulated best by taking challenging courses, reading materials of literary merit, and by essentially succeeded in school, since the purpose of the tests are to evaluate the

“While you may be able to cram for a high school midterm a week in advance and still achieve a satisfactory grade, it is unlikely you will get the SAT score you want if you aren’t able to set aside dedicated time to your prep regimen.” - New York Times writer Shaan Patel said. culmination of students’ reasoning and problem solving skills at the end of their high school careers. Secondly, many organizations, including, recommend that students become familiar with the formatting and contents of the tests. This familiarity is key, not only because the tests are different in their timing, division of questions, etc., but also because they both prove to be much more difficult

without a level of preparedness or test taking strategy. An example of such differences between the tests is that the SAT is broken up into 11 sections, allowing students to essentially move back and forth between concepts throughout the test, while the ACT is formatted to test students on entire subjects individually, according to the Princeton Review. After taking into account these differences between the

tests, the actual process of developing a test strategy and choosing which test(s) to take should be specific to individual students. “Regardless of the differences in the exams, colleges and universities maintain they do not prefer one over the other and there is absolutely no evidence to dispute their claims. So, when confronted by two roads leading to the same destination, taking the route that most conforms to individual cognitive needs and preferences seems to be the more direct and obvious choice,” Founder and Educational Director of Alex Mallory said. The final step to ensuring success in taking either of these tests is to plan ahead. This includes managing signup/ testing dates, conflicts that may appear, and other information pivotal to securing optimal scores.

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Register Photo Illustration By: Jenna Saylor

PDA; The Plague of the Hallways.


BY BECCA PHEANIS REPORTER PDA stands for “public display of affection.” There are many different ways to show PDA. What most people consider as PDA is holding hands, kissing, and hugging. People use PDA to show their significant other they care anout them. Over the years students have gotten more comfortable showing their affections openly. Some affections are considered inappropriate, especially on school premises. Most schools have policies against PDA, thanfully we are one of thoes schools. Have you walked down the hall and saw couples together? The students in the hallway show an exessive amount of PDA.While walking down the halls of RHS, other students witness these attractions. At almost every corner down every hall, students are found with their boyfriend/girlfriend embracing each other. Appropriate endearments in school include: holding hands, shaking hands, and hugging. It has become very widespread in schools, and the society. If the school believes that students are using this to excessively, there will be a complete restriction against PDA. Inappropriate endearments in school include: kissing, or touching. The school has regulations against these, which should be taken in consideration and followed daily. This is not only our school policy, but it is also used in other

schools. PDA can make others feel uncomfortable when they witness it or have it used towards them. Seeing people in the hallways, in lunch, or even right out of school may make others feel left out. All students have their different views and opinions on the subject of PDA, depending on their “status.” Teacher Kris Lopresti has her own perspective on the issue. “There are times and places, and the halls of Richmond High School are not the places. Holding hands, shaking hands, and pats of reassurance are fine,” Lopresti said. Research shows that in some states, such as Illinois, minors under the age of 17 are not aloud to display affection in public. If a minor is caught, it would be considered a Class A misdemeanor. A minor convicted of a third violation for public indecency is guilty of a Class 4 felony. Although the school allows appropriate PDA, RHS is ultimately against the issue. It can be a cause of other situations. If over exceed, students may be sent to in school restriction (ISR), or depending on the position, suspension or expulsion could be a consequence. Little showings of affections are allowed, but if taken overboard, can lead to other situations, which should not be done in the halls of school, in front of others.

Where has the school spirit gone? REGISTER STAFF EDITORIAL

School spirit; these are two words we’ve heard quite a bit this week, but what exactly do they mean? To our staff, school spirit is taking pride in your school and showing who you are in your school. School spirit is often shown by people wearing their school colors, participating in homecoming week activities, attending games and joining any extracurricular activity that your school offers. This year and the past few years we have noticed that our school has experienced a lack of school spirit. A majority being in the lower classmen, not just among them though, it has been throughout the whole school. Students are coming up with excuses as to why they can’t join in on the activities and support their school. They’re too busy, they just think it’s stupid and they don’t care, or they’re only here for four years. Well, four years is a lot longer than you realize. That’s a total of 720 days, seeing as we’re only in school 180 days of the year. Why not make the best of it? Who cares if you look stupid, at least you’d be having fun. Besides, if everyone is doing it, then does it really matter if you look stupid? School spirit isn’t a competition to see who has the most. School spirit is just to show that you support your school. It’s meant to get the students excited for the coming year. This past week we’ve all been encouraged to show how much school spirit we as students have. Showing our school spirit should not be limited to one week. Come on Devils, show your school spirit.

Students of all classes sit in the student section and show support of their school. This is just one of the many ways to show school spirit.

Photo By: Kelsey Smith (Pierian)

Page 6 Culture

New Releases Raise Questions BY IAN RILEY REPORTER On September 17th, 2013, Rockstar Games released the big budget hit title Grand Theft Auto V to critical acclaim. In the first 24 hours of its release, it broke industry sales records hauling in over $800 million, and selling roughly 13 million copies, according to Rockstar. Fans of the series immediately adopted the game for its edgy content and storytelling, leading some reviewers to hail it as an instant classic. “It’s got a good storyline, a huge open world, and lots of new features. It’s a lot of fun,” junior Chris Lahmann said regarding the new release. The game and its series, however, is not without controversy. Many politicians and community leaders have criticized the game for both its extremely graphic content and sporadic violence. This kind of criticism isn’t reserved to just the Grand Theft Auto franchise, however, and it certainly isn’t new. Critics have targeted games that lean towards violence, like Call of Duty, ever since the mid 1990’s when the video game industry, as we know it now, was born. In the wake of recent tragedies like the Sandy Hook shooting and the Navy Yard shooting, some have questioned the role of violent video games in such events once again. It’s not a secret that both shooters Aaron Alexis and Adam Lanza shared an affinity for video games, both violent and not. Many have argued that, in addition to an unstable mental condition, video games influenced them to commit the heinous acts that their names are now synonymous with. “Video games play a very negative role for young people, and the industry ought to take note of that,” Senator Dianne Feinstein said shortly after the Sandy Hook tragedy. However no credible study, one that has been scientifically peer reviewed, has ever conclusively proven that there is an intrinsic link between violent video games and violence in real life, despite all the arguments in both the Capitol Building and the media. “It is really stupid. There is no research or obvious direct connection between the two. Other things are to blame for violence,” junior Dallas Heil said about the

accusations some politicians have made about games. There is no doubt, however, that violent games have desensitized some gamers to violence. For instance, in the popular Halo franchise, more people have died in game than have ever been born in the history of humanity. Roughly 1.3 billion people have met their virtual demise, compared to the estimated amount of people ever to walk the earth, 1.08 billion. Maybe this is the real effect of violent video games, instead of damaging psychology, maybe they instead have changed, however minutely, our society. Regardless of their effects, there have been multiple moves in the last decade to restrict or even ban violent video games. It is certainly not unheard of for countries to put bans on video games that are outstandingly violent or offensive. Over 21 countries have, or at one point had, a ban in place on a certain game or games. Games like Grand Theft Auto and Mortal Kombat are frequently seen on such lists because of violence, but other games have appeared on lists like this for reasons specific to the country. For instance, the game Homefront was banned in South Korea to avoid increasing or straining diplomatic tensions with North Korea. In the United States, however, this is not an option. Lawmakers in California attempted to restrict the sales of violent video games to children. The Supreme Court struck down the movement in a 7-2 vote on the grounds that it would restrict the video game industry’s right to free speech and free press.

“Video games play a very negative role for young people, and the industry ought to take note of that.”

-Senator Dianne Feinstein

With sequel releases of popular games on the horizon, like Call of Duty: Ghosts on November 15, 2013 or Battlefield 4 on October 29, 2013, discussions about the role of video games in our American society will likely persist. Regardless, it’s important to be open minded as a people on this issue, as tragedies, inevitably strike.

Controversial Games Grand Theft Auto V is among the most controversial video game titles today. According to, it contains blood and gore, intense violence, mature humor, nudity, strong language, strong sexual content, and use of drugs and alcohol. The game is also largely based around robbery and stealing vehicles.

Battlefield 4 has begun to stir controversy due to its gritty, realistic depiction of war. According to, the last Battlefield title to be released contained blood, intense violence, and strong language. It makes no attempt to filter the intense hardships on the battlefield.

Call of Duty: Ghosts has started controversy for similar reasons to Battlefield 4. According to, previous Call of Duty titles have contained blood and gore, intense violence, strong language, suggestive themes, and use of drugs. These games have also received criticism from PETA for using dogs in battle.

Mortal Kombat has been criticized throughout the many years its been around for its violence. Being a game based solely on fighting to the death, it has very graphic depictions of killing. According to esrb. com, it contains blood and gore, intense violence, partial nudity, and strong language.


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There are many fall activities happening in Richmond and across the Wayne County. Visit the Earlham Cemetery for a Halloween adventure. You can learn about the lives of some prominent citizens of Wayne County who have come back to life for the day to tell you their stories, according to The Tales from the Departed at Earlham Cemetery will be on Saturday, October 5th from 1:00 PM -5:00 PM. If you love The Walking Dead and like dressing up as a zombie, make sure you attend the 3rd Annual Zombie Walk according to Happy Heathens. On October 12th at 4:00 PM in front of Happy Heathens in Downtown Richmond on Main Street. The Zombie Walk is for all ages and you must bring one nonperishable food item to be able to attend. You are to dress up as a zombie and walk down Main Street. Last year, about a hundred people showed up and zombified Main Street. This year, there will be zombie themed cake pops sold

Upcoming Zombie Walk October 26

If you are wondering what it looks like at the Wayne County Historical Museum when the lights go out, head on over the weekends of October 18-19 and October 25-26. Located on 1150 North A Street. Ready to face your fears? Come out to Land of Illusion in Middletown, Ohio and check out the many attractions. The Land of Illusion is one of the most popular places, it is visited every year and is widely considered one of the scariest haunted attractions. There are many different attractions that will scare the socks off your feet. There is the Killer Klown, Voodoo Bayou Shanty, The Middletown Haunted Trail, Dr. Psycho’s Haunted Estate, and Temple of Terror, according to This year there is a new attraction you can visit at the Land of Illusion. The Zombie Sniper Patrol ride gives you the power to actually hunt down and shoot zombies before they escape the woods and run wild in the village. Climb aboard their retrofitted US Army Cargo Truck, settle in behind one of the


Fall Activities

by Sweet Bites, a local business.

paintball gun turrets and take aim and fire at the zombie invasion as your unit navigates through the treacherous woods. Fight and turn back the Zombie Apocalypse. As night falls the evil will rise. Every weekend night, King’s Island transforms into a horrorfilled nightmare, according to From mazes with terrifying creatures around every corner to thrill rides that will haunt your dreams, it is everything you fear and can’t wait to experience. The King’s Island Halloween Haunt is open on the weekends and is not recommended for anyone under the age of 13. The King’s Island Halloween Haunt has been going on since 2000. In Richmond, according to, there are a bunch of Halloween festivities that you and your family can attend. On Wednesday October 24th, there will be a Halloween Howl presented by Richmond Parks and Recreation at the Tom Raper Center from 6-8:30pm; featuring creepy carnival games, a costume contest, obstacle course and a bouncy house, airbrush tattoos, and much more. At Veach’s in uptown Richmond, on Friday,

October 26th, from 4-7pm there will be a Spooky Jr. Haunted House, a costume contest for ages 10 and under, games and refreshments. If you are looking for a little competition, Richmond has several costume contests at business’s you can enter, according to Little Sheba’s Halloween Party will be held on Saturday, October 27th. Come dressed or not. They will have a costume contest with prizes and music will be provided by Garcia and Scott. On October 27th at 10pm, there will be a costume contest at Roscoe’s Coffee Bar and Tap Room. Trunk and Treat will be held on October 31st from 5am-7pm in the Reid Church parking lot on the corner of North B and 11 streets. You are to come dressed in a costume. The fall has many different fun activities going on, but all you have to do is look for one. The closer we get to Halloween, the more there will be of haunted houses, caves, forests and the even occasional hospital. Look for all the different and fun activities in Wayne County. Happy Halloween Red Devils.

The Richmond Zombie Walk has been going on for three years and has been a pretty big hit. A lot of Richmond locals and even people from out of town come to participate in the walk. It’s benefits by Happy Heathens and you are required to bring at least one can of food to walk.

Trick or Treat Times on October 31st: Photos acquired from 2012 Richmond Zombie Walk Facebook page.


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Cambridge City: 6pm-8pm Centerville: 5pm-7pm Fountain City: 5pm-7pm Hagerstown: 6:30pm-8:30pm Milton: 6pm-8pm Richmond: 5pm-7pm Winchester: 5pm-8pm

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RHS Alumni Speak About Homecoming Through the Ages






Throughout the years of homecoming, the dance and festivities have changed and evolved into what homecoming is known to be today. Teachers and administrators as Richmond High School alumni touched on the fact that school spirit seemed to be more prevalent in their days at the school.

The dance has gone back and forth over the years from being held directly after the game and being held the Saturday night after. Most sources remembered it as a semiformal event as opposed to the more recently formal and now casual dance.

“I remember in my Spanish class I actually met one of my best friends. I came into class not knowing the hype of homecoming, and here she was sitting dressed as a cow.” - Michelle Holliday

Michelle Holliday, English 9 teacher, spoke about her first taste of homecoming spirit. “I was new to Richmond High School my freshman year so I had never been in a place where homecoming was celebrated to the full scale,” she said. “I remember in my Spanish class I actually met one of my best friends. I came into class not knowing the hype of homecoming, and here she was sitting dressed as a cow.” She recalled that in the 90’s school spirit was very high and students would go all out and have fun with homecoming. School spirit didn’t just stop with students. Many people in the community were involved as well.

“It was a good experience all the way around,” Assistant Principal Joe Spicer said. “We painted up the town. The whole community was involved in the festivities as far as the parade and coming to the football game.” He went to his homecoming in 1970.

Although many changes have occurred some of the same essential elements of homecoming remain a time honored tradition. Court is crowned at that Friday night football game and the stands hold more spectators than normal.

‘96 ‘87

“I chaperoned homecoming last year, and I recall it beingwith the exception of the music being vastly different- very similar. There were still outskirts with people just kinda standing around with the people in the middle dancing,” math teacher Scott Beaman said. Beaman attended homecoming with his now-wife, Deanna Beaman, in 1990 and remembered it fondly.


Ellen Shepherd, counselor, went to homecoming in 1982. She remembered the parade being much larger. Local businesses participated and all the floats were more elaborately done. “Each day would be a themed day and we would have class competitions on who dressed up the most,” Shepherd said “That was when we would have homeroom so they would take a count.” Richmond High School held pep rallies which starte d in 1939 when the school was built. They consisted of a large bonfire that bagan in an intersection of a blocked off street downtown. They were usually held before the game and helped to get students excited about their team and their school.

‘75 ‘85

Assistant Principal Rachel Etherington remembered very well the powder puff football game held at Lyboult for homecoming where girls would have their own football game.

Bailey Hillard Cheerleader

Amanda Smith Soccer

Blair Vanlandingham Football

Jordan Miller Soccer

Chrissy Youkon Devillette

Max Van Buskirk Tennis

Emma Toney Soccer

Abby Lovely Soccer

Drew Barrett Soccer

Dakota Pennington Soccer/Football




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