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2. Luxury Wellness POS - Top 8 Selling Formulas 4 units per $528 + Shipping Four (5" x 7") Wellness Signs Feel Well, Sleep Well, Play Well & Move Well 4 feet of shelf space needed Includes brochures & holder

1.Premium Sprayology Partners - PSP Full Line Tower Floor Display Holds 60 units $1390 includes display & shipping similar to image but smaller, no wheels 12x14" base, 53" Tall

3. Countertop POS & High Traffic 6 Formulas - 4 units deep $396 + Shipping Opening Includes: 1 product sign, brochures & holder Great option for nail room or salon to increase retail sales

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Homeopathic Sprays 18 Oral Spray Formulas Vitamin Sprays 2 Oral Spray Formulas 1 Formula in Development

Pricing MSRP per unit $33.00 Wholesale $16.50 per unit 50% Mark-up

RELIEVES SleepEase #1 SELLER & Luxury Wellness POS Formula An extremely gentle, effective formula that helps you sleep better and get back to sleep if sleep is interrupted. No morning grogginess. Trademarked formula. Vegan Party Relief Luxury Wellness POS Formula If it is time to celebrate, it is time to spray. This formula works to prevent and relieve hangovers safely and naturally. AllergEase FASTEST ACTING FORMULA & Luxury Wellness POS Formula This is a super-fast-acting formula that works on allergy-related symptoms. Cold + Flu Relief This potent formula is effective in fighting off or reducing the duration of colds and flu. Feel better quickly without side effects. Vegetarian Arnica Power3 Luxury Wellness POS Formula This trusted formula works to help the body recover more quickly from exercise and reduces pain, bruising, and muscle soreness.
 Vegan DigestvEase This fast-acting formula works to soothe stomach distress symptoms such as heartburn, indigestion, gas, bloating, and even nausea.

MSRP $33 cost $16.50

TravelEase Get the most out of your trip with this homeopathic formula that works to battle jet lag symptoms such as tiredness, wakefulness, and dehydration.

RESTORES Stress Relief Consistent Strong Seller & Luxury Wellness POS Formula This formulation offers fast, gentle relief when you are feeling stressed or anxious. Vegan Body Balance Burning the candle on both ends can stress your adrenal function. This formula relieves exhaustion, fatigue, and a loss of well-being. ImmunoBooster Increased Sales Since Covid-19 & Luxury Wellness POS Formula This formula supports the immune system and really helps if you are getting sick frequently or recovering slowly when sick. Also a great support product for asthmatics. Life Detoxer This formula offers gentle, daily, detox focused on lung and liver function. Great support product for asthmatics. Hair + Nail Tonic Top 5 & Loyal Repeat Customer & Great addition in nail area This #2 best-selling formula, boasts troves of loyal fans. Track your progress to see faster growing, healthier hair and nails.

Acne Tonic Use this formula daily if you are dealing regularly with the face of body acne or when experiencing hormonal breakouts. A gentle alternative formulation that is safe and effective.

MSRP $33 cost $16.50

REJUVENATE Rejuvenation Plus This formula is an innovative alternative designed to help restore youthful energy and improve muscle-fat balance and aging skin.

Diet Power This formula supports dieting and healthy choices by relieving excessive appetite, water retention, and slowing metabolism.

Brain Power Formulated to support mental fatigue, focus, concentration, and memory. Use as needed for quick focus or regularly if you struggle with concentration.

Woman Power Formulated to help you get back that loving feeling by working to increase libido, responsiveness, and enjoyment while reducing low energy.

MenoPower Formulated to reduce hot flashes, night sweats, and irritability. Easy to measure effectiveness by notably reducing symptoms in just 1-14 days

MSRP $33 cost $16.50

REBUILDS Sprayology reinvents the vitamin. These great tasting innovative nutritional supplements are sprayed into the mouth where they are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Oral sprays by-pass the digestive system allowing nutrients to work more quickly.

EveryDay Sunshine Luxury Wellness POS Formula Vitamin D3 + K2 formulation supports immune function, heart & bone health while improving overall mood. Vegan

EveryDay Energy Luxury Wellness POS Formula Vitamin B-12 + Folate nutrients are vital to daily health & natural energy. Extremely important for people who drink alcohol, eat little red meat and have high stress levels. Vegan

EveryDay Multi In developement

MSRP $33 cost $16.50

Sharing the L VE Partners "I truly love and believe in what Sprayology represents, the results and the integrity behind the company. My spa has successfully carried this homeopathic wonder for the past 18 years and still going strong! Our facility is committed to holistic care and Sprayology offers us numerous solutions to common conditions, and they work. We trust the product as Ellie, the woman behind the brand is ethical, and true to form. Not only does her brand deliver, in addition, Ellie takes incredible care of our team with on going education and above and beyond vendor service. I couldn't imagine my spa business without Sprayology (and Ellie) I wouldn't want to either " Kim Knapp Founder/CEO Skin Apeel Day Spa 561.852.8081

We have been lucky enough to carry Sprayology since the day we opened our spa - 15 years ago. The support and training that the founder, Ellie Whalen provides is some of the best that I have found in my 23 years in the spa industry. She is passionate and very engaging, she creates an excitement for our staff and clients and we have held many fabulous events with her over the years. Sprayology continues to fly off of our shelves for a number of reasons, it’s effective and different than most home care options. Many of their formulas work within minutes, which we highlight by using before and after spa treatments to capture the client’s attention.

5 STARS Energy and Focus Been using the Every Day Energy and EveryDay Sunshine for a little over a week now. Surprised to see a difference so fast. Clearly feeling more positive energy but also, and most notable, finding it SO MUCH easier to keep focused which had become an almost daily battle since COVID broke through. Thanks Sprayology!" Verified Web customer Kathy

5 STARS No Morning Grogginess I typically hate the way sleep pills make me feel hungover in the am. This product never makes me feel like that! I take 2-3 sprays before bed if I'm having trouble sleeping and I sleep, normally and wake normally! Its amazing! I highly recommend. web customer Jbapples

5 STARS Life Protector I'm 68 years old and work in Customer Service in a grocery store. I've been taking ImmunoBooster and believe it's one spray that is keeping me well. Gratefully, my immune system remains strong, particularly during 2020 when the health of our world changed. Web customer Debi B

Ellie is a brilliant business woman who thinks of everything, her floor display is attractive, compact and makes merchandising a breeze. Sharon Schmit -THE pearl modern spa and boutique

I have worked with Sprayology for many years now. It is a valuable partnership for our retail boutique as it helps the team meet the overall wellness goals of their guests. My team loves the trainings, and many of them personally use a multitude of different spray formulas from Sprayology. Our guests appreciate the generous return policy, and is a helpful selling feature. If for some reason they are unsatisfied with their recommendation they are secure in knowing that they will be taken care of. I value being able to offer comprehensive solutions to our guests on their wellness journey. Lindsey Sappenfield | Spa Director Pallavi Luxury Spa Wyndham Grand Clearwater Beach

FAQ'S What is homeopathy? Homeopathy is a safe, gentle and natural system of healing that works with your body to relieve symptoms, restore balance and improve your overall health. Because very small doses are used, this can be accomplished without negative side effects. Homeopathy is the 2nd most widely used medicine in the world and is regulated by the FDA. What does the product type mean? We classify our formulas as Lifestyle, Symptom Relief or Hybrid. Lifestyle formulas are recommended for daily use. Symptom Relief formulas are fast-acting, use-when-needed. A Hybrid can be used daily or when experiencing symptoms. Is it safe to combine several sprayology products? Yes. Spraying different products at the same time will not decrease effectiveness. We recommend taking the vitamin formulas at a different time then the homeopathic formulas. Can Sprayology products be taken with pharmaceutical medicines or other natural supplements? Yes. There are no known drug-to-drug interactions or contraindications with homeopathy.

How long should I take a formula before
I notice an improvement? This is formula and individual dependent. Our Symptom Relief formulas can begin working very quickly (within a few minutes), while our Lifestyle formulas may take 2 weeks. When I feel better, should I keep taking
the formula? This is formula and individual dependent. For example:
Stop using Cold + Flu Relief after your symptoms are all gone. Lifestyle formulas are recommended for daily use unless you no longer have the need for them. Can I take if I am pregnant or nursing? Although Sprayology’s homeopathic formulas have no known negative side effects, we recommend you consult with your health care professional prior to use while pregnant/ nursing. Is the alcohol in the homeopathic formulas safe? Our vitamin formulas are alcohol-free. We use a 20% solution of organic alcohol in our homeopathic formulas to preserve them naturally. This represents approximately one-half tablespoon of alcohol over a month if two sprays are taken three times per day.