TF Early Buy 2022

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VALENTINES DAY & CNY GIFTING PACKAGING: Strong red base color with abstracted lotus flower that is enhanced with red and gold foils.

TEAS: Darjeeling Quince Strawberry Hibiscus Cherry Blossom Jasmine Orange Chocolate Fondue

Same box size

BUSINESS OBJECTIVE: • Optimize a product offering to increase sales for Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year Gifting occasions. CONCEPT: Create small gifting box with 5 infusers. The goal will be to provide one single sku to fulfill multiple gifting occasions: ie Vday, CNY. SKU LINE-UP & PRICING: • Mini Petite Presentation Box: • MSRP: $12/WS: $6.60 AVAILABLE TO SHIP (target): •

Mid Nov/Dec. 2022

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